Candy Studded Protein Bars and Why My Blog Ain’t Popular

Let’s face it — you never really leave high school.

Long after college, there are the same hierarchies, name-calling and “cliques”. The internet is no different.

And I’m not denying the fact that I’am and will probably always remain “unpopular”. Do you have any idea how many blogs there are? Over 126 million!  That’s a big class to climb to the top of. I’m sure most of you aren’t even having your hearts set on being head cheerleader, but I’m sure most of you feel it would be nice to be noticed among the digital masses.

Although I do think my blog can be fun and witty, I’ve gotta face the fact that my blog is that pathetic kid who skulks under the jungle gym at recess and reads Lois Lowry books in the bathroom during lunchtime. Not that I did that in high school…..

Why is it that some blogs are so interesting/funny/original yet end up sulking under the jungle gym? Because like high school (and life in general), the blogosphere is unfair.

Anyhow, I’ve decided to analyze why my blog is the “unpopular kid”:

I have no clique:

If you notice, all the “popular” blogs have a clearly defined niche. Whether it be running, making fun of what white people like, fashion, baking, playing chess…They all have a theme or “clique” and they stick to it. Me? I have none of that. I care about health, but I’m not a “health” blogger. I cook and I’m a chef even, but I just post recipes and never go into too much detail about the food. I’m sort of an “everything blog”. I have no problem with this. I never had a “clique” in high school and I’m not expecting to form on on the blogosphere.

I’m not “blog social”:

Lets face it, most people get new readers or commenters by reading other blogs. Frankly, I just have no time. I do read a handful of blogs of friends of mine, but I don’t seek out new blogs to read very often. Maybe this is akin to staying home on a saturday night but I’m not a social blog butterfly. I’m more of a snail. But a very cute snail.

I’m a Bitch:

Not beating around the bush on this one, I’m kind of snarky and rude. Not that anyone likes to read a blog all about unicorns and rainbows, but most people are very “hear no evil, speak not evil…”. Or maybe I’m just honest and the truth hurts. Whatever it may be, the head cheerleader is most certainly always a bitch, but not to anyone’s face. I’m pretty much all up in your face!

I’m not “pretty”:

I think I’ve referenced in a previous post about how high traffic blogs are “shiny”. I’m rather lack luster. Lets face it, beauty has some part to play in that whole “high school” hiarchy and its no different with blogs. Good photography and a nice layout play in your popularity favor. But I am but a poor chef with a simple “point and shoot” and lets face it, my header with me pretending like I’m eating a wedding cake is kind of freakish and annoying (PS, that header will change very soon). We shouldn’t judge books by their cover, but we do. I truly beleive that my content is far more beautiful than the “look” or “cover” of my blog.

Alright, enough rambles (PS, I ramble and often write super long posts, also a reason I’m unpopular).

Time for some food! I’ve been having a lot of trouble feeding the kids of the family I work for. They are beyond picky. So I tried to incorporate their favorite foods into a protien bar. Although often I find myself unimpressed with my protein bar attemps, this one might be a winner. For 8 bars, you will need:

1 1/2 cup oatmeal

1/4 c peanut butter

2 scoops of protein powder or choice

3 tbs flaxseeds

1 1/2 c water

1 regular size package of reese peanut butter cups (or whatever candy you want to throw in there)

Cook you oatmeal according to the directions. I find every oatmeal has a different cooking time or water ratio. But since you making bars, make sure the water is not as much as if you were to make a regular bowl of oatmeal. Anyhow, I used 1 1/2 cups of water. So make your oatmeal. When its ready and still hot, stir in the protein powder, flaxseeds, and peanut butter. Pour on to a lined pan and top with the cheerios or cereal of choice (PS, I think this would work wonderfully with captain crunch!). Break up your candy pieces and smush them on top. Place in the freezer for about four hours. Then slice up into eight bars. They freeze well but you can also keep them in the fridge. 


55 thoughts on “Candy Studded Protein Bars and Why My Blog Ain’t Popular

  1. I used to read your blogger blog a few years ago. You posted every now and then. I enjoyed it, although I was bummed for you when you wrote about people in your culinary class and then someone found out about it. That served as a good lesson though because I didn’t blog then but that episode just sort of stuck out and was like a reminder to watch what I say about people.

    Anyway, good to see you’re still around and blogging, even though you’re not popular 🙂 Popularity is supremely overrated.

  2. seriously, I am so glad I didn’t go to high school in the US. It sounds like a jungle! I was never part of the popular bunch, not in real life nor in blog world, so I didn’t expect it and I never really thought about it. But I do like your blog, if it counts for anything 🙂 And I do like those bars. I don’t bake but I can give those a try! Would cereal flakes and chocolate chip work?

    • 1) the fact that you like me counts for more than you know! 2) Flakes and chocolate chips would work great! I was gonna use chips but I was out. So I made use of left over valentines candy 🙂

      • I just wanted to complain about my utter failure to recreate the bars today. I maintain that the problem was in the protein powder, which did not dissolve properly. The result was little lumps of powder, which also tasted kind of horrible by the way. I had never noticed the taste in smoothies. I guess I am not such a good chef after all. Lol! Good thing I am not a food blogger! 🙂

      • I used Trader Joe’s whey protein powder. Maybe it generally doesn’t dissolve easily without a blender? I don’t know, as I said I have only used it in smoothies before.

      • whey is tricky….egg white protein powder are better for baking and cooking, plus, I always find whey has a funky taste thats hard to mask. email me your address and I can send you some Jay Robb egg white protein samples!

  3. I blog to blog. Because I like it and it’s fun. But you’re right. It’s nice to be liked…no shame in that. Let’s start a ‘clique’ of random-everything-blogs? Haha

    Those bars look amaaaazing.

  4. it’s so funny to me that you said you weren’t pretty, actually i thought your photo was REALLY pretty. (er, not that i’m hitting on you or anything….) nah…i know what you mean though. admittedly, i try to make my blog pretty but i’m just horrible with computers, plus i take REALLY bad photos (hence my lack of), oh – and i think talking about granola bars is boring so maybe i won’t be popular either. or maybe i just haven’t found my niche yet…. (cross fingers for the latter. 🙂 )

  5. Your honesty & bitchiness & everything-ness is exactly why I keep reading your blog. That, and recipes for bars that involve candy. Who wouldn’t like that? Sunshine & rainbows is fine, but no one’s lives are 100% perfect all the time, no matter how many greens they eat or miles they run, or bowls of oatmeal they photograph. My blog’s not popular or pretty either, but it’s mine, and I like it.

  6. Why is it that the people who are actually popular always claim that they’re not…Eden? 😉 I am WAY less popular than you and rarely include recipes in my posts. Plus, you’re prettier, so you’ll always be more popular than me. Deal with it.

    Maybe you need a post swap?

      • If you don’t want to do it again, no biggie. I’ll just put that post up on my blog and take the wrath over there instead. 😉

        And for the record, it was your idea and you have far surpassed my blogging skills.

  7. Well – I just happened to see your comment on The Smart Kitchen, as it was just above mine. The “whore blog” thing drew me in and here I am! I’ll be back. I don’t care if you are the prettiest or most popular, or not, for crying out loud, you have more comments on this one post than I’ve ever had on one – ever!~ Should I now feel like the unpopular girl hiding out? Naw – not going to worry about it. I was then drawn into the post from yesterday when you mentioned “ED.” Forgive me, I thought for a minute you were going to discuss “erectile dysfunction” and thought that would be fairly interesting – not trying to lessen the importance of eating disorders, which can be deadly. Anyway – fun post – glad I found you and look forward to more!

  8. dude if these kids don’t like these bars with actual reeses pieces in them then i don’t even know what their problem is hahaha then they’re just dumb kids

    i’m the same way! mine’s not popular because it’s pretty stagnant i just ramble and provide no ‘significance’ but it’s fun! being popular is way too much pressure anyways haha

  9. You’ve written before about how you felt unpopular with your blog, and I said that I don’t see it that way back then already. “Unpopular” for me means no readers at all, but you seem to have some, and you also get comments, so I think you’ll have some more. (You know, most people don’t comment.)

    I’ve often found that the whole “popularity” issue is highly overrated – there are a lot of very popular but rather dull blogs out there, and also many fewly read gemstones – and whether a blog becomes very popular seems often very random to me.

    A thing I like very much is when bloggers answer their comments, and the change that they do it much larger on blogs with rather few comments, and close to zero on very popular blogs. With some bloggers, I sometimes have little conversations in the comment section, and others read the comments and comment on them as well, and then there’s a little discussion among three or so people. This is very nice. Also, “small” blogs are often more personal. My most favorite blogs all have rather few readers.

    • you hit the nail on the head. Popularity doesn’t equal love or even quality content. Like I mentioned, it need good marketing, a niche, and of course being “shiny”. And I’m not complaining because I love the readers I get and I realize some blogs get zero. Its kind of like small businesses verses huge department stores.

  10. oh my god those bars…. I love all those ingredients, so I can only imagine what it tastes like together like that. I WILL be making these… eventually.

    I don’t look to be popular with my blog either. I was a loner in highschool, so popularity never was one of my things. Of course I like to know that there is at least one or two people out there in the world that I amuse with my non-intelligent, pointless posts, but if I don’t, it’s not a big deal. Hopefully people don’t think I’m too weird, but whatver. I do like comments and I LOVE the interaction.

    I don’t quite fit into a category either. There are a lot of people doing the same type of project as me, but they are mostly on the photography side of it. Um, I just use my iphone. I didn’t want a health, fitness, food, fashion OR an ED blog, so I picked one that sounded like it would be the most fun to me. Sure, I could have just gone with the flow and had one where I posted whenever about whatever. But my brain doesn’t work like that. It’s all or nothing and I’m not a ‘go with the flow’ type of I’m sure I’ll continue to blog after the 365 is up.

    I think I’ve rambled enough. Just want to say I really enjoy reading your blog. I really do, bitchiness and all. 🙂 I feel like if I met you in person I know exactly who I’m meeting. Hopefully I convey who I am like that through mine.

  11. Some of the “unpopular” blogs are the best ones! And some of the big-time blogs are boring and irritating. I’ve sort of come to the same realization about my blog. I’ve been around for over 2 years now and have watched blogs created after mine shoot up in popularity. My issue is that I hate self promotion. I don’t want to turn into a blogging advertisement. And like you said, I prefer communicating with real life people rather than dedicating my spare hours to commenting on blog post after blog post. I’d love to make a decent amount of money off my blog some day. But my dreams are much bigger than that. I love writing, but sitting staring at a computer screen all day kills my soul.

    Great post!! I was a total outcast in high school, and I even still feel like one as an adult 😉

  12. Well, I’ve happened to notice that I don’t even read that many popular blogs anymore. I use to, but after analyzing what I actually found interesting enough to read, they all happened to not be the “popular blogs”. Although, I don’t think yours is unpopular at all!

    I think the popular blogs do all have that special something that sets them apart, and also they work really hard to have “pretty” blogs. I for one, don’t know much about tweeking my page, so mine’s just gonna have to stay ugly! Lol 🙂

  13. You can whore out your blog on mine any time.

    And you are cooler than me…although I’m pretty sure everything you said about your blog, I would say about mine. Except instead of “bitchy” I think of you as “snarky” and myself as “random” and “weird.” 🙂

    I like the idea of using Cap’n Crunch. Interestingly enough I just posted about that…is me saying that whorish behavior?

  14. Popularity / unpopularity are all relative.

    Frankly, I’ve had enough of trying to get people to like me. I don’t expect the blog world to be any different than the real world in that regard, and so I am not going to kill myself trying to be someone I’m not.

    ❤ ❤

  15. Well I guess I’m a loser too cause yours is the first blog I read! But I think you are very funny, witty, and gorgeous! (how many times do people tell you that you look like Kiera Knightly? She’s beautiful and I think u look like her!) but I think you have one of the best blogs – and I read a lot, even though I’m no blogger. I think your a breath of fresh air in blog land 🙂

    You have way more patience than I do with picky eating kids- and if they don’t like those bars, then I’d tell em to go hungry!

  16. I love your blog. I love that you are honest and don’t sugar coat, and sarcasm is one of my favorite qualitites in people.

    I only read 1 or 2 of the popular blogs and I prefer the ‘indie blog’ genre much more.

  17. J’adore you and your blog – precisely for the reasons you listed that it isn’t popular. You say “bitch”, I say honest and hilarious. I like that you blog doesn’t have a specific “genre” either. Very few of us lead one-dimensional lives solely focused on food or miles run. Just sayin’.

  18. You said the magic words that will always make you popular in my eyes: “Captain” and “Crunch”. God love you.

    So quickly I will say that you actually are popular, but just because you think that you’re a bitch who skulks around, you think that you aren’t. Your blog may not be shiny as in snazzy photos and a header that isn’t you eating wedding cake, it doesn’t matter. We read your blog b/c we like snarky and we like your ‘in your face’ irreverence, so there!

    And you do make kickass recipes, and I hope to make this when I next have a chance- you can bet there will be Captn Crunch involved.


    • O deb, I miss you so! your comments always make my heart flutter. I don’t think I’ll ever not “be in your face”, I suppose better than up anyones ass i guess! Your should try these bars with pieces of “crunchie”, I’m sure derek would like that!

  19. Popular smopular (I know, mature). My blog isn’t popular either and I’m a-okay with that.

    I love that you’re bitchy and that you just say it as it is. It is SO nice to be able to read a blog that doesn’t sugar coat everything or stay away from saying something “offensive” because they don’t want to accidentally offend someone. I can honestly say that I’ve really enjoyed reading every single one of your posts (and yes, I read them all even if I don’t always comment).

  20. Although sometimes I catch myself censoring myself in my blog posts, I find that 9 times out of 10 I say things I would not say in everyday life, and I think that’s what I gravitate towards when I read blogs. I’d read a blog like this with comments that actually add value than one with comments are just lightly treading and behaving nicely so no one will get offended. Ya know?

    PS: we’re getting more snow tonight, so I’m thinking seriously about taking you up on that LA offer 🙂

  21. Lowis Lowry is the shit. Also, your high school had a jungle gym? Man, I feel gypped. 😉 I think whenever you enter into something social (like a form a social media,) you want some kind of recognition, you want some form of acceptance. It’s hard to always feel like an outsider, but I like your snark, it’s what makes you unique! Also, I agree with Lynn, those bars look amazing.

  22. Lois Lowry? LOIS LOWRY?!

    I cannot even begin to tell you how dog-eared my childhood copies of “Number the Stars” and “The Giver” are. First, I learn that you’re a fan of the DPD (dinner party download), and now this, PLUS protein cookie bars? Good grief.

    Ahem, look here missy, I know you weren’t intending to fish for compliments by this blog post and its redonk self-deprecation, but you rock. Own it.

    I read far too many blogs, but 1) rarely comment; and 2) truth be told, I don’t think I’d care to hang out with pert near most of the bloggers I regularly read. (off the top of my head..and I know I’m forgetting some, but….of the maybe 30 blogs I read daily, the “personalities” I can honestly claim to enjoy are you, abby from abbyhasissues, heather from heatherbakes, the ilovefetacheese and the fortheloveofcookies chicks (don’t know their names, eeps), gina from the fitnessista, and charlotte from thegreatfitnessexperiment…um ,yeah.) I concede I should cut them some slack in that I’m sure many are different “in real life,” and perhaps I’m no picnic myself, but, bottom line is that I enjoy your blog, snark included, snark appreciated. El fin.

  23. Oh just in case the above props shout out wasn’t clear, the specific bloggers mentioned are ones whom I DO dig; the gist is that I read dozens upon dozens of blogs (erm…rather need to stop that….), but out of that large pool of bloggers, those are the only ones with whom I actually feel I’d want to be friends. Well, friendly with them all, natch, but friends as in people I could really talk with, laugh with, enjoy similar things with, etc. Okay. thanks.

  24. If I blogged for the numbers, I would have hung up my laptop long, long ago. Like a lot of wise gals above me have said, I’m really not a fan of bright and shiny blogs. They’re kind of boring and much less sassy than your blog. And I love me some sass.

  25. These bars embody my childhood. Cheerios and Reeses? Combined? Yes please!

    I love your blog because it’s different. You’re not afraid to say what you think, and I feel like I could relate to you in real life because it’s not all butteflies and rainbows like a lot of popular blogs. The lack of “prettiness” just makes me like it more, it’s very down to earth. Who can afford those rebel cameras anyway!?

  26. I think some blogs are really popular because they are really predictable, and people like that. When you have a more unpredictable blog like yours (like you said, doesn’t fit one narrow topic), you get less hordes of readers but more varied ones. I feel the same way about my blog- I kind of change what I write about all of the time, so I’m never going to be crazy popular. But even better, I “meet” a much larger variety of people!
    So I think “random” blogs like ours are the way to go 🙂
    Plus, even though your posts are long I always read them all the way through, which has to stand for something because I have no attention span.

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