White Asparagus Dip, Overrated Foods on the Blogosphere, and More Yoga Answers

Looks like hummus, but its a perfect blend of nuttyness and sweetness for spaghetti squash and tortilla "bowls"

Before I begin rambling about some sort on nonsense once again, I’d like to apologize for yesterday’s post about the compliment. I sincerely thank all of you who posted thoughtful and supportive comments about it. The thing is, I dont want to come off as someone who doesn’t appreciate compliments or “show off”-like. I honestly don’t take criticism very well either. Anyhow, I don’t like to apologize, but I feel compelled to. Sometimes, you read over old posts and you’re like “What was I thinking?”. Anyhow, onwards and upwards….

I decided to share with you my thought about some food trends that I think are overrated. Tomorrow, I’ll post about some foods that I think should get a little more credit so stay tuned for that.

Before I unveil my list, I feel a disclaimer or two is in order:

  1. I’m in favor of anything that helps people become healthy or fit. The word “overrated” needs to be taken into context and is certainly open to interpretation.
  2. Just because I deem something to be overrated does not mean I don’t think it has merit. I may feel something is “overrated” simply due to the amount of hype it gets or to the degree that its proponents revere it.

Ok so for the Overrated list:

acai berry: You may have had some salesperson tell you of the magical powers possessed by this exotic berry. When tested for polyphenol content, Acai rates below concord grapes, red wine and blueberries. Stick with a variety of fruits and veggies here and save your cash.

“Green Monsters” : I’ve said this before, I understand those who drink it for the nutrients, but prefer chewing my greens or “creaming” my spinach.

“Over-night Oats”: I will get a beating from the blogger gods for the. I know every blogger and their mother eats this daily, but I’m rather impatient about my dinner roasting for a few hours. Overnight seems like too much of a stretch. I’m also not big on oatmeal, and I don’t know I feel a bit weird that it’s not cooked, I’m scarred it will cook in my stomach and expand or something. It’s like that time I swallowed a popcorn kernel and I swear I heard it pop in my tummy.

Enhanced Waters: Supermarket shelves are filled with bottles of brightly colored waters that are spiked with vitamins, herbs, antioxidants and other ingredients with names like “defend,” “rescue” and “focus.” Some claim to stave off colds, boost alertness or relax you, while others attempt to lure you with promises of weight loss. Water should be simple, I dont need it to “focus” or “rescue” me. All I ask is for hydration.

Hemp Milk: Once again, I’m expecting lots of angry sneers at me for this, but I had a sip and was not a fan. Plus, its not cheap. And apparently, it doesnt even get you high, what a rip off I tell ya.

You know what I USED to think was overrated? Avocados and almond butter. But in reality, I think I was just scared of them. Nowadays, I tend to hoard those two items. The world will be a very sad place with those two….

Some more yoga questions to answer!

Tori asked:

“I’ve never been too into yoga. I think because I’ve always assumed you have to be SUPER flexible. Or atleast a little flexibe, which I’m soooo not! I can barely touch my toes!”

Well Tori, your probably more flexible than ME. I blame that decade of my life where I did some serious over-exercise and partly genetics for my complete lack of flexiblity. I’m such a walking contradiction. A chef with eating issues and very stiff Yoga instructor. How I get hired is beyond me. Anyhow, the good news is yoga is for EVERYONE! Actually, I think its way more beneficial if your not uber flexible and resemble gumby. Yoga will increase your flexility and every pose can be modified if you cant do it due to lack of flexibility. For example, if your arm does not reach your shin or the floor in Trikonasana (triangle pose), you can use a block beside you leg and rest your arm there. I cant even reach my toes. Granted, I’ve come a long way and I used to barely reach my knees, so I have improved. I really don’t think flexibility will hinder your yoga experience.

Jam wrote:

“Does yoga really help in recovery from ed?…it seems like lots of people use yoga to obtain recovery”

Here’s the thing, Yoga is one of the few things one can do in order to reconnect with their mind and their body. Eating disorders tend to disconnect you from both. Hence its a great tool to use for recovery. Plus, there is SO much to yoga besides just the poses that its really quiet mind blowing. Its strange, after I took my 200 hr teacher training, I thought to myself, “Wow! Now I know how much I don’t know about yoga!”. Yoga can give you something to put your energy towards instead of food or exercise (and mind you, yoga is so much more than exercise). Plus, yoga has great stress relieving and calming effects which are extremely useful in recovery or any period of hardship. In the inpatient treatment center I went to, Yoga was incorporated into our fitness program and we practiced twice a week. I think that’s where I really discovered my appreciation for yoga practice. Is it for everyone? No, and dont go to classes just cause its cool or you heard it does wonders for your body or whatever. Then you are simply wasting your time. Try a few different instructors and if you like it, great, and if not, no big deal. I’m not trying to get yogi converts, I think its pretty full as is.

Ashley S wrote:

“Is yoga good for building a little muscle? I strength train on and off all the time, but I just can’t really get into it. I don’t need to do much cardio, because I’m not trying to lose any weight.  Anyway, I don’t go to a gym anymore, so are there any dvd’s you can recommend if I wanted to try to get into yoga? What about the Jillian Michaels’s Yoga Meltdown?”

I’ll be frank, Jillian Michael’s scares me, and the last thing I want to be when I’m doing yoga is scarred and intimidated. Yoga is no bootcamp. It can be physically challenging, but there is not need for a drill sergeant with a vagina teaching it. Besides, if it’s called “Meltdown”, I’m pretty sure she’ll have you do some cardio and I know that’s not what you were going for. Any “vinyasa flow” or “power yoga” dvds will actually have a bit of cardio in it, so I guess stay away from those. I know Kristen McGee is a good instructor and I know she has a line of dvd’s out. Maybe netflix them? Plus, there are lots of FREE podcasts you can download on itunes. My favorite are the Yoga Poser series. I downloaded them when I went to Europe and Israel this past winter and they were awesome. Hope that helps!

So for today’s recipe, I’m featuring one of my favorite veggies: WHITE asparagus! Yes, its not easy to find and might be a bit more pricy, but I actually found a bundle on sale! So I decided to make a dressing/dip out of it! In the blender I blended:

chop them up a bit before blending, o my my thumbs are ugly!

-5 white asparagus stalks, steamed

-3 cauliflower florets, steamed

-1 tbs almond butter

-3 tbs of water (enough to thin it out to your liking)

-1 tbs sweetener of choice (like honey, agave, or stevia)

Blend and enjoy!

33 thoughts on “White Asparagus Dip, Overrated Foods on the Blogosphere, and More Yoga Answers

  1. That’s the tricky part of blogging for me. I feel like after I share something, then I go back and read what I wrote, I didn’t communicate clearly exactly what I was trying to say. I didn’t think you sounded like you don’t appreciate compliments and I definitely didn’t think you were showing off. It was just something that struck you and stuck with you.

    Haha, love the overrated list. I actually like overnight oats, but I prefer my breakfast warm. The same goes for green monsters, but it’s nice to make those if I feel like changing my usual oatmeal. Speaking of change, I noticed you had your recipe page up and am excited to make pancakes now. I can’t remember the last time I had pancakes.

  2. “WHITE asparagus! Yes, its not easy to find and might be a bit more pricy, but I actually found a bundle on sale! “—you lucky bee-otch! i would have never pureed it, only eaten it whole since it’s like vegan caviar to find that stuff! lol

    your last post didnt really need an apology, but you know that. i think everyone just told you to accept compliments and rock what you have. you knew that, but we just nudged you along. but you didnt need to apolog.

    the overrated…omg yes!
    green monsters
    oats or any food in a jar
    kelp noodles
    shirataki noodles
    protein powder
    nut butter
    protein pancakes, ice cream, etc anything made with protein

    that’s my list. i actually use or have made some of those things but i am soooo sick of seeing every blog make them! daily. it’s like fashion, pretty soon there will be something else but for now, everyone has to have their leggings and skinny jeans, i.e. their green monsters. gag.

  3. LOVE your overrated list!!!!

    Green Monsters…blah. When I throw spincach in my protein shakes is because Jack Lalanne told me too.

    Um…guilty on the powder but if it’s any help i’ve been using is WAY before the “bloggers” were 😉

  4. love your list – and agree. I hate the idea of ‘preparing’ my breakfast the night before. I am a ‘grab and go’ kind of chick. If I could get everything mail ordered – it would be great. that said -I too am the walking contradiction – as I make home-cooked meals usually 2 times a day. Over-rated list:
    1. protein pancakes
    2. sugar free stuff (walking contradiction)
    3. ‘wraps’ (probably because I can’t have them unless they are brown rice – and they are gross to me)
    4. kombucha (sorry)
    5. shirtaki noodles
    6. tofu
    7. spirulina and chia seeds

    1. COFFEE
    2. music while you cook
    3. condiments in sauces – like raw honey, mustard – and yes – even ketchup (hello sweet and sour)
    4. zuchinni noodles
    5. the value of a spiralizer
    6. eggs

  5. I loved this list! There are some things on it that I even enjoy but I do get a little tired of seeing them everywhere. It is kind of like, “Ok, so I am having overnight oats for breakfast. I wont be posting about that one…” everyone has seen it and done it and I’m almost afraid that people will be turned off if I post about something so ordinary. But I think that is just a stupid little thing that I am just paranoid about. (While terribly delicious) I am surprised that you didn’t list kale ‘chips’. 🙂

    I have been doing yoga on and off for about 7 years now, and am pretty flexible. My boyfriend can’t even stand with his legs completely straight. When he comes to yoga with me, he still comes to the Vinyassa 2 class and loves it. It is pretty challenging at times (some times I am convinced she is trying to kill me!). This is just another example that yoga is for every one.

    I love occasional rant posts!

  6. A girl after my own heart again with the asparagus…just when I didn’t think I could like you any more. As for overnight oats, I slightly have to defend my position on this one. See, I have to take my breakfast to work with me in the morning, so I don’t have the luxury of making warm, old-fashioned oatmeal each day. However, sometimes I still want my oats, so I just mix it with almond milk the night before. In the morning it’s actually just kind of mushy but good (it totally tastes cooked.) I add tahini and fruit and it’s delicious.

    But with that said, I’m tired of seeing oats in ridiculously small amounts everywhere. To eat their own and everything, but who really eats 1/3 c. oats and calls it a meal? I agree with the rest of your list though, and would like to add that although I enjoy the taste of it, the phrase “nooch” is obnoxious.

    And no need to apologize ever, but I get it. Like Crystal said, I always think what I posted gets misinterpreted. That’s probably why I come across as more of a blog bitch than I am, but whatever 😉

  7. Okay, so the asparagus dip sounds fab!! I think I’ll be trying it this weekend for a little party my hubs and I are having for ourselves (our b-days–last week and this week!) and some friends (also a b-day or two in there!). I am curious to know if you have any salsa recipes you can recommend?? I need to make a huge VAT of the stuff for the gathering! 🙂
    I’ll comment further on this most recent post when I get to work! (my last day at current job, so I’m totally going to slack ;))

  8. Thanks for answering my Q! I feel a little more reassured that I won’t look dumb going to a yoga class and being so unflexible!

    I love the list too. I don’t participate in any of those foods, so I guess I bypassed the hype! I really don’t get the appeal of any of them. I can’t wait to see your list of foods that need some credit 🙂

    ❤ Tori

  9. I used to think Almond Butter was overrated too, even after trying once or twice. Now I’m addicted. I am with you on the green monsters. As for the overnight oats. I have tried them, but ended up heating them up. Just a nasty, sloppy mess cold. There was no way I could stomach them. What about oats in a jar? I still haven’t tried that on.

    Hope you have a great Tuesday girl!

  10. i think i’m mad at you for about 45 seconds.

    over night oats are amazing. and i’m recently obssesed with triple x vitamin water zero and i will continue to think that it is resucing me from whatever it is i need to be rescued from hahahaha

    okay i’m done being mad 😉

    have a great day girlfraaan

  11. I am with you on every single one of these overrated foods. I’d also like to add Barney Butter to the mix. And just the acronym OIAJ drives me crazy.

    I will definitely be hitting you up for your publishing contacts!! Thanks for the offer Eden.

  12. Oh and definitely Greek yogurts and fancy stuff that costs an arm and a leg at the grocery store – and yet so many college students and people can afford it? I can’t afford it and I work full-time…just to pay off debt…I don’t need to support the big companies for a tub of fancy ice cream that costs $8 for a pint….no thanks, I’ll stick to my dairy 2 L for $2.99…;)

  13. Okay, I’m starting to think that you’re reading my mind or something, as I was mulling over a similar entry for my own blog in the shower this morning! I have been laughing out loud at most of these comments (and I’m sure my coworkers here in the breakroom think I’m nuts), because a lot of these are things I think in my head but never come right out and say. I’ve been guilty of the oatmeal thing on my blog (although maybe because I never put chia seeds in mine, it’s not as awesome), but I’m with you (and whoever else) on the silly acronyms, kale chips, green monsters, etc. And I totally agree with eatmovelove regarding those young’uns (I say that like I’m an old fart, and while I am in my mid-thirties, I prefer not to think about middle age just yet) who can afford all these fancy organic & super-expensive ingredients…You can tell on my blog when my husband & I have gotten paid, and there’s extra money in the house…That’s when I hit up the organic section of our grocery store…Otherwise, it’s store brands the rest of the time (especially if I have to buy diapers that week)!

    • O totally! the only time I buy organic is probably when I go to the farmers markets (where almost all the vendors are organic). I’m guilty of overrated stuff as well. hell, thats why it overrated! cause everyone gets sucked in on the hype!

      • I forgot to put this in my previous comment (mostly b/c I thought I was getting a little long-winded there), but I’ve got the Jillian Michaels Yoga
        Meltdown, and it’s not as scary as it sounds, being Jillian Michaels & all. It’s a workout, for sure, but she doesn’t have you doing squats in between
        warrior poses or anything like that. I like it, although that she’s my first introduction to yoga, so maybe I don’t really know what I’m talking

  14. Okay, so I find tofu and tempeh to be overrated, and the only reason why is that I’m bitter I can no longer eat them. 😦 The soy seriously affects my stomach (um, digestive issues, ehem!), so I’ve had to phase out as much soy as possible over time. Granted, forms of soy are in so many of the foods we eat, so I have to be even more careful than I thought I would! I do miss “fake meat” and a good stir-fry with tempeh, but if I don’t want to end up with a bad stomach ache afterward, I have to pass. 😦

    • I too have issues with soy, but its really hard for me to give up. There are though lots of non soy/vegetarian options out there. I’ll post some on the next post!

  15. I feel the same way when blogging, like I have to constantly explain myself while I’m writing so I dont come across in any bad or off way. It’s really tricky to look at things from every perspective while writing in your own. And I agree with those overrated foods..none of them really offer immense health benefits but I do think they’re fun to have every now and then. Overnight oats are a life saver in tight situations or when you’re on the go. If you like oatmeal anyway. 😛

  16. Oh man, acai berry. In 2006, I worked for a company that sold acai smoothies – I was a little underling who went to local grocery stores on weekends and hawked free samples of smoothies to Midwesterners who had no idea what the acai berry was. Those smoothies were vile, I tell you. I tried so hard to like them… I really, really did. It’s not easy trying to convince someone to buy something you don’t even like, you know? I’ve avoided acai since.

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