Reinventing The Water: When Bloggers Want a Patent for Their Recipe

Ladies and gentleman, welcome to Eden’s Eats

I, Eden, am the original inventor of water.

That’s right.

Every time you other bloggers/readers mention, tweet, or use water, you must link back to me and praise me for my genius contribution to society.

He better give me credit for that water

Lets put my sarcasm aside for a moment. How much does the above statement bug you? It sure bugs me when I read blogger proclaim they are the esteemed inventors of a grilled chicken salad or some miracle chia seed creation.

Its one thing to invent some drug or facebook. But recipes? Food combos? I’m not so sure.

You want a patent for that grilled chicken salad???

The truth is, no matter how unique you think you are, someone, somewhere thought about that recipe or food combination before you. I gaurantee it.

Its not ok to use other people’s food pictures without credit or consent. And its nice to be honest and link to people who have perhaps inspired you to make whatever creation you want to share. But people who get on their high horse and throw a royal fit because someone made a protein shake without crediting them is kinda crazy.
When is a recipe completely yours?

I don’t think it ever REALLY is. Sure, you can “adapt” something. Change the ingredients, amounts. But can you guarantee NO ONE out there made those changes? I think to play it safe, we should mention where we were “inspired” fromΒ  but most importantly, stop calling things “ours”.

“Mine, mine, mine”.

Hmm, sounds like someone is three years old.

Look, I’m all for sharing recipes and food ideas. Thats how the word gets out about the delciousness out there. But claiming recipes and food combination’s are “ours” is kind of childish. Do we really need to start patenting our amazeballs? So if we are riding the childish wave, I guess we should remember:

Sharing is caring.

yea, he owes me too


44 thoughts on “Reinventing The Water: When Bloggers Want a Patent for Their Recipe

  1. Did you know that you can’t actually copyright a recipe? When I used to blog I’d give credit to where I got the recipe from (because hey, it’s gotta come from somewhere, which came from somewhere, which probably was either passed down from some ancient grandma who got it from somewhere, which was gotten from some awesome cooking bible which is still used today, OR gotten directly from that awesome cooking bible, which obviously has some kind of test kitchen behind it, in which contains the TRULY GREAT MINDS OMFG) but true story man, you can’t copyright a recipe. You can, however, copyright the photos your overpriced camera took of that recipe. Duh.

  2. I’m so paranoid about copyright infringement or anything along those lines, I probably go overboard with linking back & giving credit all the time. My older sister has family recipes from her mom’s side that she refuses to share–I’ve never understood people who do that. And I think people who get so protective of recipes or food concoctions are just weird.

  3. This is funny and true – I have seen more blogger issues on blogs and Twitter about stealing recipes and stuff. And apparantly at the Blogher conference this past weekend, it was brought up because I saw all sorts of statements on Twitter about it. But it’s not just on blogs – in “real” life, I told a girl several years ago about how I use baby food in a lot of my recipes (smoothies, pancakes, mixed with yogurt or cottage cheese) She went around telling everyone she had “invented” these fab recipes with it! And me using it was not original, my mom always made a Plum cake using plum babyfood and I just always liked to eat the Gerber peach cobbler with vanilla yogurt – so it was not original with me, I just found it convenient and portion control. I tell everyone because I want to help them or give ideas – not to say I am the owner of the idea because I am not. I try to be inventive but I know full well other people think the same thing or have same ideas.
    Anyhoo, good post you H2O inventor! I’ll be sure to spread the word!

  4. Hahaha… All hail the water creator!

    This is a sticky situation. I usually meld together a few recipes to get my final recipe… I always try to link back, but sometimes I feel guilty for doing even that. I would be grateful if someone took one of my recipes, made it theirs and posted it.

  5. That’s why I don’t use recipes and credit the dude on the Quaker oatmeal container every time I mention it on my blog, which is close to never. But seriously, that’s part of the reason I don’t read food blogs, as I actually saw a plain bowl of overnight oats credited to a couple different bloggers. Umm…in that case, I want sarcasm linked back to me.

    If I use a photo, I add the link. If I use some “real” fact and portion of a post, I add the link. Otherwise, I just make it all about me. Duh πŸ˜‰

    • I will try to link back every time I use sarcasm. And dude, that Oatmeal man is very wise (and no I will NOT link back to you at that last statement) πŸ˜‰

    • I had a feeling youd do a search on this one! I’m still trying to figure out who created amazeballs.

      My dad patented these flying balloon people figures that he invented for the1996 Atlanta Olympic games. Its totally lame and its mainly used in car dealerships and he sold it like ten years ago so its not like he makes money off it. But whenever we see one at a car dealership that has one, he tells me, “I invented that….”

      • Amazeballs….snigger, ooh err, chortle chortle….gosh, I .just realized there’s potential for a double entendre on this one….hope no one notices….lolz.

        Wonder if DMV allow AMAZ BLS as a license plate?

  6. This is such a touchy subject in the blog world! In my opinion, writing what we put into a dish/meal (aka a recipe) is to give other people ideas and have them USE it! I try to link back if I got the idea from somewhere but I wonder what it’s worth to that person at the end of the day. Hopefully not too much!

    • The thing is, I dont think we should feel pressured to link back. People shouldn’t get all offended if someone made a chocolate chip cookie when they did too. If a certain blogger honestly inspired it, great, link to spread the love. but you should never feel like you must.

      • I have to wonder what the policy is with the recipes that are in some of these blogger’s books…hmm….

        Actually I haven’t looked at any of them so I don’t even know!

  7. I’m with you but if you ever make my world famous protein muffin you better send me lots of money and links. hahah. OK my fame is over- I think we’re on minute 16 by now.

    PS your invention is great, but I wish you could have invented wine or vodka or coke zero and then you could give me all sorts of free schwag.

  8. I agree with you completely. There are 2 or 3 blogs in particular that stand out to me. I won’t say names…but those nut and dried fruits thingy’s people make (like larabars and stuff, only “balls”), there are like a few blogs that each claim they are this huge genuis behind the idea…..right.
    I like your blog Eden and I’d like to ask you a few questions about when you were struggling with underweight. But I know you are busy and probably don’t want to think about that past stuff. So, if you are willing, maybe you can shoot me an email. No biggie either way.

  9. I know I am too late for the party, but I was only reading your posts in reader, so I just saw the new layout. It looks nice! πŸ™‚

    I could actually believe you if you said you invented water, because you are THAT awesome. Me not being a food blogger has the added advantage of never getting into those sorts of troubles…


    hahahaha i wish. but i seriously HATE when bloggers think they invented some recipe! every recipe is an adaptation of something! for the most

  11. I had no idea you created water – SO cool πŸ˜‰

    Seriously though, the idea of copyright infringement or stealing or whatever when it comes to recipes is just sillysauce, if you ask me!

  12. so YOU’RE the one. I’ve been using your water for years and LOVE it. thank you! (I have not been giving you proper credit, but I did not know how to…)

    yep, I completely agree. it’s funny, I have “made up” a recipe here and there, thinking GAAH THIS IS GENIUS! and someone else posts something like it a day or two later. I know they didn’t “steal” it from me, they don’t know who I am!!

    I was publicly (in my comment feed) admonished by the “creator” of … a certain stuffed cookie, for not giving proper credit to her for her invention. I have never read this person’s blog, and have to say never heard of it (I don’t get out much). Then a friend of hers commented The Most Nasty Comment I have ever seen. It was ugly and childish. I had linked to the last blog I’d seen those stupid cookies, though that seemed overkill at the time because everyone and their dog was making them at that point. After the public “I’m disappointed in you and expect more from you” I had SO many people (many I don’t know!) come to my defense, saying they have seen these things since childhood.

    When I DO actually make someones recipe, I DO NOT POST IT. I link to it. Also, when I make something that was ‘inspired by’ I will say that too… I don’t even really “adapt” recipes on my blog, because so many seem so sensitive to it. I’ve seen “adaptations” that make me laugh, changing so few measurements or ingredients, just to be able to publish. I don’t want to be one of those either.

    wow, sorry for the novel. to summarize (ha!), I completely agree. there are few if any original ideas out there. AND? more than one person can have that original idea.

  13. I agree 100%. A person would of had to never look at a recipe book or any recipe ever to make something that they invented. Inspiration comes from everywhere. Not to say that they need to link back to everyone they were inspired from, but “claiming” something is just stupid.

  14. Oh this drives me NUTs!

    Or when people post a recipe that they’ve “adapted” from someone else…that alone is fine..I’m for that part. BUT I’m not for putting up a little “Print Me” note that will produce the printed recipe from XX blogger’s kitchen. lame.

  15. oh good topic, we always laugh when we see so many bloggers talking about this because everyone does it!! it is impossible to be aware of every recipe out there in the world, with the internet these every has access to recipes, etc. who can really claim in theirs???

  16. OK, I am finally delurking, I have been reading your blog for awhile and share your sassiness (just ask my family). LOVE you for keeping it real. Made Deb’s moist protein cakes (yep) for my 9 yr old daughter this weekend. They were so good she asked for them again for dinner. Served with your water, hmm, guess we are sending a check out West for royalties on both. I am a L.A girl at heart transplanted to AZ, thanks for the awesomeness you bring to my day!

  17. Okay, so there was this one time when this one blogger tried to claim she invented the “recipe” for mixing together protein powder and water to form an edible goo.

    Really?? How is mixing something with water a recipe???

    Anyways, if I ever write a book it will certainly never be a cookbook, so as far as I’m concerned, people can do whatever they want with the recipes posted on my blog. I’ve got bigger things to worry about.

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