Melon Skewers and Comment Hall of Fame of the Week

Last week, I declared that I’ll post my favorite comments every week or so since I’m truly blessed to rein in such fascinating and hilarious comments. I think most of you are better off not even reading my posts and just looking at the funny dialogue going on in the comment section.

Anyhow, here are today’s comment hall of fame of the week

On The Newbie Chronicles:

My two cents:

1. Don’t blog about work unless you’re ok with losing your job.
2. If you write something less than flattering about someone, that person WILL find it. I don’t know how. Unseen cosmic forces.
3. If you are particularly proud of a post, no one will comment on it. No, it’s not fair, but that’s generally how it works.


On Flashback Friday: Tech Edition

Know whats better than 69? 88- its a double 69 ; )


On Comparison Shopping:

I am blown away by this post! Why doesn’t someone give you a book deal? No really.. this was amazing and I am so glad I get to call you my friend.

On a less serious note.. the bit about the fact that you are a mini horse made me choke on a grape. Thanks a lot.

I compare myself to myself. I used to compare myself to others and realized that was stupid. Now I compare myself to my past self. If I am trying to lose weight, I will look at photos from when I was the most banging. If I am hung up on something about my professional life, I look back to the times I was sitting in a jail cell and realize how far I have come. I have been in so many places that comparing myself to my past selves is more than enough–no need to compare myself to other people.


EDEN’S NOTE: I don’t have a book deal because I’m not dispensing weight loss tips and I’m not Betty White, or Dr.Phil….


On Why Bloggers Love Lists and “Safe” Shortbread Cookies 

I totally LOLZd myself silly when I read your tweet about it being legal to talk on a banana while driving in view of a cop. Is there a law against being crazy in California? You just want to date a cop, don’t you?


(EDEN’S NOTE: no cop is gonna stop me from talking on my banana phone! If your phone has carbs, it makes it legal.)

On Committing Carbocide

Dr Atkins isn’t alive anymore. so there’s that.

I am having RICE with my breakfast right now. There’s fruit on it too.


Have you had any fun comments this week? Want to take a shot at making it into the hall of fame next week by leaving a random comment today? No pressure.

And for the food portion of the program, I had my last class with the cooking class kids I teach at the local elementary school before they go on summer break. They’re too young for Jewish sex camp and getting mall jobs but I still left them with a fun summer recipe.

  • Watermelon or cantaloupe  (cut into cubes)
  • Mint leaves
  • fresh mozzarella balls
  • thin slices of prosciutto

Simply skewer those puppies up.



And incase you missed it, I wrote a guest post about that weird white guy in your class that says words like “swagga”. And about how you can yell at them.


7 thoughts on “Melon Skewers and Comment Hall of Fame of the Week

  1. lately, i’ve been committing melon-icide
    if you don’t get another comment from me soon, you know i went all kamikaze on my cantaloupes.

  2. Did Deb say LOLzd? I am going to have to subscribe to your comments so I can regulate that woman. And Deb, i know you are reading this.

    Keep the comment posts coming regularly. I like them lots.


  3. No bitch slapping today except. However, apparently I need to be moderated :-/ I’m not LOLZing about that haha yes I am. Not only do I need to be moderated, but I should probably be babysat as well.

    WHat were we talking about? I can’t remember . I’m in Palm Springs and I miss you and Janetha. Plus Ellie hasn’t eaten an inanimate object all day and the native is getting restless.

    I did show your shredded shoelace to Steven and Arizbe, whose collective jaws dropped onto the countertop.

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