What I Learned From The Smoothie Girl

I promise, I will stop bragging about my outstanding weekend after this post! Plus I have more Online Dating Messages waiting to be posted and answered.

Anyhow, continuing from the things I learned from the very seasoned blogger, Janetha, today I’ll recap the things I learned from my other blogger BFF, Deb.

I’m beyond blessed that Deb lives within fifteen minuets sans LA traffic from me. Ever since my dad got ill, she’s been beyond a friend and truly a family member as I have so few. I can go on and on about what a wonderful gift Deb (and her cats and husband) have been in my life, but this is about this past weekend. And here is what she taught me:

  • My Daily Plate: Not that I need a computer program to calculate calories since I’ve been a somewhat depressing pro at that, but she showed me how to log in recipes which is actually beyond helpful since Paris Hilton is better at math than me.

I secretly wish we both didn't always look at the lables first

  • Put YOUR Oxygen Mask First! Deb has been through the ringer. And now that I feel like I’m about to enter it with my dad being very sick, Deb has taught me that I really need to take care of myself in order to take care of my dad properly. I can’t sit around and whine that my life sucks. Ok, maybe I can. But I need to help myself before I help others. This also applies to all-you-can-eat-buffets!

this is how you help others I guess...straight into the shopping cart

  • Work Out With What’s Around You: I’m terrible in that I like routine and familiarity. Hence I rarely switch up my workouts. I dabble between yoga, running, and the occasional weight lift. Deb got me a jump rope. Deb got me to actually USE it when I was made fun of in 2nd grade for being the worst jump roper EVER! Deb always finds opportunities to change her workout. Weather its using bleachers or stairs or trying ViPR with me, she is an equal opportunity worker outer! Yes, that is a word!

Hiking will out do any elliptical

  • Crack Maks (aka, Ak Maks) are the new black: Not that deb introduced me to these “crack”ers, but she reminded me just how much I love them.

  • MOIST Can Be A Good Thing! Well, at least in these.
  • When In Doubt, Blame The Cat: that’s self explanatory.

Obviously, my laces like pussy


So how have your friends changed the way you do things? I know I used to snub smoothie, and now, I’m totally itching for a better blender…

31 thoughts on “What I Learned From The Smoothie Girl

  1. Putting yourself first in situations like you are going through with your dad is so important. He needs you to be strong- and in order for that to happen, you have to be lovin’ on yourself, too. πŸ™‚
    (I love that picture of the cat so much. Cats are the best things ever!!!!!)
    (Gah I hope I don’t turn into a crazy cat lady. So hard to resist.)

  2. Your laces like pussy! haha!

    That photo of you in the shopping cart makes me think of a mommy & me shopping expedition!

    And how DARE you say that I didn’t introduce you to Crack-Maks? I am the original inventor of wheat!!

    I’m glad I could teach you a thing or two- you have most definitely taught me a hell of a lot. I’m still learning from you every day. ❀ Thanks for making the weekend complete!

  3. OK. I officially have to stop reading the blogs of all three of you, as now I feel like a big outside loser and am insanely jealous..half kidding πŸ˜‰

    My friends have changed the way I do things in that as I’ve gotten older, I have learned that you have to be vulnerable and open to new things in order to realize how much great stuff really is out there (outside of your head and routine.)

  4. Deb sounds like such a wise one! I need her to teach me to like smoothies too.

    The oxygen mask thing is so true. I think we often think that putting other people before ourselves is the best way to live, but it’s not very effective. We are better to others AFTER we’ve been good to ourselves.

  5. I for one could read posts about this (and future) girls get away for a long time! Brag on! It is so wonderful Deb is so close, that is golden. I’ve learned so much from her via her blog (hello guar and xanthan gums, MOIST protein muffins, and homeade coconut butter) so I can’t imagine being with her in person what I’d learn. I need to learn the daily plate recipe calculator (does this mean you’ll have nutrition stats for your recipes now?) because I still am a cal counter and I use Fitday but I can’t do a recipe and calculate portions – there may be a way but I’m Paris Hilton as well and can’t figure it out! Sweet Janetha did a great post the other day in how to do recipes so I guess I need to go read it step by step!

    Ooh and I love crack-maks! I like them with apple butter on them! As i mentioned on Instagram, I also use them as breading for baked chicken tenders or a binder in turkey meatloaf (of course after pulverizing in food
    processor first)
    And those kitties! They are so sassy- that’s why I love cats, they have such attitude!
    Oh and that first pic of Deb is SO beautiful – not that any are bad, but she just seems to shine!
    As far as smoothies, I learned most everything from Deb and Allie (pimpmyproteinshake). I wish she still blogged btw. And yes, I’m lusting over a Vitamix (never thought I’d lust appliances) but I have a Ninja and I do love it. I make my smoothie daily – almond milk, vanilla stevia, cottage cheese, cream cheese, and frozen peaches. I use other frozen fruit too but I love peaches. I sometimes add in vanilla protein powder or cheesecake sugar free jello but only a few grams, just to get the flavor. And I love flavorings! I use rum, almond, coconut along with neat flavors from Capella like New York cheesecake, chocolate doughnut, marshmallow, etc. Inbthe fall I was addicted to my pumpkin cheesecake smoothie – same ingredients as above except I used frozen pumpkin or babyfood sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie spices.
    Ok sorry for the book on my smoothie history, but you did ask!

    Great great post!
    Have a great day and yes by all means take care of YOU first so you will be able to take care of your Dad!

  6. Okay…I’m moving to SoCal. Well, at least vicariously and if I could afford the rent I would be there this fall. Seriously!

    Ak-maks, Kavli and Finn Crisps…almost as addictive as cereal. Hmmm, maybe more.

  7. you make me very jealous about not living in california haha. i am however, really happy to hear that your friendship continues to grow in love and support as you navigate this time in your life. it’s the little things that friends share that make all the difference. your photos made me smile!

  8. Aww Deb sounds like an awesome friend and a positive influence. I love friends like that. I have a great friend (who I am visiting this weekend), that is always positive, great for a laugh (or a million), and someone I can always count on πŸ™‚

  9. You ladies have such a beautiful friendship! I wish I lived in L.A!!

    My friends have taught me that sometimes movie nights with feasts heal all wounds, that sometimes you need to make a fool of yourself, that honesty is best, that I should wear colour and that it’s okay to blow your paycheque on clothes and food once and a while.

  10. My friends and I have taught each other that we’re fabulous and as long as we’re all a phone call away, we can get each other through anything, even if it sometimes requires a bottle of wine or 3. πŸ™‚

  11. wow, I can tell you I have something I learned from YOU – *tee hee* I always thought it was ok mok. I guess I never really looked too close at the lettering, but in my head (you know, narrated by the celebrity voices…) I say it ok-mok.


    very good lessons learned from Deb. I’m happy you are only 15 minutes away from her too.

  12. love itttttttttttt! deb has taught me about the amazingness of protein, you and all other amazing thigns! and janeeetha has taught me how to correctly say her name (just like you! haha) and how much fun life can be ❀ you guys rock my sockles off. also i have 3 tjs within 15 minutes of me too. are we not the koolest kids in school?

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  14. Deb is tough and sensitive at the same time. I love that about her. Her words of wisdom and clever personality are so adorable, like you dear eden. Glad you two have such an awesome friendship!

  15. Deb is really a smart cookie. Er.. muffin? She can calculate things in her head before I can blink.. and I thought I was good at math! Maybe she needs to change her last name to Gydon. For the G.

    LOVE YOU. I see I have another post to read. brb.

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