The Big Move

Finally, this blog is moving (HERE).

I hate moving. Even if its a virtual move. I’ll lose readers (not like I have a whole lot to begin with, so maybe I’ll have negative readers now?), There are still some things that need to be tweaked and added. And I’m leaving lots of my old content here. So feel free to come back and read my old stuff.

But I have a new site that I even christened with a new title.

Dont fret though, it will still be the same, potty mouth, crude, rude, never-nude me.

And don’t forget to reset your google readers and I’m going to get an email subscription up soon too.

PS, I’ve been having major problems with getting an email subscription service up to if you know anything about that I’ll send you a pony…that is, if I find a pony.

6 thoughts on “The Big Move

  1. i found your blog tonight via Janetha and spent over an hour reading your crazy shit! your f’ing funny….thanks for giving me an entertaining saturday night on the couch. love a girl who can say it like it is!!

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