Where Are They Now?

I don’t know if you remember the very old show on VH1 from the late nineties, “Where are they now?”. This show basically checked up on either forgotten or washed up celebrities.

I am in no mood to regurgitate a heartfelt post, so I’m just gonna do my own version of “Where are they now”:

The Juliette Girl Scout cookie: Juliettes were supposedly named after the Girl Scouts’ founder, Juliette Low. They contained milk chocolate, caramel, and pecans, and they developed a wide fan base during their run from the 1980s to the mid-’90s (ehem, me!). But the troops retired them. Where are they now? In history books I suppose but I’m begging, pleading the girl scouts bring them back!

Myspace: remember that!? This generation has no clue what myspace is, but the kindergartners I teach are already all over facebook and twitter. Anyhow I was really curious what happened to myspace, so I googled it and apparently its still alive but got a major face lift. Its not the myspace I recognize from my high school days. Anyhow, what I think happened is that myspace got old and facebook was new and cool. Myspace started to get too complex, ads were really annoying, and everything was hard to find. Myspace also sounds a little egotistical. As if you are entitled to space, its MINE! Facebook is a little more friendly, they don’t even have a “dislike” button.

Zack Morris (from Saved by the Bell): When Zack was in high school (he got douchey in the “college years” episodes), I had a big crush on Zack Morris. We all know what happened to Mario Lopez (eye roll….). Screech made a sex tape, Jessie did that stripper movie, and Kelly played a bad girl on 90210 and according to Us weekly, had a baby a few months ago. Anyhow, I’ve always wondered what happend to Zach??? More specifically I guess, what happened to Mark-Paul  Gosselaar. Well, he did a few “C” movies had a gig at NYPD Blue, and now is still looking for work. He’s 38,  has two kids, and married some actress that was on Saved by the Bell: the College Years. 13 year old would be very upset at this news. His life sounds really exciting compared to Mario Lopez.

Tamagotchis: Remember those?! It was a handheld digital pet created in 1996 in Japan. It was housed in a small and simple egg-shaped computer. Three buttons (A, B, and C) allowed the user to select and perform an activity, including:Feeding the Tamagotchi a piece of food or a snack, playing games with the Tamagotchi, cleaning up a Tamagotchi’s waste, as well as checking its age, discipline, hunger, weight, happiness and other stat levels. I have NO CLUE why I wanted one! Its worse than having an actual pet because it doesn’t even show you affection and it not fuzy! Maybe this is why I don’t want kids, I grew up in the tamagotchi era. Anyhow, where are they now?They are still around. The new versions can connect with each other and the PC.  And of course there are the millions of different spin offs that can connect to your TV and even a Wii. I’m still confused as too why kids would like to pick up digital “waste”.

Koala Yummies: In an age before extensive concerns over high-fructose corn syrup, trans-fats, and preservatives, children were once allowed to consume nutrition-free overprocessed food without the now-requisite wealth of parental concern and intervention. No one seemed particularly concerned over whether these cookies were organically produced or if the company opted to use free-range koalas.
Koala Yummies were one of those magical foods that contained absolutely no natural ingredients. There was something particularly satisfying about biting into a cookie with the knowledge that each component of the fantastic taste sensations on your tongue were developed in a lab specifically for your snacking enjoyment. Just imagine, these little guys were created specifically with your unnatural cravings for artificial sweeteners in mind!  For any of you not fortunate enough to remember the fine blend of sweet tastes that made up these confections, allow me to paint a picture for you.

Outside: Pure crispy hollow cookie deliciousness all dolled up in the best koala finery a cheap Asian food production company can buy. These yummies had personality: some of them played some sort of ukulele, some ate plates of cookies, and others yet indulged in deep fits of hysterical emotion. 

Inside: We didn’t want to let our parents in on this little secret, but the inside was a Halloween-rivaling level of sweet candy ecstasy. While technically these goodies could contain chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry centers, but everyone knew the chocolate ones were truly the epitome of Koala Yumminess.

Anyhow, where are they now??? Well, I’ve spotted some at asian grocery stores and on amazon so they aren’t completely extinct. As with the also extinct, Dunkaroos, 90s children (ie, ME!) have been experiencing extreme symptoms of Koala Yummy withdrawal since they were pulled from mainstream American markets. O and those “Hello Panada” imitations just don’t cut it. I mean, who wants to eat a panda! An online asian grocer describes it as a “Chocolate cream filled biscuits that are surprisingly tasty with no oily after taste. Go ahead, try these finger sized biscuits. You wont be disappointed. Excellent for kids school time snack pack.” Surprisingly tasty? Finger-sized? No thank you.

Is there any person/thing you are wondering what happened too? Do you miss it? Are you glad its gone?

43 thoughts on “Where Are They Now?

  1. I actually think I’ve seen the Koala Yummies at Wal-Mart, though hey may have a different name now?

    Definitely had a tamagotchi. I once used the chain to attach it to my watch; one time I was a family member of a wedding, so I was in the family picture and had my hand clasped in front of me. Beautiful family wedding picture with me and my tamagotchi.

    What about Polly Pockets and Playmobile?

  2. I used to love Koala Yummies. No shame, as they were delicious.
    Whatever happened to “Popples?” Do you remember those stuffed animals that could curl up into a ball? They were much cooler than I am describing them as…

    • Sorry, hello. I’ve never commented here before, but YES! Me and my sister had a Popple each (mine was blue, hers was orange). I’d completely forgotten about them. I seem to remember they made excellent indoor footballs…

  3. Being the conessier of celebrity gossip that I’m am, I actually just saw not to long ago a promotional for this new show on tv staring Mark. He’s playing a lawyer I think..?

    Random, but yeah, he’s working! Haha!

  4. I had a Nano pet and LOVED it. I remember being at gymnastics practice and I’d frantically run to my locker to take care of it. crazy.

    oh and Mark Paul Gosseler is still around. He was on Weeds this season–in a sex scene where you saw his bum. 🙂 I enjoyed the view.

  5. There were these shredded wheat bites they used to make that you could get stuffed with raisins. I don’t remember what they were called but I LOVED them. [They came in strawberry too.]

    Also, Alpha-Bits with marshmallows. They only make the cereal sans marshmallows now. Even though the Lucky Charms’ marshmallows are better, the actual cereal in the Alpha-Bits was more delicious. Perhaps they should just sell the Lucky Charms marshmallows alone and then I can mix the two together for the ultimate sweet cereal experience.

  6. I’m a bit older (as in Mark-Paul’s only 3 years older than I am! Eep!), but I used to play with my sister’s tamagotchi whenever she was bored with it. And I loved both Koala Yummies & Dunkaroos. I also wonder what happened to Juliettes, and still use the names Scot-Teas & Savannahs whenever I’m ordering GS cookies from my nieces!

  7. I really really miss Dunkaroos. They were little vanilla cookies (I think little kangaroos) that came with chocolate dipping sauce- maybe different flavors. I have a vague memory of vanilla dip with sprinkles for dipping. YUM those were good.

  8. I know right, why did the koalas go extinct?! I only see the pandas now…
    And I definitely had a Tamagotchi back in the day as well. Ah..memories.

  9. My tamagotchi died when I abandoned it during tennis practice, and then I lost interest- don’t worry, I haven’t had a real pet since… not sure of my “mothering” capabilities…
    I’ve never heard of Juliet’s, but I just ordered some Samoas and Do-si-do’s this morning! (I’ve never had either, we were a straight up thin mint family, but I’m going to give these a try!)

    In zack morris related news, I’ve been watching episodes every morning while I get ready for work. Today was the episode with jessie’s dad’s wedding to some aerobics instructor. Slater dates a stupid princess, and Kelly wears some really unfortunate off the shoulder pageant dresses. Good stuff.

    Oh, and I”m having a giveaway too!

  10. TAMAGOTCHI!! hahaha omg i remember when me and my borthers were obsessed with them. there were so many different versions from little animals, fish and little alien people 🙂

    i loved Koala’s March growing up too. i see them in Chinatown when i go downtown… they always bring back great memories.

    The thing im curious about and always think “what ever happened to…” are Sea Monkey’s! i miss those little “grow your own fish aquariums”.. always loved how the Sea Monkey eggs came in packets that u’d pour into the water lol

  11. Wow those koala things are so cute! Never heard of them before. I do however remember wanting a Tamagotchi soooo badly! Do you remember Garbage Pail Kids? I loved those..along with those stickers that had oily stuff in them that you move around.

  12. Dr. Pepper gum! Anyone else remember that? I think there were other soda flavors available too. Also, candy necklaces.

    And, skip its! I want to buy a skip-it because I think it would be baller exercise…and fun(ny).

  13. Those Koala Yummies are so cute. They look really good too!

    My sister actually found dunkaroos last year and bought them for herself. Obviously I stole some when I found out. I wonder what happened to wonderballs and crispy m&m’s…

  14. What about Fun Dip??? Oh man, I remember when I was in middle school and we would spend all day at the pool in the summer looking at cute boys and eating fun dip

  15. Sometimes when I read your posts, I think, “How crazy long must it have taken to write this post!?” They’re often very intricate and kind-of themed based.

    That’s just my way of saying I recognize how unique your blog is. Nicely done

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  17. Mark-Paul was in a lawyer show, can’t remember the name. And he was on a few episodes of Weeds last season — you get to see his bare ass. That is all I know.

  18. haha – we (in switzerland) actually have most of the things that you miss…
    .. we have those koala dessert, the kellogs chocos -with the bear (I would write a huge letter to the mr. kellog himself if they wouldn’t sell these anymore) and we still have m&m’s crispy..
    BUT if you visit some place in the US and find the love of PB and the huge variety of EVERYTHING- u’ll just think your country could do SO much better with their products. We don’t have cookies or chocolates or ice creams with PB… and I GOT CRAZY in love with peanutbutter M&M’s in new york that i bought 3 big packages to take to Switzerland…

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