Be Our Guest…..Post

Isnt she gorgeous! And I mean Abby, not the dog, although the dog is cute

Very special post I have for you today. My good friend Abby and I decided we are so cool, that we would swap our blog spaces. So I will be doing a guest post on her blog, “I Have Issues” , and she wrote one for mine. She’s pretty damn awesome and I’m honored she let me do a post swap. Without further ado, I give you Abby…..

First of all, my name is Abby and “I Have Issues.” No, seriously, that’s the name of my blog. Eden has become one of my favorite bloggers, so I was honored that she asked to do a post-swap with me (that sounds much dirtier than it is.)  Anyway, I often ramble on about food, exercise and life in general, but today I decided to talk a bit about what we’re doing right now—blogging.

(I’m also chewing gum at the same time, so this could get tricky)

Anyway, let’s be honest. We all like a little attention now and then, whether it’s someone commenting on a blog post or noticing we took the time to actually curl (or wash) our hair. When it comes to blogs, people often claim they only do it for themselves and that they really don’t care about comments.

I believe that to a point, but for the most part I think bloggers view comments as some sort of measure of success. There are posts or topics we write about that get no comments at all, and so we wonder what we did wrong. We might get a little rush of excitement or pride when a comment hits close to home and someone “gets” it. We might get peeved with rude remarks, but that’s only natural.

While I was this way about comments when I started blogging, I’ve since come to the conclusion that it’s quality over quantity. I would much rather write something thought-provoking, honest or intriguing and get three thoughtful comments than write something I just think people want to read and get a bunch of, “Yum!” or “I agree!” comments.

But that’s just me, and I Have Issues.

Anyway, I decided to kind of categorize the different types of comments I’ve seen on the “active” blogs. Tell me if I missed one…

Nice To Meet You

I’ll start with the best first, as people who respond with a thoughtful or insightful reply are like gold to someone who actually put time and effort into their post. The main reason so many people blog is to create a sense of community, so knowing that others out there understand what you’re feeling or offers up a point for discussion is what makes it all worthwhile. It’s through these types of comments—and genuine interest—that relationships are formed and friends are made! That sounded cheesy, but you get my point.

Link Love Gone Wrong

One of the things they always tell people starting blogs to do is to comment on other blogs. This is great advice as you do expose yourself to new readers and get your name out there. But it’s so obvious at times that you came to leave the link and not the comment.

If the comment does nothing more than include how they wrote a similar post or are hosting some fantastic giveaway, that’s a giveaway in itself and it’s annoying. Once in awhile it’s not a big deal, but when you see the same name with the same link in the same comment on a bunch of blogs, it’s rather lame.

The Cheerleader Comment

I can go two ways with this one (that also sounds much dirtier than it is.) While I’m not a fan of “I agree” comments that really don’t say anything, I do realize that sometimes people just want to share that they liked/didn’t like the post. Nothing more, nothing less. That’s great and I appreciate any feedback, so don’t take this the wrong way.

But many of the “big” bloggers get hundreds of comments on a post that contains nothing more than a few pictures of a bowl of oatmeal and a short description of their morning. More power to them, but I often get the feeling that the comments left are there more to latch on to a piece of that blogger’s success and get “noticed” than to actually contribute to a conversation. It’s kind of like the cliquey middle school thing in that if the blogger is popular and you leave a comment complimenting them every single post, by process of assimilation, you too will become famous and loved by all.

The ironic thing is that the “big” bloggers rarely ever leave comments on other blogs…food for thought, no?

Too Much Time On Their Hands

I don’t always write what people want to read, in that some of the stuff I touch upon can probably spark strong feelings of both a positive and a negative nature. I like discussion and I like different perspectives. However, what I don’t like is when you can tell a commenter is simply writing something to get a reaction.

They will leave some asinine comment that really has nothing to do with your post, just to create a bit of drama they crave for some ungodly reason. “I hate cute kittens!” on a post about pasta is obviously not constructive criticism. I usually just ignore these people, as they just want attention, something I refuse to give to them (along with cute kittens and pasta, if the opportunity for either arose.)


Finally, we come to the anonymous commenter. I’ll be honest and say I’ve never had one. On some level I’m a bit disappointed, as it seems like everyone else has had some experience with this, but not me. Most of the time the anonymous comment is of a negative nature, as people don’t want to reveal their “real” identity and face blogger backlash (see “Cheerleader Comments” above and don’t piss them off.)

But it’s also a possibility that people just want to protect their privacy online. People could be using a made up name other than “Anonymous” and you would never know—that’s the nature of the Internet.

Personally, I’ve never left an anonymous comment either. While there have been times I’ve been tempted, I’m kind of tech-stupid and convinced they would somehow be able to trace the comment back to me and show up on my doorstep heavily armed.

Now let’s practice what we discussed and leave the lovely Eden a comment or two, shall we? Did I leave any out? Why do you read Eden’s fabulous blog?

gorgeous, right?

41 thoughts on “Be Our Guest…..Post

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  2. Hi Eden and Abby! Your posts were so fun to read. I completely agree with you Abby (you always seem to read my mind). I get a little annoyed seeing the same group of bloggers commenting on the “popular” blogs. They never say anything of substance. It’s like they pick a line from the post and comment on that. Then again, that’s how society is. I love the fact that my commenters 9the few but mighty) have something meaningful to say. I blog for my own accountability and to connect to like minded people, not for popularity. I have gotten 1 negative anonymous comment and 1 positive one, but I have never left one!

  3. I’ve definitely idenitified those ‘categories’ of blog comments, and am glad I’m not the only one who has noticed these patterns!
    You’re very insightful, and I’m glad Eden has featured you on her blog, because now I’ve been introduced to your blog 🙂

  4. What a fun idea to swap blogs for a post. Definitely a new spin on guest post! I’ve never really thought so much about the commenting types. But it’s true. I really hate the comments that are strictly for personal gain. I love love love new comments from people who have been lurking though. Makes me feel like I did something right by drawing them out. Silly I know.

  5. now i am scared to comment….how will the comment be percieved? i liked this post because it was truthful and fun to read. fun that you both did a blog swap too-cute idea… this too cheerleaderish? hee hee hope you both have a good weekend!

  6. I 100% agree with your opinion of the different “categories” of blog comments, however I guess I see it a little differently. For me, when I receive any kind of comment on any of my posts or pages, it makes me feel really good and appreciated that someone took the time out of their day to respond to something that I wrote. Even if it’s as simple as “Oh I love that food too” or something very personal and deep, the point is for whatever reason something that I wrote made them want to reply with some kind of words, meaningless or not.
    I dont know I guess we all leave comments for different reasons, and view them all differently.
    But I really enjoyed your post and would love to check out your page (:

    • I hope I didn’t come across as unappreciative, as I didn’t mean that at all! I just tend to take a sarcastic tone with most of my writing, so don’t take it too seriously 🙂

      • yeah but we love you for it! i am not a blogger but read quite a few.. you, eden , tat, kim and carrie. you have all helped and supported me through recovery. thank you for everything. 🙂

  7. I agree with fit and forty!!

    Interesting post – and all things I’ve thought of before for sure – and mostly all true…

    However, I think if someone chooses to comment – for whatever reason, cheerleader or “publicity”, it’s their prerogative. Everyone starts a blog for a different reason, some people for writing, some for venting, others for money. Even a lot of the popular blogs like EatLiveRun – it’s great , but you can also tell that there is money and promotion involved – after all – she does this for a living!

    Me? I just want to write I guess….and if I could score a book deal out of it , that would be the biggest blessing on earth.

    P.S I checked here because I seen your comment Eden on Jess’ about Bikram – agreed – it’s stinky ;)…sweaty feet in your face :(…BUT it can be good – depending on size of class. I definitely think it’s realllllly over-stated in the media though as a God Send…it’s pretty slow.


  8. Yum! I agree!!


    I started off commenting my @ss off on so many blogs but honestly, it’s too time consuming and I would much rather get the quality comments as well. That’s not to say that I don’t cheer silently when my comments go up – it makes me happy. But if those are all thoughtless ramblings, it doesn’t mean so much to me. I read so many blogs a day lately and I only like to comment on a select few when I have the time.

    Great post Abby and Eden, I liked yours as well – it might inspire me to finally take the plunge and sign up for a yoga class.

  9. You’re right on in those comment “categories.” I’ve noticed a lot of the same commenters on the ‘bigger’ blogs, too, and it definitely seems like they’re just commenting for the sake of commenting! I’ll admit, I did it too when I started blogging, because I didn’t know where to start! But I definitely appreciate a more thoughtful comment, than a hundred “Yums!” any day. 😉

    I think it’s nice to “meet” some of the smaller bloggers, since you can build a more meaningful relationship!

  10. I found this post to be really funny because there is so much truth to it.

    I would be lying if I said I didn’t care about comments on my blog, but if I can’t think of something semi interesting or semi meaningful to say in a comment, then I usually don’t comment.

    Anyways, great guest post!

    • I just sometimes am at a loss for words and I cant really put my thoughts into a cohesive comment. I read more blogs then I comment on. Although I am honest when I comment about food looking good, its funny cause sometimes, Im sure the food was tasty, but due to lighting or whatever, it looks gross.

  11. *tiptoeing in warily*

    I’m going to have to second (third?) what a couple of other people have said… I appreciate all comments, but it does mean a lot more if someone actually took the time to think about what they’ve written, rather than just saying, “Yum!”

    Maybe I’m just incredibly obnoxious, but along those lines, I find it irritating when someone leaves a comment on the obvious fly after skimming a post — because the comment totally contradicts the post content. And let’s not even get into the anonymous comments. That is a phenomenon I just don’t understand.

    ❤ ❤

  12. Great points on this post. It’s cool that you guys did a swap…I want to do one. Hopefully when I meet you guys at the meet-up, we’ll get to know each other better.

    I started my blog because I wanted to put my thoughts, pictures, food and etc in one place. What I look forward to is looking back on it years from now and look at a post from today and kind of reminisce on the details. The comments are nice, but I would still keep writing even if didn’t get comments. Well, I’m a newbie at this whole thing but that’s how I feel right now.

    I started reading Eden Eat’s because I like her sense of humor, I get it. I think I have the same sense of humor and sometimes people don’t get it. And I was also glad to see that she was from LA. too, so that helps with my interest too.

    See you guys soon.

  13. Hi Abby and Eden. I do truly heart both of your blogs. Abby – I love your style – and no I am not blowing smoke. I love the honesty and refreshing nature. As you know – I like to keep it real – and I appreciate the frankness of the post above. I am lucky that I don’t get very many mean comments – but I do get the ‘pointing finger’ ones if that makes sense. I do love the post though – and your standard cander:)

  14. Haha, love this. It’s very true. While I appreciate every single comment I get on my blog, my fave ones are the really long and meaningful ones…they help me to create connections with people, which is one of the reasons I started blogging in the first place. I don’t get many of the “yums” or “me toos” because I am not a big time blogger and not really a food blogger. And I don’t usually read most of the big blogs, but if I do then I don’t really comment. If I did, then I would spend every morning endlessly typing the words “nice bowl of oatmeal”, which seems dumb to me. No offence to anyone who does that…

  15. Haha, great post! I was literally just thinking of this the other day. Funny.

    Eden runs a fantastic blog! I love her writing style, and her posts keep me interested 🙂 I don’t always like reading blogs that just write about what kind of oatmeal they ate that day, or that they had a salad for lunch. That’s great and all, but you should have some substance to your posts!

    And some people will try SO HARD to post every day, or even twice a day, but like you said…QUALITY over quantity.

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  17. Eden- genius idea about doing a swap! Abbey- your post was DEAD ON! I was just thinking about all of the things you touched upon and it’s nice to know that other ppl see it that way too (ie- I’m not the only one who has ‘issues’)! The anonymous comments always intrigue me! I am all about anonymity and privacy, but sometimes I really don’t understand why anyone would be anonymous! To each his/hers own!
    Luckily, I’ve never had a ‘I hate cute kitten’ comment. That would require a whole post on mental sanity- and I am NOT about to open that can of beans!
    Thanks for the wonderful post!


  18. I have never read either of your blogs before, but I feel compelled to comment, only because I’ve been thinking about this very same issue, and was trying to find a semi-polite way of writing about it on my own blog! For whatever reason, I am/was especially annoyed by the fact that you’re right–The “big” bloggers never comment on other blogs, and very rarely even reply to comments on their own blogs. I always try & do that, just out of some politeness–I figure if someone’s going to take the time to write something thoughtful on something I’ve put out there, the least I can do is acknowledge them.

    • Well, thank YOU for commenting! and I really mean that. I know what you mean when the big bloggers dont put much effort into their comment or content, but I have a feeling they just have other stuff in their lives going on. I’m not a huge commenter, I read more than I comment. Anyhow, Im glad this came out so everyone can understand.

  19. This is a really great post…I think there are so many people who comment just to get traffic back to their site. I try to do quality over quantity. I read tons of blogs every day but I don’t have time to leave intelligent comments so I don’t. But I am still reading!

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  26. oooo loved every word! i wish i had read this before my comment post last night. but thanks, eden, for linking me to this post and thanks abby for being so damn awesome. well, you both are.

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