Sweet Potato Maple Waffles and Why You Get Haters and How to Deal

There is nothing like crying your brains out after stating an opinion and having anonymous Internet people shatter you emotionally.

I mean, I dont do that, its a “for instance”.

But this article is not just for blogging, but I’ll use blogging as my paradigm. You can extract the lessons and apply them to the hate you receive on Face-Twitter-Space or even on your own comments.

Allow me to  navigate you through the world of hate comments and what you can do about it if you get one.

1. You’re Attracting The Wrong Audience.

Sometimes when I write a post, inside my head-hole, I believe that people will automatically get my tone.

They’ll say to themselves OMG! Eden is taking a punch at oatmeal and blending a degree of disarming satire into it. lolz!

I know.Nobody should ever  “lolz”.

But that never happens.  Sometimes you’ll get a drive-by audience that is lured in by your headline, or because they were referred to your post by a shithead friend of yours.

Then they’ll lace you with their hate.

What to do: Don’t worry. These individuals will never understand you.  Don’t try to please them, its a waste of your time.   Disregard them as people that will never visit your blog again and will just travel from blog-to-blog as nerdy nomads because nobody will accept them.

2. You’re Taking a Controversial Stance on Something.

Remember all the hoopla last year from a certain Marie Claire article?

You didn’t? Dont fret, it wasn’t all that exciting.

But this sparked an outrage which resulted in a sort of war between commenters (on other blogs, not mine, I refused to even write about it and give that article and those bloggers more press.

If you take a stance on something.  Anything.  People will disagree with you.

What to do: Don’t be afraid to take a stance.  Although it’s way easier if you’re an anonymous obese dude like me taking a stance on something.  But stand by it, and enjoy the golden shower of hate. And yes, initials aren’t very anonymous, by the way, and usually I can figure those people out.

3. You’re Forgetting All Of Your Commenters Names and Like Totally Ignore Them.

I have a pack of commenters that are loyal, nice, smart, and honestly? Way funnier than me.

But I totally ignore them.  I forget all of their names. I have the memory of a goldfish sometimes and with all the shit I’ve been going through with my dad having an aggressive cancer, I’ve kinda fallen off the blogosphere.

I know, lame excuse.

But if I continue to ignore them, these pack of loyal commenters will slowly sour.  They’ll turn on me as readers and comment with I used to be a fan of Eden’s Eats!   She’s so into herself I can’t stand it.  I’m immediately starting an internet rumor about how she has gonorrhea!

What to do: I guess you have to engage with these people.  I know.  What a pain in the ass.  To the pack of commenters: you know who you are.  This is me engaging. I’ll shoot you an email when I come back to earth.

4. You’re Forgetting That People Will Generally Dislike You.

I once read a blog about dogs. Way more interesting than food, as I was ooing and ahhing at all the cute doggie pictures I noticed that the blog was written by a little old lady.  She seemed really nice.

But in the comments, some asshole called her a ’stupid moron’.

I know!

I’m like, “holy poopy pants! That’s so mean!”

But then I realized that people will generally dislike you.  It doesn’t make them bad.  It makes them people.

What to do: Embrace the idea that people will dislike you.  It’s OK.  Not everyone has to like you.  I mean, really? You’ve just spent the last three minutes of your life reading this blog post.  You can’t really have that much going on.

5. People Love To Complain.

People are wired to complain.  So if you spend several minutes crafting a post, expect people to take a look and say how can I complain about this?  In what magical way can I drop an intellectual turd into her comment stream?

Which is OK.  Because it’s not like I’m splicing genes with these posts.  I hear complaints all the time. Hell even I love to complain!

Everyone loves to complain. Its a thrill.

What to do: Accept complaining as art.  If they do it well, it’s nice to look at.  There are blogs that are all about complaining and they actually are quiet popular. Why? As I stated, EVERYONE loves a good complaint.

6. You’re too thin

Its an unspoken rule that you can bash a skinny girl for being that way but not someone who is overweight. Same thing goes for smoking.

But thats not really the point…The point is, if people say your too skinny, you probably are. You might be in denial or whatever and if thats the case all the more power to you and I hope you find comfort in your life while you have it cause it won’t last long. Does that give people the right to harass you? No. But if you post pictures of your skeletal self with you bowls of whipped air, chances are, your gonna get some hate comments.

What to do: You have two options:

1) gain weight, get help, see a therapist, see a dietitian, eat a sandwich (with REAL bread, not that super light kind with like negative three carbs or whatever).


2) Stop posting emaciated pictures of yourself, of your endless olympic training workouts, and of your carb-fat-calorie-taste-free funnel cake.

There you have it.

I hope this helps you in your blogging, facebook, and twitter endeavors.

And now we’ve come to the end of my post so let the golden shower of hate comments begin.

This seems like a recipe appropriate for thanksgiving, but I whats wrong with Thanksgiving in April?
Nothing. So here we go:
  • 1 1/2 cup all purpose or brown rice flour
  • 1/4 cup maple syrup or sweetener of choice
  • 1 Tbsp baking powder
  • 1/2 tsp kosher salt
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/4 tsp nutmeg
  • 1 cup milk of choice
  • 1/2 cup greek yogurt
  • 2/3 cup mashed baked sweet potatoes
  • 2 Tbsp unsalted butter, melted or canola oil
  • 3 large eggs

Pre-heat your waffle iron. Depending on the type of iron you have, you may need to lightly oil it. Use your experience with your own equipment in deciding. Combine all of the dry ingredients in a large bowl and whisk them until well combined. Separate the egg yolks from the whites, reserving both. In a medium bowl, combine the milk, greek yogurt, mashed sweet potato, melted butter, and egg yolks. Whisk until well combined. In a small bowl, beat the egg whites at a high speed for about two minutes. Stiff peaks should form when you lift the beaters. Set aside. Pour the wet ingredients over the dry ingredients. Whisk until well combined, but do not over mix. The batter should be nearly smooth. Fold in the beaten egg whites. If you are adding the pecans, you should fold them in now. The batter is now ready for your waffle iron. The amount of batter and cooking time will vary according to the size and temperature setting of your waffle iron.

39 thoughts on “Sweet Potato Maple Waffles and Why You Get Haters and How to Deal

  1. bahahaaa, #6 is my favourite. lolz. yes. lolz. I went there.
    also, wtf at me never having sweet potatoes in my kitchen. I need to fix this because a sweet potato waffle sounds like a good addition to my weekend.

  2. I don’t mind if you don’t know my name. It’s cool. I know yours.

    I agree people probably love to complain. People can be pretty cruel though. Anonymity of the internet and all.

    Sometimes I really hope the people who need to hear what you write read it.

  3. “You didn’t? Dont fret, it wasn’t all that exciting.” re the Marie Claire…haha!

    I remember it, and well.

    Ok I get TONS of negative comments. I wouldnt say they are “negative”. I would say they are just effing rude!

    Names, slurs, assaults, attacks, and some really twisted, sick, vile stuff. I also have a child and a family so I do keep tabs on these types of comments b/c even tho they are upsetting to me, I want to make sure it’s just a whackjob behind their keyboard and that they would never take it to real life. Trust me, it would make your head spin!!!!!! if you knew what I get some days.

    I have grown a thicker skin but it still sucks that as bloggers, we share so much and only intend to do good and be helpful and just share…and there’s an butthole who has to get ugly towards us about it. Grrrr.

    • How could anyone hate on Averie? I guess like Eden says, not everyone wil like you. But geez, I guess I missed out on the idiots who drank the haterade on Averies blog. I really don’t get the hate. I mean a real question, concern or even constructive criticism is one thing. All “negative” comments, if given out of true concern for a person should be prefaced with “please don’t be offended” or “I honestly dont mean this hateful” etc. It’s just my upbringing – don’t say anonymously on the Internet what you would not say to their face in person.
      Oh and I rolled at the “intellectual turd” comment!!! Too funny!

      Hope your day is better today Eden and we love you!! 😉

    • You have no choice but to develop thick skins, otherwise there is no way to survive the internet. But I guess that goes for life too. You will always have people that just dont get it, and people that do.

  4. Well first sorry you received a bad email…some people are very quick to judge. We have had our fair share of hate, and know we will continue. Just have to realized, like you said, cannot please everyone. Someone just are rude and think only of themselves.

  5. *Knock on wood* I’ve been lucky in that I’ve never gotten much in the way of rude comments, which I chalk up to the fact that most of my readers are people I know in real life. No, I get spam comments that have absolutely nothing to do with any of my posts, or some random person asking why I don’t wear pants (which I do–No one needs to see my pasty white ass). I’ve started posting the funnier ones on Facebook just because they crack me up so much. I liked the kerfuffle that Marie Claire article caused, only b/c I think those particular bloggers are all incredibly full of themselves, and in a schaudenfreude way, I liked seeing them get blasted (even though it was pretty crappy journalism on MC’s part). Sweet potato waffles sound delicious right now…I wish I hadn’t just gone to the grocery store yesterday, b/c I’m tempted to run back out just to get a sweet potato so I can make these tomorrow morning!

  6. Am I the only one that doesn’t know what lolz is? or am I that naive? LOLZ! Hate comments, I think they give us character, no?
    thanks for engaging, and you are always WAY FUNNIER than I am. I love that about you.

  7. Your pancakes look great; I think it’s awful that people would be so mean to a little old lady talking about dogs! hahaha I love lindsays’ comment about the lolz…I totally use that word, loud and proud:)

  8. Delicious pancakes!!

    Oh hate comments..I’ve been lucky to never get one (YET..) but I am sorry you got a mean email..people are just MEAN!! Boo..

  9. I’m lucky as I’ve never gotten any ugly comments. Knock on wood I guess. If I did, I wouldn’t be worried about it. I can either get mad and respond (escalate) or just simply delete it. Whatever.

    But yea, I don’t understand why people would write something negative instead of just not visiting. Makes no damn sense.

  10. I personally love how no topic is off limits here. And you (rarely) ever censor yourself or your opinions. It may not be the best way to gain millions of friends and readers but like that famous quote says, I’d much rather be hated for what I am than loved for what I’m not.

    And don’t worry. I don’t care if you ignore me, I’ll never say you have gonorrhea!

  11. Haha! Thankfully I’ve only had one nasty comment in my day (it was on a post I did about waitressing, of all things), but now I feel totally prepared.

    Blogging is like life, but people just have bigger balls when they feel like being dissenting.


    What the hell? That didn’t even make sense.

  13. How come I never get haters? Maybe not enough people read my blog? Despite the fact that I’ve never actually received a hater comment, I have a strange phobia that they exist. For example, I posted this morning about eating pig brain. Yes, the brain from a pig. And as I pushed ‘publish,’ I thought, “Oh people are gonna be SO mad.” But who are these “people”? If they were reading my blog they stopped a LONG time ago I imagine (right around the time I waxed poetic about hamburger buns soaked in meat juice or cracked open my third Diet Coke in one day).

    Come on haters! Where are you? Let’s rumble about chia seeds, nutritional yeast, and why an ‘easy breakfast oatmeal’ recipe that involves 400 different ingredients is never going to happen for as long as I actually have to go to work every day.

    PS. One day you and I will team up and take on the blogworld with snarkiness + sarcasm [you] and an “I do whatever the hell I want” sinister smile [me].
    PPS. That is, if you remember who I am.

    • This will sound odd, but I’m inviting myself into your takeover of the blog world via sarcasm. Why? Because dammit, I have never received a hater comment. It’s not that I want one, but I think it’s weird that I’ve never got one. Some have been annoying and irritating, but never really challenging.

      I don’t hold back either, so it’s weird. Maybe I just have no readers or really nice ones…or I scare people 😉

      Eden–nice pancakes! Kidding.

      • Hmm, I think people are afraid of leaving nasty comments on your blog. Your sarcasm is a step above mine and any asshole that has something negative to say about you is just too much of a pussy to write it. Because in the end, the know youll bite back with something clever and they will end up crying all over themselves. But you have had some annoying ones (well, at least I virtually wanted to punch their avatars), not sure how to weed those out but no one is immune to annoyances.

  14. I think I can be more hurt when actual friends tell me they don’t understand why I’m even writing a blog to begin with. When I wrote a post about gaining weight one friend told me “Lindsey you need to shut up about that stuff already, you look fine.” Umm thanks? I forget I’m letting people into an often vulnerable part of myself, which some people interpret as letting them have free range to tell me their opinions on everything.

    And I hope you don’t think I’m crazy with some of my comments, sometimes I think I’m a lot funnier than I am and than damn sarcasm font doesn’t show through. And even if you do think I’m crazy I’ll keep coming back 🙂

  15. haaa… pancake waffles.

    I remember getting riled up at a few hater comments, probably because they were some of my first. then I thought that it meant I was too self absorbed (writing a blog about food I cook and all) so I took a step back and take things with that proverbial grain of salt.

    sorry about the gonorrhea.

  16. Once again, excellence in blogging my dear.

    One thing I constantluy wish, however, is when a blogger “takes a stance” and talks about “other blogs” and “bloggers”
    (It’s not just you)
    I wish they would go ahead and link to the specific blogs they are talking about.
    I recently read a few blogs abouyt getting so peeved when girls who blog only eat vegetables….or I hear about blogs of girls who “post emaciated photos and eat air”
    So now I want to see people grow some balls and if you are going to “take a stance” then go ahead and do it.
    Or would that be too mean.
    I once copmmented about how a certain blog seems like “Barbie and Ken win the lottery, find cures for Cancer and Aids, Go to church regularly and when they sneeze butterflies and unicorns fall out their nose”
    Then one day I tuned in and there she was ….cooking dinner in an apron and an evening gown. I kid you not. I can’t make this shiz up. She can, though, I guess.
    My point in sharing all this is: I can talk all this crizzle but when if you are to ask me what blof specifically I am referring to?
    I don’t think I could do it.
    It’s so much easier to be mean when you don’t have to actually think about the person. Because blogs are entities of themselves. People forget sometimes there is a real, live thinking individual behind them.


      • No, no noooo!!
        I guess I was just wondering what it’s be like if there was a Perez Hilton of the blog world *blush*
        …Someone who’d have balls enough to just have fun poking fun and maybe sometimes hating and using actual examples?
        I am ashamed to say I would tune in.
        Maybe not so ashamed.
        It was an interesting epiphnany I had whilst reading. No hate.
        But what if there really was someone who did that and named specific blogs.
        That would be crazy.
        And I’d tune in.
        Who wouldn’t?
        That was verbal gonorrhea.

      • I just read it! (And it was good, of course.) But wow, this is so ironic…And despite the post, I still think that if anyone were to write a book on blogging, it should be you.

      • Aw shucks, thank you! If I ever get published, you will have the honor of getting the first autographed copy (although I don’t know how much of an honor that will end up being)

  17. There were too many parts to specify that i LOL’d about. Let me just say that I have a laptop on a pillow on my belly (while I’m watching whales jumping in the background- no joke, sorry) and the computer is bouncing. You really are a crackup.

    Guess I’m not thin enough to have haters, dammit.

    Well, as you know it’s all unicorns and butterflies over at my blog and i almost never have anything controversial- that’s what i come to guest post over here for 🙂 hee. (or perhaps never again)

    Miss you!

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