Flashback Friday: Role Model and I Heart Smoothie Girl

Brief post today.

For flashback friday, I thought I’d show you my days in modeling (dont get too excited, it was short lived since I’m….short!!)

Can you believe I was fourteen?!

I call this the "sex pot" photo....I'm so not in real life!

I'm 14 here too! Its a weird photo, but I actually think its its interesting

I'm actually 19 here! I look younger than I did at 14!

And I know I mentioned a blogger meetup…..


I’ll write more about blogger meetups in general in a future post, but I just wanted to say Deb (smoothie girl eats too) is the bomb an I felt like I”ve known her for years! I totally just want to have her grocery shop with me all the time! And these pics dont do her justice, shes beyond gorgeous in real life!

Super busy today, but I’ll have more in store tomorrow.

Do you think photos do you justice? Do you think your photogenic?





32 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: Role Model and I Heart Smoothie Girl

  1. I actually sometimes think I look better in pictures than in real life. I’m not picky at all about pictures of myself, but I think that’s because usually I look okay. Except greasy hair days, those are the worst. Ugh.
    I love the furry hat picture! Do you still do any modeling?

  2. Wow…you should model. Short people are better 🙂

    I think I am photogenic. I’m NOT good at the sex pot photos. I can flash a true looking cheesy smile on cue.

  3. When I’m legitimately happy & smiling in photos, I think I look okay–My mother-in-law tells me all the time what a nice smile I have. But for the most part, I prefer to be on the other side of the camera. I have a handful of pictures I think I look good in. The rest can just disappear. 🙂

  4. I love Deb. You know I love you. I am jealous of both of you now.
    As for pictures, I actually think that I look decent in pictures when I know they’re going to be taken (ha.) It’s those random ones that freak me out. I’m kind of a ham, so if I’m ready for a shot, I’m all teeth 😉

  5. WOW! You do look a lot older than 14 in those pictures!

    I signed with a modeling company last year..but I never got around to filling out the paper work….I guess I’m just too busy to model :/

  6. Those pictures are gorgeous… age is all relative, anyway. 😉

    I am most definitely NOT photogenic. When there is a camera and me involved, I should be behind the lens. (Lest I crack it, you know. Har-hardy-har.)

    ❤ ❤

  7. Wow, those pics are great! No, I don’t think I’m photogenic. I think I like 1 out of every 15 pictures of me and it has to be the right light, side, angle, hair lookin like its supposed to, etc lol. There are SOME pics of me that I really like though. What’s weird is I never know what I really look like. I don’t know how ‘skewed’ my vision is of myself. I do know I look absolutley retarded doing the kissy, lip thing that you see girls doing in their pics! I tried it a couple times and no one will ever see those pictures! Yuck!

  8. Gosh, If I had pictures like that, I’d put them up everywhere possible 🙂 You look amazing! I can’t decide if I’m photogenic or not – I think it depends on my self esteem at that particular moment.

  9. I have never felt photogenic and only believe I “look good” from one angle.

    I’m a lot more comfortable in my own skin now than I used to be, and to be honest, having a blog sort of made me give up any inhibitions about photographing myself. Now I’m just like “oh well, there I am….”

  10. I’ve always hated taking pictures, cause I think I look crap! Especially those canded photos that friends like to take and make fun of you later on 😉 My old friend in high school and I, use to make videos on my mom’s cam recorder. I actually liked being on camera for some reason, but I still have photo issues!

  11. i’d like to think i’m fairly photogenic. my husband seems to think so ;p was it commercial modeling or magazine stuff?

  12. You are so beautiful! I could never pull of a sex pot photo like that, wowza! I find it really weird seeing photos of myself because I don’t really feel I know what I look like. I like some photos of myself and others make me want to cry. Especially when someone takes a photo of me in a pissy mood 😉

  13. You’re gorgeous! 14? Yowza. I am almost incapable of taking a serious picture. I’ve always got my mouth open or I’m making a snarky face. Or giving a thumbs up. Maybe that should be one of my goals this year- look like an adult in pictures…

  14. You look stunning and older than 14 in those shots. And the sexy shot you almost look like you come from another country!! As I said in the email to you, you are such a chameleon in that you can look like a totally different person in every photo taken of you- they all happen to be pretty.

    I loved meeting up with you- can’t wait til the next time! I’ll let you know when I’m back in town.

    I am sometimes photogenic, but obviously, yesterday was NOT one of those days! 🙂

    PS. Got the donut pan and ordered the ice cream maker at AmAZON yay- can’t wait ! Thanks! Hugs to Dad.

  15. photos definitely do NOT do justice! what a fun meetup and deb (and you of course) would slash are people on my list of bloggers i need to meet in life haha

  16. You look amazing in all your pics! And 14…yeah, it’s kinda surreal that most runway models and Vic Secret models are like 15-18. Or at least under 20. By the time a woman can buy a drink, i.e. age 21, she’s pretty old in the modeling world. So strange. Therefore i think most all models look older than they are. Age and how it appears in photos always intrigues me.

    And I want to meet Deb…always have!! You’re a lucky girl 🙂

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