The New “iProducts”

I’m a little sick of the “woe is me cancer stuff”.

As a drove during rush hour this morning, I started to ponder what new “iproducts” might be invented. There’s already the ipod, the iphone, and ipad (which I can’t help but think of it in the panty liner sense).

Apple should consider my new “isuggestions”:

9. iRun: Its pretty simple. It runs for you and gives you that “runner’s high” without having you actually move a muscle. Great for recovering over-exercisiers and people that pretend to like running but loathe it deep down.

8. iNature. Why go outdoors and risk getting stung by mosquitoes when you can enjoy all the magnificient splendors of nature from the comfort of your own handheld device?

7. iRide: its Apple’s version of a car that doesnt run on gas and disappears at a click of a button so there is no need to hunt for parking.

6. iSnuggie: Stay warm, comfortable and post videos, blogs, update your facebook, or engage in some of the positions below! All from your favorite “blanket with sleeves”!

5. iOatmeal: For the token oatmeal-loving foodblogger. This bowl of oats is programmed to fix your oatmeal just the way you like it. With you almond/ soy/ rice,/yak milk, or with your almond/peanut/coconut/cashew/ butter, and whatever extras you like. Personally, my iOatmeal bowl would be empty. Because (gasp) I don’t like oatmeal!

4. iScream: just really good ice cream that refills it self.

3. iProtection: its a shield, a gun, a condom, and a birth control pill all in one handy device!

2. iSauteePan: Cooking with apps was never so push-button.

1. iSore: A picture of yours truly 😉

What iProduct would you pitch?


28 thoughts on “The New “iProducts”

  1. I work in the advertising/communications div of my company so as you can imagine, lots of funny, creative folks. They love creating posters and such, especially for the newbie. My first day I came in to a post on my door (still there) introducing the brand new 2008 iMiller (for Iacobacci-Miller of course).

  2. Cute post Eden.
    Do you like quinoa flakes? Great with jam, coconut butter, side of eggs and fruit… I like them as much or more than I do oatmeal…instant, but I vote for convenience or I’ll never actually eat it 🙂

  3. iSeep – gives you the refreshment of 8 hours of sleep while you are really doing all the other things that there isn’t enough time in the day for!

    Or iJob – does your job while you surf blogs all day or use iRun and iNature! 😉

  4. I like the iScream business. I could go for a never-ending bowl of ice cream. Always. And on that note – iChocolate, iBrownies, and iMac-and-Cheese.

  5. I’d love an iDecide. Since I’m so indecisive when it comes to making decisions, I’d love an app where I type in my ‘indecisive situation’ and a couple options I’m thinking about. Then it would compute and spit out which option is best and why. Sounds a little time consuming, but it’d be worth it to me. 🙂

  6. You know the food blogging gods will strike you down for not liking oatmeal (in the same way they hate me because I bought *gasp* instant oatmeal!). 😉

    How ’bout iSuperhero? For all the times you’d love to put on a cape & tights and either fly through the air, or go smash some bad-guy ass.

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