Salted Peanut Coconut Brownies and Types of Blogs: Categorized

There are billions of blogs out there.

(Cue the random food porn)

Maybe you read one or two (thanks for choosing mine as your selected few). Maybe you read hundreds. I don’t really care how many you read, as long as you read mine.

Anyhow, blogs aren’t exactly snowflakes. Many are so much alike that I wonder if the author is so bored, they started writing a brand new one in addition to their old one just to kill time (um, do these people have jobs? Or a sexually satisfied partner?).

So to make your life easier, I thought I’d categorize the different blogs for you:

Political blogs: Such blogs are popular among non-bloggers because nearly everyone gives a damn about politics. You are sure to find a blog out there that will support SOMETHING you believe in. Whether you think cats should have the right to have abortions, or whether you think marijuana should be sold in vending machines, there is a political blog for you.

“This Is What I Ate” Blog: It’s no surprise that these blogs don’t interest me. Unless you are Anthony Bourdain; I’m dying to know what that dude has for breakfast. Such blogs also fall into the “cute-food-name” stereotype; using big words like “yummers” and “bloobs”. I don’t understand them, like are we all supposed to read in envy? How do we know they aren’t lying?  Maybe I’ll start a blog of what I eat and put weird stuff like old shoes and hair. Cause nothing is as tasty as some hair with a side of boots for supper. And nothing makes my brain vomit like describing such a feast as, “yummers”.

 “Trick Me Into Clicking” blog: These blogs have those obnoxious ad programs installed that double underline words on the page and provide you with an ad if you mistakenly click. As soon as I see those fake links on a blog post I refuse to read further. I assume the post was written by a Jew (I’m a Jew, so this joke is politically correct) solely to make money on the ads and not to provide me with any useful or interesting.

Travel Blogs: I hate these blogs. Not in the way I hate Kim Kardaishian, but in the I-am-so-jealous-of-your-life-way. These blogs are more enjoyable when I have money in the bank to actually go to the destinations they write about. But if you like day-dreaming about travel, you might fancy these blogs. I wish these blogs wrote more about how to score super cheap plane tickets/hotel rooms or how to smuggle food past the TSA. Hell, even mile-high club stories would be entertaining (and possibly gross).

Food Porn Blogs: They take pretty pictures and make you all tingley inside. Also known to cause, drool and “foodgasms”.

On a Mission Blogs: These blogs are on a mission. “Losing 100 pounds in 40 days!” or “Going Vegan for a Year!” or, “Replacing my Boyfriend with My iPad for a Month!”. You read them because your curious to see if they can do it or totally crash and burn. I’m personally dying to know if that girl with cheated on the iPad, and I’m totally not touching that iPad.

The Train Wrecks: You may read them every single day and never even comment on a single post. They are usually painfully pathetic, but yet you can’t help but look because its like a train wreck, and you just have to watch. I should know better, but there are few blogs I never comment on but I know they are just a lovely mess and I can’t help but join in the rubbernecking. Fess up, I know you’ve done it!

What are the categories of blogs YOU read? Which category do think you belong in? I think I belong in the “So-stupid-they-think-they-are-funny-or-something-and-here’s-a-recipe” category.

Since I’ve been missing my friend’s muffins, I thought I’d tweak her original recipe a bit to make use of some salted peanuts lying around. Heres what went in my Smoothie Girl muffin/brownie remix:

(makes about four generous portions)

  • 1 cup coconut flour (all purpose is fine too)
  • 1/2 cup sugar or sweetener of choice
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1 tbs peanut butter
  • 1/2 cup milk of choice or water
  • 1 tsp kosher salt (save half the salt to sprinkle on top before you bake)
  • 1/4 cup chopped roasted and salted peanuts (or any nut of choice, I also used walnuts in my “nut mix”)
  • 1/4 cup cocoa powder
  • 1 egg or 1/4 cup egg subsitute

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Simply mix the wet and dry ingredients together throughly. Pour into a pan (I used a loaf pan and not normal brownie pan because this only makes four servings). Pour the chopped nuts and kosher salt on top and pat down with you palm so they stick onto the batter. Bake for 20-25 minuets or until the cent is firm. Allow to cool for about 5 min before taking it out of the pan.

And even thought I’m not “that kind” of blog, I ate some today.


44 thoughts on “Salted Peanut Coconut Brownies and Types of Blogs: Categorized

  1. That muffin/brownie looks SUPER delicious!!

    I don’t know what category I’d fall! I am not a this-is-what-i-ate-today kind of person, as that’s just too tedious for me!! I will occasionally (read: once every month or more!) do “what I ate today” but it’s by no means everything!

  2. I don’t even know. I DO teach people how to smuggle food past TSA, I occasionally make up words, and some times I feel like my life is a train wreck. Sometimes I just want to share my love for obscure pop culture nostalgia. And then there are the posts where I just show gratuitous photos of myself doing stupid things…because what’s the point of having a blog if you can’t use to to further your innate weirdo narcissistic tendencies?

  3. I read your blog because you’re hilarious. But these brownies actually sound awesome, and I have coconut flour because some other stupid blog made me want it. How much cocoa powder?

    Ali (a fellow Jew)

  4. I need to make those brownies ASAP. I have no idea what kind of blog I am–I kind of fall into the “this-is-what-I-made/ate-today” category, but it could also be a train wreck, because sometimes what I ate came from a drive-thru. I wish I could be more of a travel blog, but I lack the funding for such adventures. I try & stay away from the mommy-blog aspect because even though I’m a mom, those blogs often make me want to puke.

  5. So basically you want everyone to read your blog, but everyone else’s blogs annoy the piss out of you? Between this post and the online dater thing, you sound a little bitter 😉

  6. What about the wanna be blogs?? I think I fall into that. I wanna be a wino blog, I wanna be a food porn blog, I wanna be a fitness blog, I wanna be a I’m making money from this blog, etc, etc, etc.Am I right? hehe.
    ❤ U Eden!

  7. I must be in the Train Wreck category, because I don’t think I fit into any other: Art and music blog with a smidgen of food porn, and no nauseatingly cutesy pet names for said food. What would that be?
    The blogs I read are typically food porn/snark/or art-related, but mostly I just enjoy drooling over other people’s food.

  8. One of the cool things about your blog is that is falls under no category…yet is not “all over the place.” You offer incredible wit, intelligence, insight, you share yourself and you usually include recipes which makes it consistent.
    My blog? All over the place, makes no sense and is mostly about me, myself and I. Is there a category for that?
    People read it but not many. It’s fun though.

    PS- By wondering what Tony B has for breakfast do you mean you want to ask him what he’d like you to cook him for breakfast? *ahem* I would have to agree.

  9. you literally made my favorite flavor combination: sea salt + chocolate + coconut + peanut butter.
    fucking delicious. seriously, if there’s someone out there who doesn’t like this combo, they should just check themselves into a psych ward or something b/c they’re obviously psychotic.

    hmmm what category my blog falls into… probably a(nother) combo of “food porn” + “train wreck” + “so what, you’re sick and had a fucked up past” + “i suck at cooking & yet have a blog about food” + “EDs suck & maybe we can all laugh about it in the end”.

  10. Hmm, I don’t know what category my blog falls into. There’s definitely a heavy food theme, and a heavy music theme, but then there’s a whole lot of randomness. I like it though. I feel pretty free to do whatever. I’m sure reading it can be a bit confusing at times though.

    As for the blogs I read, it’s such a variety! I love recipe blogs, funny blogs (aka Eden’s Eats), human rights and news blogs, environmental blogs, and artsy blogs. The ones I read most regularly though are the blogs of people I’ve developed friendships with.

  11. your blog? the one I laugh out loud the most to.

    mine? seeing as my photos are often on a website that is actually called Food Porn Daily, I suppose that’s mine, since you didn’t list Cute Long Dog category. (I hope I’m not causing foodgasms, though. *shudder*). my most recent category is “Having Too Much Fun This Summer To Post”… oops. I’ll be back. In October.

  12. I have no idea what kind of blog I am these days. Food blog? Sort of. Definitely don’t want to be a mommy blogger. Train wreck? Sometimes. 🙂

    I love Deb’s muffins so very much, and I’m pretty sure I would love this version. I will blog about them when I make them. Get ready to tingle and drool.


  13. hmm definitely an exercise blog…but hopefully just a healthy living/normal person blog. definitely not a ‘i take pictures of everything i eat’ blog. my foods just not that interesting. i try to be a funny blog which is def what i’d categorize yours as! loveee it!

  14. Ha- this was funny. And so true. Well, not sure what kind of blog I am. Plus it’s changed quite a bit over time. I used to be something of a recipe/exercise blog. Then an occasional travel post, then very personal stuff about my Dad. Then random cat stuff that people either really love or really hate. I really have no idea what kind of blogger I am?!

    I think it’s funny that Heabs just loves to come over here so that she can leave a comment with the word “vagina” in it hahaha! Good ole Heabie!

  15. Oh. MY. Goodness! Those look like heaven on earth. Pretty much anything chocolate/peanut butter works for me.

    As for my blog – I’m definitely the “food” category as are the other blogs I read. Give me something delicious to look at and I’m happy 🙂

  16. What would you consider my blog to be? I don’t seem to fit in any of these categories so am I a train wreck my default?? That would totally suck.

  17. LOL – am I a train wreck? I don’t know which I am … I started out as more of “this is what I ate”, but now I post only some of what I eat, recipes, life, etc..

    I read mostly blogs that have to do with food, as well as a couple celebrity focused blogs and one or two personal (life) blogs of friends.

  18. I have some coconut flour burning a hole in my freezer so I think I will have to give this a try. Are you going gluten-free? All the cool kids are doing it.

  19. I guess I’m the old lady blog staying inside the lines. Guess that’s why I enjoy reading anything brave and different. I also find you young ladies very funny, thoughtful, passionate and sometimes crass/crude. All of the above is very entertaining. Good recipe 🙂

  20. I think I have my own category to add that I fall into- the “narcissistically undisciplined schizophrenic drivel” blog where I just type whatever falls into my head in the hopes that someone will join the “conversation” with me before I lose my mind and the thoughts take over my life 🙂

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