Analyzing my….Bosom!

Remember last week when I analyzed my ass?

Well, it was one of my most widely read post! I don’t know why, but I guess people found analyzing my body was fascinating.

So I guess by popular demand, I’m analyzing a new body part today.

My boobs, tits, tatas, jugs, cans, melons,the twins, funbags, headlights, hooters, “peaks and valleys”, -what ever you wish to call them.

they're cute, huh?

Boobs are special. Only half the population has them intentionally (because we all know about those plagued with “man boobs”). There are actually blogs, books, and facebook pages devoted to the love of boobs!

Me? I think I do generally approve of mine, but like last time, I’ll do a “pros” and “cons” list.


I think its gross that milk comes out of em. I know, maybe that statement is a little TMI for you and I’m all for breastfeeding blah, blah, blah…its natural and healthy, I get it….but the thought that milk can come out of mine weirds me out! I don’t want to be a cow!

On that note…

I think nipples are weird too: I mean, I think they are ugly. Sorry, never seen ones I likes. I mean, they are kind of like giant pimples! And they are oddly colored and as I mentioned above….it just reminds me of a cow.

I feel like they are ticking time bombs: I haven’t discussed my mom’s death much on the blog, but she had breast cancer ever since I was in her womb. The cancer came and went a few times before she lost the battle when I was thirteen. I know I’m at a very high risk for getting breast cancer and I’m just waiting for the day I myself will need to start chemo. Sad, but I’m hoping there will be a cure someday.

Alright, enough bad stuff….lets get to the good:


They are proportional: I’m not complaining that mine are too big or too small. I think I’m a small person (not “skinny”, just petite) and I think my breasts are proportional to me. Not huge, but there are definitely visible “peaks” going on (they were pretty much just pimples in my eating disorder days).

They solidify the fact that I’m a woman…..and not a little girl: As I mentioned, when I was deep in my eating disorder I looked like a pre-pubescent little girl.

Eden with no boob-age! Dont I look like a bobble head?!

But I was already in college! I think the fact that I have them visible solidify the fact that I’m no longer trying to keep myself small, teeny, and emaciated. I’m a grown up, and my so is my body.

They are mine, so they must be awesome. I think I am super cool, so my boobs, which are a part of me, must be too.

yay! Eden after treatment grew some "jugs"! PS, I hate that term, "jugs"ewww goes back to that whole lactating thing

Alright……For the few guys that read this (I’m fairly certain there is SOME!), I’m curious to hear what you like or maybe dislike about breasts. Ladies, what do you love and not love about your pair? And for the fun of it, whats your favorite euphemism for them?


47 thoughts on “Analyzing my….Bosom!

  1. I like “ta tas,” “tittaaaays “(a la dave chapelle), and “boobage.”

    I love mine, actually, because of the fact that they are small. No one ever stares at my chest, I can choose if I don’t want to wear a bra, and I can wear guy-ish clothing and pull it off. I think everyone just kind of likes what they have because it’s theirs though!

    I think it’s great that your post about your ass was super popular haha- must be a nice ass, right? 🙂

  2. Boobs is such a funny word! Well, remember what I said about my big greek butt? Same goes for boobs. This entire curves and mediterranean figure thing is consistent at least!

  3. Boobs. I don’t have a preferred term, I but hate “tits.” Dont ever say that word around me.

    I like mine mainly because other people tend to like them. And I like being liked:) But other than that, they are perky which apparently is an issue for alot of people with larger breasts. And they distract from my gut. And I look amazing in a pushup bra;)

    Yay, this is fun. Lets do vaginas next! lol.

  4. I have always had issues with my boobs (such a strange word!!). I started ‘developing’ at a young age compared to my classmates, and so I grew up hating them.
    Same as you, when I was deep in ED I had none at all. I almost think that was the reason that I clung on to ED, because I had always hated them, and I was glad that I pretty much had none.
    Now, I still hate them, but I learn to live with them, because I know that they are a sign that I am healthy. 😀

    I think all words for them sound strange haha.

  5. Only you, Eden. Only you.

    I do generally approve of my boobs. I mean, seriously, they are always an asset no matter how big or small they are. A little bit of cleavage goes a long way, in my experience. 😛

  6. Hey Eden, I found you through Heather at Where’s the Beach. And what an awesome post to start out on!

    I have pretty small boobs (my favourite word for them I think!) for my build. Which kinda annoys me sometimes — I feel out of proportion. But you’re right — I should love them simply for being mine! Thank you for sharing about your mum too. I know worries and thoughts like that play on a lot of women’s minds, and putting them out in the open helps us demystify the fear of cancer.

    Right, I’m off to check out your butt now! 😉

  7. I too despise the word “tits.” I dunno why, but it makes me cringe whenever I hear it.

    I’m not a big fan of my rack, because A) I’m well-endowed & B) Motherhood & weight gain have taken their toll. I will totally be one of those old ladies with boobs down by her knees one day. The one thing I miss about being pregnant is having a ready-made shelf for them to rest on!

  8. Of COURSE your ass post was the most viewed – girl’s got it goin’ on!

    I’m accepting of my boobs and I love them. Good things come in small packages. I used to wish they were bigger, but it’s nice not having to wear a bra sometimes and I don’t have to worry about “droopage” haha!

  9. My grandma has huge boobs, my mom has a decent set and I used to actually have something to fill a bra. Those days are gone. So in the words of my grandma, I have “No hips, no ass and no breasts.” Lovely. Padded bras can only do so much. I’m concave and wish I had more, if only so I didn’t resemble a 12-year-old boy.

    I’m jumping on the “tits” hatewagon. It sounds crude to me or something. I also hate the word “nipple.” I’m good with just about anything else–boobs (most often,) ta-tas, gazongas, etc. I’m a thesaurus of anatomical synonyms 😉

    • My husband’s grandmother (after a couple of drinks) started prattling on about her “gazongas” at a family get-together, which gave me a new appreciation for that word.

  10. I actually had a conversation with my gentleman caller about boobs the other day and why guys like them so much, and our main conclusion is that they don’t have them. I like my boobs, they aren’t too big or too small, they fill out tops but they aren’t so big that they hurt my back or affect my running.

  11. Hehehe… boobies 🙂
    I love your fearless posts Eden 😛 I have actually been blessed with a pretty wonderful cup size. They aren’t non-existent but they aren’t mountainous either… although a little extra meat on my bones would do my chest wonders. If ever there was a reason to gain, eh?

    Hah! Thanks for making me smile today 🙂

  12. I used to always want bigger boobs. I’m small, and always thought bigger boobs would make me more feminine. Now, I’m very happy to have small boobs – it sooo doesn’t hurt when I exercise or run 😉 There will be zero sagging.

  13. I think most woman are never happy with their boobs. I like mine but they are too damn small. I would love to go up a size and fill out more at the top. I could gain weight but I don’t wanna risk getting jumbo thighs haha

  14. Not sure how to say this without being a creep but you’ve got a great rack! And I say rack because saying boobs could be pervier- or less??

    Mine are very small- no matter what size I am- but I love them nonetheless. I honestly wouldn’t change a thing. They’re perky, manageable and mine.

    And I’m so sorry to hear about your mom! There has been breast cancer in my family as well! I try to dry skin brush my boobs which is supposed to help.

    If feels so weird writing boobs in a comment section.

  15. My mom has had like quadruple D or something every since she developed which was early. So she has ‘bajongs’…of which she did NOT pass down to me for some reason. I don’t qualify for tits, so their boobies. Just boobies and they are just right on me. Deep down I think they could probably afford to be a *little* bigger or maybe just perkier…whichever. Either way, I’m still pretty satisfied. 🙂

  16. You forgot knockers 😉

    Um, well, I’ve thought about how to phrase this and if I say it one way I sound like a doctor and if I say it another way I sound like a pervert. My attempt at treading lightly….

    I think it’s the curves and how they’re soft to the touch that do it for me. Size is nice but that’s not the end all, be all. I mean, I’m way more agreeable to smaller natural ones than large fake ones that don’t match the body.

    Okay, my attempt at treading lightly 🙂

  17. I just call em’ boobs 🙂

    And yes, my eating disorder took a tole on them. They were a nice C cup before hand (thanks to mom), and even though I’ve gained weight back, they are still only a B. Which is fine with me actually, because while big boobs are cool and nothing to be ashamed of, they are harder to find shirts for them if you know what I mean!

    • I think my mom was blessed with C cup, but I dont think I could ever reach that. I think that no matter how much weight I’ll gain, the biggest I’ll get is a B. B is for beautiful!

  18. What a great dedication. “boobies” is my favorite term for them. I hate “breasts,” just never liked the word. In either case, I DO feel my boobs are proportional but I also feel like they get in the way. I like them bc you’re right, they make me feel like a woman but I loathe them when I need to double a bra bc they are bouncing too much in an aerobic work out.

  19. I started to develop early as well and always had “Amazing Tits” as my husband would say. I have always liked them. I thought they were my best physical features.

    I have now had two kids and one more on the way so they have changed a lot. They seem to get bigger each pregnancy, I still love them. My husband seems to think that bigger is better for him. He loves them not just because they are part of me but because of the breast feeding thing. Nursing our kids has brought my husband and I closer

    It’s funny to think that so many people are grossed out by the idea of nursing or milk coming out of their breast and feeding them, but drinking the secretion that come out of a cow seems ok.

  20. those are some perky ta-ta’s! Love it. They definitely define a woman, in more than one way. You can almost guess the woman’s character by the way they carry their chest. Hence the word “fake.”

  21. eden you’re gorgoeus! and I mean seriosuly gorgeous with or without your boobs. although you’re right they make you a sexy women 😉
    I wish my boobs would start growing a little too. I guess my estrogen production has not offically kicked off yet there. I need some patience!
    But the only thing I would like to add is there are no negatives to your boobs. they are perfect the way they are. milk or no milk! 😉

  22. i love boobs! they’re great! yours are just fantastic.

    i was sooo grossed out when i heard about the brits eating breast milk ice cream. um. fhewhvjsdk. yuck.

  23. I have to say the thing I hate most about “boobs” are all the terms for them – ugh! So hideous. Why can’t we have something pretty to call them? The word boobs is so idiotic. Maybe I’m biased b/c I don’t think any word will make them sound good.

    I guess boobs are better than “breasts” and definitely better than the T word! UGH!

    I like mine b/c they make my shirts look good! LOL

  24. i hate mine because they are the size of my head. Bigger is definitely not better in my book. Bah!

    Also i practically flashed my family at my wedding because my dress kept slipping. bah boobs.

    This post is awesome.

  25. I love how you’re not afraid to discuss anything! Please please please don’t deny that you’re gorgeous. The last photo is so pretty!

    This sounds weird, but I am pretty flat and I love it. It’s so convenient as a runner. They don’t weigh me down, I don’t have to worry about them hanging out of my shirt, it’s actually really nice. Plus I’d rather not have guys chasing after me because they like my boobs. Take me for me, kay? thanks.
    I hate the word tits. Whenever someone says “we had chicken breast for dinner” I always substitute other words. “That chicken tit was cooked to perfection!” or “I really enjoyed that chicken boob.”

  26. Eden, you nut, nipples are AWESOME.

    Since we’re all being ballsy here, I’m going to explain that my nipples are like two intense clits right on my chest. I love them. LOVE THEM. And don’t think I will ever have children because I’m not willing to lose one iota of their sensitivity. (pretty selfish, huh).

    Besides the nips, I love my titties (since tits has been rejected by many of the above commenters) — perfect proportion, maybe a little too big and bouncy for an avid runner like myself, but I’ll take it.

    Incidentally, I just posted a cleavage shot on my blog yesterday to counter a picture where I looked flat.

  27. Love, love, LOVE this.

    I call mine either boobs or “the girls, especially when I am asking my husband to give them a bit of attention. Haha.

    Okay, I’ll admit I am not overly fond of them because at 30 years old and not only oddly shaped and one being obviously bigger than the other they’re a bit saggy. I hate it, hubby loves it. BUT! I will say I am glad I have more than mosquito bites but less than the watermelons my mom and sister have. I think I am just right for my body (even though I am a roly poly…lol) and that’s good enough for me.

    Great post!! Thanks for linking me to your blog from Sophia’s post on FB. Pleasure to meet you!

  28. As I guy I have to say that breasts are the most overtly sensual/sexual part of a woman. I think breasts are also a slightly embarrasing topic because it’s a feature you don’t usually discuss in polite society. I mean, you can compliment a woman’s eyes, face, legs, or hair but you’d never compliment her chest. So there’s definitely a kind of scandalous dimension to breasts that also make them attractive to guys.

  29. Boobs. I love mine although I wish they were a little bit bigger. Is it too much to wish I were at least a nice full B? Both my grandmas were well endowed but then something happened to my mom.. and she unfortunately passed that on to me and my sister. Thanks mom.

    And how can you hate nipples? Haha. I think they help make boobs look pretty. 🙂

    PS. I also hate the word “tits”. Gah! Sounds so.. rude, crude and unappealing.

  30. OMG, this post totally made me fall off my chair from laughing! Especially the cow thing. It’s so true! But awesome you just say it! 😀

  31. HM I dont think I give my boobs enough credit! LOL after years of an eating disorder and just wanting to be flat as a pancake, I finally have my good old boobies back. But I dont think appreciate them much. TO be honest, mainly I just feel like i’m gaining weight when my boobs get bigger (well DUH because I am!)…That tends to upset me and instead of focusing on the positives (hello perfect C cups) I sit around and dwell on how “fat I got”! Not nice! THanks for posting about this, its helpful for me to focus on the GOOD things about letting my body do its womenly thinggggg

    Dana xoxo

  32. while reading Sophia’s blog(Burp and Slurp)… I came here. Her recent post discuss about you. I saw you both in the video making some sauss dish. That was a good one.

    “and yes, some guy has landed here… what to comment…. simply 🙂 ”

    … I am not a constant reader and I did not expect such an inter-sting post… but Sophia praised you a lot so peeped in… 🙂

  33. I was just killing time on the net when I came across your this page. Of course I read it. I’m a man and I like boobs so I read on. Since I’m a butt man, I read last week’s assessment with interest, too!
    Men call ’em different things depending on the situation. Are other women present? Are the breasts in questions being overtly displayed? What is the shape and size? Is my wife within earshot? (best to say nothing at all if she is.)
    Boobs are beautiful regardless of size. Self confidence is what makes them look best!
    Some women seem to know how to show ’em off better than others but ALL women seem to know how to use them to their advantage.

  34. Hey Eden,
    I’m just reading this now because of a link back you had in a previous post, but just wondering (& it might be none of my feel free to tell me that too) but have you ever had BRCA testing done? (the genetic testing for the breast cancer gene) My biological mother also had breast cancer..and it got pretty bad, she is a survivor, but my grandmother (her mom) passed away from it. As soon as I found all of this out (since I don’t speak with my bio Mom- found out from my Aunt), I was able to get the BRCA testing done & my insurance covered the cost..since it is really expensive. What sucks it that I AM in fact BRCA positive 😦 But, at least I KNOW & I can stay alert. Just thought I would let you know 🙂

    • I am thinking of getting it done. My sister will. I”m a little young now but I’m on the fence about it. Need to check if my health insurance will indeed help out with the cost 😉

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