Worth the Wait and Farmer’s Market Request

How popular was yesterday’s post?

(I know, clever opening)

But seriously, it amazes me how people come together to share grievances. I suppose it makes us feel a little normal know we aren’t the only ones who flip out over slow walkers, bad drivers, long-winded storytellers, and sourdough.

In this day and age, we have smart phones (for the record, I DONT have a smart phone at all, its a developmentally disabled phone and all it does is call people) and ipads that do stuff for us in an instant. Its no surprise how impatient kids these days are! When I was a kid and I wanted to watch a new movie at home, I had to drive to the video store, rewind the VHS tape (remember those???) and watch. Now, all you do is log into your netflix account and within seconds, you have your movie on your laptop. How can a society that exists on instant mashed potatoes, packaged cake mixes, frozen dinners, and instant cameras teach patience to its young?

Anyhow, I thought I’d give you a short list of things I’m willing to be patient for:

-Recovery: This took me a long ass time to realize. But I’m willing to be patient with it. People who gain or lose weight overnight are probably doing something harmful or it won’t last. And I’m not expecting to love my body one day and not give a shit about how much I moved or how long I sat on my ass. But if I look at the big picture, I see positive changes throughout big chunks of time. Its kind of like having your hair grow out; you dont see the difference overnight, but after a good chunk of time passes, you realize “wow, my hair is long dude!”. Anyhow, I’ll be patient with this, its worth it.

-Older people: Well, at least the ones that aren’t too bitter. They are wiser and are often worth listening too. I can get impatient with my grandmother because she particularly bitter, but I find that if I am patient with her sometimes, its worth it. You don’t have to share a prune juice with them, just listen, and be patient.

Not my grandmother, but her cousin, who has been more than a grandma to me. With her, I have unlimited patience. Yes, that is "Billy Elliot" the musical in the back (this was in London) and yes, it was awesome!


Pickles: Nothing beats homemade pickles. The stuff from the jar is alright, but if you ask me, homemade pickles are totally worth the wait. That is, if you spice them right.

-Mail: I think the fact that mail takes time makes me appreciate it more. I heard that in the future, mail will be extinct and I truly hope that doesn’t happen. I’ll bake my mailman a million cookies if I have to! But seriously, my bloggie friends have sent me so much mail, and I’m so appreciative for every single one!

Janetha gave me that platypus necklace out of the blue because she knew I love platypuses (don't laugh! they are cute!) and Gillian sent me maple sugar from her homeland and a very elegant compact. Deb actually gave me the blogger calendar, but I suggest you buy one and have it snail-mailed pronto!


What are you willing to wait for?

Tuesdays are busy, hence I don’t really have the time or energy to download a whole recipe. But I go to the farmer market of Wednesdays for my clients. Feel free to share your ideas on what I should do with my newly purchased produce! If your idea impresses me, I will make it and post about it (dont worry, I’ll give credit 😉 )


24 thoughts on “Worth the Wait and Farmer’s Market Request

  1. I love that platypus necklace!! So cool and it’s right above my head! 😉

    I’m willing to wait on God’s timing. I’m also willing to wait on home brewed kombucha.

  2. Haha, first I have to comment on the phone thing. I got my very first smart phone 2 months ago after 10 years of the free phones you get through verizon. I didn’t know how to use it and I still don’t really.

    Worth the wait:

    1. Recovery from my physical probs – though they aren’t the same as yours, I kind of relate here. Patience is the language of the body.

    2. Pickles too! I can’t eat supermarket pickles anymore after buying them from the farmer’s market. Gasm.

    3. The coffee to finish brewing. I know a lot of people who get impatient and pull off the pot before it’s done. I don’t like that sizzle, I like a full pot!

  3. I agree with you on the mail – and a handwritten letter/note is just so special. Especially these days when everyone just sends a FB message, tweet, text, email. I only recently (as in last 2 weeks) got a smart phone. Not sure if it’s good or bad yet. Now I’m even more connected than I was!

  4. I think one of the big reasons I did the recovery-relapse cycle so much was that I didn’t have the patience to adjust to my “new” body. I’d gain weight, freak out, lose it (plus more than what I’d gain) again. Wash, rinse, repeat. It took me until a year or two ago to realize that even if I was uncomfortable at weight X, if I just held on for a while, my mind would catch up and it would stop feeling like someone else’s ill fitting clothes. Then I’d gain the next weight increment, repeat the process, until I reached the point where I’d never want to be as unhealthy as I was at an original Weight X that seemed so high and unbearably “fat” to me at the time. I’ve done a bunch of posts on that topic, I think that more attention should be given to acknowledging and handling that grace period while your mind (neurochemical evidence backs it up) gets used to a healthy body.

    I have such a soft spot for old people, your grandmother sounds great.

    And mail! I love getting mail (except bills). I’ll be sad when my 129837291 magazines subscriptions all go digital, which I’m sure will happen eventually.

  5. I am willing to wait for a job that I really love instead of just like. So for now I am consulting and enjoying it but my sights are set on a job that is hopefully on the horizon.

    I have never had a homemade pickle! But I do love the store bought ones.

  6. I’m really patient when it comes to my dogs. I think it has something to do with the fact that they can’t talk. I am insanely jealous that you’re going to a farmers market today. It’s probably outside, too.

  7. I had no patience at Trader Joe’s yesterday. It was pretty crowded and people kept bumping into me. It was making me crazy. This post made me think of that. I am very impatient most of the time. I should work on it. The delicious food at TJ’s is always worth the wait to me!

    My best friend is obsessed with platypuses too. Small world!

  8. ditto on the whole waiting for recovery point, its the only way,agree with Cammy about chemicals etc sorting the “stuff out”.
    i have time for the elderly and quiet peolple. i have time for animals, cats, dogs, squirrels , ladybirds…….
    i have time to listen to others talk to me or try to talk to me about stuff i don’t understand…..leads to open mind .
    lastly i have time to wait to read great blogs !!!!

  9. mmm this may be corny but i’m willing and have all the patience in the world for love. i know someday some guy will come sweep me off my feet and make me unbelieve all the bad things i believe about love now haha so i can wait for that

  10. I have not made homemade pickles, but I want too. I actually tonight made a fresh batch of sauerkraut, cannot wait for it to be done fermenting!

    Love your thoughts on recovery, so true! And I love old people! I am not sure why, I guess I am just amazed how much they have seen and experienced in their life. Great stories to hear for sure 🙂

  11. HOMEMADE PICKLES? Yes! So delicious and store bought ones can’t and will never compare.
    I really need to learn patience with old people. I know I’ll be old one day too but they can just be so.. so frustrating and slow and deaf and forgetful and grumpy! Wait.. now that I think of it, anyone can be like that. Maybe I just have an intolerance for people in general.

  12. I’ve only had homemade pickles once, and they were revolting. I think they did something wrong with the spices… I will never forget how awful they tasted. Someone in my life should never leave their day job, apparently 😛

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