Blogging “Tips” I’ve Kept in the Drawer

If there is anything bloggers like to do other than write about themselves, its dispensing blogging tips.

It makes you super cool. Trust me.

When I started blogging way back in college, with my old blog, I has zero viewers for the longest time. Same goes for Eden’s Eats. Anyhow, I’ve read tons of blogs dispensing their blogging tips. And you know what? I’m not going to do that.

This is me about a year and a half ago. No, that is not my cat. Yes, those are my boobs.

Cause with my advice, you will loose readers. Trust me.

Instead, I’ll tell you which tips I’ve been told but HAVEN”T used, probably to my detriment.

Tip #1: Go On a Comment Spree!

I dont blog for money, I just dont have time for that. Plus, I’m not one to say, “Nice apple” or “I agree”… I try to put thought into a comment and I like to actually READ the blogs I’m commenting on as opposed to just skimming. I know, so old school I am.


Tip #2: Choose Topics That People Care About

I think I’d love to show people how to do yoga since the whole world is obsessed with it. But its hard via computer screen. And call me old fashioned but the reason I like yoga is that it disconnects me from the facebook/twitter/blogoshpere chaos. Anyhow, I dont give weight loss tips, or write about food form for weight lift. I choose topics like how I’m considering a career as an escort or I write open letters to people like Lady Gaga.

And no one but me and a few of my corrupted friends care about that. Except for maybe Lady Gaga


Tip #3:   Write for the Search Engine.

Also known as  SEO optimization.  Its just nerd-talk for using keywords that are very popular in Google or whatnot. If you are a very popular blog, I’m betting money you do some of that  Wann know what I’m talking about? I’ll write the following paragraph in a highly SEO-optimized fashion so you can understand.  Google optimization is like Britney Spears hot sex Sarah Palin California economy bailout moist Charlie Sheen breast pump.

This article will now shoot to the top of Google.
Tip #4: Be Suscriber Whore

When someone told me about “RSS” , “Feed Burner” and Google Reader I was all, “Really?  What nerd is doing this?

Aparently, everyone, but me.

I don’t use my reader and I dont tell people to put me on their so they can enter a giveaway or whatever. The only thing I think you should subscribe to is Real Simple magazine, The New York, and OK magazine (UK edition, thats the REALLY juicy stuff!).


Tip #5: Above All, LOVE IT!

Sometimes, I hate my blog. Ugh!  Its so ugly and I dont know how to switch to my host site (I bought one, like last year!), and sometimes I’m just creativly constipated! Sometimes, I feel the same way about my blog as I do about my body. I don’t LOVE IT, but I’m thankful I have it and  dont without out it (could you imagine me without a body? I’d be like casper! I bet being a ghost blows).

So, if you’re starting a blog and people give you tips like the ones I’ve just presented and do what I did, your blog will probably fail miserably.

But that ok, because at least I’ll probably love it. As would Lady Gaga.




40 thoughts on “Blogging “Tips” I’ve Kept in the Drawer

  1. I agree that commenting is important, but I think what you say is SO much more important. I like to make someone smile, spit out their oats or as skeevy as it sounds, know that we have a personal connection.

    Do you feel the vibe I’m putting out, Eden?

  2. Nice apples in the first pic ; )

    I read “blogger’s tips” and sadly I don’t follow any of them. I am a bit of a selfish blogger who just writes what I want to each day. It may be boring, too short, or not personal enough at times, but blogging is my “free zone”. I tend to worry about pleasing other people too much so I try to make my blog 100% to please me.

    This is just what works for me, but I’m really impressed with the writing skillz (you like that?) and wit of bloggers like you who clearly have an established voice and audience. Hence why I comment every ding dong day – I actually read your posts! The nerve!

  3. I must admit I LOVE my google reader, haha. And commenting is important, buttttt leaving a comment like ‘nice breakfast’ only helps so much 😉

  4. giiirl, I SO agree on the comment thing. there’s nothing worse than someone commenting something completely random and getting the facts of your post completely wrong… awkwaard.

  5. i don’t use google reader, i don’t know what rss is (really), i don’t use key search words, i like to leave (hopefully) meaningful comments, and i just write about what i care about, not what i think other people want to see!

  6. As Ellie is on my tummy, I’m making her bounce around laughing at this post. Wee, more fun than a ride at Disneyland!

    I was really quite astonished at your boobs! Go Eden! The upside to getting over your ED (other than general health, and not dying, is oviously BOOBS!!)

    Yah, I’ve read all of those tips before and of course they do help but only if you actually give a crap. The most important one is that you love it and do it for yourself. If you are paid and make sweet bank from your blog, then it’s your job and you better SEO your ass all over the place, be a comment whore and say Nice Apple all over the damn sphere (however, you would be better off saying things that are actually interesting- thus driving traffic to your blog).

    You have a following because you are unique and snarky- in a good way. And Morgan Spurlock is a fan. Woot.

  7. Eden! That letter made my morning. Thanks for linking back to it — which is ironically another popular “blogging tip.” Basically link back to yourself as much as possible for the sole purpose of generating “click throughs.”
    In this case? I love it.
    What is annoying is when it is a bit pointless…”The same as Tuesday’s Oatmeal which you can {see here} if you missed it. Except this time I added peanut butter. I’ve mentioned my love for peanut butter {here} and also {in this post}. Tuesday’s Oatmeal was also the day I discovered {this shirt} in my closet which I wore (you may recall) to the gym on both Wednesday {click here} AND Thursday {click here}.
    PS – I hate the comment spree thing, too.
    I actually like that new “Like” option that wordpress has.

  8. Eden thats exactly how I feel about comments too!! I seriously feel better not commenting at all that always saying one liners like ‘cool’… although sometimes I do just say Happy Groundhog Day or whatever lol! I remember when I first started blogging I had so much time and energy that I spend hours a day just writing long thought out comments…mainly because the posts were so inspiring and filled with yummy foods that I couldn’t help but write a mini novel in their comment box. Although I rarely comment nowadays I definitely feel driven on certain posts especially if I know I can offer valuable feedback or support or i guess an opinion… at the same time I sometimes like when people say random words like ‘LOVE CHEESE TOO!’ haha.. they make me laugh, and because my posts are extremely lacking in words… maybe those types of one liners work!?!

    I don’t use my reader or RSS subscriptions either. again… i used to, but now it’s too robotic for me. I go for the ‘surprise me’ approach.. and will either be drawn in my the post title or let God sort of guide me lol. I use Bloglovin’ right now and I like it because it gives me a picture preview and when I scroll through, certain posts will pop out (LIKE THIS ONE) and I will click on it. I also have this weird thing where I will randomly think of a blogger throughout the day and rush to my computer to check out their blog and see what’s new… in a way makes me feel like i am letting them know i am thinking of them ❤

    You always have the best advice- it is always down to earth with the best touches of wittiness that is so unique and original. I feel like you always read my mind and say exactly what i want to say but have too many brakes on to actually say it 🙂

    XOXO ❤

  9. As I’ve said before, comments are one of my favorite things about blogs. I constantly see the same stagnant comments like “Yum!” or “I’m drooling on my keyboard”. Really? It makes me wanna take a sledgehammer to my keyboard! I realize there are only so many adjectives and phrases to use but it seems every one is s carbon copy. Or maybe I’m just having a crappy day…
    Anyhow, we’d love for you to teach us yoga – so get to vlogging

  10. Geez, I was trying to correct autocorrect and accidentally hit publish!

    But I was saying that a vlog would be great. You and Deb could do some – you teaching yoga and her demonstrating the art of moist muffins and creamy smoothies (I had to). Of course it would incite insane jealousy in all of us but at the same time, we’d learn yoga and muffin mastery, so it would even out 🙂

    Anyhow I love the comments as usual and was so excited to see on Twitter that MorganSpurlock reads your blog. Maybe he will comment soon.

  11. I love my Google Reader because you can keep Craigslist searches, etc. on there. I also think it’s great for keeping the numerous literary blogs that I follow. I may just add Real Simple now too! How fabulously easy is that magazine??

  12. I don’t even know how to use SEO…It’s a big thing everyone should know though. It’s ALL about SEO in my field of work too. Thank god I’m not in charge of that, I just produce content.

    I’m commenting less and less these days. I’m beginning to realize that commenting takes up too much of my time, time which I could use to read or enjoy a film.

    P.S. Le Miz concert 2010: the BOMB!!!

  13. i read on someones blog today that people on twitter were angry at foodbuzz because they don’t get paid for a second ad…i’m like whats the first ad…sometimes i just can’t understand the blogging for money thing because i think there are like a BAGILLION people outside of the blog world who are like “whats a blog…”

  14. Yep, you are officially my new favorite blogger. This made me laugh out loud a few times.

    Best advice ever? Possibly. Funnily enough my JOB is SEO. (But that’s for business websites, not blogs.) I’m sure that awesome SEO magic sentence in your post will bring you many interesting visitors. 😉

  15. I love how you are so honest and uncensored on your blog and don’t really give a rip about how many readers you have or how many visits you’ve gotten in a day. I’m trying to be more like that instead of worrying about what other people think of me. I need to me, just me and blog from my heart, not for comments or anything. Thanks for reminding me of that.

    Ok, so I just read your letter to Lady Gaga. You are VERY uncensored…lol!

  16. Well, I write a blog about my time here in Spain, but my most popular search term? SIESTA. Long live la siesta, amirite??

  17. Blogging tips, hmmm, I do not really have it because I just do my own thing. I try to follow the rules, but hey rules are meant to be broken right??

    I agree about making a connection. I try to comment on people that support my blog, because it means a lot that they take the time to leave a comment. I can usually tell if the person means something or not.

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