What I learned in the Past 48 Hours

The past 48 hours have felt like a truck ran over me multiple times.

I’m lucky I’ve had tim off work this week, but I wish I had something, anything to keep my mind busy from worrying about my dad.

Instead of wallowing, I’ve decided to post some FYI’s I’ve encounter through this whole ordeal. Please forgive me Abby, I’m too stressed to think of my own names for this so I’m stealing your idea. I have a feeling you won’t mind, and even if you do, I know you’ll still think I’m cool.

-There appears to be no shortage of good looking male nurses (however I look like utter crap most because of my anxiety and lack of interest in intensive grooming).

-Hospital food is not that disgusting (and at least my dad can eat now). I’ve been a few times to the cafeteria and they have everything from a giant salad bar to a frozen yogurt bar. Not to mention every kind of soda, chip, bar, coffee flavor, and sandwich. But with my luck, a very sorry assortment of teas.

-Even celebrities use the ER (yea, amid my dad, and some homeless people, I spotted Howie Mandel. I know, I’ve heard he was a germophobe).

-You really know who your true friend are in times of crisis.

-Exercise seems really trivial when you see so many people on bed rest

-Thanksgiving doens’t need to involve stuffing onesself, or even a turkey for that matter.

– I heard “Tangled” wasn’t bad but that doesn’t mean I’ll see it

– I heard “The Nutcracker 3D” sucked balls and theres very little ballet in it. You can’t have “The Nutcracker” without ballet!

-The view from my Dad’s hospital room might cure some sort of ailment.

-Laughter is a very good form of medicine

-Dropping off empty doughnut and/or pizza boxes at the nurses station is just plain cruel

-Hospital archetecture can be rather fasniating

-Sometimes, I trust nurses more than doctors

-My dad has trouble remembering most people’s name but he knows mind. I’d like to think its because I’m extra special 😉

-When everyone calls me asking if “I need anything” and I’m tempted to reply “Yes, I need an Ipad, gas in my tank, a James Franco lookalike to be my boyfriend, and I’d like my dad safe and sound”. But I think it might be too much for them to handle.

My dad and I are so appreciative of all the wonderful comments and wishes you guys have left, thank you!

23 thoughts on “What I learned in the Past 48 Hours

  1. Eden, I must say that you have been so strong. I mean, you are keeping up with blogging, when I feel like I would want to shut myself off from the world. IYou are right, your dad remembers your name because you are extra secial. To hm, and to so many people. I actually don’t want to see Tangles of Nutcracker. I have an aversion towards all things 3d. A good movie can stand alone without lots of special effects and glasses that give you headaches.
    Keep laughing Eden, and enjoy your moments with your dad. Savor everything. Isn’t that what Thanksgiving weekend is about? With or without the turkey?

  2. Time always seem to come to a standstill when your love ones are in hospital. Beginning of this year, my hubby got a life threatening infection and had to go for surgery twice. I was worried to death so I do appreciate what you are going thru. I am happy that your Dad feels better now. Do take good of yourself so that you are strong enough to take of those you love. Have a nice weekend.

  3. Hi Eden,

    I am so impressed that you’re blogging through the ordeal. Your father looks really nice in that photo. This is totally random, but I watched two youtube videos today that I thought were funny and they might make you laugh (they are both short-ish so they shouldn’t be too difficult to concentrate on). Considering you frequently attribute your cheapness to being Jewish, I don’t think you’ll find them offensive, but I’m afraid you might not completely get them b/c you’re not from New York (I’m Jewish and from NYC). Enjoy and stay positive!

  4. wow, I didn’t realize one of the videos would actually appear in the comment section (I was just trying to post the links. Sorry about that!

  5. Eden, of course I only know of you and your family through your blog, but as most others are — just wanting to send my warm wishes and strength to you and your family. You are an incredible woman, and your dad is so lucky to have you there with him right now. Your blog is a allure of bravery….hang in there!

  6. You’re special, all right! I think you’re mighty strong, Eden. I’m glad you’re continuing to blog…I hope it is helping you. And girl, I’ll rush over to meet you anytime if you just need to get your head away from the hospital.

  7. I wish I lived closer so I could bring you and your dad some non-hospital food (even though it isn’t so bad)! You are such a strong lady and just know that you are getting so much positive energy coming your way!

  8. Well, at least you know your father is in good hands if the germophobe Howie Mandel is there too! Haha..
    I’m glad you were able to relax a little bit to belt out these FYIs, which are awesome by the way. It’s been a long time since I’ve been in a hospital, so these were really interesting.

    PS. You ARE extra special, and don’t ever forget it 🙂

  9. I definitely trust nurses more than doctors–My dad’s had a string of health problems in the past 7 years, so I can appreciate some of what you’re going through. Still sending my thoughts & prayers your way for his recovery. Take care! 🙂

  10. Even in the midst of your sadness, Eden, you are one funny lady. And of course your dad remembered your name first–you ARE special.

  11. If you put out a tip jar, they might quit asking you what you need and take a hint. Then again, maybe not.

    FYI–I wouldn’t care if you stole my car, so I loved this post. In fact, FYIs are probably going to be my next post again, if only because I have no patience to form a complete thought lately.

    Nurses are my lifeline, as doctors always seem to busy and businesslike. While I realize this is a good thing on a professional level, sometimes I just want someone to connect with on a human level–enter the nurse, hopefully male and hot.

  12. Nurses are better caregivers and I trust them more too! And you are very special – just look how strong you are and selfless. Yes, being in a hospital really puts a perspective on exercising or even eating – there are so many who want to eat but can’t due to illness, cancer, etc. Stay strong and fuel yourself and keep telling your Abba that we are all praying for him and sending great giant cyberhugs! Wish I could send you an iPad! Keep up the blogging, I think it helps you as much as it helps us! (it always brings a smile to my face and heart) 🙂

  13. I’m admiring your resolve and humor through all of this. It’s gotta be scary.

    People at work ask me all the time if I “need something,” so I tell them I need a ’79 Maui blue Fender Stratocaster. So far, nobody has accommodated.

  14. These were really great, Eden! I hope that when I’m put in a situation as stressful as this I can hold myself together as well as you.

    By the way, I desperately want to see Tangled. I adore animated movies.. a lot. I’ll never grow up.

  15. Of course you are extra special to your dad! My thoughts and prayers are continually with you. I hope you are taking care of yourself, and that your dad will recover soon! You are a brave girl! Sending you a huge hug!!!

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