Blueberry Baked Doughnuts and De-Lurking

I think its time for another round of stuff bloggers dont write about.

This time, I’ll address “the closet” and “coming out of it”. No, not THAT closet, the “blog lurking closet”.

I don’t know why, but I’ve gotten several notifcations lately that I have new suscribers. But I don’t recognize their emails and most dont have blogs. What does this mean? I suspect that there are a lot of lurkers (people who read but don’t comment) around.

This is not a bad thing, its great to have ANY readers. But I really like it when readers come out of the lurking closet and comment. Even if its mean or just a “hello”.

But like in real social life, people can get shy. In fact, I lurked blogs for a long time before I got the courage to comment. Sometimes, bloggers get so many comments that I just assume I’ll get lost. And being a busy bee, I don’t comment unless I really got something to say. I’m not one to say just “Yum!” or “I love oatmeal too!”. Not that those comments are no appreciated. Whoa, I’m going off topic!

Anyhow, I want you lurkers out there to take a step, even a small one, out of the lurking closet. Here are some tips to get you started:

Don’t worry about offending (at least me anyway): I’m lucky to have not been seriously offended by anyone, but in this blog,you can write anything. Feel free to let me know if you disagree with me or hate me. I will probably spend a night crying and a few days writing blog posts about it, but give it to me anyway. I can’t speak for other bloggers. As a general rule, if you have something nasty, it won’t be welcomed. Its ok to have healthy disagreements and debates, but not to flat out accuse anyone of anything without merit. Bloggers have hearts.

Just say hello! Sometimes,  even a two-word comment (with a smiley at the end) makes my day.

Don’t worry about language or grammar. Have you read my blog!? I’m laden with improper English and spelling mistakes. I’m not writing a thesis, its a blog that I do almost daily and I have little time to proofread. Feel free to comment in any language you are comfortable in. And of course, I curse like a sailor so don’t worry if you add a shit or two in there.

Want to stay anonymous? If you’re shy about commenting here because you have a secret crush on me, just use an alias as a name and a fake email address. But I find that people that stay “anonymous” are really just people that want to write something bitchy. I always give an alias when I order from coffee shops, just use one for commenting if you are shy!

You don’t have to impress anyone. Be yourself so that everyone can get to know your personality.

Leave out links in your comments. Sometimes its ok, but I’ve noticed adding a link into your comment could get your comment flagged as spam

Be Careful: This might seem to contradict the first tip , but keep in mind that certain people are very touchy towards certain sensitive subjects. For example, if its an eating disorder recovery blog, I won’t recommend you write, “I lost SO much weight on THIS diet! Its the best! yay no carbs!”.

Read other comments to sense the ‘mood’ of the place. You don’t want to sound all bright and cheery in a blog about someone’s depressions.

Dont comment unless you’ve read the posts: Its like declaring you don’t like a food before trying it. I can usually tell if someone has read my post or not. I know most probably just skim but it makes you look bad when you comment about something that contradicts what was said in the post.

So………Lurkers: Tell me a bit about yourself- who you are, where you’re from, what you do, what you like the most and what you would like to see on this site.

Non-lurkers: Got any tips of your own? What trick have you used to de-lurk some readers?

O yes, and my little teaser from yesterday? Alright, I’ll spill the recipe:

  • 2  cups  all-purpose flour (for a good gluten free version, use 1 cup almond meal and 1 cup brown rice flour)
  • 1/2  cup  sugar or fake sweetener of choice
  • 1  teaspoon  baking powder
  • 1/2  teaspoon  baking soda
  • 1/2  teaspoon  salt
  • dash of  ground nutmeg
  • dash of cinnamon
  • 1/3  cup  canola oil
  • 1 cup milk of choice (I used raw milk which had no lactose)
  • 1  large egg
  • 1  tablespoon  grated lemon rind
  • 1  cup  blueberries

Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Grease your doughnut or muffin pan (these are basially blueberry muffins, but I firmly believe they taste better with a hole in the middle). Whisk/beat the egg and the rest of the wet ingredients. Set aside. Combine flour and the rest of the dry ingredients in a separate bowl. Incorporate the dry ingredients by whisking them into the wet mixture a little at a time until its all incorporated. Lastly, fold in the blueberries and lemon rind. Pour into the greased tins and bake for about 15 minuets or until the doughnuts “spring back” when you lightly touch them. I suggest you remove them while they are still hot as I left one of them to cool in the pan and it got stuck. Hide these if you live with others, because they might just disappear on ya.

62 thoughts on “Blueberry Baked Doughnuts and De-Lurking

  1. haha, you busted me! secret crush revealed! these are great tips for people who are weary of commenting. i think that a huge part of people not commenting is that they just don’t have anything they want to say. my sisters and some of my friends read several blogs, and they do it just for the sake of reading–as they would a magazine or book. i think that if you have a blog of your own you are more compelled to comment and create relationships amongst other bloggers, but if you are strictly reading a blog just to read it.. then the email subscription thing rules. no, it doesn’t get the blogger a page click, but it is cool to know when someone decides they like my blog enough to get it in their email inbox every time i post. i think that if i was just a blog reader, i would love to just get the posts in my email. although, i still dont comment a ton on blogs because i use google reader.. it is so more efficient. i wish google reader had an embedded comment function! anyway, i rambled. the donuts look so damn good.

    • haha, I have a crush on you too! Marshall better watch it! lol! Good point, when you have a blog, you do have extra incentive to comment and be a little more outspoken. I don’t used the google reader because it stresses me out because it reminds me how many blogs I need to catch up on! We need to invent that comment function! I’m sure it cant be that hard…i mean, we have phones that practically workout for us these days!

  2. Haha- I wish I was a lurker, I can’t seem to shut myself up though 🙂

    Your posts always seem to have me saying, “I KNOW, RIGHT!” and then I realize I’m talking out loud…

  3. I am a regular reader who started reading a few months ago (I think). I read lots of food blogs even though I don’t have one (I do have a happy hour review blog with some of my friends here in Portland, OR). I am a middle school writing teacher. The strangest thing about your blog is that I am constantly forgetting you are in L.A. Something about you just screams New York! 🙂 I think I finally got it though…

  4. I am named after the greatest cowboy movie of all time, I’m from NYC, and I’m in law school 😦 but almost done! oh, and I’ve been reading since Nutritious Junk, which makes me rather ancient…haha.

    I like your honesty about a lot of stuff and hearing about your different jobs, but at the same time I could understand not writing about your jobs. It might be interesting to read about your travels to Belgium, etc, but I don’t think that you need to change anything on the site!

    • Thanks shane! wow, youve really witnessed me grow up! I such a naive college student in the Nutritious Junk days!

      I would write more about my job, but I have a feeling I’ll get googled by my bosses. I will talk a little bit about though, harmless things of course.

      I have not been to belgium in over a year which I dont think I have ever done! I usually go about twice a year but this year go delayed because of my dad’s brain hemorrhage. But I’ll probably do a flashback friday about my previous trips.

      • I was also a naive college student at the time…haha. I started reading your blog around the time I was reading Hungry Girl. I stopped reading Hungry Girl, but I kept reading you!

  5. Hello. I’m not a lurker, but just wanted to say, commenters rock. Seriously, no matter how many comments the blogger gets, I’m sure that if you leave a sincere comment, the blogger WILL notice.

  6. Hi Eden

    I’m from Switzerland, (was asking myself if bloggers do get notification where their readers come from?) and I read your blog since the very beginning. I eat my breakfast at work and like to read something entertaining meanwhile, so your blog belongs to my morning rituals.

    I thought your blog has changed at a certain stage, maybe it was the period where you have been more integrated in the blogging community and since you actually started blogging about blogging.

    Swiss german since you don’t mind other languages:

    Ich froi mi jede morge über dini disziplin, immer am 8i isch en neue Itrag vo der vorhande!

  7. Ha, you caught me! I admit I’m a serial lurker, mostly for the reasons you mentioned – i.e. not commenting unless I really have something to say. Also, I sometimes get the feeling (this is SO not directed at you, Eden) that some bloggers aren’t interested in comments from people who don’t have their own blogs.

    Anyhow, I’m from Ireland, the culinary capital of the world (sarcasm alert). I dig your blog, and I think you’re awesome, I love that you don’t give a feck (Irish euphemism for the bad ‘f’ word) and say things that other bloggers won’t. Keep up the good work, girl.

  8. I think I’ve commented here once or twice before, but I’m essentially a lurker 🙂
    I don’t know what it is about your blog, but I just enjoy reading it. I have an eating disorder, so that may be part of it (and is how I initially came across you), but it’s certainly not the only reason.
    I’m from Australia, I’m 16, and a high school student 🙂
    keep doing whatever it is that you’re doing, because it is certainly making me come back and continue lurking hehe.

    I hope your dad has been doing okay lately.
    all the best,
    Genevieve .xo

  9. I like this post! It is true, I have all of a sudden gotten 5 people subscribe that I don’t know their names! Also, somebody nominated me for an award, ad I didn’t know who they are….it makes me feel bad….

    Anyway, Does the gluten free version work? I rally should get a donut pan because my sister will love these!!! Maybe they will work in a muffin pan for the meantime?

  10. HELLO 🙂


    good point. When we first started reading blogs, we did not comment, mainly because we did not think the person would really care to hear from us. We read to learn, to get inspired, etc. But when we decided to start a blog, we then understand how lovely it is when you get comments!

    I have blueberry pancakes, but not donuts, YUM!!

  11. hey! yeah, i’m a new reader that has been lurking! i’ve wanted to comment but since i use google reader, my laziness to click over to the actual site has gotten best of me. sorry. anyway, eden i think your blog is awesome because you tend to say things other people think but don’t write. you’re very funny, too. i’ll try to speak up more from now on. by the way, my name is carly – i am an elementary school teacher at an international school in mexico (just moved here from philadelphia, and lived in oakland, CA before that). i love cooking and baking so i read for your recipes too. thanks for the blog.

  12. Hi!
    I just found your website a couple days ago and I absolutely love it! I’m a Canadian but living in Russia for the year teaching ESL, and yes, I have had an eating disorder. Living in a different country on my own has been a bit of a struggle for me as I’ve noticed disordered eating patterns flaring up, so I just fell in love with your blog because you’re so honest, funny, and you put things in perspective! Thank you!!

  13. I’ve found that lurkers only come out on “big” posts for me (like, when I finished my marathon, landed a new job, stuff like that). When I moved to Philly two readers actually emailed me because they live in the area and now I have two “in life” friends! Yay!

  14. hello Eden 🙂
    i found your blog just couple of days ago, and i must say i fell in love with your witty sense of humor and kept coming back. i really enjoy your writing
    hehe, once again you made me laugh with a post, and i thought i definitely should say hi this time, so hi from poland 🙂

  15. But like in real social life, people can get shy. In fact, I lurked blogs for a long time before I got the courage to comment. Sometimes, bloggers get so many comments that I just assume I’ll get lost. And being a busy bee, I don’t comment unless I really got something to say. I’m not one to say just “Yum!” or “I love oatmeal too!”. Not that those comments are no appreciated. Whoa, I’m going off topic!

    That’s why I lurk, really… I figure if I have nothing to say that anyone will care a white about, I might as well just not say anything at all.

    At the same time, I find it a little disconcerting to know that a certain post was read by X number of people, and I have no clue who those people are.

    And the comments that scream I didn’t read this post, but I’m going to pretend that I did? MAJOR pet peeve.

    ❤ ❤

  16. Hi!
    Norwegian lurker here. I’ve read your blog for a few months now, and I really love your “voice”. I’ll probably be retiring back to lurkdom – I’m one of those who just don’t comment if I don’t feel like as if I have anything to contribute with or something particularly important to say – but I’ll certainly keep reading 🙂

  17. I’ve never really considered myself a lurker per se…I think of myself more as someone who doesn’t bother wasting my time/energy if I don’t have anything to say beyond “Yum!” or “I like oatmeal too!” 🙂 I know I’ve got a couple lurkers on my site too, although I think I know who at least 2 of them are…I do really like the fact that with a couple exceptions, I know most of my readers in real-life. And when I had my 1-year blogiversary post up, I did get one to de-lurk, which was nice. I might have to steal this idea and work on my own post, just because the curiosity of not knowing who’s out there would drive me batty if I let it! Oh, and I like donuts. A lot. 😉

  18. I read but don’t comment and I have to say that it seems like youre blog has changed. Now you’re kind of conceited and I think you just wrote this post to get more comments. Yes, you think that bloggers don’t talk about certain things, but they do. It’s nothing new.
    I don’t mean that mean, as I do still skim all your posts, but I liked the more humble Eden before. Confidence and humour are one thing, but being aloof and out of touch with reality is another. Your job is as a cook and a yoga teacher–not exactly high stress.

    • That is rather rude. If you have nothing nice (or at least constructive) to say in a comment, I wouldn’t suggest commenting at all.

  19. Hi Eden. I’m definitely a lurker, mostly because I don’t think I have too much exciting to say. I’m from PA. I think I found your blog through one of the other ‘ed recovery’ blogs that I read. It’s encouraging and lends hope after reading how far you have come on your journey back to health. I’m trying to get there…
    AND I love your pics..they make me want to make everything you do! 🙂

  20. i love it when my lurkers de-lurk! it’s pretty much the best surprise ever and definitely makes me feel good (although who says it was my doing?…) that they felt comfortable enough to come out of lurkerland.
    i know this probably isn’t post-worthy (aka not big enough of a subject) but i was thinking about how bloggers always use (but NEVER really mention or talk about) “emoticons” or smiley faces and whatnot…think you might include that in your list of blogger “shh” topics?

  21. I’m a lurker. You caught me. 🙂 I don’t think I’ve ever commented here, even though I’ve been reading a couple months. My name is Amy, I live in LA, I’m a talent agency slave, and I always like hearing about yoga teaching/practicing/etc on the blog.

  22. I comment every once in a while, but I guess some people might consider me a lurker. I am a little shy, and I don’t always have something particularly fascinating to say so I feel like it’s better to just say nothing. And not to sound obnoxious or anything, but I’m also really busy with school and work right now… and clicking through Google reader actually takes time and effort, whereas just skimming through blogs is a mindless activity I can do before bed (as long as they are mindless posts, or light hearted ones anyway). Your posts are not always mindless or light hearted, but they are often funny and entertaining. I admire your honesty and wit, so keep that coming…

  23. i do leave comments but yes use an alias aas i am recovery from An and not many people know. plus am rather shy, hence not having a blog. anyway i love rreading your, abby’s and couple other, due to your honesty and diversity in what you write about. have a great, no idea what time it is there but here its time for bed. night 😉

  24. I’m Tara, I’m from the Philadelphia area. I’m a high school cross country runner and I dream about going to college in California, so i’m naturally drawn to California blogs. I love reading because you are hilarious! I also think your recipes are great because there is a great balance of healthy and treats, and I always find myself bookmarking them. I made the peanut butter pavlova’s the other day and they were delicious.. but I had a bit of a stomach ache after I ate the whole batch. Whoops.

  25. Giveaways bring out the lukers!! 🙂 But really, I am one of those who read many blogs (I love recipes) without commenting. I don’t feel any need to comment unless I feel like I have something unique to add or if I have a really good tip that someone may be asking about. I don’t have a blog but I guess I can try to comment more – but like a few here, I don’t see much value in saying “Yes please” for the 500th time!!
    I have also been a reader since Nutritious Junk, and only commented a few months ago for the first time! I recently commented for the first time on Sophia’s blog and Averies (both of which I love!) So I will try to be a more interactive blog reader/lurker!!

  26. Holy mother of the nazareth look at all those comments!! I have a very low-commenting blog. The most I have was on my protein muffins, and if I do say so myself, I did stumble on a miracle, so it’s justified. Otherwise, I get just a handful. I don’t have too many de-lurkers and I haven’t really tried to coax them out.

    One thing for sure: as Janetha said, when you don’t have a blog, you don’t have as much of a reason to comment unless you have something earthshattering to say. What, are you gonna say ” Nice Apple”? Seriously, once on Katheats or CarrotsNCake, someone actually said “Nice apple” (that was the whole comment) and I nearly peed myself laughing and it became a running joke in our house. I, too don’t bother to leave a comment for someone who has 50+ comments unless I know them either personally or by email/twitter/facebook.

    I told you I got the doughnut pan right? SOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooo much fun! I made my infamous chocolate protein muffins and I died. THANK YOU for the suggestion.

  27. I wrote my blog for two years before I even realized there was a health blog community. I know. I’m fairly shy and hate to sound ingenuine (is that a word?) so I don’t comment very much and tend to wait until someone else makes the first move. Right now I mostly comment on my friends blogs. After I move and I have more times I’d like to start reading and commenting on a few more.

  28. Truth of the matter is, I have more time to read more blogs if I comment less. I used to comment on every single blog I read, back in the day when I only read 20. Now I easily read upwards of 50 on a weekly basis and I’d have to quit both my jobs to comment on them all. For me, it’s not that I’m shy or don’t ever have anything to say. I’m just BUSY and need to schedule how I use my time wisely! Does’t mean I don’t like to pop in and say hi sometimes though.

    Hi 🙂

  29. Hi!
    Another lurker de-lurking here 🙂 I read your blog regularly and am a fan of your recipes and your attitude towards the blog world and life in general (I dig snarky sort of humour).

    I’ll try to not be so shy and to start commenting.

  30. Pingback: “I always feel like somebody’s watching me…” « Tramplingrose

  31. this post totally made me comment! 🙂 even if i’m a few months late. i’m reading through posts on disordered eating and finding you to be super inspiring. and i love how real you are. people look at me funny because i laugh loudly and swear… but i feel like you’re a kindred spirit there! thanks!

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