Yeastless Dinner Rolls and Twitter Observations

I can’t believe I’m posting about Twitter.

I used to hate it. I didn’t understand the point and it just seemed stressful. It’s enough having a facebook status to worry about, now I have to keep up appearences on Twitter??

No Thanks.

A little over a year ago, I met a guy I had a little crush on. Problem was, he lived in the other side of the country. So true to stalker form, I set up a twitter account to “follow” him and impress him by my clever tweets. But I “tweeted” about once a month (PS, I hate the word “tweet”, can someone rename it?).

But now that verizon has been blessed with the iphone, I find myself enamored in the thing I loathed not to long ago.

Thats not to say I don’t have my opinons about it. I would have tweeted them all, but I just couldn’t edit them down to 140 charcters or less:

  • Pity the fool: There’s a very thin line between looking very clever or extremely foolish on Twitter
  • Once you click “send”, your tweets become your boss. You can try to “correct” earlier wrong information you tweeted in the morning, but then a sleepyhead with a hangover with 2,500 followers will find that original tweet at 8pm and it will be all over. (PS, I dont  currently drink so maybe this is would never happen, and me having over 100 followers is laughable).
  • People are nice to strangers. I actually only “know” about five of my “followers”, and yes, its creepy most of my followers don’t know me.
  • Having said that, a real friendship can really blossom after a few DMs (that stands for “Direct Message” for you non-twitterers).
  • Tweetdeck: hmm… sounds like a submarine.
  • People get “hungry”, “bored”, “sleepy” all the time It’s a mystery why I have never once seen an “I’m in the loo” tweet.
  • Don’t tweet your symptoms of depression. We all hate/love ourselves enough to self-promote/self-pity on Twitter (and this goes for facebook too!). And while the love part usually goes hand-in-hand with self-promotion, the hate usually manifests itself as the need to tweet about another job interview gone wrong or how we ate all that chocolate. Save it for your therapist’s couch or Mr. Ben and Mr. Jerry.
  • Auto-follow bots — (By the way, I’m pretty sure half my followers are spam auto-follow bots). Just because I said the word “photo” does not mean I’m interested in buying a camera from your shitty eBay store. At least take two minutes to read my tweets and see if I’m really a potential customer or not before you jizz another “So and so is now following you on Twitter” message into my e-mail inbox.
  • Most celebrities are lame: I follow like three celebrities and they consist of Joel McHale, Dr. Drew, and Seth MacFarlane. I hate it when celebrities who send public kisses to each other all day long. As fascinating as I find celebs, I prefer to read about them in US Weekly. On Twitter, they are a bit too much like “us” and I find it irritating rather than endearing.
  • Beware the Sunshine Spreaders: Maybe I’m too jaded, but having messages constantly pop up that tell me to smile and love life make me want to punch the computer screen. Perhaps that’s my problem though.

Ok, now I’m off to self promote myself and “tweet” about this post. (By the way, this is not an attempt to pick up more followers. Trust me, I’m very boring to follow and I am a twitter dumbass because I dont know how to use hashtags and all that fancy twitter stuff).

Any observations you’ve picked up about twitter? Do you have a love/hate relationship with it? Did you miss my last post with the Hawaii chair? If you didn’t, trust me, go check it out!

And did I mention bread without the waiting for yeast to rise???? Maybe I twittered about it 😉

  • 3 cups all purpose or brown rice flour
  • 4 teaspoons baking flour
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 1/2 cups milk of choice or 1 1/2 cups water (works with any liquid really, I’m tempted to try it with apple cider!)
  • 3 tablespoons cup liquid fat of choice I used olive oil  (i.e. melted butter, vegetable oil, etc)
  • Mix liquids and add to dry ingredients. Stir until there is no more dry flour. Depending on the humidity of the air where you live you may need a little bit more or less liquid, adjust accordingly. The dough should be moist but not sticky. It may take a few minutes for the flour to fully absorb the liquid, so don’t rush to add liquid or flour to it. Divide into 8 dinner roll and roll into balls with lightly oiled hands. Score lightly the surface in a diamond or X shape to prevent splitting of the crust. Place on a baking sheet and bake for 25 minutes at 400F.

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    23 thoughts on “Yeastless Dinner Rolls and Twitter Observations

    1. It took me FOREVER to join twitter and now I kind of love it, and Seth MacFarlane is by far the best celebrity to follow

    2. I joined Twitter mainly to promote my crappy blog, although I find myself posting more Facebook-status type updates there than I do on FB any more. My gripe is the folks who start following you & see innocuous enough at first, but then they start re-tweeting every possibly link under the sun. Half the fun of blogging is searching & discovering stuff on my own–I don’t need 850 links to random crap from the same person clogging up my timeline or whatever the hell it’s called! I too only actually know 3 of my followers (one of whom is my cousin), but by far the coolest “celebrity” is Trace Beaulieu who was with Mystery Science Theater 3000, and that’s just because he followed me back after I started following him. 🙂

    3. haha love the twitter thoughts. i really enjoy it but i try to refrain so i don’t become the person who lets you know the minutia of my life. i often use it to find local eats or fun things to do when i’m in a new city tweeting out 🙂

    4. I was morally opposed to twitter for a really long time. And then I gave in this summer. For no real apparent reason. It was a moment of weakness. And now it’s my absolute favorite distraction during the middle of a really boring lecture. Especially when the lecturer is saying really stupid things that I can make fun of and tweet about.

    5. I love twitter. I am in no way ashamed to publicly proclaim my love for it 😉

      Although I’m reeeeeally sick of “Today is going to be a good day!” tweets. Or things like “Delicious green smoothie for lunch!,” “Ran 4.5 miles and it felt great!” GAG.

    6. I only Tweet for work and yes, I hate that word. Other than posting what I have to, I really don’t know how to have a “Twitter Party” or reply to anyone or anything. With that said, I’ve snuck a few “fun” people to follow that make it worth logging in once in awhile. But I still don’t have a personal account of really get it. I know I probably should, but really…I don’t need another thing to tell me I only have five people that care about what I think (and that I only know three of them personally.)

    7. I don’t use twitter because Facebook is way enough for me socially… I’ll admit I have thought about signing up, but I don’t think I will. Guess I’m missing out, but oh well, at least I have facebook. Maybe eventually…

    8. I just joined as well and most of the time I’m googling what things mean! Like #ff or RT (now I know but I was a little slow on the uptake). My favorite spam follower is LA Wellness Center (a medical marijuana shop) that started following me after I joked about how California is filled with potheads. So I might just start writing crazy things to see what companies will appear.

      • I still dont really get it, but you sorta have to jump in the pool and learn as you go…believe me, at first I was surprised my name wasn’t even taken!

    9. I try not to air my white girl problems for all to see, but sometimes I just can’t help but be tempted by the little birdie graphic. I like reading other people’s tweets and following comedians- there are some pretty funny ones out there. Otherwise, I forget about it for weeks and then feel compelled to make an appearance.

    10. I refuse to Twitter- seems like such an idiotic waste of time..and who cares? I heard there are things called “Twitter Wars’ where ppl fight/or try to reconcile via Twitter (Ciara/Rihanna)… why not just send a message, email, text, call or even facebook message them? I don’t get it, although Dr Drew would be pretty cool to follow! Your rolls look great! I made some with sunflower seeds/flax/wheat germ and pumpkin seeds the other day. So good!
      Have a fantastic weekend Eden!

    11. hahaha this is why i love twitter. because i can post what i’m thinking out loud when i’m alone and someone who i don’t even really know can react to my thoughts that i’m thinking out loud. i think twitter probably prevents a lot of people from going insane.

      hahahaha i just cracked myself up thinking about it.
      like if you twitterize (new word for tweet) “i love cheese” like people are going to respond to it! and you don’t even have to say it out loud. i mean COME ON what’s not to love about that?

    12. I joined twitter very very recently and I am trying my best to verify my bipolar personality status. My geeky stuff don’t make sense to my runner friends, my running updates put my geeks to sleep and my fitness/food obsessions make both groups wonder if someone has hacked my account! Fun stuff! 🙂 But the sunshine spreaders are my personal nemesis: third message that goes something like “goodddd morning!!!! rise and shine!!!! **hugs** 😀 😀 :D” (not even making that up unfortunately) and I unfollow you no questions asked.

    13. i do love Twitter, but i DEFFF get tired of the “eating XXX, now reading XXX, and then off to go to XXX!” every. five. minutes. craziness!!

    14. I just use twitter for giveaway entries. I almost never go on otherwise because I still don’t quite get it.
      Apple cider rolls would be amazing. I would like to try it with pineapple juice and coconut and add just a little bit of sugar to make them slightly sweet.

    15. I hate the bots. I’ve had a lot of them this week, just mentioning a money word got me several.

      BTW, you can delete tweets, so no worries there. I accidentally tweeted instead of DMed once or twice. Oops.

    16. ps: I like to follow controversial people on twitter. I don’t follow many bloggers, because they mostly just push their blog and likely I already read it.

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