Flourless Chocolate Glazed Donuts and Things That Make Me Feel Stupid

I think even the brightest, most confident people have moments where they feel incredibly stupid. I consider myself a reasonably smart gal, and one of the most worthwhile things I’ve discovered is how useful it is to make myself feel utterly and completely stupid. I guess I would call it an exercise in humility, but really the best position to gain knowledge is to realize how little of it you have.

So, in the spirit of that I thought I’d reveal to you things that make me feel really, really stupid:

1) The “Did you mean…” feature on google: You type something, you even spell it correctly, and then “know-it-all” google suggests something else. My friend Tiff warned me that everytime I’d google her blog name (“Carbzilla“), google will say, “Did you mean Crabzilla?”. No, google, I did NOT mean Crabzilla, which sounds like a an STD!

2) Going to a Yoga or any exercise class and doing the opposite leg instructed: It makes me feel like I’m four and still learning the difference between right and left.

3) Looking at your wrist when your not wearing a watch: Pretty self-explanatory, and for the record, I don’t wear a watch so I’m pretty much screwed.

4) Not being able to pronounce a word: I know the RIGHT way to say them and they arent even long! Words like “February” and “prescription” (I tend to say “Febyuary” and “perscription”).

5) Math: yep, pretty much any form of math makes me feel like a complete retard.

6) Crossword Puzzles: I’m not even talking about the NY times ones which are notoriously hard, I’m talking about the ones in US weekly.

7) Smart Phones: The fact that my phone is smarter than me weirds me out. And the fact that it knows how to get to kansas from LA and how many calories I’ve eaten weirds me out too. Hence, I opt for a “lame phone”. All it does is call and text.

8) The Apple Store’s “Geniuses”: “Genius” should never even be a term to describe tech support. They may have been those emo tech geeks in high school with some retail experience. And yes, when I bring Mac Daddy in to get fixed, they somehow alway make me feel like I’ve ruined my computer and that I know nothing about technology (they are right about me and technology, but thats irrelevant).

What humbles you down a notch and makes you feel a little stupid (or a lot stupid)?

Today’s recipe is inspired by Deb. When we met up a few weeks ago, I used my savy car salesman tricks and persuaded her to buy a donut pan! So I won’t feel bad that she bought a donut pan, a created a recipe for her using some of her favorite ingredients (mainly, coconut flour):

  • 1 cup coconut flour (for a non deb version, use all purpose flour)
  • 1/3 cup sugar
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1/3 cup milk of choice
  • 1/4 cup Greek yogurt
  • 1 egg
  • 2 tablespoons canola or vegetable oil
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Chocolate glaze:

  • 1/2 chocolate chips
  • 2 tbs butter

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Spray donut pan with non stick cooking spray.

Whisk flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, and salt together in a medium mixing bowl.

Whisk yogurt, milk, egg, oil and vanilla together in a separate small bowl. Combine all at once with dry ingredients and stir only until everything is moistened.

Spoon batter into pastry bag or quart-size zippered plastic bag.  Seal. Snip small corner of plastic bag and force dough out of hole in a fat rope that encircles each doughnut cup. Fill only 1/2 to 3/4 full or you will lose the hole in the middle of your doughnut. Makes 12 donuts and possibly 3-4 “donut holes” in a mini cupcake pan. Bake for 9-10 minutes.

After removing from the oven, immediately flip pan and dump doughnuts out on a towel or rack. Allow to cool. Once cooled, heat up he chocolate chips with the butter over a pot of simmering water. 

Once all is melted, dunk your donuts.

fat, ugly fingers I own

Allow for the glaze to harden before you take a bite. Go ahead, I dare you! 

38 thoughts on “Flourless Chocolate Glazed Donuts and Things That Make Me Feel Stupid

  1. I think I pronounce February the same way. It’s probably correct. :p What usually makes me feel stupid is not being up on the latest news or internet meme or buzz word. I have to go look it up b/c of my obsessiveness… Yeah, Google. And then they suggest other things that I didn’t mean.

  2. I always find myself going the wrong way in yoga- or using the right the leg but bending to the wrong side, lol if that makes sense?

      • I’m always looking awkwardly at everyone else while they are all looking the in the same direction… and then I realize. Haha but if I swithch positions, then I’m acknowledging I’m wrong. So I just act they’re wrong and try to confuse people : )

  3. WOW!! A post inspired by lil ole me!?! I’m beyond excited and bookmarking this. I will have you know that I CAVED today and went to Sur La Table and not only did I buy another plain donut pan but I bought the heart- shaped ones as well (you know you want one!) THank you thank you! Do you think I can use stevia scoopable instead of sugar? I know I know, you give me a finger, I want the whole hand. sheesh.

    I feel stupid when i can’t figure out if I should use the word prodigy or progeny. I have to think about that one. Apparently (when I was eating low cal, natch) I used to do some stupid things and my (blond) girlfriend use to tell me that I’m a natural blond! 😕

    At least you don’t say Nuc-Ular. Right? You don’t, right?

  4. Did my big long comment just get eaten? If it did I’ll repeat myself:

    I’m so honored that you did this- thank you! I’ll make these tomorrow and genius idea about the baggie- I would have just smooshed it in and lost my hole (sounds gross). Yay, can’t wait. And by the way, I caved today and went to SLT and bought not only another regular pan but the HEART shaped pan as well!! Sooooo cute!

    I feel stupid when I have to think long and hard about prodigy v progeny. My (blonde) girlfriend used to call me a natural blond, so I guess I do more stoopid things than I realize.

    And I’m proud of you that you don’t say Nuc-U-ler.

    • The baggie makes everything nice and tidy and you can just toss it when your done! I should let you know the batter will be sorta thick and it makes about 8 donuts. heart shaped ones? just in time for V day (valentines day, not vagina day!).

  5. – I’m very bad in reading the nonverbal signs of what’s going on between two people. I never get it, and when somebody tells me finally it dawns on me that everybody knew all the time already (except me).

    – I often fail at simple things, like being somewhere in time. This is because I always forget that I have to calculate some time for the way to get there. I just don’t learn this. With my university it works by now, but I’ve been going there for 4 years.

    – I’m lost without my lists. I write a lot of them, shopping lists, for example, because I always forget something vital if I don’t. Then I leave and forget the list on my kitchen table, and when I come home later and needed, say, tomatoes, it’s likely that I’ve bought a lot of other stuff but no tomatoes.

  6. oh yes, the google “did you mean.” Luckily they do have that, otherwise I would be typing a lot of other stupid stuff.
    I feel stupid at blogger meet ups when everyone whips out their cameras and talks about the types of lenses….I’m like “look at my polaroid!.”

  7. Not a lot makes me feel stupid, but I am totally lame when it comes to anything dealing with technology, apps, etc. I can text and talk–that’s it.
    When I rant about something being broken or not working, only to have someone come over and point out that it was simply operator error (“just turn the switch to ‘on.'”)
    Pushing doors when I should pull.

  8. oh dear i have so many things that make me feel stupid:

    i still use my fingers to figure out the multiples of 9 (and unfortunately having to do this comes up a lot since i’m a 4th grade teacher.. i try to hide my hands from the kids while i do it but they always notice).

    when i arrive first to a yoga class i’ve been to many times before and put my mat the wrong way (perpendicular to everyone else’s).. and then someone else puts their mat down and i slyly try to slide mine the right way, acting totally natural about it.

    whenever i have to put dollar bills into a machine, at a parking garage for instance, they are ALWAYS rejected and everyone in line behind me is rolling their eyes and when they come up of course their bills go in immediately.

    when i leave the huge sticker that says “XS” on my new sweater and one of my students points it out.

    when i’m driving and turn the windshield wipers on instead of the headlights (happens all the time).. and then try again and spray liquid all over the windshield .. so then i can’t see anything in front of my car for 2 reasons (darkness and liquid everywhere) so i start screaming.

    ok that’s embarrassing enough for now.

  9. LOL, love that list actually. I’ve only had my smart phone for about 3 weeks and I still feel stupid – seriously, children can use them better than me! I think going to a step class for the first time can make anyone feel incredibly stupid – you’re backwards and everyone else is front. Yep, that’ll make you feel about 2 inches tall.

  10. ok first of all those donuts look better than anything I have ever seen in a shop-no joke and I don’t even really like donuts!

    ummm SODUKU! omg I can never do that stupid game! my roommmate in college was a wiz at that game and I tried and tried again and never could freakin finish! I will never try again haha

  11. Forgetting to attach the attachment when I send an email, esp if it’s an important one or going to a bunch of people.

    Forgetting who I am calling and then they answer and I have no idea who they are…..god I hate when that happens.

  12. I feel really humbled/stupid when I see little kids that are multilingual. I can flounder along with basic Spanish, but *really* wish I was more conversant and in at lest 2 or 3 other languages.

  13. I am one of those people that can’t pronounce words, my BF makes fun of me all the time, oh well! haha And I am a bad speller! Some words I just have a hard time spelling, LOL

    Donuts look yummmmmmmy

  14. i can’t belieeeeve you have a doughnut pan!!!!!! i want one so bad haha i would make so many doughnuts its insane!!! move over d-dizzle eden’s in the housssssssssse

  15. You are hilarious. Computers make me feel stupid. Thankfully my hubby is a computer guy and he takes care of everything before my self-confidence get’s chipped away. 😉

  16. I get confused in gym classes when I mirror the instructor–forgetting that he/she is facing us and therefore using the opposite arm. Gah, dumb moment!

    In London, I feel really stupid when I have to count change. I’m STILL not good at counting out the coinage. I feel like I’m five, especially when people are in line behind me.

    Those doughnuts look AWESOME! Got any more coconut flour or almond flour recipes? I have some bags begging to be used.

  17. for years i thought that condone meant condemm and condemm meant condone made me look a right prat in the heat of an argument / debate. also the greater than less than signs ( math, stuff) still to this day cannot tell what way round you read it, this realy screws with your life when like me you did a degree in freak;n science!

  18. whenever I do yoga, I make the “L” with my left hand throughout class. I thought i was being clever until my teacher pointed out that she thought it was cute after class. Then I felt sorta stupid. I always feel stupid trying to find directions. I still don’t know which way is north….

  19. Nothing makes me feel stupider than when I nod along with what somebody’s saying even though I don’t understand or am not paying attention, a bad habit of mine that manifests when I’m too lazy to really engage in the conversation…and then they call me out on it.

    Also f-ing up when I drive.

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