What to Eat Before You Die(t)

Once again, I’m overwhelmed with the amount of support from all of my readers! It’s attention I truly don’t want! But if someone’s offering their love, I’ll take it! There is such thing as too skinny and yes, too rich. But no such thing as too much love.

I know many of you wonder how I managed to post in this difficult time. And many people have complimented me on my “composure” and “strength”. The truth is, most of you would be strong and composed if you were in my shoes. Its a survival instinct. Even if you are a slow runner, when you chased by lion, you run fast. I’m not especially strong. It just kind of happened.

(PS, if anyone has no clue on what I’m referring to, I’ve revised the “About” page so you can read a little blurb on that).

Anyhow, this post is actually about food.

I’ve been reading lots of stuff online preaching that my dad should be on a strict macrobiotic, vegan diet. That I should omit sugar and all “refined” foods and saturated fats. While that’s great and all, I don’t think it will save my dad.

At best, it will give us teeny bit more time. But if diet alone could cure, there would not be over 15,000 researches trying to find a cure for this deadly cancer.

So this got me thinking, should I work hard at feeding my dad all these juices and shunning chocolate and ice cream? I mean, if this disease will kill him eventually, shouldn’t I let him live it up?

If it were me, I’m honestly unsure WHAT I would do! I’m still kind of in a tricky area. I drink diet soda even though I read articles that claimed it will give me cancer. And I can’t tell you how many burnt toast, burn bacon, and burnt french fries (probably in lard) I’ve consumed. And since cancer is everywhere in my family, I’m obviously doomed, right? But a life deprived of what youย want is not much of a life. I suppose if what you want is wheatgrass juice than thats fine, but its not what I want.

I’m unsure about my dad’s diet. I think I will ask him what he wants to do I guess. He is actually naturally a healthy eater, but there is a fair share of chocolate in there (he’s Belgian, that’s a given!).

But I’m curious what you would do. If you got about a year to live and that got extended to two years if you could not eat your favorite foods, what would you do?


40 thoughts on “What to Eat Before You Die(t)

  1. I am sorry that your father and his family is having to go through this.

    What would I do????? Give up the food that I might love(crave) so that in doing so
    I would have more time with the people I love. I chose family over food.

  2. For an entire EXTRA YEAR, I would eat a strict diet. That’s twice as much time. You can do a lot in a year!

    But I doubt that is the difference we are really talking about. If the difference in survival for eating macro versus eating anything is actually a month or two, maybe I would go balls out.

    But then again, a month is a lot too! And I love all foods, so I can get just as excited about delicious fresh fruit and vegetables as I can over white chocolate and whipped cream (two of my favorite sweets). So I would choose to look at it as a delicious and natural way to eat for my remaining days, instead of a deprived way to eat.

  3. A year is a long time, but it would seem like 7 (in a bad way) if I had to drink green monsters for the entirety. I have a feeling I might split the difference (hmm, as I do now) …have organic Hugh Jass salads washed down with a Double Big Gulp of Coke Zero, perhaps a few of my hub’s burnt fries (and only the burnt ones- why would I waste my time on pale fries?) and finish off the meal with dessert: Microwave 100 cal kettlecorn in a cancer causing bag.

    I think that you should ask his oncologist if there is anything to it, and of course, Dad will be the final vote. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hugs.

    • Very wise idea deb! I’ll give the oncologist a call and of course, let loulou have the final vote. Is there a green monster that involves chocolate and belgian beer? Cause that a monster I might be able to tackle.

  4. Uh…personally I would choose to eat healthy with a healthy dose of sugar and dairy, too.
    But I think ultimately your dad will have to make that choice.

    By the way, I asked around today. I asked an old lady who works at a herbal medicine store, she doesn’t sell reishi but she recommended a place. It’s a Korean place and I couldn’t even find it on google, but I roughly know the directions because she told me. In Korea, it is: ์ œ์ผ๋…น์šฉ๊ฑด์žฌ์ƒ์‚ฌ.

    Also check this place out: http://www.1needleclinic.com/holistic.html

  5. I LOVE that photo – SO cute!!

    I would choose to eat healthy, with balance in letting some of my favorite indulgences in (I suppose just like I do now!). I lost a very very good friend years ago, and at the time I would say I’d give my nearly six figure salary to have her back… so drinking juice and wheatgrass to gain a year? probably!

    also, chocolate IS healthy! ๐Ÿ™‚

    โค hugs!

  6. I already eat pretty clean, but if giving up some kind of food that wasn’t good for me for some extra time with the people I loved (because that’s what really matters, right? You’re not going to be asking for that grilled cheese or whatever other food on your deathbed, you’ll be asking for the people you love) then I’d give it all up in a heartbeat.
    Also, though I’m sure you’ve probably already heard this, you should check out Kris Carr’s books, or even her website. Cancer can’t grow if you starve it, right? It thrives on animal products and refined foods, so technically if you eat a whole foods vegan diet then you should be able to stop it, or at least slow it down, which is totally worth it in my opinion.
    Life is a terminal condition, cancer patients are just more aware of it.
    Do your best to be positive. You don’t have to be all the time, because we are human after all, but it’s good to just let the negativity go and live your life. Live in the present. Don’t worry about the future, because that’s out of your control, and stressing over it would be a waste of energy. Be thankful that you’re all here and that you still have the opportunity to spend time together. Love is a truly a healing force.
    Just as a side note, banana soft serve is kind of ice cream, and it’s super delish and still good for you.
    At any rate, you guys will be in my thoughts tonight. I’ll be sending lots of positive vibes and healing your way โค

  7. I would probably eat what I felt like eating…or what I was craving, if I was able to crave anything at all. You are in my thoughts Eden. I don’t know what else I can say.

  8. Go back to the choice you gave hime if he would be on an island : he is now !
    Life is not about quantity, it’s about quality, I agree healthy food, whatever that is, is not the key to extend his life now, it’s more about feeling well and enjoying being here with you: that will keep him going more than fat free or all other kind of diet/organic (redicolous byt the way) food.
    If he wants to eat every day Fois Gras (Gooth liver pate) and Riz de Veau (=Sweat bread: this is a cholestrerol bomb) give it to him ! (it’s Kosher!)
    So my advice: make Belgium fries: The best potato for this is of course Yukon. (next time I will give you some more recepies with that patato, or is it potatoe? )
    Keep the skin and cut them in long square pieces (half an inch square).
    Deep Fry them for about 5 minutes in Corn Oil. Then let them cool down and fry them again in the same oil (180 degrees celcius): and last but not least serve them with Hellman’s mayoniase: at the side, that’s the Belgium way.
    Of course you can make your own Belgian mayonaise: i will tell you hwo to make that.

    Love from the guy who talks with chips in his mouth! give Lou Lou a hug from me.

    Bette Avon.

  9. I think its a balance. My grandma had cancer (which lasted a year) and although she ate healthy, she all made mix fix her chicken fried steak! hehe. I was happy to please her. I just made to keep all ingredients REAL and organic. I have a feeling your dad will want to eat well and enjoy any and ALL food that you make him because its from LOVE.

  10. My gpa was a heavy coffee drinker, had a few heart attacks, got healthy and cut out coffee. When he found out he had cancer his favorite drink was a Starbucks Vanilla Latte. Now on the anniversary of his death my entire family gets a vanilla latte. YES even me. I have tears in my eyes typing this. It’s so hard but my life is better now that he’s watching over me.

    I would FOR SURE start eating what I want. Corn dogs, elephant ears, you know the stuff that reminds you of being a kid. I might not enjoy cotton candy but i’d taste it.

  11. Great question!
    I actually do enjoy a lot of healthy foods.. so my vegetable consumption wouldn’t exactly change. I would probably eat my fair share of poutine though. I saw it on Izzy’s blog the other day and drooled a little. That’s my Canadian vice I guess XD

  12. I think a lot of it will depend on your dad’s attitude. When my grandma was basically told she had maybe a month left & to get in touch with hospice, my sister was about 2 months away from giving birth to her 1st daughter (my grandma’s 1st great-grandchild). Not only did my grandma hang on for those 2 months to see my niece born, she hung on almost 2 months after that, so she could spend time with the baby. So if he’s got the will & the determination, your dad could live longer than the doctors are predicting.

    To answer your question, quite frankly, while I love my family and friends more than anything, I’m going to buck the trend, and say I probably would go hell-bent for 1 year and eat whatever I wanted, extension of life be damned! I’d rather have a year of enjoying myself and my family than feel like I was wasting away. Life’s too short as it is!

  13. i admire that you continue to blog when your personal trials are testing your limits. i hope you find peace and closure through this journey and lean on your friends/fam for support and many hugs! it’s difficult to say how i’d eat…for one, i’d continue to eat foods that make me feel good but i’m sure my indulgences would increase because hey, you gotta live! if that meant i wanted lox for breakfast fine, but if i wanted a pint of ice cream for lunch then i’d have it. i don’t think restriction in this dept would be necessary and let’s be honest when you are feeling sick your appetite is off anyway. i’d eat what i could to keep up my strength and mental fitness!

  14. This is tough! I think I would eat the “right” foods most of the time, but I wouldn’t deprive myself of ice cream once in a while, either. I wouldn’t be super strict about it, I guess- even if that is what I was supposed to do, but I wouldn’t throw everything out the window, either.

  15. Honestly, I can’t tell you what the best decision is to make. I know that I would probably give up the food if it meant I’d have more time here with my family.

    Maybe you can do something in between? Not completely take it out of his diet, but at least as some?

  16. Come here via Deb’s blog and I wanted to know another person is sending prayers to your Dad and family. You both will be in my thoughts. {{Hugs}}

  17. It is kind of true that you find strength when you most need it and least want it. ๐Ÿ™‚ Well, it’s a good thing that your father is a healthy eater already, right? So he’s half the way to what was suggested. For the other half, he’ll have to make that choice. For me it’s kind of quality vs quantity. I wouldn’t like to live twice longer but half satisfied, both in terms of food and quality of life. But as always, the one who is outside of the dance knows more songs…

  18. So much pleasure is found in eating food and sharing good food with those that you love. Of course you understand this, you’re a chef! I would absolutely eat the things that I enjoy and not go through every day wishing I could have this or that and having my life further restricted by my condition. But that’s just me and I looooooove food!

  19. I do know someone who had not much longer to live and changed his diet to a raw vegan low sugar diet and cured his cancer. Also Kris Carr from Crazy Sexy Life (http://crazysexylife.com/) has done similar. She has some great books, like Crazy Sexy Cancer tips, and she’s a funny writing so it’s not a drag to read. But I keep recommending this to people and they are just so worn down and beaten up by cancer they never even consider my idea. I’ve also seen a mom who was a raw foodist take her son to a raw vegan center in his last month to live and the poor guy had to spend his last days with wheatgrass up his butt. There is a time when it it’s not appropriate. Personally, I do feel meat and animal products cause cancer. I’ve heard many doctors talk on it and read lots of books on it. But not everyone wants to hear it.

    I do think there is a certain balance that one can achieve, for example cutting out sugar, including lots of greens and veggie juices, and reducing meat and use hormone-free meat if not completely get rid of it. My dad did this when he was prediabetic and isn’t prediabetic anymore. I do think diet affects health. That being said, I’ve also changed my diet but it didn’t cure my chronic pain. So I don’t believe for sure that diet can cure anything.

    And I do think chocolate is important, it has antioxidants in it! Just keep it dark if possible (so less sugar in it).

  20. I, too, am so sorry to read this familiar situation. My niece and my mother have both suffered and succumbed to cancer. My niece was only six when diagnosed with medulloblastoma – also a brain cancer. My sister changed her diet and went completely macrobiotic and sought other alternative solutions because the medical options were so dire with only 5% chance of any positive delay in the outcome. My niece experienced quality of life and lived three years longer than expected. It was difficult to avoid the sugars and foods that we thought might be feeding the tumor. Once, for fun during a visit, I took puff paints and those plates that can be drawn on and then they are sent back to you “fired” or whatever they do. My niece drew a picture of her family, parents and siblings, at a picnic – what were they eating? … CAKE and HOT DOGS!! Poor little thing! We did feel like we were depriving her of the fun foods, but truly believed that it was an effort necessary to save her life if it was God’s will that she be saved.

    I have thought that if I were in that position to just let me go, but over the years, and after experiencing my mother’s determination to live, I think it is important to do whatever is possible and pray for a miracle. Knowing that my mother fought and wanted to live is something that I reflect on every day. She didn’t just give up on life and I admire and love her for the grace she demonstrated. My husband said that how to die is the last lesson our parents can teach us. I thought that insightful, and a lesson I also learned from my niece when she was only nine.

    God bless you, and your dad, and your family. Thank you for sharing your experience with the world. You are an inspiration and are supporting many, as you are supported.

  21. Have you ever heard of the Gerson institute? They cure cancer all the time through diet, but because the American economy depends on people being sick “the powers that be” make sure that this cure doesn’t get out. They don’t actually WANT to cure cancer because “finding the cure for cancer” is such a lucrative industry. Instead of curing cancer the logical and natural way, they pay people to discover a more expensive, controlled, man-made way.
    You might want to look it up: the institute where they treat people is in Tijuana since they aren’t allowed to practice within the US. If I had cancer, that’s the first place I would go. They’ve cured people who have been given MONTHS to live!

    • I was actually going to comment about Charlotte as well. My bf has listened to several interviews with Charlotte Gerson and passed them along to me. He started getting into it when his dad was diagnosed with cancer. I know that this is what I would ultimately resort to. Yes food brings comfort but for some reason knowing that there are people that HAVE beat cancer would mean that I would fight until the day I passed to hang on to whatever glimmer of hope that a miracle could happen. I’m a mom so a death sentence would not sit well with me and I know that every extra moment spent with them would be more comfort than any bowl of ice cream or loaf of warm bread could bring me.

  22. Eden,

    I feel so very sad about your dad. When I had no parents on Saturdays your dad went so out of his way to not let me be lonely. I hated those Saturday groups until I got to know your wonderful dad. Then he actually wanted to speak to my wonderful but ever so difficult dad. it really made a difference. If I had the choice I would do whatever could give me more time with my loved ones. I agree about speaking to your dad’s oncologist and letting your dad determine what he wants. You are strong. It is more then survival instinct it is who you are!

  23. That is such a tough question…it is easy for me to stand here and say I am all about that extra year but when faced with the situation I have no idea what I would actually choose. My heart goes out to you and your dad.

  24. You have the best pictures of you and your father. I need to start taking more family photos so that I have things to look back on!
    I think if my life were extended a full year I definitely would give up my favorite foods. Anything less than a month I wouldn’t. I don’t think I would want to be choosing for someone else, so hopefully your Dad can make the final decision. I wish I could say I know what I would do, but I really don’t think I would know unless I was actually in his shoes.

  25. Check out DrAxe.com for information on the healing foods diet. He is from Nashville and my sisters go to him regularly. He is great and cured his own mom from cancer and he was only 23 years old! Amazing how eating pure natural foods will do to your body!

  26. I love food but this is a tough one for me. I think I’d try the strict diet for awhile and see if it helped me feel better. If not, I’m going balls out. Life is short and full of delicious food.

    Does that make me a glutton?

  27. Such a cute photo โค

    I don't know for sure what I would do. But I think I would live and enjoy the time I have, not try to gain a few extra weeks and suffer through it the whole time.

    Praying for you โค


  28. I think diet is not as important as most think. A lot of people reference Kris Carr for beating cancer with her raw, vegan diet…I found a website at “grassfed momma’ a long time ago that beat her cancer by abandoning her raw diet for an organic one based more paleo…go figure…everyone has a different answer.
    Love is key..and you both share that. Alleviate the stress. Treasure the love.

  29. When my mom was given that same diagnosis she was told only 2 nutrition nos no margarine and no microwaves and you know what? I don’t care if it was crap or not but having something I could do to “help” made me feel good and as I said she lived a good 18 months!

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