Roasted Apple Pears, Underrated Foods

And underrated fruit "peared" with an overrated dairy product

So as a continuation from yesterday, I thought I would be more positive and give a shout out to some foods I think need a better publicist. Heres some of the ones that made the list:

Prunes: regularity issues aside, did you know they pack more potassium than bananas? They are like candy and taste wonderful dipped in chocolate! I’m actually not a big fan of raisins, but these are a whole other ball game. They go great in cake and muffin recipes, but also fabulous in stews (very traditional in eastern european chicken stews!). I usually prefer fresh over dried when it comes to most fruits, but I rather have prunes than a fresh plum, oddly enough!

apple cider: not the vinegar, but I think not enough people know apple cider is not just for alcoholic beverages. Its so yummy in any types of cooked grain (rice, oatmeal, quinoa) and when you reduce it, makes an excellent sauce for pork, poultry, seafood, and tofu. Its also not as refined as apple juice so if you choose to drink it plain, it’s a better bet than apple juice. The best apple cider comes from farmers markets (as most things tend to), but I think no matter where you get it, it should make a comeback.

Milk: Yes, I know people claim to have lactose issues and if your vegan, fine,  but everyone seems to be shunning milk! I have a suspicion it’s because alternative milks tend to be lower calorie, but seriously, unless your vegan, why not? I can’t stand rice milk and even though I do use almond milk, I think its super watery. Get milk from an organic farm if it helps your conscience, I think you will be surprised how much it tastes like…..MILK!

Yolks:I think the blogosphere is racist, favoring whites and all that. Poor Mr. Yolk. Not only is it delicious, its packed with WAY more nutrients that the white. I admit, I hate hardboiled egg yolks, but I prefer yolk filled omelets and scrambled eggs. It’s so much creamier, yummier, and more filling. If you want to add more whites, fine. But I think a yolk or two in omelets is essential for a tasty one. You know whats really yummy, and sunny side up egg on a salad. I like the hot/cold combo and the yolk makes for an excellent dressing.

Plain yogurt: this kind of goes along the lines of the milk. If your vegan, this doesn’t pertain to you obviously, but everyone chooses greek yogurt these days. Yes, I eat greek yogurt too. But when I went to Israel this past winter I noticed they didn’t have greek yogurt, so I had plain. And although the dairy products in Israel are way better than the American fare, the plain yogurt was delightful. I get a bit tired of greek yogurt, and sometime, I want something not as tart. Plus, greek yogurt doesn’t have as much of the good bacteria found in regular yogurt and also lacks the calcium.

Tahini/sesame seeds: I know cashew/sunflowerseed/almond/peanut butter are like the shit and all, but tahini is a pretty darn amazing nut butter. Incase you dont know, Tahini is sesame seed “butter”. It’s not just for humus, but it’s so yummy on toast and muffins. In Israel, my cousins eat it all the time with breakfast, lunch, and dinner, its like salt and pepper to them. It’s actually really good blended with chocolate as well. On that note, I dare some of you chia seed lovers to try sesame seeds in your “overnight oats”. I personally like it on salads and to coat my fish or chicken with it.

I actually had a long list of foods that I think need to be eaten more often, or at least publicized more on the blogs. But I honestly was getting a bit tired of judging food in general. That is another thing….. I think sometime judging food is overrated. I’m not saying food is overrated cause that’s like saying sleep is overrated. Food is part of life. But sometimes, I think “health” bloggers get too wrapped up in the nutrition. Hell I’m prone to that too and I’m calling myself out on it. I think its unwise to label foods as “good” or “bad”. A processed, hydrogenated, trans-fat laden chip-ama-bob will not kill you. Once in a while, I think we need to have some “fun” foods. Can I add that to the food pyramid? The “Fun Food Group”?

And speaking of underrated…you know what I hardly ever see????

ahhhh so simple and delicious, yet so neglected.

after roasting....

the apple pear! (aka the asian pear!) They are one of my top five favorite fruits! Crisp, portable, juicy, and sweet, I really cant get enough of them. They are a wonderful addition to salads and I even like roasting them with a crumble topping. They also “pair” (hee hee) nicely with the overrated greek yogurt! For the picture at the top of the post, I simply sliced it in half and roasted it at 350 for ten minutes. They roast a lot quicker than apples so be careful. Then I spooned over some greek yogurt and cocoa powder.


28 thoughts on “Roasted Apple Pears, Underrated Foods

  1. eggs should be eaten as a white + yolk if one eats them. that’s why nature made them together.

    milk, if drank, should be whole and raw. not spun off into skim.

    as a vegan and a food allergy sufferer, i eat neither…but IF one does, together. Not cherry picked apart. Nature knows what it’s doing.

    Prunes and apple cider (vinegar) are great. Not really a tahini fan, the taste, meh. Not my speed.

  2. I eat what my trainer/nutritionist tells me to.

    I do have IBS and other crap…getting old sucks. So I like almond milk. He allows me skim but my preference is i’m mental.

    I eat only whites but I did have a meal plan that let me eat the yolk too 😉 My family has a history of high cholesterol so I keep the yolks to a minumum.

  3. Yes to eggs…whole eggs with yolks, best thing ever.

    Yep to the yogurt also…I like to try different kinds…recently picked up goat’s yogurt..may as well try a variety.

    And YES to Tahini..>I eat a lot of nut butter…and tahini I eat a ton of also….I just really like it…but my problem is HOW much of it I have. I think that is my issue. All these foods you mention, yep, I love them big time,,,but anyone would think me nut for including them voraciously in every meal and snack. Sorry, I am a broken record, but I just wonder about me…

    Oh, and raisins and dates are my fave dried fruits.

    • You always say that you eat all those nut butters and tahini in such large amounts, so how is it that you still stay underweight and need to gain? I would think that would help your cause! 🙂

  4. I love your list, as I agree with just about everything! I hate plums, love prunes. I think egg yolks are delicious, and not just because they add such pretty color to the meal. Tahini in oatmeal is the best, and I completely concur that many people choose milk alternatives due to the lower calories content.

    Actually, I think people choose “substitutes” all the time to reduce the calories. That’s why they don’t like milk, egg yolks (egg substitute?), reduced-sugar syrups or dried fruit. To each their own, but if you’re trying to find something that tastes like eggs, why not eat eggs in moderation? I think real food is underrated in general.

  5. I haven’t ever had yolk & salad, but I’ve heard of it before. It’s just me at the apartment which means that I can’t get through even six eggs with out them getting old on me. I will definitely try it next time I have eggs in the house as I eat a salad in some form pretty much every day.

  6. If I eat regular yogurt (not Greek) then it’s plain all the way. That’s what I grew up on. I don’t care for the flavored stuff that’s super sweet and fake tasting. Does not taste like strawberries in yogurt to me (or whatever flavor). But that’s just me, each to his own.

    I’m not a huge tahini fan. I have it in the fridge, but there’s just something about it, it’s strong perhaps. My hubby could eat it the way I eat almond butter though.

    And I am totally with you on blaming the moon for the mojo-less-ness going around!

  7. The ONLY time I just use egg yolks is when a recipe calls for it, and if I put it in my instant oatmeal, cause a whole egg is too much for one packet. Other than that, I love yolks! Even hardboiled, YUM!

    I never liked milk growing up. Even when I ate cereal I’d leave all the left over milk and pour it down the drain. Just not a fan. I got into almond milk when I kept seeing advertisments for the silk almond milk. I gave it a try and loved it! I think the very reason I like it more than milk is because it’s not as thick. I just can’t stand drinking whole milk.

    I always think of old people when I think of prunes. Don’t know why. My grandparents liked em?

    I haven’t tried Tahini yet but I want to. I don’t wanna buy a whole jar though, for fear I won’t like it at all 😦

    ❤ Tori

  8. I first switched to vanilla soy milk because I liked the taste. Then I went to regular, which is still too sweet and I’m trying to find a brand that’s still fortified and unsweetened. I tried skim milk again and I didn’t like how thin it was so I prefer soy milk because it has healthy fats and the thickness I like. I’m not saying 2% milk isn’t healthy, I’d just rather get my saturated fats from nuts, avocados and oils, rather than animal products.

    I agree with the yolk part – I think most anyone who’s trying to convince themselves they prefer solely egg whites is trying too hard to pretend not to like that golden rich creamy center, it’s practically candy!

    And yes, yes yes! Tahini is wonderful! I’ve had oats in a jar once and that one time it was in a waning tahini jar and those oats were unbelievably fantastic!

    And one more for the road – I prefer prunes over plums as well, and in college when I’m saving money I go for the plain yogurt and strain it for a few hours or if I don’t have the time just eat it normally. Your list is great and I agree with all of it, haha!

  9. I have never had a prune, but anything that tastes great dipped in chocolate must be good. I’ll pretty much eat any yogurt as long as it is flavored somehow. I actually don’t like the taste of milk and too much dairy messes with my stomach, so I stick with almond like April.

    Speaking of apple pears, I roasted a regular pear a couple days ago with apple cider vinegar, cinnamon, and cloves. It made a great mock-dessert.

  10. I am totally an egg white culprit! I grew up eating just the whites because my parents both have cholesterol issues.

  11. They used to call me “grandma” because I ate so many prunes. I make a good mini prune-wich. I take 2 LARGE prunes with almond butter stuffed between. Ahh, heavenly little snack.
    And egg yolks are so underrated. Why must we fear the yolk, its nutrients are in there!

  12. Love prunes dipped in nut butter!

    can’t have dairy due to lactose intolerance.. but if I could I would! I miss cottage cheese and yogurt. Still have it occasionally with a lactase enzyme but even then my stomach gets messed up!

  13. if Im making scrambled eggs, I usually do 2 eggs and then 2 whites! YUM! Now, this morning I had egg whites and bacon–so I still got some delicious fat in there.

    And, in my humble opinion—there is nothing better than runny yolks. 🙂

  14. mmmm i seriously LOVE the yolk part of a hard boiled egg! and when it gets all creammmmy in salads! i lurrrrv it 🙂

    haha one time i bought an apple pear and didnt know what it was. i bit into it not expecting it to be as UNRIPE as it was and ow.

  15. totally agree with your list. i noticed the egg white/sub stuff, i think this a very US thing, here in UK not so ( i no scientific study!) also ketchup, coffee, real sugar, turnips and tea WITH milk , none of the herbel shermbel stuff, well i am British, tea flows through my veins ;

  16. I need to try that pear! 😀 hmm I really like almond milk 🙂 I usually just buy a tiny milk container to use in a recipe for a body scrub, I don’t like to drink it though cause the smell grosses me out haha

  17. I couldn’t agree with you more about Tahini/Eggs! It’s funny how people think the Yokes have THAT MUCH CHOLESTEROL in them. First of all, Cholesterol is needed to produce hormones, maintain cell wall structure, make bile, convert to vitamin D etc in the liver. Cholesterol is essential for life.
    Creamed Honey + Tahini= HEAVEN!

    I am adding one thing to your list of under-rated foods. I blogged about this awhile ago, and always forget to pick it up @ the Grocery store! GRAPE VINE LEAVES! I grew up eating these (stuffed with rice, lamb, lemon) Dolmades! I love these!


  18. I agree with this post a lot. It’s interesting to think about the good old fashioned foods that everyone forgets about like cow’s milk and regular good old american yogurt. I personally LOVE tahini. I don’t eat it THAT often because it’s a bit bitter to me, but on oatmeal with apple butter it’s superb.

    Great post!


  19. Add green onions to your list! They are full of favor and nutrients – it’s one of my new favorites.

    I need to research seeds a bit more… so many gals with food blogs, such as yourself, know all about these and I feel I’m behind!

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