Stuff Bloggers Don’t Write About: Blog Meet-Ups (The Truth!)

I think its that time of the week. You know, the “stuff bloggers dont talk about”???

If you don’t know, you must be new. If so, welcome.

So today, I want to talk about blogger meetups. Most bloggers actually DO write about their meetups, but they usually just scratch the surface and say who they met with, what they ate/drank/did etc… No harm in doing that, I did it too here and here. But today, I’ll write a little bit about what I think REALLY goes on.

not a meetup but at the "farewell" brunch at foodbuzz

Three’s a Crowd: A lot of times, bloggers in a certain city will invite every blogger they sorta know to a blogger meet up. While this is fine and I suppose friendly since no one feels left out, I think these meet ups kind of stink. The foodbuzz festival is a whole other ball game which I sort of expressed my opinions about in this post. But when there is more than four or five bloggers, it can be a little annoying. Everyone usually wants to talk to everyone but everyone talks over one another and what ends up happening is that you really only get to talk to one or two people. It just gets a little disorganize. Don’t get me wrong though. Big blogger meetups are no doubt fun, but you won’t get to “know” everyone that well. Therefore…..

One on Ones Rock: I prefer one on one like the one I had with Deb and Ameena. Sophia and I often have one on ones (PS, sophia and I will probably post about a very cool blog date we’ll be having!). One on ones are awesome because you usually fall in love with the blogger even more. Its like seriously better than therapy! After all, blogs are like our diaries so its cool to meet someone who’s read it.

This was my first big blogger meetup in LA. It was fun, but many people

Fancy Restaurants Suck: Well, at least price wise and for blog meet ups. Why? Because blog meet ups usually involved a lot of talking. And if its more than two people, it will be loud! Anyhow, nothing pisses of fancy shmancy restarurants goers more than a bunch of loud people whipping out their cameras and having a half our photo session when their food arrives. Best bet is to actually go to cafe or a park. I think a potluck at a park is a fine idea and you can take your pics of what you made when your at home before you leave. Plus, its way cheaper, and you know as the Jew I am how much of a penny pincher I am πŸ˜‰

Do (some) homework: sometimes, I’ll go to a blog meet up with multiple bloggers and I have never heard of some bloggers attending. No need to look them up and read every single entry, but at least skim through their last few posts, their about tab, and maybe some other tab they have got. I dont know about you, but when I went to a massive meet up the day before the foodbuzz festival in San Fran, nothing felt worse than having to introduce my self, and being asked, “O what is your blog? Hmmm…..I’ve never heard of you….”. Not that I expect people to know my blog, but when a meet up is put together and you know who is coming, do a little research or at least dont make me feel like my blog isn’t real.

" name is Eden.......I have this blog...Its about when I didn't eat it.....and there is some yoga mixed in......"

Dont expect to be BFFs: Sometimes, we think about bloggers like celebrities. Maybe more even. Why? Well, like I said. blog are our diaries and when we read each others daily or weekly, we feel like we are literally growing with this person. Celebrities are people we don’t actually know much about. But we know what bloggers eat, dont eat, about their kids/pet/lovers/haters etc. Anyhow, sometimes people have awesome blogs and when you meet them in person, well… just dont click. Its not a terrible thing. We can’t expect to be friends with everyone. Its kind of like dating. I think friendships require chemistry too. Although I do think if you like the blog, you’ll like the person (like the Boos, Deb, Jolene, Janetha…just to name a few…), don’t expect to be in love with a blogger when you’r in love with the blog. However, I sometimes find people have mediocre blogs but are awesome in person! Anyhow, my point is: in blogger meet ups, don’t judge a person by their blog!

I actually think I have more to write on this, so maybe there will be a part 2 tomorrow.

If you have ever been to a blog meetup, how do you feel about them? Have you ever met a blogger whose blog you loved but didn’t click with them in person?

34 thoughts on “Stuff Bloggers Don’t Write About: Blog Meet-Ups (The Truth!)

  1. this was great! and you hit the nail on the head with “Its like seriously better than therapy! After all, blogs are like our diaries so its cool to meet someone who’s read it.”

    i love how honest you are. not that others lie about anything, but your honesty is just so outright and entertaining. i love youuuuuuuuuuu


  2. I’ve met two bloggers now. One of them I’m now real life friends with since we live in the same city.

    I can imagine how crazy it would be with tons at once! I think it’s hard when there are th at many women at once..and I’m sure bloggers are a bit more verbose than most!

    Can’t wait to meet you someday. I’m sure we will be BFF’s ;). At the very least, I KNOW I’ll like you.

  3. So true! As I mentioned before I really struggled at Foodbuzz because I suck with big groups.

    I found some bloggers I was so hyped about meeting I felt no connection at all with, or was too nervous to approach them, and I was lucky to be introduced to some amazing women whose blogs I now follow (I am so happy Astrid was on the bus beside me!) and bond with a few other lovelies whose blogs I do read.

    I am still kicking myself for not asking “Are you Eden?” on the last night, but my socializing tools were burning fast. Next time.

  4. I love your honesty…thank you!
    Fancy restaurants do not mix for any kind of first blogger dates, you are so right! Potluck at a park…I would be so down! I am sad that I am just on the edge of being too far to meet up w/ you LA girls frequently. No one can sit in traffic for 2.5 hrs each way just to say “hi” but I wish I could!

    And 3’s a crowd…yeah!

    I feel like Food Buzz was overwhelming! So much going on, so much to take in…one on one is always better for me personally.

    Meeting ppl in person is always different than reading about them..I loved meeting you in person. The in person you is very similar to the blog you, no total surprises or anything πŸ™‚

  5. I def prefer one-on-one too…but that’s usually better if it’s someone I kind of met already. For first meet-ups, I prefer groups, just so to get that initial stage done. Then you move on to the “I know you more than your blog now, and let’s continue where we left off” stage.

    I find myself bonding a lot more with people who shares my thoughts and opinions…or at least, are not afraid to argue and discuss with me about it without getting offended, or being scared of offending me. Fake-nice is the worst.

    I enjoyed Foodbuzz a lot, actually. It wasn’t too overwhelming for me because I found my posse soon enough. And yes, you were one of them. πŸ˜‰

  6. I’ve only ever had one blogger meet-up & it was before I was food blogging…A fellow SoDak blogger (who’s also a professional photographer) happened to be coming to Brookings to shoot a wedding, and we met up at a coffeeshop a couple blocks from my apartment & the church where the wedding was held. I made my husband come with me, just because even though I live in a small town now, I’m still a city girl at heart, and being about 6 months pregnant at the time, I wanted to make sure myself and my fetus returned! But I needn’t have worried…We had a nice hour-plus chat about a lot of different things, and it’s an experience I’m glad I got to take part in. I’m usually way too reserved to even think of doing stuff like this!

  7. I have been lucky enough to meet a handful of lovely ladies, and the most I’ve ever met at a time is two (and both times I’d already met one of the two). It’s kind of like online dating for friends though, isn’t it? It’s weird because you’re essentially meeting a stranger who you already know a LOT about.

  8. I wish I lived on the west coast so I could meet up with you California babes. Of course there are a lot of east coast bloggers I love as well, but it’d be cool to have the best of both worlds, no?

    I’ve had one blogger meetup and it was a blast. I’d love to do more. You’re right about smaller is better though. I think it makes the interaction more genuine.

  9. I think I’d prefer 1-on-1 too. I’ve only met 2 blogger friends – who happened to be Cathe fans and we stayed together at the road trip this summer. But other than that, I’ve met no one else. Though there are some I know I’ll definitely meet one day.

  10. There are basically no other bloggers in Michigan that I have a connection to, so unless I haul my ass out to LA or something, I’m kind of SOL. However, I do think it would be fun to meet up with other bloggers, as long as I already knew a bit about them before and liked what I knew, of course.

    I gotta admit I’m a big jealous all you guys live close-ish to each other, although maybe if you met me you would be glad I lived across the country πŸ˜‰

  11. I’ ve never been on a blogger meetup. You make it sound so much fun, but I am bad with big groups, especially with people I’ve never met before! But I may reconsider if Lemonade is involved! πŸ˜‰

  12. aw the boos. I like that nickname. We haven’t done any blog meet-ups in awhile since we live so far away from everyone and I have driving anxiety. I should remedy that sooner than later however. I miss my blog friends!

    I always try to invite EVERYONE but you’re right, it’s overwhelming and stressful. The smaller meet-ups are nice because you get the opportunity to talk and really get to know each other!

  13. Interesting and funny, Eden! I haven’t been to a blooger meetup (I live on the wrong continent ;)) but I’d love to someday.

      • snap live on other side of tthe pond ( hate that phrase) plus i don’t actually have a blog, so technically it serves me right. ta for the nice comment by the way Eden.

  14. true story mamacita! i’ve got a bloggie meetup on the schedule for friday and i can’t wait!!! but these are great tips i like one on ones or a few people..the times i’ve been with 4 or more it’s kind of gotten awk!

  15. I really prefer meeting bloggers one-on-one as well. I haven’t met many, but I feel like it gives you more time and opportunity to really get to know each other better. If there was EVERYONE from all the blogs I read, then it would get kind of confusing.

  16. I’ve done a few meet ups. One in LA, it was big and I’m not much of a big crown person at all (AND you weren’t there.) Boo. I much prefere 1 on 1 or small groups 3-4 max. I just get overwhelmed by large crowds and get shy. Then I seem unfriendly.

    Some meet ups I’ve just clicked with the person and the others not so much. However, I like people and listening to different stories so I can appreciate different walks of life even if we don’t “click”.

  17. As always I love your honesty. THank you for the mentions! I loved meeting you too- and we’ll do it again for sure when I’m back in town. And we’ll take Dad out to lunch πŸ™‚

    I have met several bloggers. Usually it’s only one-on-one or with 2 people. Once I met up with a huge gaggle (is that the correct term) of great bloggers (as Jenn mentioned above) but I didn’t even get to talk to a few of them who had to leave early.

    Hilarious that you thought Ameena had a British accent, but you know, she really almost could. I love that photo of her, with Lynn in the front. Love both those ladies.

  18. I’ve been to a bunch of blogger meet-ups by now – conferences, huge group outings, one-on-ones. I totally get that you can love someone’s blog, but then just not click with them in person. On the flipside, there are some bloggers that I LOVE but can’t really get into the stuff that they write. I’m really awkward in real life so I sometimes have a hard time thinking of things to say to people when I know their blogs really well. I actually find it’s easier when I don’t know much about them because I can just ask a million questions πŸ˜‰

    The best part about blogger meet-ups is hearing how crass everyone is off their blogs. I think people have a tendency to come off as really upbeat and G-Rated on their blogs, when in real life they’re a little more rough around the edges. Lord knows I go out and drink way more than I let on to on my blog πŸ˜›

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