Dill Slaw and Flashback Friday: Your Guide to Belgium

First off, WOW! I thank you lurkers that delurked yesterday! I honestly didn’t think I could pull some of you out but I hope you guys are not as shy and give you opinion more often!

Its time for some flashback friday!

I got a request from a reader yesterday asking to know more about my travels to Belgium. So here is my little “Eden’s Belgian History Lesson”:

Its in the genes: Obviously, my connection to belgium starts in the genes. My dad was born there and that automatically gives me citizenship! I actually have to vote there too! My dad and I usually have mail in ballots but if we don’t vote we both loose are citizenships! (I’m thinking the US needs to adopt this law….)

Me and my dad in Antwerp

What do Belgians speak? I grew up with kids always asking me if the Belgian speak Belgian. Most didn’t know about Belgium. I think they got confused with Bulgaria. Anyhow, Belgium has three national languages: Flemish (which is essentially dutch), French, and German. There are three different principalities in Belgium and they all speak differently more or less. My dad is from Antwerp which is in Flanders. Obviously, they speak Flemish there. Yep, Flemish and ONLY flemish! I find that when I try speaking French to someone in Antwerp, they give me a dirty look. I have this theory that Belgians automatically assume that everyone else speaks at least three languages, but refuse to speak more than one themselves.

This is my in Brussels, I think I was six??? Wow, I was nearly a blonde!

Whats cool in Belgium? (besides chocolate, waffles, and beer): Not to discount Belgium’s food (it IS insanely good!), but they are known for quiet a few things you may have not heard about. Antwerp is home to a prestigious fashion design school and I find there are beautiful clothing shops with interesting pieces that I would never find in any mall in the US. The Belgians actually produce some cool comics! The iconic “Adventures of Tin Tin” was authored by a Belgian and originally written in Flemish! My dad used to collect Tin Tin comics and you’ll find many comics sold around Belgium!

Yes, I am shutting my eyes, but this is the only good photo of the streets at night that I’ve got!

Sunday is Holy: I feel bad for my dad growing up. Being a Jew in a very Catholic country makes sundays not all that much fun. You see, most of Europe is Protestant. However, Belgium is very much Catholic so Sunday is usually quiet with everything being close. Its like christmas every week for them!

Yes, those are hot, buttery, sugary waffles in the back! mind you, most belgians are slim, I think the waffles have a hand in that!

The least expensive drink is beer: and everyone acts like “Well, obviously!”

With all honesty, I love Belgium. Even if the weather is crappy. I’m glad my grandmother still lives there because it gives me a reason to visit. I tell people if you have never been to Europe, go to Belgium! Its a teeny country but you will get all of the history, castles, museums, food, and beer you could want!

Have you learned anything from my guide to Belgium? Did anything surprise you? Have you been to Belgium? If so, spill the beans!

And I know your probably expecting a Belgian waffle recipe….right?

Too bad. But this is yummy too!

1 head green cabbage, thinly sliced

  • 1/2 cup chopped fresh dill
  • 2 tablespoons mayo (or nayo or whatever fake mayo you like to use)
  • 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar
  • 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon fresh ground black pepper
  • 1 tbs honey

Thinly slice the cabbage and cucumber and combine the slices in a large bowl. Chop the dill and add it, along with the rest of the ingredients, to the bowl. Toss to combine everything well. Add more salt and pepper to taste.



33 thoughts on “Dill Slaw and Flashback Friday: Your Guide to Belgium

  1. OMG!! Tin-Tin!!! I read EVERY of his comics. Oh my god, I just LOVED Haddock to death. Billions of Blistering Barnacles!!! And his crazy, hilarious alcoholic ways. I also adored Snowy. He is the only dog I would like. And I thought Tin-tin was hot. Seriously.

    What about Asterix? I loved those comics too.

    Can you take me to Belgium? After our trip to Asia? How much does it cost to go there, anyway? I think I want to go on a waffle diet.

    • YES!! Asterix! I loved it!

      Yea, I’m totally going on a blogger vacay to Belgium! Its not just waffles, the french fries are amazing there! I am all in for a waffle diet!

  2. Oh wow! This was an extra-cool post and actually planted the motivational seed for me to get my azz to Belgium somewaysomehow this summer…

  3. I enjoyed your guide! I always wonder about required voting. Do we really want to force people that have no knowledge of the election/don’t care- but at the same time more of us should be voting!

    • Its funny, cause my dad usually fills in my ballot cause I cant read it anyhow! I tell him to just vote for the “underdog” but I dont even think he know who that is in the elections!

  4. That picture of you is adorable!

    My youngest son loves Tin Tin. He went through a Tin Tin stage and would read them for hours.

    I’ve never been to Belgium but would love to go!

  5. If you like suggestions about themes that could interest, I would like to make one:
    I love hearing about LA… about flashy stuff that only happens in LA. Like this food-transporters that sell haute-cuisine. I have noticed in healthy-living blogs a lot of products youed in recipes that you can’t find in an average swiss household.. like plain eggyolk in a carton, only restaurants would have this- stores don’t sell it…

    It’s maybe kind of rude to ask (it’s not meant to be), but do US- Schools teach about the geography in Europe? I have been to the US a few times, and most people didn’t really get were I live they thought it’s Sweden.

  6. Wow loved learning more about Belgium, it sounds fantastic! Does your grandmother live in Antwerp?

    And that recipe looks delicious – cabbage is SO popular here in Russia, I’m excited to make this!!

  7. Wow! That is so great! I love learning about different countries from an actual person’s point of view (not a textbook!). You were a gorgeous little girl (and still are! )! I like the idea of losing citizenship if you don’t vote 🙂 And the idea of a rest day every week!

  8. Super fun post! That photo of you in the little dress- it was obvious then that you had modeling tendencies.

    OK I think that you and ugg boots are like me and flip flops. Attached. Siamese style 🙂

    I am embarrassed to say that I didn’t know that about the languages and I have been to Belgium, I think a couple of times.

    And lastly, you are a cruel, evil girl to say “you want a waffle recipe now, don’t you?! Well too bad. you’re getting cabbage!!” hahaha

  9. I’d totally tap Tin Tin.

    Belgium sounds lovely! Haha, I was always intrigued by it because of a Belgian friend in high school. She swore the French stole all their best cuisine from Belgium. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to check it out. And you are officially an adorable child. And I think most children are gross.

  10. My cousin collects Tin Tin comics. When he was in Belgium he took a picture outside of a Tin Tin store (or something else, not sure!) He was very excited.

    I would love to go to Belgium one day. Mostly for waffles and beer if I’m being honest. CARBS!

  11. have not been aaway in approx 10 yrs and was finally thinking about getting the eurostar to france but now belgium has tickled my fancy. three languages, well i speak english, so that will mean 3x phrase books that make me sound like a complete fool as i fail to communicatewith the local populace.

    • O no, the great think about belgium is that its one of the few european country where nearly everyone understands English! the French and German usually dub all their movies so they often dont know much.

  12. Okay first of all that picture of 6 year old you is seriously the most classically perfect little kid picture!
    2ndly that slaw recipe actually looks amazing! I want to love Cole slaw since cabbage is so awesome but it’s always to mayo-y for me and I had no idea how to change it! Thanks

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