Chocolate Toffee Matzo and The Last Supper (or Seder)

Only a Jew could take all the happiness out of bread.

Today I had a passover seder with my dad. I fear it will be the last one, so I took the time to just be there and savor his presence.

If you had a “last supper” what would you have? Who would you invite? Where would you like to be? I ask this because I think its ironic Jesus’ “last supper” was a passover seder.

So no brilliant post. Just a passover chocolate toffee matzo recipe:

Matzah, to fit pan
1 Cup Margarine (I used the Trader Joe’s rip off of “Earth Balance” and you can totally use butter, but I needed to make it non-dairy for kosher folks who don’t mix dairy and milk)
1 Cup Dark Brown Sugar
2 Cups Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips

In a saucepan over medium heat, melt the margarine and brown sugar together and bring them to a slow boil (the bubbles with pop sloooooowly)

Maintain a gently boil without stirring for 3 – 5 minutes, until the mixture becomes thick enough to coat a spoon. Pour the sugar mixture over the matzah and spread evenly. Bake in the oven for 4 minutes and remove carefully.

drizzle the melted chocolate chips on top of the matzo. Let cool for 10-15 min.

20 thoughts on “Chocolate Toffee Matzo and The Last Supper (or Seder)

  1. I love anything toffee-like. These days, I think if I were to have a last supper, I think I’d want it to just be my husband & son, at our dinner table. Nothing fancy, just a meal with the 2 most important people in the world to me. Prime rib, salad, baked potato swimming in butter, salad (a really good salad, not just crappy iceberg), and tiramisu for dessert. A whole pan just for me. And I’d want someone else to cook it and clean it up for me. 🙂

  2. Wow, that’s a hard one. If it were my last supper I would want my family and closest friends. For my meal, I’d wanna make it an 8 course one that would last all day so could enjoy them and the food. I’d want pan pizza since I haven’t had it in forever. But I’d want lots of desserts too! And I’d want to be at Ludwig’s castle in Germany, it was the inspiration for the Disney Cinderella castle. So beautiful..

    I totally understand about fearing it’s “the last” Seder – I felt that Easter and Mother’s Day 2006 would be the last with my Mom and I savored every moment. I am so glad I did.

    Great looking recipe too – only you could jazz up matzo!!! 😉

  3. Hmmmm….last meal? Well, I’ve actually thought about this a lot. Sad but true so it would be cheese pizza (thin crust with slightly chewy/crispy crust. Bonus pts. for an air bubble in the crust and ideally from my old teenage hangout restaurant), a Budweiser (for my dad), diet coke (for me), red wine (for mama), some coffee, mint chocolate chip ice cream and lemon sherbet. Just portioned enough so that I truly appreciate it.

    A soundtrack with Elvis, Edith Piaf, a few select songs that remind me of certain places/things/people. Candlelight.

    Somewhere warm with a little sun on my shoulders with my family (mom, dad (resurrected of course), sister, brother) the way I remember them. And then…a walk, Trivial Pursuit and charades after dinner.

    Matzoh, chocolate and toffee…YUM! Hope Seder with your dad was lovely and it may be cliched but it’s true…”Live each day as if it were your last”. Hard to do, I know but still a good reminder.

  4. I have always wanted to make this – with matzoh or … saltines even 😉

    these kind of questions are always fun to read the answers to. I think mine would be a really long dinner, just served in courses where we could all sit for hours and enjoy. Fresh amazing foods and wine and outside on my deck, in the warm sunshine around a ROUND table so we could all see each other! my favorite people would be there, my mom, my brother, my Uncle Dudley, Grandpa & Grandma Z, my best friend Katie, Jason, our friends A & L from Austin… the table is getting big 🙂 the main thing I would want is laughter, lively conversation, food that wows us, more conversation and good wine. we’d end up dragging the karaoke machine to the deck and … sing! 😀

    hope Seder with your dad was lovely.

  5. A guy was just telling me about toffee chocolate matzo yesterday and I was like “AHH that sounds like a Twix bar I want one!!” And now I can have one…this recipe looks awesome. Can I sandwhich two together?

  6. Your recipes just keep getting more and more delicious looking.

    Last supper would be with my family. In this case Ellie would be allowed on top of the table as well as Sam. I wouldn’t have a vegetable anywhere in sight because I would have been-there-done-that for all the rest of my previous days. Appetizers would include Cheetos. Main course could be thin ham pizza or french dip lamb sandwiches from Philippes downtown. Dessert: A Baskin Robbins cake with Peanut butter & Chocolate, and Oreos and chocolate chip cookies on the side of course. OR Thrifty’s chocolate malted crunch ice cream.

    I’m glad that you had a nice time with your Dad. You know how much you’ll cherish this time and you are making the most of it ❤

  7. Glad you spent the time with your dad. I’ve only been to a couple seder ceremonies in my life.

    I don’t want to think about last suppers! Too many people, foods and settings to choose from. Right now, I’d have In N Out. I’m craving junk food in the WORST sort of way. But I’d also kill to try my grandmother’s cooking, she passed away when I was too young to appreciate her culinary skills. Wish I could bring her back.

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