“Get Well” Challah and Some Other Random Mish Mash

I know these past couple of posts have not been in the standard Eden’s Eats “format” (not that I think I really have a format, but you get the idea).

I dont want to jinx anything or get my hopes up too high, but looks like my dad will be out of the ICU tomorrow! He will still be in the hospital, but at least out of the ICU which is a big sigh of relief.

I had a good visit with him earlier today and found myself actually laughing which I haven’t done since this whole ordeal happened. My dad’s friend (who’s known to be quiet the jokester) came to visit while I was there and managed to get my dad and I laughing again. He brought an electric razor so my dad could stay nice and clean shaven (after a certain age, scruff doesn’t look sexy, it start to make you look like a bum). My dad said they had a woman come shave him earlier, but she did a pretty iffy job. My dad’s jokester friend said its because women are just used to shaving legs (and armpits, unless they are hippies).

yep, he raised his table to be silly. at least it got my dad to smile

My dad’s colleague and good friend (who was with me when this all transpired on Wednesday) brought two loaves of challah bread he made in his homemade clay oven. If homemade bread in a homemade oven doesn’t say “labor of love” to you, I dont know what does.

I know, I wish I would have made it too

I’m glad my dad is not lonely, and that people are visiting him. What i dont like is having everyone on my dad’s blackberry call me asking about him. I sort of want to send a mass email or text to all of them saying “If your so worried about my dad, go visit and see for yourself!”. But that’s cruel and I know its only natural to be worried and want to know information. Its just that its causing my stress and it doesn’t help that I don’t know all the time either.

And on a totally random note, I found that each floor in the ICU building has a meditation room. Only in LA…..But hey, I’m is support that every hospital invest in one. 

I came again in the evening and my slightly more hopeful sprits went down a little. He was angry, mostly that he could not remember things and it hurt me to hear him repeat things he’s told me many times before. His appetite was rather non-existen and asked my if I wanted any of his dinner. All I could see was anger and irritation about his situation. Plus, his pain in his head was still there. I can’t imagine having such a sharp pain in my head constantly. I really wished he would feel better. I left and let him sleep, hoping to get some myself tonight.

I might go back to the old “format” tomorrow and churn out a “myth busting monday” and maybe a recipe. I do plan on going to work on monday for my desserts class. Nothing gives me any pleasure so I might as well keep myself busy at work. And on that note, I’m sorry if I have not left any comments lately on your guys’ blogs. I’ve kind of lost interest in reading about left over ideas and oatmeal right now. I’ll be back in the saddle at some point. But right now, I just would like to express what I’m going through via my blog and be with my dad.  Dont take offense, I’m sure your overnight oats or pumpkin whatevers are fantastic and if my dad gets out, I’ll do a whole “make-up” thanksgiving and I’ll go back and check all those thanksgiving posts for ideas.

Thanks again for all of your support, seriously, each comment helps me feel a little better. And I promise to have better Eden’s Eats posts.

30 thoughts on ““Get Well” Challah and Some Other Random Mish Mash

  1. Eden, I am happy that you had a good laugh. And find it really cool that the hospita has meditation rooms. I definitely would use it if I had to visit. I am constantly thinking about you and your dad and hoping that everything works out. Be sure to do something nice for yourself one of these days. You have a lovely smile, be sure to use it!

  2. I’m glad that he might be well enough to be out of the ICU…It’s always the hardest for the family members when someone is going through such pain and discomfort. I’m glad your dad has friends visiting him, even in this holiday season when most people would be caught up in their family events.

    Still thinking and praying for you and your daddy. I hope YOU feel much better soon, Eden!

  3. haha you’re the best. i think the food blogosphere with their overnight oats and pumpkin whatevers can hold it’s breath. i’m so glad your dad is doing better and that you are on your way to getting what might be a bit of a break.
    sending my best vibes!

  4. Sorry, but I lol’ed at the leftovers and oatmeal comment, basically because I feel like that’s all I’ve been looking at when I was looking at blogs this week. And usually sometimes I feel like I’m just looking at pictures of oatmeal with fruit.
    Anyway, glad to hear your dad is getting progressively better ❤

  5. I love when hospitals lay off the whole church themed “prayer room” and add something a little more user friendly like a meditation room. I was at a hospital in San Diego that had one and it made me smile. Hope your dad gets well soon! FYI- I had a good friend change her voicemail to an update on her mother’s hospital situation and that seemed to work well for her. Not having to repeat yourself over and over… Have a great rest of the weekend!

  6. I think we should get all the leftovers from bloggers and send them to you. That would be a fun post, eh? But in all seriousness, I read your blog because I care about your life and whats going on it, good or bad. I am thankful your dad will be out of ICU soon. I’ll keep praying for him and that he can be pain free soon!
    CHallah has got to be the best get well bread out there. It better cure him!

    • Yes, please send me all your leftovers! Dont think they’ll be fresh but it would be nice to compile a collection of food blogger leftovers.Challah is truly a powerful medicine indeed.

  7. I don’t blame you one bit for not wanting to follow blogs at the moment. I know when something huge is on my mind, the LAST thing I want to be reading about is a stack of pumpkin pancakes. I’m really glad to hear that your dad will be out of the ICU – even if he’s still in the hospital, that seems to be good news!
    You are seriously such a trooper for keeping your cool through all of this. I hope you realize how strong you are, because you deserve to be proud of yourself. You are still in my thoughts and prayers, as always 🙂

  8. Hooray for bread, hooray for laughter, and all of life’s other little joys. Sometimes its all we can do to hold onto little things like this in times of stress. I’m so happy to hear that your dad is feeling a bit better.

    I’m also seeing a bit of a Robert De Niro resemblence in his picture, has he ever gotten that comparison?

    • His nurse asked if he gets a lot of people telling him if he looks like rober deniro. In all honesty, I think just now when he’s scruffy. When he is more put together he looks like an older steve carell.

  9. I laughed at Sophia’s comment, since there is much truth in it! 🙂 If it helps you chuckle, my “lunch/dinner” yesterday was a bag of kettle-cooked potato chips (a regular-sized bag) and a bag of chocolate-covered peanuts (1 lb. size). And about 6 boneless-buffalo wings. I kind of wish I’d blogged about it now. I’m making cinnamon rolls this morning…Okay, they do have pumpkin in them, but that’s about the only “healthy” thing about them…Well, that & some whole-wheat flour. Cream cheese frosting made with a whole stick of butter just screams decadent gluttony (to me anyway). I’m glad to see your dad’s doing better–And I hope you are too!

    • I have nothing against pumpkin, believe me there are two cans in the pantry as we speak, but butter is your trump card. butter is great, I think some people only eat bread and butter to be polite and no just down the butter plain.

      • I have to put my butter dish up high because my son will grab chunks off it and eat them. I sometimes cut off a pat of butter and eat it myself (especially if it’s salted butter). It’s just that good.

  10. Girl you don’t need to make any apologies at all. You’re going through something really difficult right now. The most important thing is that your dad gets better. I do hope you’re taking care of yourself too. I have a feeling that’s what your dad would want most of all.

  11. I also laughed at Sophia’s comment- sometimes all blogs just look the same after a while. My eyes start to glaze over and I want to scream if I look at one more bowl of oatmeal. Which is maybe hypocritial/ironic since I also eat oatmeal, but making fun of myself is a sort of hobby of mine.
    Anyway, I’m glad to hear that at least your dad is out of the icu…and hope he continues to get better every day. Please don’t worry about making “good” blog posts or in your proper format, honestly just do what is helpful for you right now. No need to worry about pleasing an audience…especially since everyone just wants YOU to be okay. Take care of yourself.

  12. I actually really liked the post. Except for the circumstances surrounding it, of course, it’s nice to see this side of Eden. I can understand your abstaining from the blog world for awhile. There are so much more important things in life that your focusing on.

    My mom use to work in the ICU of the hospital and I know there are VERY sick people there, so it’s great your dad has moved out! I hope he keeps progressing and you two can have your make-up Thanksgiving 🙂

    ❤ Tori

  13. Glad to hear that your dad should be getting out of ICU tomorrow. I totally know what you mean about being frustrated with people asking “how’s your dad” instead of going to visit him themselves. I felt the same way when my mom was in the hospital for 6 months. She is in a home now, and there are still many people who live very close to her who have not taken the time to visit, yet always ask how she is doing. It is sad.

    Don’t feel bad at all about not reading blogs. Reading blogs seems so trivial when you have a father in the hospital. No offense taken, and no apologies needed!

  14. Cedars is totally a trip…but I love it!

    I’m glad your father is doing better and you sound better as well. Again, I’m nearby if you need anything! In the meantime you have my prayers.

  15. I am SO glad to hear your dad is going to be getting out of the ICU soon! And seriously, don’t worry about ignoring blogs. We understand! I do, however, wish I lived closer so we could cook an obnoxiously huge meal together and then watch trashy movies. Food and crap tv always seem to make situations a little better.

  16. Eden I’m so sorry to hear about your Dad, what a scare. Glad that he will hopefully be out of ICU tomorrow. Regarding your blog format, who cares? Whatever it is, as long as it’s you writing it, IT’S EDEN’S EATS! Thoughts are with you sweetheart.

  17. I hope that your dad continues getting better, I can’t even imagine what a nightmare the last week has been. You sound like you’ve been handling it like a champ! I’ll continue to pray for you and him! ❤

  18. yayyy your papa might be out just in time for chanukka! or however you spell it haha

    i’m so glad you and he had a good laugh today 🙂 they say laughter is the best medicine no? keep your head up girl you’re an amazing daughter!

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