Chocolate Peanut Cereal and Words That Make Me Go “Ew”

There’s a small group of words in the English language that everyone dislikes.  If the English language were a party, these words would be the guys with fake tans and upside-down visors.

Don’t ask me why I wanted to address these today, especially since my recipe is anything but gross. I guess I’ve just had it listening to these words. “Moist” is the obvious one discussed in the past. But there are a few more cringe worthy ones.

So let’s get started.


Nothing that’s good is secreting. Bad shit secretes.


Especially if it’s self-proclaimed.  Like, “I’m such a foodie!  I’m looking for other foodies so we can talk about food!”    Next time just say: “I’m a virgin”


I am guilty of using this one.  Every time I say it, people flee in horror.  Or more specifically, ask me why I’m whispering, then flee in horror.


Bleh! I cant express the gaul I have towards this word! Celebrities avoid paparazzi not because of the damaging photos, but because they know some dopey tabloid writer is going to use this word.


If you call your sex ‘coitus’, you’re probably not having a lot of it.

“Eating Clean”

Everyone likes to use this, because no one admits to being on a diet. But frankly, all this means to me is that your eating windex and comet.


This word has been used to death.  By me.  Mostly by me.  It’s gross and nasty now.


I feel like when this word is used to describe something, its anything but. Or it sounds painful.


You stayed home on your vacation?  And the only word you could think of during all that time was this?


If it’s heard at a shooting range?  Fine.  In a doctor’s office?  Not so fine.


Really?  Does this call for an explanation?

Alright, what words are you cringing at?

And to make you feel better, I’ve developed a homemade cereal that uses up all the extra peanut flour I hoarded from Trader Joe’s when they said they were discontinuing it. They lied. Its still there and now I have more peanut flour than I know what to do with.

  • 1/2 cup peanut flour (if you dont want to you is, ground up oats and millet flour work)
  • 2 tbs cocoa powder
  • 2 tbs all purpose or rice flour (plus extra for rolling and if your mixture gets too wet)
  • 1 tbs flaxseed meal
  • 1 tsp Vegetable Oil Spread or butter
  • 2 tbs maple syrup (or agave, but maple is my favorite)
  • 3 tbs water or milk of choice
  • 1 tsp Vanilla Extract

. Preheat oven at 375F. If using a cookie sheet with edges, flip it over (so you get a flat top) and grease it with some oil spread. Or you can use a flat cookie sheet and grease the same. Meanwhile combine together the dry and wet ingredients into a smooth dough. Divide the dough into two equal parts and roll each half directly on the greased cookie sheets. Roll as thin as possible (I used a pasta maker but plain old elbow grease rolling will work. I’m just lazy) and using a knife/pizza cutter score it into diamonds/squares directly on the cookie sheet; do not separate. Bake for 8-15 minutes. The baking time depends on the thickness of the rolled out dough.The first set I baked was thicker than the second set. You’ll be able to smell the cocoa and also can see that the pieces around the edges turning sort of black. Keep a watch and remove the pans immediately out of the oven. The pieces will start coming off while you are removing it from thee sheet. Spread it on a plate or another cool sheet. Once the chocolate squares have cooled completely store it in an airtight jar or ziploc bag.

34 thoughts on “Chocolate Peanut Cereal and Words That Make Me Go “Ew”

  1. I totally agree with all your words, and oddly enough, I’ve found “panties” to pretty much be universally hated. Another one? Moist. It’s not winning any popularity contests.
    For some reason I also hate the word nipple and pimple. Just typing them creeps me out.

  2. its hard for me to even read this. All those words both me. But I do have to say, “moist” is the only one that doesn’t. Weird. I agree with Abby (the “imple” words) are not amusing.

  3. I prefer to use skivvies in place of panties 😛 It makes me giggle. Surprisingly though, I like the word canoodling. It reminds me of poodle… and there’s nothing gross about poodles!

  4. Well you know my take on this! I mentioned in a comment the other day that I hate “Nom Nom” – it just conjures up bad images and the whole cookie monster deal. I’ve already mentioned “nooch” (replace the n with a k and I think that’s why I dislike it). Speaking of which, I hate the “P” word, even in reference to a cat. There’s a nursery rhyme that uses it and I shudder! Oooze, snot, and lugie – as in “hock a lugie”, Disgusting!

    I hate most above mentioned words, and working in Pathology, I have to deal with “discharge” and “secretions” and “nipple” a lot! One I really think is yucky? Pus or pustule, it just sounds like what it is (slimy is another word that sounds like it’s meaning!)

  5. Moist does not bother me, I might be the only person. To be honest there are not many words that bother me. I am weird I guess. But do not really pay attention to how a word makes me feel. mmm, I guess I better start paying attention more, haha

  6. Since English is not my native languge, those words really do not bother me. Plus, being a veterinary student, I’m completely ok with secretes, discharges and fecal stuff 😀
    Love the cereal recipe, but I have no peanut flour, so no cool cereal for me 😦

  7. I am so guilty of using the word “hardcore.” But in my defense, 95% percent of the time it’s in a tongue-in-cheek context.

    I never get all the “moist” hate though. Maybe not in the same sentence as panties or douche, but what else am I going to call a moist cake? A juicy/irriguous/muculent cake? Or perhaps it’s the lack of clarity. In that case, I’ll make coconut oil and banana-saturated cakes.

    One word I do hate though is “squat.” I squat all the time in the gym, but I hate saying I do because it’s a weird word to me. I much prefer saying I did deadlifts or rows.

    Oh, and I hate using the word “toilet.” I’d rather say restroom but people in England look at me like I have three heads. So I whisper, “Uh….toilet?” I met an American who’d lived here for years and she said, “Yeah, took me forever not to feel mildly vulgar when I asked where it was.”

    I’m digging the cereal!

  8. I agree 100% with panties, and undies goes right along with it. My sister and I used to always tell my mom how much we hated the word “panties”, so she would say “undies” instead. What is it with words that end in the “ee” sound? I also cringe at tasty, yummy, and yucky.

  9. I don’t go around calling myself a “foodie”, like “I am such a foodie” … I think that sounds, well, “douchey’ 🙂 But, it is part of my blog name … more in the sense that I am not a food snob, but an “everyday” kind of food lover.

  10. I hate the term “clean eating” for the same reasons. It makes me think people wash their food a lot. Which I don’t. I barely rinse my veggies sometimes.

  11. The word coitus makes me laugh, its a word I’ve only heard really old people use. Or religious people, like rabbis and orthodox jews. That word brings out the immaturity in me.
    I do use the word douche often. I don’t even notice when I’m using it, so I hope Im not grossing people out.
    I gag a little when people use “cutesy” plays on words, as in sammie or cuke or bloob.

  12. Ooh yum! These look really really good actually! and moist bugs me the most…the other words not so much, although panties and dousche can get pretty akward… haha

  13. I don’t like “explosive”. It makes me think of…

    the blog culture word that makes me cringe is “huzzah”. I hate it. no one says that out loud, stop writing it!

    thanks for the laughs!

  14. Words that really bother me –

    Racks – When referring to a female’s body

    I really get pissed when someone in a store or medical office calls me hon or sweetie. If your a stranger you don’t get to call me these things.

    Hate being called Ma’am – I am not that old, yet!

  15. I hate the word Ma’am too. And no wonder I cringe at the name of the business that sells office furniture: Coit. Really, who came up with that genius name!? I’m surprised that no one brought up “Va-jay-jay”. It doesn’t personally bother me, but I’ve heard other bloggers hate on it.

    i Lol’d on this one and more: “If you call your sex ‘coitus’, you’re probably not having a lot of it.’

    I hate when people use the word “horny”. Or worse when they say “I’m so horny”. Really, TMI people.

  16. yes to many and most of what is mentioned here, especially foodie. (I have a friend who calls herself a foodie. she LOVES newport bay restaurant.)

    other words that IRK me? non words. in Pulp Fiction, Mia Wallace pronounces the word “specialty” as spesh-EE-AL-ity. there are at least two more, I cannot think of them now – words that people pronounce with an extra syllable. GUH.

    moist gets to me too, although I also laugh at it, because my Clever Jason uses that as a nickname online (for various music pages, etc)… his name is “Moist Towelette”. 😀

    oh, also? foodgasm. food baby. <– GAAH.

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