Chocolate Chip Banana Cookies and What I Didn’t Outgrow

I don’t know whats up with me lately that I’ve been writing posts about becoming an adult and getting more in touch with my “inner child”. Because the actual title of this post is Kid Things I Thought I Outgrew but Actually Do Even More Now So, Boy, Was I Wrong but apparently that’s too long to be a title.

So here you have it, thing I thought I outgrew but actually do even more now:


I have to give credit to my 3rd grade teacher for making me practice my cursive handwriting.  I’d say it was at its peak by age 12, then everything began to just get shittier and shittier.

Now, when I have to sign my name it comes out as a scribble which I can blame my parents for teaching me that its super easy to forge their scribble to get out of school and on my forgetfulness of the art of cursive. And also, I believe its an act of defiance against cursive.  I mean really, how is it otherwise useful and WHY did I have to waste my peak years learning it?!


I’m not referring to the practice of one referring to friends or acquaintances as their “peeps.” That makes my ears bleed if I hear it and my eyes bleed if I read it.

I’m talking about yellow marshmallow chicks. Pink marshmallow bunnies. Devouring them, tearing their soft bodies with my jagged teeth each and every Passover ( Easter for my gentile friends). Its some unwritten rule that Jews have an Easter candy obsession. Cadbury Cream Eggs and Peeps are no exception.

And you can make them duel.

Hair fidgeting

My parents always told me I used to play with my hair in the crib, when I nearly had no hair to play with! And guess what, as I type this post on one hand, guess what the other hand is doing? Yep, I’m “hair fidgeting”.

I twirl, swirl, braid, and manage to form giant knots that somehow I can untangle. I used to have super short hair in college and I still “hair fidgeted”. I think I do it when I’m stressed. And a baby can’t be stressed all that much. I probably just did it in the crib when my I was tired or hungry. Now that I’m an adult and stress is abundant, I’m still hair fidgeting more than over.

Relying on my Dad

I needed my dad as a kid for things like reaching the cereal from a high shelf and schelping me to school and stuff.

When I became a teenager I was sure  he was the last person I needed because I knew everything. What teenager doesn’t?  Now that I’m older and I have to do things like taxes and changing the my car’s oil , it’s clear that I know absolutely nothing and I’m back to needing his help again.

I guess the moral of the story is that we should just never grow up.  I see nothing wrong with afternoon nap time and having absolutely no responsibilities. Who’s with me? What have you not outgrown?

And guess what, as a kid I kinda disliked bananas. Why? Long story I will save for a future post but it involved salmonella. Anyhow, I don’t kind it in baked good like these cookies. In fact, I think they take the cookie from being “really good” to “dayum thats a fucking good cookie!”

Its super easy!

1 bruised and ripe banana
1/2 cup sugar or sugar sub
1/2 c. butter, coconut butter, or canola oil
1 egg
1/2 t. vanilla
2 flour (I used half coconut flour and half AP flour or you could use oatmeal)
1 t. baking soda
1/4 t. salt
1/2 c. chocolate chips

Blend bananas, add sugar, softened butter, egg and vanilla. Mix in dry ingredients and finally add chocolate chips. Cook around 10 min. at 350′—don’t overcook as these are best underdone.

24 thoughts on “Chocolate Chip Banana Cookies and What I Didn’t Outgrow

  1. Dayum those look amazing.

    I still shout “Cowabunga” as I jump into the pool doing a cannonball.
    I have apparently not outgrown bangs. I have not and never will outgrow peeps. They are some of my favorite candies on the planet. I couldn’t begin to list all of the candies I haven’t outgrown or else I’d use up the entire internet. I’ve not outgrown PB&Js. I still jump up and down and clap my hands when I get really excited. Sigh, I have some growing up to do.

  2. I didn’t eat bananas as a child either. I actually disliked them tremendously until I started running. Some things change. Some others don’t… I don’t think I’ll ever outgrow my love for nutella, high fructose corn syrup and all…

  3. Have you ever toasted Peeps, sweet Eden??
    Just find a stove (preferably contact instead of gas) and hold the skewered Peep on a chopstick above the heat until the face (talkin’ Bunnies here) melts into a light brown stain. Toast the other side until it gets a little puffier and then wave for a few seconds to cool. Bite down and you’ll never eat a Peep plain again, ever. ♥
    “A paper-thin, crispy sugar shell just containing the gooey, pillowy ecstasy” is too paltry a description to describe my now-favorite way to enjoy candy.
    (Works best with Bunny peeps because of even symmetry!)

  4. I rely on my dad too. I’m such a daddy’s girl, ya I confess. But I have 3 brothers so its kinda natural, right?
    I still eat candy vitamins because lets face it, I like to remember the good ‘ol days w/ flintstones.

  5. I hated tomatos when I was little. My little brother loved tomatos when we were little. Everyone thought he was sooo cutee because he ate them like candy when I was grossed out. I only started eating them because everyone was making such a fuss. I grew to like them.

  6. This is my favorite picture of Peeps – and yes, that word in reference to friends is annoying, right up there with another phrase I failed to mention in my “guest post” – Nom Nom, uggh I hate that. All I can see is Cookie Monster throwing cookies in his mouth and making that sound!

    Ok rant over as I obviously never outgrew Sesame Street . I’ve also never outgrown playgrounds (don’t let me see a see-saw or monkey bars cause I WILL embarrass you! I still trampoline jump when it doesnt hurt my bladder (yeah I am old).
    I still like to lick the beaters.
    I still love cartoons (ya know, back when they were actually for kids). I am a Looney Tunes and Pink Panther fan. I love the Muppets -the two grumpy old men are me. And I love to skip!
    And I am definitely still Daddys girl, I’m the baby of 5 so I’m spoiled 😉

  7. I mostly outgrew biting my nails, but still pick at them and the cuticles. CANNOT STOP. It drives poor Jason batty. I never grew tall so I still have to rely on someone to get things from high areas down for me – either that or climb up on the counters, which I absolutely do.

  8. those cookies look F***ing amazing!
    i still have’nt outgrown ice cream over proper meal habit… but i plan to keep it like that 🙂

  9. I have a “hair fidgeting” problem too! I think mine is really bad! I try not to do it in public though, because I think it makes me look a littl loony! I haven’t lost any hair though (yet).

  10. Wow- those look like the softest cookies ever! Yum. I’ll have to find someone who bakes to make them for me hahaha. My mom does make a pretty killer “banana cake” that’s basically a banana muffin but shaped in cake pans. I love it.

    Oh, and I have not outgrown peeps (or marshmallows in general) either. It has slightly diminished in the last few years when they are available for EVERY SINGLE HOLIDAY, but whatever. I sort of liked them more when you could only buy them by Easter time. Kind of like- who wants candy corn in summer or something? It’s kind of only good when its festive.

  11. Those dueling Peeps made my day! I never got the Cadbury Egg craze though. I am a self-professed sugar addict and those things are too sweet even for me. I’d take your cookies over Peeps or Cadburys though. Heck, I’d even take them over Reese’s Eggs!

    Hehe, I also agree on the handwriting. I don’t write, I scrawl. Then my highschool had a laptop program so it all went to hell from there.

    Oh! What area of LA do you live in? I’ll be interning in Santa Monica this summer, near the Century City shopping center/LA Country Club. And recs for neat stuff in the area, let me know.

    • a laptop program in high school! Man that makes me feel old. And I never understood the easter reeses, i mean its just reeses shapes like an egg. right? big whoop.

  12. I would vote to have both Peeps and Cadbury Cream eggs available all year long. My favorite way to eat a banana? The most awesome banana pudding here in NYC at the Magnolia Bakery. I may need to start a banana pudding 12 step meeting.

  13. some things are for sure better as a child. So much simpler non?

    I never thought of banana in cookies, but it sounds amaze! I love it in muffins, so why not?!

    Have a great day!


  14. I have not outgrown naps – I took one just yesterday and it was glorious. I still want to (and usually do) shop for “back to school” supplies, because I have a thing for pens and journals, and office supplies in general.

    when I was little I was an extremely picky eater, only eating grilled cheese. my parents even asked for it when we were in restaurants that did not have it on the menu (I ate some fabulous grilled cheeses as a result!). comfort food to me still means grilled cheese, and always will.

    love the dueling peeps!

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