I traded my usual night blog posting time to have a slumber party at my dad’s.

I didn’t answer phones, emails, or comment on any blogs.

Man, it feels good to unplug.

When’s the last time you did? I highly recommend it.

Dont fret, my usual snark and possible food porn to come later today.


17 thoughts on “Unplugged

  1. Will be unplugged soon when we move next week. Everything we own will be in an 18wheeler and there a couple days after us, so we’ll be camping out in sleeping bags for a couple of days until our stuff is delivered. Should be interesting.

  2. unplugging is SUCH an awesome feeling. it’s pretty liberating haha as soon as school is over i’m unplugging for like 10 days straight.

    love you mama! i’ve been thinking about you all week ❀

    • Ugh, I’m the SAME way. I’d say maybe the past 2yrs I’ve been on my laptop every.single.day.
      Going to try to unplug a few times at least this summer.
      The only time I’ve ever unplugged was when our wireless was down

  3. I unplug for a few days every few week(ends), usually when I’m away with friends or family. Although the all this technology can be great for keeping in touch and facilitating relationships, it can also get in the way sometimes. I’m sure your dad appreciated having just there, sans iPhone and the rest of us πŸ˜‰

  4. Whenever I travel, I unplug to a certain degree or another. If it’s overseas, there’s no Twitter or Facebook, but we usually check email once or twice a day (I suppose that’s like a ‘normal’ person should on ANY given day, right?).

    I’m glad you had a slumber party at your Dad’s- these are the memories to cherish forever. Unplug often.

    But when you do decide to plug back in, I believe you owe me an email πŸ™‚

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