Bloggers to the Rescue

I will write more later. I just had to mention this today.

Ever since my father was diagnosed with the Gliobastoma brain cancer, I’ve felt so alone and frightened. My dad was my rock for the longest time, and having to go into this cancer battle with him sans mom was surly gonna kill me too.

But guess what I received this in the mail today:

It’s a card. A collection of love notes gathered by a handful of bloggers. Some I didn’t even know read my blog.

Once reading it, I cried like a pussy. Tears of partial joy, partial sadness, and partial gratitude.

So to all of those who wrote a letter in this book, “thank you” is not powerful enough to express my gratitude and respect I have towards you. And if you didn’t sign the card, but sent love notes my way (whether it be through mail, email, text, or even twitter), I also thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I brought the book to my dad’s and shared it with him. It moved him immensely. I will keep the book at his house throughout all of this. A good luck charm, of sorts.

I know, this post ain’t snarky or silly. And there isnt a hint of food in here. Just love.

And that love will help my dad and I through.

Phsssh….. Cancer is no match for love (and laughter, of course).

PS: Since most of the bloggers who contributed to this book I doubt read my blog these days, will some other blogger who is feeling especially un-lazy thank them and let them know I received it? I would email all of them to thank them properly, but time is precious these days.


38 thoughts on “Bloggers to the Rescue

    • yay! One person knows! My traffic has been so pathetic lately that I wondered if the bloggers who wrote it even knew my blog was still running and would never know I received it.

    • I know you would send love just the same. I do know some bloggers care and love me that didn’t get to be included, and believe me, I’m so greatful to you guys, just the same!

    • I’m so sorry Amanda. I don’t have everyone email addresses. Like deb said, I tried to forward to as many people as possible. Just didn’t around to everyone. My apologies to anyone not included. But I know Eden feels the love by everyone here and thats FREAKIN AWESOME!!

    • I was a kind of like “Oooh I hope no one feels left out” because I would personally feel left out if this happened to someone else and I was out of the loop. But many of my favorite bloggers were not in the book and you were one of them. I still love you (and Andy in a non-creepy way) very much.

  1. YAYY!!! YOu got it!!! Woo hoo!!! And I see mine on the left page…hee hee. I wanna read it too!!

    I’ve been waiting and waiting to see if you got it. Love you lots and lots, my dear Eden!!

  2. Aw! That’s so great! I know it sounds like an excuse, but trust me, if I knew your address I would have sent something by now too! You are still in my prayers, and I’m just glad you know how many people are thinking of you and what you’ve been going through.

    And such a beautiful card too!! Love handmade stuff like that 🙂

  3. I was at a loss for words when asked to contribute and now I wish I had. I felt like I hadn’t “bl-known” you long enough.
    Just goes to show what you have said earlier….blogging can be so REAL and we are really pulling for you, girl.
    You have the strength of a thousand and one tsunamis and you amaze me.

  4. The blogworld is SO special -especially to special people, which you are Eden! That is so awesome and so glad to hear it meant alot to your “Abba” that makes it more so!

    Hugs to you!!!

  5. Lindsay was so sweet to organize this and rally the gals. She asked us to forward to anyone we thought might want to contribute (So FORGIVE ME AMANDA BOO, I forgot to forward to you!) You really must know that everyone cares about you very much. You will not be alone, I can promise you that. And you might be scared but as I’ve said, I think that you are very, very strong underneath it all ❤ Hugs and sooo much love from Derek, me and the girls.

  6. Aw Eden.. I too would have cried. The love you’ve been shown through this is amazing 🙂 And it must be wonderful for your dad to see the support that you’re getting

  7. I always read your blog Eden! It’s just that I’m sometimes a month late, or don’t click out of my Reader. So happy you got it. Sorry if my note was inappropriate 😉 Did you ever hear from my aunt?

  8. Aw I love bloggers! I’ve made the greatest friends on here. I wish I had been informed, I would have loved to write you a letter too! I am still reading and still thinking of you of course and sending lots of love and well wishes.
    I hope you have a wonderful and happy Passover with your dad and family! I am in no way giving up bread, but I will still be enjoying all the delicious parts of passover foods such as this
    (hope that works) and spending time with my family 🙂

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