What I Gained

Its so funny how most of my life has been all about losing.

Losing weight, slowly losing my dad at the moment, losing my mom, losing my health, losing my breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

You’d think I’m an all star loser by now.

But this weekend, I’ve gained. Boy have I gained. I’ll give you a rundown of all I’ve gained:

  • A Tan. I am proud to say I gained without having to lie in a glowing tube of UV rays and without looking like some creature that resembles a love child of Snooki and an Oompa Loompa.

Debs already sported a tan, but I guess you can say she gained that too

  • zzzzzzzzzz. I admit that my sleep has not been of high quality lately. Think of it as the chain restaurant of sleep. It got the job done but it was pathetic. Being removed from the stresses from home and my dad’s illness was just what I needed to really, truly just zonk out. And the fact that I could do it in the sun was an added perk.

Actually, I'm not in this picture, this resembles my relaxed state and I did join Janetha and Deb in the sun worship.

  • Kitty Fur. A certain cheeky, glamazon and her sister stayed with us too. Hence I happily gained gray kitty fur all over my clothes.

this is the glamazon. contact her publicist for "fur"ther details.

  • Knowledge of the “MOIST” Microwave Smoothie Girl Muffin: well, now I know how moist and delicious it really is and how all those people suggesting substitutes need to stick to the original. (PS, there is an unwritten rule that bloggers can’t copyright recipes, but more on that in a future post)

  • Grapefruit. Just a “shitton” of grapefruit
I swear, they taste better if Janetha picked them
  • Some Unapologetic Confidence. When you feel as loved as I did this weekend, you realize these people must love you for a reason. And they remind me I should never apologize for being me. Even if I’m obnoxious and slutty. I hope…
  • Sisters: Since someone asked if Deb and I were sisters (and if you tell us otherwise, we’ll cut you). And since Momma B is adopting me, that makes Janetha my sis too.

Sisterly love...and yea, we totally look alike...

Yea, I kinda like gaining.
And Janetha did a WAY better recap of our dining out you can check out here.
What did YOU gain this week?
More recaps later…

42 thoughts on “What I Gained

  1. AHH you met such awesome blogger folks! Janetha and SmoothieGirl are amazing.

    This week I gained more insight to who is a worthy friend and who has ulterior motives.

  2. First, I love the new layout and header, etc.
    Second, I am insanely jealous, as my weekend/week/still today has sucked ass big time. I’ve gained bitterness and a lot of questions about whether this is the right path for me work-wise. Plus, it’s storming and cold and wet and there are no cab. Damn, I’m a bitch today.

    But I’ve gained…an even greater appreciated for home and the comforts I can find there. I miss reading blogs 😉

    • I think its about time you get your ass down here so smoothie girl and I can make you worship the sun with us. Come here and consider a career at Trader Joes.

      • On a “serious” note, I really did love this post for real reasons. I just read it in a bad moment 😉
        I’m so lucky to know you and all your gains and losses that go along with it. Glad you had a great weekend!

  3. Even though jealous (all in love), I am SO super happy for you! You needed that wonderful “sister” time! Maybe you can do it regularly! I just love too how Janetha comes, from the world of dogs, into the glamour-fur cat world!! It’s funny cause “most” of the blog world is all about the doggies but I totally love love love cats! Yet another reason I so loved Deb’s blog!
    One of these days, they’ll find me dead with 80 cats around me!!
    Anyhoo, again I am so glad y’all had so much fun. And I really need one if those grapefruits!!!
    Hugs to you and your Dad!!!

  4. This post was so cute. Love reading about blogger meetups…probably because I live in the middle of nowhere with no chance of going on them! 🙂

    I’ve gained…more free time because the semester is over, and a love for vinyasa yoga. 🙂

  5. I like the new layout!

    I gained…a pile of books to read. Nothing too exciting there. Looks like you girls had a great time. Can’t wait to see you!

  6. I love the new temporary layout too! You did such a great job on this post.

    I gained another regular visitor to PS and hopefully Janetha can fly down from time to time. I gained so much- learned a lot of things- both practical (on the computer, in the kitchen) and about both of you and how you tick. And about your ticks. haha.

    I’m so sorry that Ellie ate your shoelaces off and that you ended up covered in fur- you’ll never get it off by the way- I think I owe you a whole new wardrobe.

    I gained a whole month of walking on clouds that someone thought we were sisters! I gained an insight into how really ‘good bloggers’ like the two of you- work- you can do it effortlessly!

    You really have been such a gift to me in so many ways :=)

    • Oh please! you owe me nothing! I owe YOU for hosting me! plus, I’m contacting ellies lawyer about the laces. I can live with the fur.

      Janetha IS indeed a fabulous blogger. Me? not so much. You saw that I rarely read anybody’s blog (including my own, hence the horrible typos). I guess thats how a “tick”…..

      PS, I bought three boxes of ak maks because aside from being delicious, they remind me of you two… PSS, I will never doubt your smoothies, they rock some serious anus!

      • Ellie’s lawyer? She hires an entire legal department with all of the destruction that she does.

        As I re-read this post I ZLoL’d my way thru and I also noticed that you have chocolate on your chin in the header bbaaahahahaah!

        And you BOTH are amazing, effortless bloggers. I almost wonder if there is a blogging gene that makes some people super good at it and others it takes a lot of work and frustration (ahem)…[kinda like with any skill really!] I’ll wax poetic on that another time.

        And I’m glad you slept even if I didn’t thanks to cat shenanigans. But now, I just got through with about 16 hours of sleeping and it’s awesome!

  7. Although I definitely lost a lot of sleep and free time this week, I gained a new home! I’m so excited to have both the home and the sleep… all at once haha!
    Looks like a nice vacation. I’m glad you had a fun relaxing time!

  8. I read Janetha’s post yesterday and it sounds like you had an epic time! You definitely needed a vacation my girl. Oh, and you made some great gains. This reminds me of something that someone once told me about how making life better is about looking at adding good things rather than taking things away.

    I gain more and more appreciation for public transportation each and every day. Random, but true!

    • Adding good things: what an awesome way to look at life. I remember a nutritionist I knew that never told her clients to cut out ‘bad’ food, but rather told them to increase ‘healthier foods’…similar concept 🙂

  9. i think i’m pretty mad at you for not inviting this new york l-seven weenie to your party. BOO. hahaha but seriously it looks like the best time in the entire universe!

  10. have been reading about your time with janetha and deb on j’s blog and i am soooo happy for you three. seriously, all of you just look amazing in j’s posts in the pics and i am so happy you have their love and support, eden! and i am traveling right now, but gosh, i’d love to meet up with you and deb one day soon!

  11. I’m so happy for you that you had such a great trip! I could stand to gain a tan and some extra rest this week…I’ll have to live vicariously through you. 🙂

    I gained a daughter this week…and a whole new kind of love!

  12. ahahaha i love the header. and the chocolatey chin. this post wins! i am so glad you ended up on the weekend getaway. i feel like it was the perfect trifecta. we all compliment each other so nicely 😉 i love you to pieces, watching the flight specials so i can come to LA!

  13. Hmmm…my previous comment disappeared so I will edit and repost….I gained a desire to move to PS!

    Yum to ak-maks, Kavli crispread and finn crisps too.

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