Reader Guest Post: If I Had A Blog

I’m still on vacation. Jealous yet?

But today we have a reader guest post. Yep, not a blogger. She goes by “J” (she does have a real name but would like to protect her privacy. However, I have seen pictures of her and I can assure you, she’s real, and gorgeous. Not that we are shallow or anything…).

So without further ado, I give you “J”:

If I had a blog…..

If I had a blog, I would rant about punctuation abuse.

Dear 99% of bloggers, have you ever heard of the period? No, I’m not referring to the menses that you are missing from your effed nutrition/exercise habits, but rather the simple dot that concludes a statement.  That’s right, not all sentences must end in exclamation points.  What are you so effing emphatic about anyway? “Hi!!! It’s morning! It’s Tuesday! I ate food! I went to the gym!”  Fine.  But when you use exclamation points ad naesum, your reader doesn’t know when you are genuinely wishing to emphasis something.  Ditto abuse of smiley faces—must you greet us each and every day with a shit eating grin? Of course, this criticism is applicable to readers as well.  No one’s comment should be exclusively punctuated by exclamation points and smiley-faces, you asskissing commenter you.  Again, I’m not advocating a wholesale rejection of all exclamation points or smiley faces.  Just a gentle reminder to use them with discretion pleasethankyouverymuch.

If I had a blog, I would share with you the following links.

Ever come across something so awesome that you want as many people as possible to share in your delight? I rarely click-through when bloggers provide links, but people, I beseech you from bended knee to give these a gander.  These are a few of my favorite things and they are worth it! See.  I mean business, I used an exclamation point. 

Marvel (the gym I would join if I lived in LA)

Aww (my future pet assortment)

Listen, learn, and laugh (my favorite radio program)

If I had a blog, I would share wonderful recipes.

But I don’t have a blog, so you’re SOL.  Instead, I’ll offer a food PSA.  My local CVS stores carry salmon in the pouch for a buck each.  A dollar.  Who would think to buy pouched salmon at CVS and that a pharmacy would actually have a good price on something? Not me.  I noticed this by pure chance one day on my way to the pharmacy counter, and I’m so happy I did.  Say you’re out and about and you pop into such a store for a nibble.  Now, you could shell out an absurd $2.79 for a nutrition bar…OR you could relinquish 4 measly quarters and get real food that boasts a better nutritional profile to boot.  Plus, with that $1.79 you saved, you can now buy a Coke Zero with which to wash it down.  Score.

Many thanks to Eden for allowing me to impose my rambling upon her readers, and thanks to you for reading! (*cough* Note, heartfelt gratitude indicated by exclamation point……but seriously, thanks very much to Eden and to you all)

Non-Bloggers: What would you do if YOU had a blog?

Bloggers: What have you wanted to write about but never did?


10 thoughts on “Reader Guest Post: If I Had A Blog

  1. if you had a blog it would autocorrect ad nauseam for you!!!!!!! why should I click on your links if YOU don’t click on any yourself…….???? some people miss periods because they are not eating, NOT from over exercise!!!!

    um. just kidding. 😉 some bloggers are also reactionary. this was a fun post, even if I am guilty of some of these things?? 😀 😀 😉 😀 🙂 🙂

  2. you better be enjoying your vacation for me 🙂 haha I need one badly

    i never understand why people get annoyed of the smiley faces, haha just do not get what the big deal is

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