Cancer Can Suck It….So Please, Vote!!!!

If you look at the widgets to your right, you will see a new “Cancer Can Suck It”  section with a link to my dear friend’s donation page.

I don’t need to write a post about why I hate cancer.

It took my mom.

It’s taking my dad.

And I’m no gonna let it take my dear friend, Susan. (you can read about Susan’s situation here).

When a loved one is sick, we all want to help out and make it go away. And the truth is, unless you’re an oncologist, there isn’t always a lot you can do. BUTT (yes, two “t’s” cause I’m feeling extra mature today!), there is something you can do!

I entered a brilliant (yes, brilliant!) recipe for a contest and I got to be a finalist.

Yawn… surprise….

But to win the $1000 prize money, I need people to vote for my recipe! And here’s the bummer part. I think this other contestant is cheating and has been living at their computer, re-clicking. And I really want to win because I will donate 100 percent of the money to Susan’s cancer fund.

And you know me, I don’t like whoring myself out, but this is for a cause very dear to my heart. So please vote for my recipe (the Indonesian Pork Baguette), the and don’t forget, you can re-vote by simply closing and reopening the browser to that site. Whenever you have a spare moment, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE vote!!!

Whore this out! Tweet it, facebook it, mention this contest on your blog. I dont care what you do, just don’t got out doing sexual favors in the streets because I will NOT fund your STD treatment.

Ok, thats all I have to say today. I’m off to spend some time with my LouLou (aka Dad).

For the sake of having a question at the end of a post (since I fear I won’t get a single comment if I dont have one), what else can “suck it”? Oh, and because I’m on a whoring streak, I’ll remind you again to PLEASE VOTE!

32 thoughts on “Cancer Can Suck It….So Please, Vote!!!!

  1. Your portuguese reader here, I don’t always comment but I always always read you. I already voted many and I’ll continue to vote. But it’s such a moody’s (my new way of saying shit, you can figure out why since i’m portuguese…i’m kidding!) that the stupid curry recipe is already with 67% but we’re all gonna make you win 😀

  2. I’m voting as many times as humanly possible, because cancer can indeed suck it. It took 3 of my 4 grandparents, and I have not forgiven it. Also, gall stones can suck it. My friend AND my dad both had to have emergency surgery in the past 2 week, and both were due to gall stones (my dad had one blocking a bile duct in his liver & possibly could’ve died).

  3. Sooo… I am a super-competitor and I wanted you to win when I read about it on Janetha’s blog, so I voted for your recipe an insane amount of times. Got your vote up to like.. 34% and came back the next day and it was BACK and 31%… got it back to 34% and came back not more than a few hours later and it was back down to 31%. Now I speak from experience when I say that A LOT of voting goes into moving somebody just 1%, so I think the other contestant is certainly cheating. Which pisses me off… but I guess in a way what I was doing was no better.. but I want you to win. So that’s that.

  4. Cancer indeed can SUCK IT. My grandma fought (and won against) breast cancer! There’s nothing funny or awesome about cancer. It freakin’ sucksssss..

    I VOTED!!

  5. I have said “Cancer can suck it” A LOT of times over the past few weeks. As well as “Cancer can blow me,” “Can can kiss my arse,” and “Cancer is one hell of a motherfucker,” among many others. Especially these last few days because I’m still not getting treatment, the cancer is still thriving inside of me. I’ve been feeling quite sick as a result. The little fucker.

    Love you! And you Indonesian Pork Baguettes!

    • Its not “thriving”. Trust me, I was SO anal about when my dad hasn’t recieved treatment and his cancer grows a lot laster than yours. You will recieve treatment soon and its not growing out of control. All the good vibes sent your way are keeping it at bay. And its from “slytherin” so I’m sure your doctors have tricks and wands up their sleves.

  6. I said “Cancer can suck it” so many times when my mom was first diagnosed with breast cancer. I think it worked since she is now in remission and hopefully she stays that way.
    Also, I voted for you so many times and will continue to vote. Hope you win!

  7. voting a number of times…
    and yes, cancer can suck it…
    lost my dad to it, my mom’s a survivor, and too many friends have fought the fight…
    to those fighting it now – you can kick it’s ass!

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