Tortillas and Jury Duty

First off, thanks for all those who commented on my last post. Many of you made me laugh so hard I nearly peed.

But onwards….

As you may remember, I was on call this week for jury duty and sure enough, I was called in to go to court today (well, yesterday by the time you read this….you know what I mean!).

I know its “my duty” to serve on a trial, even a juicy one. But frankly I’m not interested. I know, I’m mean. Jury duty is a whole lot of sitting around doing jack shit while you wait for someone to tell you what to do next. I’m not excited, but maybe I’ll regurgitate a good post out of it. stay tuned!

But I have a feeling I will be selected because I’m somewhat sane. This may sound lame but, any ideas on what I could say to get out of being selected?

What a thrilling post, right? Like I said, I’ll have something juicy from the courthouse tomorrow.  And since we all love food, heres a homemade tortilla recipe.

  • 2 cups flour all purpose or corn flour for a gluten free version
  • 1 cup warm milk of choice
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 2 tsp baking powder
  • 1 tbs oil

Combine flour, baking powder, oil and salt in medium bowl. While slow adding warm milk mix until mixture starts to pull away from the edge of the bowel. Keep adding enough warm milk until the dough reaches pizza dough-like consistency. 

Turn dough out on to floured surface. Knead dough for about 90 seconds. Place kneaded dough in to clean medium size bowl and cover with damp cloth. Allow dough to rest 20 minutes. This is a must! The dough needs this time to rest and be workable. Remove dough from bowl and separate in to two pieces. Roll the two pieces of dough in to a snake like tube 6′ to7″ long, one inch in diameter. Cut in to five pieces. Roll pieces in to balls and place on plate not touching each other or they will stick together. Cover dough balls with damp cloth and allow to rest 10 minutes, again this is a must! Remove dough balls one at a time. Place dough ball on floured surface and press down. With floured rolling pin roll from center out rolling in all directions.

  • Try to roll tortilla a round and thin as possible. You may have to try a few before you get it down, but odd shape tortillas taste just as good!Place the rolled out tortilla on to hot (Med-High) skillet, Teflon work good. It takes about 30 seconds a side. A good way to tell is the tortilla will start to bubble. Cook both sides, wipe flour residue from skillet and go on to next dough ball. You can store these in the fridge for about a week!

  • 17 thoughts on “Tortillas and Jury Duty

    1. Why you do this to me the day I decide to cut down on wheat products? And I am addicted to tortillas… Random observation: do you also get the impression that the blogging community single-handedly funds Trader Joe’s?

    2. Tell them you’re racist! Or that you have a family member who’s a cop! Or that you have a condition in which you have to pee every twenty minutes and thus will have to get up and stop the court proceedings in order to do so! (There’s an actual medical condition – diabetes insipidus – in which this would happen. Please. Use my medical knowledge for good.)

    3. KEY TIPS! (Too late by now, but for the future)

      1. NO eye contact with the lawyers whatsoever! If they look at you look away and totally uninterested.
      2. IF you have a choice, sit in the back. They usually pick the first couple of rows.
      3. Speak when spoken to and only VERY short generic answers. Don’t elaborate, you want to seen uninterested remember? If they see this they won’t want you.

      Shame on me, but it’s what I learned. I had to go to a local court for jury duty but wans’t picked. THEN I was summoned to the county courthouse a couple months later. I didn’t get picked there either thank god. I think my technique’s worked.

    4. Just tell them you wish they’d bring back hanging as capital punishment since you are all about killing criminals!!! 😀

      Good luck 😉

    5. ugh Jury Duty. I’d just constantly talk about bacon and how much you like the “cute” outfit the judge was wearing. I bet acting crazy could get you out!

    6. Being selected for jury duty…eh, sometimes it has nothing to do with one being sane, but just being in the preferred demographic according to the prosecutors or defense attorneys.

      I will be applying for citizenship soon, but hopefully I never get called…

    7. haha looks like both you and my coworker got the jury duty call! its a friggn bitch and a half. lucky me as soon as i got called in i got to tell them i was a full time student! woo so i got postponed for about 5 yars!

    8. I’m a total geek and hard core love jury duty, but i can probably help you get out of it. if you even get as far as voir dire (it’ll depend on how far back you can/get to sit), then appear uninterested completely. the best way to get out of it will be to seem partial to one side or another. Since you’ll know the basics of the case by their questions, you can figure out what they may or may not like to hear. If its a car wreck, say you were in a car wreck as a child. then they’ll ask if it still affects you. you should ask, “what do you mean?” they’ll ask a little more and you should be like “i mean, sometimes it makes me anxious to drive because you never know what idiot is driving next to you.” Play coy and hard to get. They won’t want to put the effort in. Your best shot is getting the judge to dismiss you so the lawyers don’t have to use one of their strikes. you’re too benign for them to do that. I can’t believe I’m about to suggest this since I only know you via blogging, but you have a potentially legit reason to not be tied up all day for a few days – family reasons. the judge will probably dismiss you off the bat for that. That or know the lawyer or judge 🙂

    9. I worked in a court for a law school internship, and saw a lot of vior dire (the jury selection process), so definitely know what works.

      1) non-refundable airplane tickets
      2) law school finals
      3) being a lawyer
      4) claiming you cannot be impartial (you know someone, you read about it and already made a conclusion, you are racist, you stereotype, you know/love a cop, you hate cops, you hate insurance companies…anything that shows you cannot be open-minded).

      But, that said, I think jury trials are fascinating. Judges are usually brilliant, and sometimes you’ll get a compelling lawyer too

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