Flashback Friday: Tech Edition

This is a special flashback friday.

I’m not gonna show you a picture of myself at 9 months old, throwing up on my older sister’s face.

For the record, that photo does exist.

Today, it’s all about tech. 

It  has changed dramatically over the past week. Gadgets I used as a kid and a teenager are dinosaurs by now. I thought it would be cool to examine some of these artifacts



For a while, beepers were actually popular among people other than drug dealers and doctors. This was a time where mobile phones were “obese”, chunky, clunky things. Pagers and beepers could fit into your pocket, clutch, or cleavage.
And lets not forget  they stimulated us creatively with “beeper codes”  ( the predecessors of today’s text message). For example: 

  • 911 meant an emergency (yes, really)
  • 143 representing the number of letters in each word of “I love you.” (I know, I’m gagging too)
  • the upside-down number-to-letter comparisons, 07734 as hello.

And lets face it, nothing is cooler than something beeping, notifying you that you are needed so you have to go hunt for change and a pay phone.


Fax Machines

Fax machines seemed so cool to me because I predicted it would kill the United States Postal Service.

I’m a bad psychic.

I hate fax machines these days. Someone recently was shocked I didnt have one. The dial-up, the paper jams, the wierd noise, the fact that it rhymes with cracks….ugh…..Cant we all just stop admiting these things exist? The world will be a better place. I promise.



When this became popular, I thought it was the phone company trying to be kinky. But it turned out to be fun to see who was calling. Although this totally killed the joys of prank calling (which I did tirelessly in my real-sounding foreign accents). And it was kind of hilarious when you actually called someone back and they would be all, “did you star sixty nine me????”

“yes ma’am, I stared and sixty-nineted you”.

Portable music was so cool back in the day. I mean carrying around a boombox was so “Say Anything”.  There was Sony’s Walkman which was the popular music carrier of choice. And now,  you have to admit it’s a lot harder to play a mix tape on an iPod. I’m totally going to a sketchy neighborhood with my white ipod headphones and when someone is going to try to mug me being all,

“Give me your ipod!!! Bitch!”

I’ll pull out my sony walkman and say,

“Oh, you mean this old thing!”.

Yea, that should ensure no more mugging.



Can you imagine blogging when we had film? If we wanted to snap a shot of oatmeal or whatever, we’d have to load our film, schlep it to the store to get it developed, scan it, and THEN post it on our giant computers. I dont miss film. I used to get a disposable camera when I went to camp when I was eight. I only had 28 pictures! I couldn’t just waste any so I had to look perfect in every one! I’m so thankful for digital camera. And for Photoshop


Email Accounts you Have to Pay For (like AOL)

one word.



29 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: Tech Edition

  1. I miss my Walkman. Random aside, when my husband bought himself a new MP3 player last year, he picked up a Sony one, and it wasn’t till after he got home that he noticed it’s a Walkman MP3 player. He chuckled because as a kid, he always had the generic-brand walkmans & this was the 1st “brand-name” actual Walkman he’d ever owned. We’re old so we thought it was funny.

  2. I miss my old walkman…I remember when I got it I thought I was such hot shit, and took it everywhere!
    Then I got one that was a CD player and THAT was probably the best thing ever…ahhh the good old days!

  3. Love all of these. Bought me right back to High School.
    I was not cool enough to have a pager though.
    The sucky thing about having a pager is that your mom could always page you — kind of makes me feel bad for kids with cell phones these days.
    At least if you didn’t call your mom after she paged you you had excuse (There was no payphone!)
    I am also grateful I went to High School before the advent of Facebook. I can’t even imagine. Nor could I imagine having a blog in High School. Holy Horror.

  4. ugh, I had a job Just A Few Years Ago where they issued me not only a cell phone, but a pager. my first pager! it was because the system was so old (the people using the system, maybe…?) and it worked.

    what I learned the hard way is that when an (OLD) pager needs new batteries, it just beeps at you in warning, and somehow you are supposed to know it’s the battery… NOT your boss paging at 3am. whom you promptly call back, because you think there is an emergency.

    stupid pager.

  5. I honestly think that you are a 40 yr old stuck in a 20 yr old body? Really, you remember these things? I don’t get it. But I LOLd as per usual and snarfed and giggled with recognition.

    I can better you one though: An Eight Track Player. I won it by selling a butt-load of magazines to unsuspecting neighbors and family. And I loved that thing. I think I played Heart on it. And possibly ELO. Dear lord I’m old.

    And the HELLO trick was all the rage with those new fangled things we had called CALCULATORS. And then there was Shell Oil. Good times. Who needed Facebook?

    • Bwah haha! I remember 8 tracks! My sisters had ELO, the Eagles, Steve Miller Band, Fleetwood Mac, and Heart along with tons others – I still love them all. It was so wonderful when cassette tapes came out! (yeah, I’m old too!) Of course, I buy them now on iTunes now, digitally remastered!

      I remember when VCR’s came out and it was the battle of VHS vs Beta. Obviously VHS won.

      We had rotary dial phones (google it for those not familiar) and we celebrated when we got push button phones.

      I actually still have a Walkman – the tape and CD version!

      Those were the good days when we thought CB radios were coolest form of communication! (Convoy anyone?)

      • Remember dialing- that would take FOR EVER with a rotary phone and messing up on the last (7th or even, gasp, 10th) number and then having to start ALLLLLLLLLL over again!? I dropped a few f-bombs even though I was in elementary school! hahaha

      • thanks so my curse-happy mom, I new how to curse since I was a toddler. But my grandma had a rotary phone until like ten years ago when my dad was so frustrated he just got her a cordless. She thought the cordless was a cell phone and took it to the grocery store.

  6. I remember BEGGING my parents for a Walkman. I was SO thrilled to find it under the tree on Christmas morning..like..8 years ago. Oh how times have changed!!

  7. I keep my cell on me when I’m in with patients in my pocket in case I get a text message from an assistant for something…most of my clients are really old (blah) so they don’t hear the little “beep/ring thing” that goes off for a second to say I got a message. But when they do they look ALL around and get all confused….most of the time I don’t say anything and let them pretend they’re hearing things…;) – but when I’m NOT feeling cruel – I just say it’s my “pager” – feels so old-school!

  8. Wow, 90s nostalgia! I remember paging my mom. And when Caller IDs were new and amazing. I’m going to start YouTubing “Are You Afraid of the Dark” now.

  9. I was just talking about this stuff with my mom the other day. My dad had a car phone when I was a kid (before cell phones) and I thought it was SO cool. Now it’s illegal here to talk on the phone while driving. Oh, and remember the big floppy disks? Not the palm-sized ones, but the head-sized ones? It’s what we kept our games on to play on the Commodore 64 with a joystick 😉

  10. Ugh, the picture of the pager gives me PTSD. I had to wear that damn thing for 4 years and to this day I have a wicked startle response when I hear a certain noise that reminds me of that freakin’ nightmare.

    Thanks for soothing me with the Office Space picture.

    I remember being in 8th grade when I finally got my boom box with a cd player. Fancy stuff! And I found my old graphing calculator today while packing up my house. It’s enormous!

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