“Quick” Jelly Recipe and Blog Evolution

lovely jelly with some greek yogurt all rolled up in a flax pancake

I hope people still have a pulse…I suppose the Health Living Summit has people away from their computers. Me? I had yoga school today, so that’s my excuse for not begin so active in the blogosphere.

So speaking of which I’ve noticed a big wave of fatigue in amidst blogs. Granted, I too have not been reading many blogs lately. I feel bad too because I honestly love some of the wise words I read. And there are SO many blogs and I dont have internet on my phone, so unless I’m at a computer, I’m disconnected from the blogosphere.

Which got me thinking, maybe thats not so bad?

But what I have noticed are bloggers apologizing for not updating as often or for “taking a break”. Unless blogging is their job, I dont see why they should feel to take this “break”. If blogging is their hobby, it shouldn’t feel forced. I mean I love yoga, but to be honest, I was not feeling it today and almost played hooky, almost, because it IS school for me. But should you apologize for not wanting to knit or paint or garden? no, so why should you feel you NEED to blog and read other blogs and comment. As you may remember from our fabulous guest last week, the “link love” comments get a little annoying, I sometimes wish wordpress would have a filter for them.

I also noticed how blogs evolve. I read to my very first posts and they are purely recipes, with a little blurb inserted in for good measure.

Nowadays, I’m little miss opinionated. I of course try to include new food ideas in every post mostly because it helps me break out of food ruts and I do love sharing cool kitchen adventures. However, I feel its my content that keeps me wanting to blog, and honestly, what I think has people coming back to read. I was never good at keeping a diary or a journal, even a food journal was mostly my filling in boxes two minutes before my appointment. But this blog evolved into a scrapbook of my brain and my kitchen. Β I’m quiet happy with it. I suppose I’m experiencing self blog love? I wish I could feel like this towards myself. But damn straight, my blog is nifty. I find myself reading through old posts, even though this blog is fairly young, and laughing my ass off. I am laughing at my own writing, maybe I am a little humorous? I love reading my some of the older posts on other blogs as well. Thats the cool thing about blogs, you can see the blog evolution from the very beginning, the genesis.

So, you bloggers out there, I rarely ask questions, but I will today, how has your content changed? Do you notice a big difference? and non bloggers, HAVE you noticed changes in my blog? I’ll take criticism, just dont leave it anonymous, cause thats just being a pussy.

And now for the food bit:

To make the jam, dissolve i packet of gelatin or 1 tbs of agar agar in about 1/4 cup cold water (you can add about 3/4 c frozen fruit to make it cold, I added strawberries and raspberries but cherries and apricots would be awesome).

-Then, and 2 cups of hot water and stir the mixture vigorously. If you like it sweeter, add your desired sweetener here (I used liquid stevia).

-Allow it to firm up in fridge, may take about three hours.

Voila! nearly instant homemade jelly!


19 thoughts on ““Quick” Jelly Recipe and Blog Evolution

  1. wow seriously this is the 3rd post i’ve read today that talks about how everyone in the blogworld seems to be getting burnt out, and then went on to explain that blogging shouldn’t be a job. i think it’s definitely true though. sometimes we get so caught up wanting our names to be “out there” that we forgot that we started this blog as a hobby. we shouldn’t feel guilty for not writing stellar posts everyday (unless blogging really is your job), or read/comment. i mean, i’m definitely spending ALOT more time on the computer/internet now that i started my blog, and neglected to do other things i enjoy (i.e., reading BOOKS).

  2. I talk about this sometimes. I intend to take a “break” soon…but I have made adjustments as is. I used to post 6-7 times a week. Now I post 3-4 times per week…I only post when I have something to say…not to just get something in there, which is kind of silly.
    I am not overly proud of my blog because I have been too “open” and vulnerable (unamirably so) too often. Live and learn.
    I plan to have a new blog in the future, mainly cause I would like to have something less personal and a new name. But no big deal. It is only a blog, do it as you enjoy it, otherwise what is the point…

  3. Well the main change in my blog is that I write less often (and sometimes less words) than I did at the very beginning…and I don’t care, because that is what works for me in my busy life right now. I don’t feel guilty. I do still like to read and comment (with real comments, not just one word) because I like to be in touch with everyone else, but I don’t always feel the need or inspiration (or have the energy) to post. Also, I think I’ve gotten more worried about sharing personal details and I even went back and deleted a few really personal posts. I don’t know why I got so paranoid all of a sudden, but looking back on old posts sometimes makes me cringe.
    Anyway, I love your blog. And yes, I noticed that you started talking more about your opinions and giving funny blurbs- that is my fave part and it is quite entertaining.

  4. I’ve actually noticed that blog land has become a lot more quiet lately as well. I don’t know if it’s people just getting ready to move out and go back to school, or what, but I’m wondering if it means that a few of them will close shop and stop updating their blogs all together.

    My blog has changed a lot from when I first started. Back then, I was in a much darker place in my life, and my posts reflected that. I talked a lot about ED’s, my fears, the challenges I faced… just a lot of heavy, recovery related stuff. Now, my posts are a lot more lighthearted and I no longer feel the need to talk about my ED so much. I used to use my blog as an aid in my recovery, and now I use it to practice my writing skills and explore different styles of writing. I also cut down on the number of times per week that I post. It used to be like every day, now it’s ever 2nd or 3rd.

  5. I like that analogy of it being like a scrapbook. It kind of is isn’t it? I think apologizing is just a natural instinct. I know I’ve said it – I apologize b/c I’m out of town and too busy to read your posts. It’s like we assume everyone is going to just up and leave us b/c we miss reading or commenting on their posts a couple of times. Of course, there are some bloggers who do that – they only come to your blog after you’ve commented on theirs. Or it seems so anyway. Hope you have a more relaxed Sunday πŸ˜‰

  6. thanks for the jelly recip girl πŸ™‚ very helpful!

    i agree! when i apologize i’m not really sorry hahahaha i just feel like that’s the standard line to say when you’ve been gone so long. but it is what it is and people get over it and if they don’t then whateeeeeeeeeeeev haha.

    have a fab sunday girlfran

  7. I’ve written about this before, as you know. It’s like so many people hold their “hobby” up to a set of standards and rules that really don’t exist. What you write about and when should be done for you, not to fill some quota or obligation you put on yourself.

    That said, my blog has totally changed from the beginning. I used to be much more worried about writing for other people instead of myself. I still keep things kind of “meh” at times, as I don’t want to sound repetitive and annoy myself, but for the most part I just like the connections. I used to feel more “blogigation,” but now I only write if I feel like I actually have something to say. If that’s everyday, cool. If it’s once a month. Cool. Works for me.

    I love your blog and how it’s changed. We pretty much think the same way on everything, except you can actually cook. Works for me.

  8. My blog definitely evolved! I went from posting what I ate each day and then a little blurb here and there. Nowadays I post up my “highlights of the week” pretty much, and then philosophize with the rest of my posts, haha. I think it keeps things interesting. Note everyone just wants to read what someone else ate for 4 days in a row πŸ™‚

  9. I haven’t really noticed it, because I have cut back on reading blogs πŸ˜‰

    I was actually thinking about blog evolution yesterday and today, and probably this whole past week. I do notice that yours has changed (in a good way!). Mine has changed too (it’s almost 3 years old though, so that is to be expected). I unsubscribed from a lot of blogs that *don’t* change actually. I don’t need to see the same old crap every day (or multiple times a day). I unsubscribe from blogs that update too much too. Once a day is almost too much for me.

  10. This is the second time I’ve felt compelled to comment on your blog, and I just “discovered” it about a week ago! I think the only changes in my blog have come in the focus of my writing. I used to just babble about stuff that happened to me…Now I babble about the stupid stuff that happens to me, and all the food I stuff in my craw as the other stuff is happening to me! I’ve never had too much in the way of reader traffic, outside of friends & family, so I notice more when I get an increase in traffic. Otherwise, light traffic is the norm!

  11. I can’t say that I’ve noticed any changes in your blog because I was just referred to it and just began reading it only five minutes ago.

    I can tell you that my blog has changed a lot – going from pictures of food and talking about it to more posts about trying to help others and much more content rather than “Oats, breakfast, done.” I guess we all have to start [whether we’re mimicking the only blogs we know or not] somewhere.

    I couldn’t agree more about the link love thing, as I’m guilty myself of doing it and now I realize how annoying and selfish it is. I do my best to find posts that relate to something I can talk about or that I have an interest in and then I try to connect with the author and make some kind of discussion or point out a similarity.

    I can also tell you that I can’t wait to continue reading more and I enjoy your style of writing. πŸ˜‰

  12. HA! My blog hasn’t really evolved. I am such a sporadic and random blogger, just like my life. I actually love blogging, just hate writing, so I have to have some content that I appreciate enough to write about. Which is usually an event or recipe, haha! I love your bluntness and opinions. THey are so refreshing! Don’t ever change that!
    And your recipes, creative and quick. Just to my liking!

  13. great point! i am embarassed to say that i am constantly apologizing for not updating & it makes no sense. No one really cares but for some reason I still feel the need to apologize. I think in a sense it is also an apology to myself- i wish i blogged more because I always feel good after. I definitely think my blog has changed a TON- i used to talk about my lessons learned throughout weight gain/recovery but now that I have been in a healthy weight range for a while I sometimes feel unsure of what to write about. I am trying to figure out exactly what I want my blog to reflect right now actually.

  14. I definitely have noticed a change in the blog-world, too. Sometimes it seems a bit too “corporate!” I get annoyed when people apologize for not updating enough, or for taking a “break,” too! I started my blog as a hobby, and whenever it starts to feel like “work” I take a break from the whole thing! No apologies! Sometimes reading and writing can feel like a chore, and that’s not the point of blogging, if you ask me. It’s supposed to enrich my life, not make it more of a hassle.

    I feel like I’ve become a better blogger over the last year, mostly because I don’t “hide” the fact that I do it as much– which means I can take more food pictures, and share a little more of my life. I’m also in a MUCH healthier place mentally, than I was when I started blogging. I was seriously struggling with an ED, and blogging was probably the last thing I should have been doing! But, since I’ve been working through it successfully, I think I’m a better blogger for it.

    I’m still pretty new to your blog, so I don’t know how it’s changed, but I do love hearing your opinions, and appreciate your bluntness and humor. I just usually like people like that in general. πŸ˜‰

  15. I have definitely stopped being so open about my feelings. I am still totally honest, but don’t write every single thing affecting my life. I’ve become a lot more guarded.

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