Split Pea Avocado Dip and Flashback Friday: Sucks To Be Skinny

For this flahsback friday, I decided to really flashback.

Flashback to when my mind and body as malnourished and depleted. I was nowhere near as spunky and snarky as I am today. I was timid and shy; a hollow person.

I often wonder why I was so obsessed with remaining thin. On the surface, I didn’t really care all that much about it. But I did. Deep down, I totally did. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been so obsessed with exercise and eating in very peculiar ways. It wasn’t because I thought being thin would make me prettier (quiet the opposite), but it was just that I had always been the “small one” and I was afraid of change.

But let me tell you, being really skinny totally sucks. Ever since my dad started chemotherapy, he lost about 30 lbs. He’s emaciated, depleted, gaunt, and truly reminding me how happy I am to have an appetite. We watched a weight watcher commercial the other day, and he grunted. Ha, being thin suck.

I hear ya, dad.

If you are one of those freaks of nature that can inhale five apple pies and loose weight then I kinda hate you and I suppose this doesn’t really pertain to you.

Why does it suck?

The Menu is a Snooze fest: hmm….veggies, veggies, some protein, some protein powder, veggies, veggies, gum, veggie, gum….riveting I tell ya.

Your Bra Fits Better Backwards: nothing wrong with natural misquito bites, but when you eat air, expect this.

You Have to Move, A Lot: You have to walk everywhere, or go to a gym, or pace or fidget. And frankly, just writing all those things down is exhausting.

You Can’t Eat All the Food Porn You See Online: Or you can attempt to make gorgeous food for your blog or whatever only to give it all to your spouse, children, dog, pony, local shelter, unicorn or whatever other creatures you’ve got breeding in your backyard.

You Have To Wear Padded Underwear: Because nothing is more uncomfortable than your sit bones digging in to the chair.

You Fall Through Cracks In The Floor: self explanatory.

You Have To Shop At Limited Too: That place still exists, right? I wouldn’t know, I’m not that skinny anymore.

You Can’t Blame Aunt Flow: Well, maybe you can, but no one will believe you.

Ensure Looks Delicious: Although lifesaver, no one should find these delicious.

So lets hear it, why does being thin suck?

11/3 cups dried split peas, rinsed and drained
3/4 tsp  salt
1/2 tsp  pepper
5 cups water, (approx)
1/2 cup  Greek yogurt
1 whole avodacdo

In big saucepan, combine split peas, sal, and pepper. Pour in enough of the water to cover peas by 1 inch (2.5 cm); bring to boil. Reduce heat to medium-low and simmer, uncovered, stirring occasionally and adding more water, a little at a time, if it gets too thick before peas are softened, about 1 hour.Let cool. Mash with potato masher or place in a blender with the remaining ingredients.


32 thoughts on “Split Pea Avocado Dip and Flashback Friday: Sucks To Be Skinny

  1. What your Dad is going through right now really sums up the craziness of our thinness obsessed society. As does your list of all the problems associated with under-eating and underweight. Doesn’t sound like much fun in that format, that’s for sure! I think if you’re focusing on eating and weight all day, it’s also hard to focus on other things. There’s a big world out there, but it’s hard to see when calories are at the forefront!

  2. This paragraph says a ton (pun not intended)…great!

    “I often wonder why I was so obsessed with remaining thin. On the surface, I didn’t really care all that much about it. But I did. Deep down, I totally did. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been so obsessed with exercise and eating in very peculiar ways. It wasn’t because I thought being thin would make me prettier (quiet the opposite), but it was just that I had always been the “small one” and I was afraid of change.”

    Trying to live up to that persona is miserable and often realistic. Plus no one really cares anyway. Most people are too worried about themselves…and the ones who “judge” you aren’t worth being around.

  3. I saw my Mom go thru it and she got so so thin. I remember her looking at me and saying ” Being skinny is not all it’s cracked up to be”. It made ms think (but of course ED still tells me that it is).
    But along with everything else you get brittle bones, dry hair and skin, and even though your goal is for people to praise your thinness and discipline, they really just talk about how bad you look.

    • yes, so true. It was never about trying to be “pretty”for me. Most people I know with eating disorders dont care about vanity at all. I suppose thats why it doesn’t bother them they look like they do.

  4. Flat asses look Crazy.
    You lose your fat and muscle but the skin is still there and gets saggy.
    That sucks.
    I am glad to have graduated past elephant skin butt.

  5. OMG 30 pounds? In such a short time? Terrible! Poor thing.

    I wouldn’t know what it’s like to be skinny although about 5 yrs ago I was as ‘normal’ as I could ever be and everyone said I was skinny. Trust me, I didn’t have to shop anywhere teenybopperish and there was enough cellulite to scare small children. While I’m always hoping to lose just a little bit more weight, when it’s forced upon you via illness, then it’s no longer ‘fun’ and I when it gets to the point of anorexia, then it is an illness. I will never know what that is like, but I do feel for people who have dealt with it or who deal with it now.

    Hugs to you and to Loulou.

  6. I just wanted to wish you some support about your Dad, it must be incredibly hard to have him so sick.

    And your post made me laugh- I thought of the Family Guy with Kate moss where she keeps disappearing, and at one point she says “whoooops… slipped through a crack” or another its “swift breeze!” and she flies out the window. Its pretty funny, but I love Family guys in general…

  7. hahahahahaha “you have to shop at the limited too” hahahahaha i just died a little inside

    also if we’re both preggers then we should have a joint baby shower! but only if we invite patty stanger and andy cohen

    • always will be an ice cream eater. I will be buried at the Ben and Jerry’s retired flavor graveyard (which they totally have outside the factory, btw!)

  8. I’m sorry your dad is having to go through this by the way. I think about you guys often. As for being skinny – I never liked being skinny because people seemed to think I wasn’t strong. That I was a little bitty weakling. It doesn’t help that I’m short so I just always looked frail. Hence the weight lifting! I’ll show you frail 😉

    • I think it goes beyond being strong physically. When I was too thin, I think I was emotionally weak too. A pushover, of sorts! I’m not as “strong”on the outside, a little, but not ripped. But way stronger on the inside.

  9. Weird how I always wanted to be thin, but stick thin girls were never really beautiful to me.
    Being thin sucks because when passing the security on the airport, with your belt off, you can’t walk a few steps without having your pants fall down. Also, no sex drive isn’t fun either.

  10. The truth is thin does not equal hot! But you are both in my eyes. Although I think “thin” is a subjective term.

    I want to come to yours and Julie’s “baby shower”! I’ll eat a huge bowl of broccoli before-hand so we can all be expecting.

  11. It’s kind of astonishing to me that in other countries people are starving and our society encourages being starving or dieting or throwing food away. Craziness. I sometimes wonder what the people in the developing/third world would do or say if they saw many Americans’ daily habits.

  12. Being thin sucks because people talk about your body as if you couldn’t find it insulting, when “You’re too skinny,” hurts just as much as hearing “You’re too fat” in my books. It sucks because your sex drive is non-existent. It sucks because guys hardly look at you anyways. It sucks because you get drunk way too easily. It sucks because you don’t even want to get any more. It sucks because havin a little booty makes you feel like hot shit.

    Love you Eden, keep making me smile.

  13. Very good point. Being thin is so hyped by society that people have a hard time grasping that thinner and thinner is not indeed better and better. The whole perception of thinness thing with eating disorders is really interesting. There have been lots of times when I would look at someone and think “wow I wish I had her body,” *knowing* she had to weigh dozens of pounds more than me, yet the thought of adding an ounce to my own body scared the shit out of me. It’s an odd place to be, mentally.

    A few cons to underweight status I’d add are a nonexistent immune system, brittle/falling out hair, dry flakey skin, bruises from the slights bumps on your damn pointy outy bones…glamorous, huh?

    It must be hard to see your dad changing like that, but I’m sure he’s so grateful to have a daughter like you by his side through the whole thing.

  14. Eden, this is such a fabulous post. Thank you so much for sharing it. I was anorexic several years ago and the worst part for me was just walking into something would leave my hip or shin bone bruised and sore for WEEKS. Sitting down on the floor or even on an uncushioned chair was super painful. And being hungry ALL THE TIME? Not for me.

  15. from my too-skinny days: taking a bath sucked. my back bones would ache to lie on against the tile tub.

    my lack of sex drive sucked. retarded LA guys would flirt the heck out of me (they loooove them some skinny chicks), and I could not have cared less.

    hearing other people whisper as soon as you passed by sucked. I would sometimes turn a corner, then stop to eavesdrop. They weren’t very kind.

  16. Like you I never was thin because it made me prettier but I had never been a small girl. And in the midst of my eating disorder one of my coworkers told me I was super tiny and it thrilled me. I just wanted to be super tiny because I hate taking of space.

    I hated being cold all the damn time like wearing jeans and a cardigan in the summer because the AC would freeze me to death.

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