What Bloggers Talk About In Real Life

If you are an avid reader of blogs or a blogger yourself, you often feel like the people who you’e never actually met are friends. Perhaps even more than friends, as I’ve exemplified in this post.

And I bet some of you are wondering what on earth do bloggers do when they actually meet. Do they exchange oatmeal making tips, do they run marathons together, prepare “amaze-balls”, or talk about the best way to increase traffic.

Nope. Well, at least not my “blog-turned-real-life-freinds”.

Take today for example. I hung out with my “blogger-friend-turned-real-life-friend”(aka, Deb) and Mr. Smoothie Girl (aka, her husband).

We did not:

  • talk about oats in a jar
  • exchange “green monster” recipes
  • run a marathon
  • talk about our children (as we both have none, well, none that are human)
  • take lots of food pictures

Since I am a good friend, I will not disclose EVERYTHING discussed. I don’t see a therapist anymore so my friends end up hearing all the baggage I’m carrying. However, we DID talk about:

  • Other bloggers. Its hard not too. Don’t think we’re bitches that just poke fun at everyone else. We often say how much we love “so and so” and how creative “so and so” is.
  • Big Macs: Oddly enough, we talked a lot about Big Macs and McDonalds in general. I know, you’d think foodies like us should know better. I dont care what any of you vegans/gourmands/fruitarians think. Lets face it, we think fast food is equivalent to pornography, nutritionally speaking.
  • How “ghetto” we are: And if anyone out there thinks this is totally politically incorrect you are probably right! But we like to make fun at things we do that seem “ghetto”. It’s what we do to humble ourselves.
  • “Hormone Free Birth Control”: Mainly talking about our aversion to annoying children
  • Politics: Yea, we gossiped about certain politiciansย who think we need to oust Gaddafi out of “Labia”. (bonus points if you guess the politician).

What do you gab about with your friends? Do you think it would be different with your “blog” friends”


29 thoughts on “What Bloggers Talk About In Real Life

  1. The one time I tried OIAJ (and I hate stupid acronyms, BTW), I was disappointed at the lack of peanut butter in my oats. Probably because I put an ungodly amount of PB on my oats whenever I make plain ones. But that’s beside the point.

    I’m kind of craving a sausage biscuit & some hash browns from Mickey Dee’s now. Even if it would probably mean being chained to my bathroom for a couple hours afterwards.

  2. I can’t really say what I talk about with my friends in general, because the topics very much depend on the friend I talk to. With a very good friend, I usually talk about thoughts, feelings, psychological stuff, relationships, food, and things like that, and with my other very close friend it’s more about ideas, theories, psychological stuff again, creative projects, and so on. I’ve never met a blogger, so I can’t tell what I’d speak about with a blogger yet.

  3. I talk about marathons, green monsters, knee injuries… But when they start threatening to get up and walk out, I also talk about books, how disastrous my love life is, the news, other friends, what the hell I’m doing with my life… Like you I think I offload onto my friends quite a bit!

  4. I’ve only met 3 other bloggers. 2 are friends from another arena than blogging as well and I think the only thing we even brought up about blogging is how funny it was when we were all 3 sitting and rapidly typing up almost identical posts and pics – sort of a race. The other blogger I met we didn’t really talk about blogging – it was just like catching up with a friend. Filling in the blanks.

  5. i’m totally afraid to talk about my aversion to children publically…mostly because everyone thinks something MUST be wrong with me. i just don’t want children and neither does my husband…plenty of people on this planet already! i usually end up talking about current things in my job or fun stuff i’ve done recently. however, we will wax philosophical about world events/family dynamics/drama from time to time. can’t keep it light all the time!

  6. My first words when I saw the title “OH NO!!” bahaha.

    I think I sure clarify about the children: we talk about our aversion to horrible children. I actually like the good ones.

    We also talk about families (a lot now) and family dynamics. And travels/traveling/foreign lands (AND FOREIGN FOOD) and who was hawt back in our teenage years. Never mind that I have no idea who your teenage hotties were. I don’t even think I got to tell you that Scott Baio was the ultra hottie way back when in my day. (You’re thinking: who’s that?) And the fact that Russel Brand is not in the least bit attractive but does rock the briefs-n-black-socks look like SOMEONE else we might know ๐Ÿ˜‰ muuaaaahahahahahaha.

    • Oh no deb, are you mad??? I totally want to shine the best blogger light of you as I can!

      and bahahahaha about the “briefs-and-black-socks”! I think its a trend we need to bring back!

  7. I’ve loved the blogger meet ups that I’ve been a part of because we can talk about blogging (non-bloggers just don’t get it! haha) AND we can talk about our lives. I have gotten more personal more quickly with bloggers than I have with some of my non-close friends.

    • true, I feel people I’ve met through the blogs are way closer than some people I know in real life. But dont get me wrong, some bloggers are seriously from another planet!

  8. Ok this is quite sad, but my blog friends and I have more in common than I do with a lot of my friends, so I can’t even imagine the conversations (because I have some pretty good friends, even though we don’t have lots in common)

    Blog friends rock… enough said!

  9. I’ve never met a “blog” friend, but I assume it would be just like meeting someone I actually liked in person.
    And naturally, I just assumed you and Deb talked about me the whole time. Duh.

  10. okay 1. congrats on 2nd place sweet taterness!!!!! that’s definitely something to celebrate and i hope you guys talked about that for atleeeeeast a second!

    hahaha i totally love talking about other bloggers with other bloggers hahaha i love hearing what other bloggers are like in real life. it makes it fun especially if they’re weird. and by weird i’m pretty sure i prob fall in that category hahaha

  11. When I met a blog friend, neither one of us even mentioned our blogs.
    PS- I’ll just never get the oatmeal thing.
    Funny blogger wrote “I don’t like oatmeal and apparently nobody else does either because they pile all this stuff into it to make it taste like something else.
    I thought that was funny.

  12. it’s overwhelming how much there is to talk about when you get together with another blogger. the foodbuzz festival is like shit-to-talk-about overload. I CANT WAIT FOR MAY 13!

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