Father’s Day Special: Stuff My Dad Likes

My dad has been through a lot this year.

Are you kinda new to my blog? If  you are I hope you have no problem with profanity. Also, this past March, my dad was diagnosed with Gliobastoma Mutliforme (aka, very-terminal-shitty-ass-cancer) and had a 6 cm tumor removed from his left perennial lobe.  

He completed six weeks of chemo and radiation at the end of May and just had an MRI to see if there is any new growth. Fortunately, the scan didn’t show a new growth and the doctors were pleased. This does not mean he is cured by any means. In fact, this cancer has no cure. Most people die within a year, 2% live over two years.

But this was a great boost of confidence for him because the chemo and radiation was beyond brutal. Now, he will undergo a vaccine clinical trial and hopefully, will also help buy me some more time to be with him.

And in the spirit of Father’s Day, I thought I’d totally rip off  “Stuff White People Like” and present to you: Stuff My Dad Likes.

Truth be told, my dad is very picky and doesn’t “like” things so easily. Buying him gifts is impossible. But the wonderful thing about my dad is that he appreciates fine company and maybe a hug is enough for him.


So without further ado, stuff my dad likes:


This is how my dad and I used to spend “quality” time.  I guess he likes the idea of buying tires and fancy french cheeses at the same time. Being a Jew, the fact that it’s a bargain doesn’t hurt. Yes, he lives alone (my mom died when I was 13), and he’ll buy pounds of fresh fish and produce. And yes, it will go bad so in the end, he’s not so frugal after all. But above all, I think he like being a “member” and not just any member, he’s that “executive” member with that black card. This is totally meaningless to everyone else, but I guess it makes him feel superior.

That right dad, members only….

Old Movies

I’m not talking about movies like Pulp Fiction that are considered “old” by the tweens of today. I’m talking about movies that the tweens probably think came from the stone age. My dad has seen almost every movie made from the 1930’s-1960’s. And he wasn’t even born until 1949 (sorry dad, I gave away your age). He made me appreciate classic movies and I grew up watching Charlie Chaplin (who’s still sort of my idol behind Julia Child).

The Adventure of TinTin

Since my dad is Belgian, he thinks anything Belgian is cool (he passed that way of thinking down to me, kind of). And nothing pisses him off more than to hear about someone confuses Tin Tin’s origins being French (this also applies to people “french fries” and anything else Belgian that people think is French). Anyhow, he loves Tin Tin because it was very popular when he was a kid and most of all, Tin Tin lived my dad’s dream if traveling to all these different places. My dad loves traveling (again, passed that gene down to me) and even used to be a pilot. And on that note….


If it has wings and doesn’t have blood, my dad likes it (so yea, no birds, flying dinosaurs, dragons, or tinker bell). He got his bachelors in aeronautical engineering. He flew planes until I was born because it’s very dangerous to fly those little planes. The last thing he wanted was for my mom to get knocked up , stuck with a psycho kid  that I was, and deal with that kid alone. Anyhow, he used to tell me exactly how the plane was going to take off and land whenever we would fly together. He’s also one of those weird people who claps when the plane lands. He’s mainly clapping for the pilot and for the fact that I didn’t get air sick. This is one of the few moments in my life when I pretend I don’t know him.

There you have it.

I’m  pissed that my dad probably won’t be at my wedding. He probably won’t see my kin (if by some miracle my eggs find a sperm that belongs to a man who isn’t allergic to me and patience in me for anyone under 18). But I’m thankful to have him at this moment and that I’ve had him for as long as I did. I couldn’t ask for a better dad.

He raised me well I think. Although my profanity comes from my mom…so don’t blame him for that, fuckturds.

What did/does your dad like? I pray he at least claps when they airplane lands….


39 thoughts on “Father’s Day Special: Stuff My Dad Likes

  1. Okay, the last picture is just gorgeous — both of you! Made me all warm inside. Happy Father’s Day to your Papa!
    My dad likes Physics, Satellites, and Lasers…so, basically, stuff I know nothing about and have never understood.

  2. I would LOVE to be on a plane with your Dad and the clapping. I am an anxious flier and feel tremendous gratitude each time the wheels Eek Eek Eeeeek touch ground. I appreciate the applause. I may have to do this. (there was one flight I was on with turbulence so bad that trays of glasses were falling out of their shelves and breaking on the floor – we all clapped at the end of that one).

    I love the photos of you two – beautiful ❤ and did you take the photo of the Costco lady? so awesome.

    I wish your Dad a very happy Father's Day. Enjoy.

  3. My dad taught me how to love old movies as well. I’ve had a serious crush on Humphrey Bogart for years… too bad he’s been dead for quite some time…. oh well.

    Love this tribute to your dad!

  4. this makes me so happy to hear. I know its been a rough few months. Your dads strength amazes me. and now I know where you get it from.
    who doesn’t like costco?


  5. I adore this! I am so close with my dad too and I always relate to the posts where you talk about yours. I hope you two have a great day together and just have FUN! Watch old movies, eat bulk food from Costco – whatever!

    My dad loves Topsiders and polo shirts, sophomoric humor (a la The Hangover), classic rock, cleaning, and buying books he never reads. Ha!

  6. That last photo is beautiful (you are gorgeous!!) & it brought tears to my eyes. My dad loves college football, sci-fi (which must be where my younger sister & I get our love of it from as well as our geekiness), history & Credence Clearwater Revival. He’s also a whiz at math (I am not, so that must come from my mom’s side of the family), which I’ve always envied.

  7. Love that last picture.
    My dad is a fuckturd and I would clap if the plane landed nose-first, but I’m grateful for a few male influences that taught me not all men are evil fuckturds.

  8. The first reply I ever wrote was to you wishing you good luck and prayers before his surgery. Enjoy your Fathers day together. My husband passed away two years ago so Im raising four kids (11,13, 16,18 ) on my own. Today is a hard day.

    • I really wish you all the strength in the world. I can’t imagine how hard it is for you but I’m sure my dad would be willing to share because our mothers day tend to be kind of “meh”.

  9. Oh this just leaves me all bleary eyed! I LOVE that last picture (and isn’t that Marilyn in the background? I love all things Marilyn, always have. She is one of my faves!)

    I am with him on the old movies – “The Man Who Came to Dinner” is one of my favorite movies – starring Betty Davis, another fave of mine. I don’t even watch current stuff. OK, except for Madea, she’s a trip! I would love to have a Costco membership – but my nearest one is 2.5 hours away :(. But I am with him on loving it.

    My Dad loves planes too. He has his pilot’s license and has a small Piper that he never flies. He likes boats, fishing, and all sports – especially college football (SEC). He also loves gadgets – I sent him a doughnut cutter that he mentioned he wanted yet could not find. He is the type who buys what he wants and is very hard to buy fore. So when he said he wanted one – well, I took off to Amazon and found one. I almost got him a donut pan – but I will save that for me since I am my father’s child and get what I want. 😉

    I am SO thankful the MRI showed no new growth – I know that is a great relief after all that hellacious treatment. I am praying the vaccine will give him more good news.

    Have a great day with your Dad – go to Costco for that quality time 🙂

  10. love the last photo! beautiful! stuff my dad likes: peppermint anything, salt water taffy, golf, HO scale model trains, sugary cereals esp lucky charms, cheap whiskey, watching tv, star wars, classic rock, flannel shirts. after reading this, my dad could be part hipster.

  11. My profanity comes from my dad too, though mine doesn’t clap when the plane lands 🙂 He does however, help me clean up Jamba Juice puke off of myself when I pass out on airplanes, I suppose that has to count for something. That last picture of the two of you is awesome!

    My dad likes: mountain biking, tele skiing, swearing, giving me a hard time, and wearing tie dye (and everything else that goes along with rockin’ tie dye – the Grateful Dead, etc)

  12. What a great post!! I’m living with my dad now for the first time since I was 12 years old. I’m actually learning a lot about him. Like, the reason why he is always late is because he drives really slow. He eats hummus and pita bread every morning for breakfast, then two peanut butter sandwiches for lunch. He watches Desperate Housewives. And knows waaaaay more about the physics of golf than any normal human being should.

  13. happy fathers day eden’s dad! amazing post really emotional. you foe me my dad is my best freind along with my mum. they may be bonkers but i can tell thm anything especially since being in recovery i have seen them in a whole new light. thank you for choosing to share. am so gonna start clapping the pilot!

  14. All great pictures 🙂 and pass on a very Happy Father’s Day to Loulou – love the trio of references: Casablanca, tintin & plane references – big smiles. Your Dad’s comments remind me of my early days of flying with Deb, I used to do exactly the same “here’s why it’s ok” reassurances particularly whenever we hit turbulence – didn’t help for the first few years, but now Deb will happily help someone else get over their fears without any technical explanation – “just imagine you’re riding a mountain bike over some bumps…..:” oh, & we all just watched Casablanca just a week ago, probably the best movie ever made.

    • Love seeing you comment!

      I know, I’m gonna start applauding now when I land no matter how many stink eyes towards me I get. To my defense, my flights are generally over eight hours, I fly in coach, I’m probably hungry so I’m just grouchy and not in the mood to clap for anything but a bed. I sweat though, this one time, my dad and I flew to seattle on frontier airlines and my dad clapped and the flight attendant sat not far from him told him to “keep it down”. She probably had an oxygen mask inside her ass.

  15. I was actually thinking about you today and praying that you and your Dad were hanging out and laughing a lot.

    It is so beautiful you are celebrating each moment even though, yes it sucks and you should be pissed. Let’s honor that.
    By the way, I love that last photo. It is touhing and also there is a picture of Marilyn behind you and you look like a freaking divine glamazon movie star.
    Better than a movie star, actually.

  16. Got all teary! Sheesh what a softie! I love that you are embracing each and every day with your Dad as precious. It is, of course, precious.

    I got my love for profanity from my Dad mainly, but my mom was a healthy contributor (funny with a Swedish accent). I remember in the early days of aviation (I think Orville & Wilbur were there), we ALL clapped for GOOD landings. Now, good landings are so common, people just take it for granted. Kinda sad. I vote for applauding good landings.

    My Dad was really cool. I’m so sorry you didn’t get to meet him b/c he would have adored you. He would have loved the fact that you are a great writer and a humorist among many other things.

    He loved food and drink (gee, there’s a shocker) and going to fabulous restaurants (more shock), reading, traveling, Coldplay and the symphony, cute chicks, dirty humor. He loved animals and hiking and watching sports. He loved his family. I miss him, especially today.

    • I guess, I should clap for landings too….but to be honest, sometimes they are terrible landings and I’m like “dude, you suck. I’m glad I’m alive, but could you make it a little smoother next time and go easy on the breaks when you’re on land?”.

      And I would have loved your dad. Especially cause he likes cute chicks! Even though I’m anything but cute, or a chick for that matter! I would have loved to meet your mom as well. And to hear her curse. My mom was so funny when she cursed cause she had an accent as well. She’d be all, “Ahhh Sheeeeet!”.

      • My mom’s fave was “Shitfuckfart” (all one word). Hee. Your new header reminded me that my dad also loved CHESS! (your new blog is exciting- can’t wait for the final version. )

        PS Derek says that were on the exact same funicular in Lisbon last october that is scrolling on your header! Spooky!

  17. your dad sounds like such an amazing man 🙂 i love seeing such a close relationship like this 🙂


    P.S. My dad also loves costco! 😉

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