What I learned From Janetha

Before I begin, you may have realized my lack of posting yesterday. If you can believe it, like Janetha and Deb, I got sick .

No vomitorium, but I felt nauseous and weak. I woke up thinking I was better only to find myself back in bed within half an hour of finishing my breakfast, in chills and sweats.

Anyhow, I’m gonna stick with the story that I simply miss my friends that I spent my weekend with.

So back to recapping our weekend, I thought I might share with all of you some valuable lessons I learned from these two lovely ladies. As I was writing this, I realized there was so much. So I divided the post into two and I will post what I learned from Deb tomorrow. But today, its all about what I learned from…..


  • Windows Live Writer. Sure, I have a MacBook at home, but I’m totally stealing my dad’s PS to write blog posts from now on. I know what you veteran blog writers are thinking…”Have you been living under a rock, Eden?”. Yes. Yes, I totally have.

don't make fun, how awesome do YOU look at the crack of dawn???

  • Insanity is INSANE! you don’t need fancy equipment or even a yoga mat to get a good workout. You don’t even need an our of your time. You need some INSANITY dvds and a motivating friend to kick you butt a little.

  • Be Greateful I Have A Trader Joe’s! I will never take the three Trader Joe’s within two miles of my apartment for granted. EVER!

I must be so weird that I prefer grocery shopping to almost any other activity

  • I’m not the only one that thinks too much protein powder is kind of ridiculous. Nuff said.

By the way, this store had more protein powder than the population of all of Palm Springs. Not even exagerating.

  • Apparently, I’m also not the only one who’s “Barbra’s Bitch”. I have yet to try a cereal from this company that I dont like. And when we saw an aisle full of just “Barbra’s Bakery” cereals, Janetha confessed that her husband is addicted too. I didn’t buy any though cause she has yet to see my hoarding collection at home.

Yea, Barbara's my bitch!

  • Your real friends aren’t necessarily the ones that are physically there with you everyday. This was only the second time I’ve “met” Janetha. Deb even said to me “You and I only met Janetha once before! Could you imagine if she was a total creeper?!”. Well, Deb and I agreed that we got beyond lucky that Janetha turned out to be an incredible, kind, intelligent, and beautiful woman. I spent some time with her at the foodbuzz festival (which lasted three days so I guess technically its the fourth..), but it seemed like Iknew her for years. I felt comfortable being honest with her, more so than many therapists and hairdressers I’ve had (which believe me, says a lot!).

I know, my legs are whiter than Vanilla Ice's ass but that changed over the weekend

More from the lessons Deb taughtΒ  me, and maybe even some from her cats. Trust me stay tuned for those.

What are some lessons your friends have taught you? It can be as invaluable or valuable as you like. One of my friends taught me how to break a parking meter which I’m ever so greatful for! But it wasn’t Janetha. She’s nobel like that.


50 thoughts on “What I learned From Janetha

  1. aw, I love this. I just read Janetha’s weekend post right before this one – looks like you all had a great time πŸ™‚ and “your real friends aren’t necessarily the ones that are physically there with you everyday” – SO true. for many many years (way before blogging) my very best friend in the whole world ever lived in NYC. we saw each other A LOT, like several times a year for weeks on end (we both magically had lots of time and resources for vacations and visits for a great few years). when we were not together, though, we were on the phone, email and chat. it was awesome.

    and I now have some blog friends like that too.

    that protein powder aisle is incredible! and I always laugh at the massive BUCKETS of it. crazy.

  2. Well, you look pretty awesome at the crack of dawn.
    You should see me.
    Btw, I’m about as white as your blog’s background. haha. Oh boy.

  3. Did I really say I was worried she’d be a creeper?! That’s so unlike me- now I’m creeped out by me!

    I learned from Janetha that you don’t have to love exercise in order to make it a staple part of your life. I learned that even if you’ve only met someone face to face for three hours, you can burp in front of each other and talk about poo without being grossed out. I learned from her that you can totally turn your life around when times are rough.

    I learn so much from you, but that would take a whole post. The ironic part is that my recap of the weekend is called “what I learned from the palm springs girls weekend” so we’re not just sisters, we’re twins. And I will totally come off as a copycat! hahah! Oh well, serves me right for being a deadbeat blogger.

    Hugs and cant’ wait til you come back again.

  4. I really like your blog. And I like Janetha’s.

    Confession: I wish you guys were my friends. You seem like cool friends to have (the kind every girl should have around).
    But, I’m really not cool enough for you two (not being sarcastic,,,being legit about that).

    Good post.
    I feel insensitive adding this (cause you are going through such a tough time obviously), but I’m struggling with a lot of eating and weight crap now…and I really wish I could sit down with ya and chat and bake and watch some ridiculous movie. I think you would be a good person to bounce off worries and questions that don’t make sense to me about it all.

    Anyway, feel better.

    • oh joie, we are not cool. and i speak for all 3 of us. we are basically the lamest people you will come in contact with. if there was a webcam on us for the whole weekend, you would have fallen asleep. in fact, i think i did doze off a few times there… and we were in bed before 11 every night. ha! but what i am getting at is don’t sell yourself short. nobody is not cool enough to be my friend. i kind of like having uncool friends.. no pressure, right? πŸ˜‰ and i assure you that eden is the most down to earth person and doesn’t care how cool or uncool someone is.. wait, who even decides that anyway?

  5. I’m really glad you didn’t write “that blondes have more fun” because I am insanely in love with Janetha’s blonde ‘do and wish that I could rock it.

    Umm that Barbara’s cereal aisle reminds me of my dream last night…my sex dream…about cereal…

  6. i don’t think i could do insanity. i’m lucky i make it through bodyrock which are less than 20mins lol. i love tjs! i finally moved within 1 mile of one for the first time in my life! my virgin tjs experience was in san fran and i fell in love! lessons from a good friend of mine include day drinking & always making room for ice cream πŸ˜‰

  7. Ha! One of my friends taught me how to steal a cart load of crap from the store. But I’m too chicken (and.. uh, moral?) to do it!
    Janetha seems like a wonderful person. She is my inspiration for not eating sugar this week!

  8. So Sweet!
    I hope you feel better, maybe it was all the sun?
    It is strange this blogger – befriending thing.
    Its a phenomenon I cannot understand and at times it creeps me out a bit, like when I dream about babysitting for Mama Pea.

  9. oh my lord peanut butter puffin’s kill me. i have zero self control when they’re around they’re sooo good! i just moved back to a city with a trader joes…i was in dallas with no TJ’s and was so sad! I took it for granted!! its the best!

  10. What a great lessons from a great friend. I only wish I got to hang out with you two girls more at Foodbuzz 😦 something I will regret

    and oh yes insanity is insane

  11. Sometimes I curse blogging because it introduced me to amazing people I could be best friends with (which is a rarity to find)… except they’re thousands of miles away and I can’t hang out with them! So not fair.

  12. Don’t want to creep you out but I was a bit worried when you didn’t write yesterday.You are so consistent no matter what is going on. I’m happy for you that you had a great time. You deserve it.

  13. Every time someone comes into my life, I love to find new things that they can teach me. Often times it is about myself and letting myself be more open to love and to the world. I also know that blogging has taught me to be more honest and to just be me- one of the things I’ve always admired you for. and the reason I love reading it- you’re so darn funny! Someday plane tickets will all cost $1 and we can all have a massive blog meet up. and take TJs by storm. Just wish I had one around here

  14. Oh this is so great! I keep reading all three blogs, back and forth, loving all the stories and especially the pictures! But c’mon girls, y’all talk about learning all this fancy tech stuff – why didn’t y’all do a video/vlog to post??!! That would be the icing on the cake! I am demanding a video of the next girl meet-up (especially footage of Ellie and Sam!) :D. But really, that would have been cool. You could have done a music one to the BEP’s “Time of my Life” and we’d all cry.
    Ok well I better get back to screening these Pap smears before they fire me!
    I’m just so glad you got to get away and have fun – you needed it!

  15. Big hugs! I’m so sorry you all got sick. That sucks. Does it make you feel better that I stayed home, missed all the fun, and STILL got a wicked sore throat.

    PS I still have a Virgin credit to use up. I’ll let you know if I make it down there, and I’ll drive you to Deb’s!

  16. I’m sorry you don’t feel well. I’m sure Trader Joe’s probably has some type of noodle soup for you! My friends have taught me to take it easy and by more patient. I’m a planner; most of them are not!

  17. Great post. I’m glad you had such a good time!
    It’s really great how blogging connect us with the people we have so much in common. I just wish I was closer to all the blogging community, and not here,stuck in a little country in Europe.
    Hope you get well soon!

  18. OH MY GOSH i just busted out laughing so hard at the fact that you two discussed the possibility of me being a creeper! hahahah! amazing! and how do you know how white vanilla ice’s ass is? did you have a fling with him? i love you and am so glad we had our weekend getaway (and romp in the hay, apparently, since i am pregnant with your child)–it was the best ever and i feel like we have been friends for life! even though we haven’t, i know we will be friends for the REST of our lives πŸ™‚ love you lots! off to read the comments now. i usually don’t do that, but i do with your blog, always.

    • We need to throw a shower for our baby. Let’s register at Trader Joe’s.

      And vanilla and i didn’t have a fling… But with a name like vanilla and crappy rap songs you gotta be white!

      Love you lots!

  19. I guess I’ve been living under a rock, too…because I do not know of this “Windows Live Writer” about which you speak. Does it mean I don’t have to shell out big bucks for a new Mac when mine dies its upcoming (most likely painful) death and can settle for a PC instead?

    And I, too, find the grocery store to be the best place in the world.

    The only bad thing about Texas is there is no Trader Joe’s.

  20. Pingback: guest post!—> the infamous protein muffin.

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