Oddball Food Equations!

You say gross, I say delicious!

Lets face it, with millions of flavors and foods available to us, we are bound to mix them up in unusual ways. “Weird Food Combos” is one of the most popular topics on the Serious Eats boards and even on the Yelp forums!

Some think the love of “odd” foods mixed together is a red flag for an eating disorder.

I neither agree or disagree with this. Its really a “it depends” type of statement. It depends on the motive. Are they eating a certain combination in hope of eating less or it? is is a mixture that involves very low calorie things (hmm….rice cakes+mustard+salt+fat free cottage cheese+apples+diet coke all jumbled together and “steamed”, no fried of course, come to mind!).

I know that when I was in treatment, they really tried to crack down on people’s food combination preference. For example, I like dry cereal. Actually, correction! I like cereal without milk, I usually opt for yogurt or cottage cheese. Even ice cream! But I never like milk in my cereal. When I was four, my parents let me have calcium fortified orange juice with my mini wheats (trust me, it doesn’t taste half bad!). Anyhow, I understood where they were coming from. They were trying to “normalize” our eating. Although the term “normal eating” is really up for debate. Heck, anything “normal” is subjective.

Anyhow, I don’t think there is anything wrong in eating what is perceived as “weird” foods in unison. Google “weird food combinations” and you will feel at home as millions of people express their love of bologna and peanut butter or scrambled eggs and grape jelly (both personally make me want to gag a little, but wont judge you if you like them 😉 )

So I thought I’d share my weird food math!

ketuchp+mustard+salad : Its like a deconstructed hot dog! I love it!

cottage cheese+cookies(or biscuits): dont ask, I just like the texture of the creaminess and the slight saltiness of the cottage cheese with a sweet cookie. I prefer this over an oreo!

ice cream+jello+roasted pumpkin: I know, this is SUPER weird! but squash is usually sweet and I love its texture with the creamy ice cream. And I actually like that jelly-ness of the jello, although its not as cloyingly sweet as real jelly! Ok, I’m sure if you haven’t gagged yet, your gagging!

salt+watermelon: I know this may sound eating disordered because its low calories, I’ve liked it since I was a kid!

Peanut butter+bacon: Not very kosher but who said I am?

What’s your “weird” combos of choice? I wont judge, but I can’t promise I wont gag….just being honest!

36 thoughts on “Oddball Food Equations!

  1. I actually love peanut butter and bacon. Love putting bacon on BLT’s. I also love salt and watermelon, as well as salt with apples. Actually, salt goes with a lot of stuff.
    My “weird” combos:
    French friends dipped in ice cream (think wendy’s fries with a frosty)
    Peanut butter and pickles
    Strawberries and sourcream
    My grandmother eats her cereal with orange juice. And on ce my dad and I put orange juice in some cookies (by accident) and they were delicious!

    • ranch and french fries is my favorite but I find its not that unusual and that most people like it. I knew a friend who carried extra ranch dressing packets in her clutch and her car!

  2. I really like jello with a little bit of yogurt. Its like the sum of the two parts is wayyy better.
    Also, I don’t like syrup so I put all sorts of weird things on pancakes.

    Finally, eggs and ketchup. Ketchup and most things, for that matter. My roommate once found me after a long night out eating a tortilla filled with ketchup… haven’t lived that one down yet.

    I say there’s no problem eating weird things. If you think it tastes good, why not? Lifes to short to live by someone else’s rules.

  3. Spam nuts! We have those from our Hawaii trip. 🙂 I like pineapple pizza. Just cheese and pineapple, no Canadian bacon/ham. Milk shake and fries, but I hear that’s a little more common. Salsa and eggs for me, though ketchup has the same effect.

  4. I’m really into dry cereal as well. I used to be okay with it having milk in it until I realized that I don’t like soggy cereal– and it can be avoided by just having it dry 🙂

  5. It seems that a lot of people don’t like cereal with milk…when you think about it, the blog world is full of seemingly ‘odd’ combinations. Who’d have thought that kale in a smoothie would become so popular? The idea of what’s ‘normal’ is pretty warped and subjective anyway, particularly when it comes to food.

    Mine is probably ketchup (gratuitous amounts) + nutritional yeast.

  6. A ketchup and mustard salad actually sounds reaaalllly good to me 🙂

    My weird food combinations? Oat bran and fried eggs… grilled cheese and bbq sauce… and maple syrup and bacon (okay, I know that one isn’t too weird to most people, but my mom looks at me like I’m a psychopath)

    Haha.. I actually can’t wait to read everyone’s comments!

  7. Ah my gosh that is so nasty-spam macadamias??? Ugh….That just totally ruined the macadamia nut!!!

    I don’t really think I have a lot of weird food combos….hmmmm…..I need to get on that!

  8. Dude, I LOVE sweet things in cottage cheese (usually sweet and crunchy cereal)…actually I love to mix cottage cheese with just about anything…

    Peanut butter + bacons = a gift from heaven

    My weirdest combo? Not sure actually but it might be sweet potatos + capers + sundried tomatoes. Although I don’t know that that is really all that weird.

  9. I don’t know if this is “weird”, but I do love to make wraps with any kind of hummus, laughing cow cheese, and salsa. It’s a flavor heaven! I love it!

    Other than that, I’m pretty boring. I don’t put ketchup of variousl things. I prefer mustard on sadwiches.

  10. So down with the weird food combos!

    Salsa and cottage cheese is yum..add in some tortilla chips while you’re at

    Candy corn and popcorn..hey they’re both corns

    Old school combo: french fries in a Wendy’s frosty 😉

  11. I love water melon with feta cheese! It’s been my favorite summer snack since I was little. For years people thought that it was weird, but suddenly this Summer it became a very popular “gourmet” salad. Who knows? Maybe your combinations pick up too! 🙂

  12. Thank God I found your blog, girl!
    It seems like we are the only ones who don’t like milk on their cereal!
    I love it dry, without CC, yogurt… but milk? Ew.
    Loved your food combinations, btw!
    Not so weird at all 🙂
    I have some “awkward” ones, too…
    Like dry cereal and peanut butter (normal for me! And absolutely delicious), cottage cheese with sliced grapes, etc…
    And, as you could probably tell…
    I loved this post 😉

  13. Hey I salt my apples so I don’t think the watermelon thing is weird at all! All of your combos sound pretty good to me, except maybe the jello/ice cream one since I’m not a fan of either.

    I personally don’t think of any of my foods as weird but I have gotten a lot of looks for the Greek yogurt/tempeh/syrup combo I’ve been known to rock!

  14. i ONLY eat my cereal with yogurt. i’m weird like that, it’s a thing that i developed in treatment actually! the one time i liked it with milk i had the munchies and it was reeses’ puffs…so there’s no way you can really go wrong with those.
    my favorite weird food combination: pb + cheese sandwiches.
    so freaking good. my best friend and i make them all the time. thats how i knew she was my soul mate 😉
    what do you eat latkes with? ive always done them with syrup, thats jsut my thing, but i know people sometimes do sour cream or something…not that time of year anymore but i’m just curious!

  15. My favorite is lettuce with carob chips pickles and whatever protein they had (seitan, tofu, tempah) with vinegar and salt 100% of the time this gets rejected in resi

  16. haha i LOVE mustard with like everything and anything and i don’t think there’s anything that mustard shouldn’t go on. i feel the same way about goat cheese haha

  17. ketchup, ketchup, ketchup!! i love the stuff. i love putting sauces garlic and chilli, bbq on my food, mustard and ketchup, plus mayo bloody lovely, with tuna , ham god i colud on. also love Marmite (British spread thingy)with ketchup spread on raw carrots. have you ever tried the banana and bacon combo?

    • I havent tried the banana bacon thing…but that being said I dont eat many bananas because I had salmonella when I was three and all they gave me was bananas! I pretty much swore them off after that. I actually like marmite on toast. I go to London once a year and I indulge in it there!

  18. I will eat anything with peanut butter on it. I don’t understand why people think peanut butter and bacon is so gross! I think it’s amazing. I like putting chips in my peanut butter and jelly too.

  19. Not going to lie; I pretty much put ketchup on everything lol. Especially on steamed broccoli at dinner every night… I’m trying to cut back.

    “ice cream+jello+roasted pumpkin”: I think ice cream + anything= awesome haha

  20. oh cottage cheese and cookies are my favorite. And PB and bacon. I love the sweet/salty combos. I’ll try anything once. the hubs and I both have weird food combos, true love there! 😉

  21. I get funny looks for putting chocolate chips and peanut butter in my oatmeal. Things that are the norm in blogworld, certainly aren’t in real life! Franks redhot on pizza is really good. So is dunking bananas into warm pumpkin!

  22. Food combinations:
    Canned pumpkin + sesame dressing on a turkey sandwich
    Sunflower butter + cinnamon Pop-Tarts
    Ketchup on salad

    And I have some cereals I only eat dry, some that I eat with milk, and some only with yogurt. Some I only have for breakfast, some only for snack, some only for dinner. Cannot have a dinner cereal for breakfast! And those rules long predated the ED.

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