“Hairy” Blogger Date Night!

Remember how I hinted about a blogger date a few posts ago?

Well now I will tell you about it!

It was with my lovely blog friend, Sophia.

The bathrooms were kinda cool, very 30's. And of course, made cooler with blessed with Sophia's presence!

Most of you probably know how bright and beautiful this girl is, so I won’t go into too much praise about her. Bottom line, shes fun and obviously well connected because she scored us press passes to see “Hair” which is on its national tour (and LA is the first stop!). Our adventure began with me calling Sophia for directions. Because I’m behind on the times and I dont have a car with a gps or a smart phone. Although I will say my phone is not stupid! Its intelligent indeed! It just cant go online, check my email, cook, clean, and tell me how many calories I burned. Anyhow….. I picked up Sophia, gave her some of my delicious balsamic blueberry fudge

it was THAT good!

(which she devoured, naturally, cause I know a think or too about fudge).

And we were off!

Being sans gps, smart phone, and a compass, we ended up in four countries in under half an hour! We managed to end up in Chinatown, Thai Town, Little Armenia, and Gay-sneyland (its the Disneyland for queer people, also known as West Hollywood). We were actually tempted to get out of the car and explore these areas, but we had a psychedelic musical to see. Luckily, I am an avid musical lover and have been to this particular theater a number of times, hence, we got there on time!

The theater was in the heart of Hollywood...you know....there is a star on the side walk. I'm the Ugg. Yep, I have no style!

Now, I was a little nervous that we weren’t gonna get the tickets. See, with all do respect to Sophia’s journalism career, the Daily Trojan is not the LA times. These tickets are expensive, so I was nervous they wouldn’t actually give us two for free for a college news paper. Once again, to our luck, Sophia IS that important of journalist that we scored them!

Yippie! FREE TICKETS!!!! Almost as good as free brownies.....almost.....

See, good things happen good people!

So we jumped over a few hurdles, but finally sat in our shockingly not so terrible seats. They were aisle seats so this meant we had our hair played around with by cast members and got fliers and flowers from the show’s hippies. I was expecting joints or pot brownies, but I know the economy is in the toilet so I’ll settle with the flowers. I’ve seen a production on hair when I was about 12. It was a high school rendition and I realized they cut out a very important scene back then…..the nudity! Yep, true to the “peace, love, and pot” times, the whole cast was full frontal during the last scene of the first act. At least they made me feel better about feeling underdressed. I was worried yoga pants and a grey cashmere mumu was a little to casual for the theater. But when 20 or so cast members stand bare assed in front of you…..

All in all, I had a great time. I actually like songs from the sixties, and I appreciate the message the hippies try to promote. Except for the pot brownies. I love brownies, but I dont like them to taste like weed. If I wanted weed, I’d smoke weed, why would I need it to be delivered via brownie? Needless to say, there was no pot brownies at the consession stand. The best part of the evening was when the cast members invited the audience to dance on stage. But I wasn’t high, so I stayed put with Sophia, and just marveled that they could shake their booty on a giant stage. Besides, I dont have much of a booty anyhow.

When Sophia and I walked back to my car, I told her, “That was fun! You know what they should have called it? ‘Calories!'”. Yep, because I think the biggest lesson I learned from my years with my eating issues was that glistening, full, rich hair, needs just that. I’m sure glad my hair is in that condition these days! Not to say it that there aren’t days where it looks like a mop. But at least it bounces and stays on my head as opposed to the shower drain. And at least I dont need pot to give me the munchies. I just have the munchies!

I was lucky to receive a flower from one of the cast members with an afro and bell bottoms. Too bad it wilted when I got home. At least it was real and not plastic.....or polyester

Do you like musicals? Whats your favorite (I think mine is a tie with Les Miserables and West Side Story). Have you ever been on a such a fun blogger date? Or in a musical? I was in a few when I was in high school way back when I wanted to be an actress. My voice was not great so I was usually an ensemble member. But it was tons of fun, and my poor dad attended every performance!

36 thoughts on ““Hairy” Blogger Date Night!

  1. I loooove musicals! I saw Les Mis in London when I was a kiddo, and even though some parts were a bit over my head I still fell in love with it 🙂
    Hmm, then when I was in New York we went to South Pacific and I fell asleep. Well, passed out from happy hour drinks, that is. South Pacific is kind of sexist and boring.

    This fall, I was redeemed with Evita here in murderapolis…wait, no in St. paul. Anyway, it was a really good production and that might be my favorite musical music. Unless you count singin in the rain.

    Wow, you’re probably going to block me if I keep typing entire blog posts in your comment section. I get really zippy late at night, my apologies!

    • O no, Ill never block you!

      Ha I saw Les Mis three times in London! There is no musical like it. But last year when I went to London, I saw Billy Elliot and it was spectacular! Yea, I’m not a fan of So.Pacific. I didn’t like Wicked or Movin Out. And I fell asleep at Jersey Boys! Now THAT was sexist!

  2. I finished writing the article last night. Uh…morning. Haha! It was fun!!!! I know this sounds weird, but I had more fun writing the review than watching it. You know me…I’m a freaking Virgin Mary so the nude scene had me blushing and i am SO glad I’m not in the front row and being mooned and mussed by Berger!! lol!!

    I’ll send you the link to the article when it’s published online! 🙂

    I totally agree that good hair = calories. My hair started growing nicely only when I got in enough calories. My hair that night was messy though…I didn’t get the chance to brush it because I had just washed it. Heh heh.

    My favorite musical so far is Chicago. And glee, if that counts at all….(I know it doesn’t in your book!)

    Love you Eden!!! I need you every week or I’ll go into Eden-withdrawals. So call me up about another fantastic date to Scoops Westside, yeah? Here’s a link: http://dianatakesabite.blogspot.com/2010/12/scoops-westside-welcome-addition-to-my.html

    • Ha, we had perfect seats! we got the some attention from cast member but didnt have to see like twenty full frontal hippes into too much detail! I liked the music though! I’m still singing “This is the age of aquarius….”

  3. Musicals…i will honestly say they are fine but I prefer other types of theatre. More like plays rather than musicals. But I just want to go to Cirque du Soleil shows if i am popping$$$ for live shows.

    And you and Sophia, glad you two got to meetup!!!

    • Cirque du Solei is awesome, I’ve actually fallen asleep at their show! I know! I’m terrible! I blame being an overworked college student that that I was at the time!

  4. pot brownies (made the right way) actually don’t taste like weed at all.
    also, consuming weed through food (any kind really, as long as the weed is mixed with some kind of fat which most often ends up being butter) gives you a much calmer, more peaceful (versus a giggly, laugh at everything) high. the high also lasts longer.

    not that i actually know any of this from experience 😉

  5. That looks like so much fun! I LOVE musicals….being a singer, I want to be in one!!! But alas, tis only a dream….

    btw, I saw that theatre last year when I visited L.A. with a choir group!!! AHHH! That’s awesome….sorry, just got a little excited there…

  6. Andrew Lloyd Weber’s star! That’s like walking on hallowed ground for me! 🙂 lol I adore musicals. I have ever since I was a kid! My favorites are the big, epic dramas like Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera, Jesus Christ Superstar…I could go on. Your fudge looks amazing! I never would have thought of that!

  7. I’m kind of jealous of your blogger date. And by kind of…I mean “incredibly.”

    I love musicals. I used to have to listen to the “Annie” soundtrack while writing papers in college…my roommates hated me. My favorite musical is probably “State Fair” (but not the movie version….the stage show is much better…I mean, they sing to a pig), which we did in high school and then I directed at summer camp. [I, too, used to—fine, still do–want to be a Broadway star, but I always ended up in the ensemble…]

  8. love musicals! i saw wicked in nyc with the original cast when it first came out with cheno/idina! um. it changed me forever haha

  9. Sounds like it was a great meet-up! Of the musicals I’ve seen on stage, my favorites are the Nutcracker (yearly tradition with my beloved grandma) and West Side Story. For ones I’ve seen on screen, definitely Sound of Music and, I’ll be entirely honest, Grease. Young John Travolta, yum…

  10. When I was in London for my Senior trip, we got to see “Wicked” on broadway! It was the only time I’ve seen a broadway musical, and it was so awesome! I absolutely love musical movies and going to see plays. If I had one of those powerhouse voices, you bet I’d try and get into theater! But I’m so softspoken and mediocre at singing 😦

  11. I’m actually not a big musical fan though I do appreciate them and see them time to time.

    I stopped eating meat at about 10 yrs old. By 22, I had lost over half my hair (also due to stress). Now I’m 30 and it’s starting to come back since I’ve incorporated meat and better nutrition in my life for the last 5 years 🙂

  12. This looks like a fun outing! I loved Cats when I watched it in London. It was spectacular! Though I missed something like the first 10 minutes of the show trying to understand their british accents…

  13. Ok, not to be the oddball or anything, but I really can’t stand musicals! I’ll never forgive my mom and sister for bringing me to the movies to see Mama Mia. I had NO idea it was a musical and didn’t really know anything about it at all before we went. When the first song started, all I had to do was turn to them and the look on my face said enough. They laughed at my misery the entire time. At least NOW I think its funny. I seriously could.have shot.them.both. There is only one exception though, and that is the Wizard of Oz. I have watched it probably hundreds of times since I was a little girl. I’ll always have room in my heart for that one!

    • For the record, I cant handle a lot of musicals. Mama Mia being one of them! I hate “cheesy” musicals so my favs are classics like west side story and 42nd street. Mama mia was too flamboyant and the story made no sense! Not that musicals are supposed to make sense, but it was too over the top.

  14. Musicals rock my world in so many ways. They just never fail to be uplifting. Perhaps this is why the only music on my new iPod is that from Glee. Not a musical. But kind of a musical.

    Fun times with Sophia! Love that girl. And you, of course. And I’m glad your hair is on your head instead of in the shower drain these days. Always a good thing.

  15. what a fun blogger date! she put out at the end of the night? jk. totally inappopriate.

    Also…Ive had a pot brownie before that did not taste like pot. And it was sure better than actually smoking it.Blech.

  16. What a fun blogger date with AWESOME company. You know, I can’t remember the last blogger meetup I’ve seen that’s not been at a restaurant, so kudos to you two lovely ladies for mixing it up!

    I adore musicals, even the cheesy ones like Mamma Mia and The Sound of Music!

  17. I am not a huge fan of musicals – I’ve walked out of Chicago and a few others! But I do love the theatre – Phantom, Miss Saigon, and even Strawberry Freckleface (which I took Maya to in NYC) were fabulous. Every once in a while I try again and cross my fingers that I’ll find another Miss Saigon!!

  18. 1. I’m incredibly jealous you got to go see Hair. *For free*
    2. Pot brownies don’t taste like pot. Trust me on this one 🙂
    3. I love, love, love musicals. I think my favorites are: les mis, sound of music and westside story.

    Gosh, now I want to run away to broadway and pretend I can sing.

  19. I love musicals. I loved going to see Bye Bye Birdie, Grease, Oklahoma when I was younger. And they definitely have intermission for a reason……SNACK TIME! ha.

  20. I love musicals! That’s so cool that you got in for free, too! I think my favorite musical is Les Mis, but I also loved seeing Aida!

    My cousin is starring in “Rock of Ages” (coming to The Pantages in February!) so maybe that will become a new favorite for me? I hear it’s really good, but have yet to see it! I’m excited!

  21. Wanna hear something effin’ crazy? I worked at the Pantages for at least a year as an usher in high school!

    I love musicals. Oh dear, full frontal- that’s a bit awkward! 🙂 I must admit to loving Phantom (yes, it’s true) and Evita.

    Funny enough, I had a blogger date with Tamzin (Salad and Sequins) and we went (with my hubby and other friends) to a theatrical production of Cinderella in Brighton, England- a week or two ago. It was fun!!

    And good that your hair is on your head and healthy. That’s where it should be!

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