I’m Sure Glad Thats Over!

Did you enjoy yesterday’s post?

I sure did, and all your comments got me so excited, that I’m rounding up a new 90’s nostalgia batch. But this time, its for 90’s fads I didn’t understand or care for.


First, take a look at this add (yes, even if you are familar with gushers).

First of all, that ad is terrifying. I couldn’t sleep for weeks for fear I’d be zapped into a human-size semi-peeled banana. The image still haunts me. This near-banana experience, however, did not deter tykes of the 90s to beg their parents to buy Costco-portioned cases of these liquid-filled fruit snacks. I never understood why Gushers were such a hot lunch box commodity when I was a kid. Everyone want to trade for them. But I never cared for them. What was that mysterious goo lining the interior of our beloved fruit snacks? It was sort of like a tart, tangy eyedropperful of fruit juice embedded within a fruity gel coating. By description alone these sound disgusting, and let me assure you that they absolutely are. I’m sorry, but I find something inherently disturbing about my food “gushing”. I just don’t feel comfortable using verb for my snack food that better describes the rush of blood from a wound. It’s just foul.

Push Pops
The Push Pop was supposed to be practical with its “save it for later” plastic cap, but looking back that whole concept makes me want to Purel the hell out of every corner my mouth. Sure, you had the ability to eat a candy over an extended period of time, but the sanitary/hygienic component was questionable. On the other hand, it sure beats preserving a jaw breaker over several days by leaving its spit-covered carcass in your backpack.  At least with push pops, the covers could keep out a higher percentage of the dust bunnies.The underlying concept behind the push pop was that you could actually push up the candy from within the plastic tubular packaging, allowing you as the eater to control how much pop you’d like to expose. Theoretically you could cap the pop, call it a day, and come back to it later that week. Anyhow, it kind of grossed me out. I was more of a Chupa Chup gal.

Puppy Surprise

Ugh! After seeing this commercial, I can just imagine one of the girls pulling out a poodle and being all “What poodle raped you!”. Anyhow, puppy mating aside, this girl in my first grade carpool had these. Even after so many years, this toy still strikes many of us as a bit disturbing. The concept is cute–your mother dog comes with an indeterminate number of puppies, so it’s an actual surprise when you “slit ‘er open”. On the practical side, though, it gave many young children a premature and medically inaccurate perception of childbirth. For a year or so, I thought that we simply reinserted babies back into their mother’s bellies for convenient storage at clean-up time. Anyhow, they werent even cuddly and cute, so I never understood them. When I was in second grade I got a real puppy and was beyond thrilled she we got her neutered.

Baby Born

NOTE: I found this in German (had a hard time finding one in English that would paste into the blog, but actually, its funnier in German!)

My mom saw a commercial and screamed at the TV, “What the F***? Why would I bring another bed-wetting thing to this house?!”. She didn’t have to worry, because I was pretty disgusted by Baby Born too. I mean, you have to feed it?! And it pees?! No thanks. I’m blaming this doll for all the teenage mothers. Or maybe if they actually had this doll, they would have closed their legs. Just sayin…..

Alright, enough bashing 90’s stuff….

So what was popular when you were a kid and yet didn’t quiet understand why?

And let me note that my recipes from the past two days have been mediocre and not blog worthy. I promise I’ll have one tomorrow.

20 thoughts on “I’m Sure Glad Thats Over!

  1. You mean except for barbie dolls? I never got the point of those. I also never got the point of those shoes that kind of looked like snickers but had a huge sole/heels. Remember spice girls for example? I mean, you couldn’t run in them and they didn’t even look good…

  2. Ha! My sister had a Furby too (I think before she got her tamagotchi)…After awhile, it became more fun to try & torture the poor thing, until the batteries finally died. I thought it was a little weird too–Kind of like a possessed Gizmo from Gremlins or something. The big fad when I was a kid was Cabbage Patch kids…My mom thought they were hideous & apparently I only wanted one because all the other kids got one. She finally relented after I came begging for one if I saved up my own money (I don’t really know where I thought I’d get money, since I was 7 at the time) & I got one for Christmas. I think she’s stuffed in a closet at my dad’s these days (my Cabbage Patch doll, not my mom!).

  3. I remember feeling so ripped off when my Puppy Surprise only had 3 babies tucked inside its velcro wound. All of the ones on the boxes showed like 8.

  4. I loved me some Yoohoo. I think it’s disgusting now though. It doesn’t even really taste like chocolate milk, yet I always wanted it. I think I just liked that it came in a bottle…I was a sucker for packaging I guess…

  5. I have never seen that Gushers commercial before, but it is extremely, extremely disturbing.

    Polly Pockets were really a big thing when I was a kid. I never had one. I still feel deprived. :p

    ❤ ❤

  6. Oh my god I TOTALLY had a baby born and one of those dogs! I think. Not sure, but I am having some vivid flashbacks about them. Weird.

    I always hated Barbie and Polly Pocket. HATED. They just bored me to tears.

  7. I wasn’t a big fan of gushers either. The juice oozing out turned me off.

    I never liked baby dolls. Ever. Now I have that “baby born baby born!” tune stuck in my head.

  8. I have to admit- I liked gushers as a kid, and I tried some again when nannying a few years back… I still like them (hides face in SHAME)
    Whoever said polly pocket sucks is spot on. What a dumb, useless toy. I kind of liked collecting things and doing projects/ crafts even back then, and got bored with dolls and toys like that.

    • I must admit, and I dont know if this makes me cocky, but I re-read this post and I totally laughed at what I wrote about “Puppy surprise”. I didn’t laugh writing it, but then re-reading it I’m like “Damn, I’m sorta funny”

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