Some days, I have nothing insightful to write.

No clever quips about how to be a super star health blogger.

No sarcastic takes on copyrighting recipes.

No cynical responses to online daters.

None of that.

All I have are some spam comments I’ve received lately in my spam box. I’d like to share them since they never appear in the comment section of the original post. Plus, I think “Mr. “Win an ipad” needs to have his voice heard. I also took the liberty to reply to them. You know, cause I really care about my spammers.

Post Commented On:  Step by Step to Being a Bloggin Superstar and Lou Lou’s Tortellini

Comment Author: christian louboutin shoes

Comment: Though I don\’t agree with you in details, your post is insightful!

Eden’s Response:

Dude, you wanna give me a free pair of heels or what?

Post Commented On:Balsamic Reduction Lamb and New Careers To Consider

Comment Author: how to get the free ipad 2

Comment: GREAT REVIEW! I agree with all your thoughts you said in your article, especially at the middle of your article. Thank you, your post is very valuable as always. Keep up the good work! You’ve got +1 more reader of your great blog:) Isabella S

Eden’s Response:


GREAT COMMENT! I agree with all your insights you stated in your commentary, especially that bit three-quarters of the way through! Thanks so much, your comment is very valuable, as usual! Keep up the fantastic work! (que the creepy emoticon) %)

Post Commented On: The “Share Your Story” Tab

Comment Author: Paul Rally

Comment: I was looking for this kind of review for about 1 hour.. i’m glad i found it. Great piece of work, continue it. Best Regards.

Eden’s Response:

A whole hour?! I’m not worth that kind of time. No blog is. But I assure you, I AM a piece of work.

Post Commented On: Hourly Breakdown of my Single Life

Comment Author: MaleEnhancerTXR

Comment: I know how hard such troubles are. But this device can enlarge your penis by up to 30%!

Eden’s Response:

No thanks, any bigger and my penis my not fit in my underwear.

Any Spamcapades you would like to share?


14 thoughts on “Spamgasm

  1. I died at “any bigger and my penis might not fit in my underwear.” I also gagged a little bit.

    I need to share my spam at some point. It’s pink and it’s oval. Gag.

  2. Oh I have 2 good ones for you:
    An article on “6 ways to get ride of a yeast infection fast” linked back to my post on Cilantro-Lime Shrimp, not sure how shrimp is going to fix your problems down there??
    Ellen wrote, “It was dark when I woke ^^ This is a ray of snushine.” Glad the snu is shining where you are honey.

  3. Shock: you and I are of one brain. I was going to do a post about my spam- they are always written by someone who has English as their non-primary language and I just LAUGH at how nonsensical they are! Sadly I rarely get spam, and I forgot to copy the ones I had, so I guess that post died. What I have done actually, is replied to them (snarky a la Eden, above) within the comments section, so they are essentially buried in my blog. Ah well.

    I love where you say that you love what they wrote in that little bit about 3/4 down- LOLZZZZZ hee!

    While I don’t want to get 1000+ like a blogger yesterday said she got in ONE day, I do want more of it b/c it’s entertaining!

    • Lolzzzzzz. I think you need to find those responses and post them. I get like four a month which is tame.

      Well, most spammers write better than me so I’m not gonna bash them on that.

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