Shepherds Pie and the Number Ones


I realized I’ve been doing a lot of top ten lists. And it being 1/1/11, I thought I’s bring in the new year with some # 1’s.

#1 reason for divorce: Marriage

#1 reason I love Canadians:  Canadians are nice, even when they’re being mean. Think of a chipper Irish or British person’s speech – inflection, cadence, etc. – except give them American R-sounds. That’s about how Canadians talk. So when they say mean things, they still sound nice! But the reality is that they will never, ever say anything mean because they’re genetically incapable. See, look! Even when they try to be badass, they’re still so lovable! (And Jon Stewart…..)

#1 reason employees get fired: Facebook

#1 reason for  going to college: student discounts and ramen

# 1 reason to drop out of college: Facebook (and tuition)

# 1 reason I love chocolate: I think its because I have a vagina or maybe because I’m half Belgian….dunno its a toss up

#1 reason I love Los Angeles: weather

#1 reason I hate Los Angeles: cars……everywhere!

#1 cause of anorexia: with all honesty, hunger!

#1 leading cause of burping: Dr. Pepper. I swear more than any other drink!

#1 reason I am content with myself: I can laugh at myself

#1 reason I blog: because I’m cool

#1 all time favorite british dish: Shepherds Pie!!!!

So to make my “redux” version with sweet potatoes, you will need

  • 2tbs butter
  • 2tbs flour
  • 1 cup chicken/veggie stock
  • ground meat (or any fake crumble for you PETA members out there)
  • 3 or so medium sweet potatoes (baked and mashed, I personally like mashing them with a little hot milk)
  • salt and pepper
  • parmesan cheese (optional)

I decided to split this recipe up into two parts.

Part one: Meat prep. I used ground beef that had a decent amount of fat already in it, but incase you getting the lean kind, add some olive oil to the pan and brown the meat.

Part two: Gravy prep. Make a roux which is a fancy culinary term for an equal parts butter to flour ratio. In culinary school, we had to weigh out the butter and flour to be exact. But I have no patience, so a measuring spoon will have to do. Anyhow, melt your butt until it liquefies completely. I used 2 tbs butter with 2 tbs flour, so then add your flour. Mix mix mix on a medium heat until it starts to look a little “blonde” and then add your stock. Bring the heat to low and stir and let it simmer for about 10-15 minuets. Once the gravy is reduced a little and thick, pour it with your meat (mind you, you could also add veggies with the meat, but I just wanted it to be simply meat and potatoes!). Mix the meat with gravy and pour into individual ramekins and then add your mashed sweet potatoes (even pumpkin would work great!). Place in a 350 degree oven for about 25 minute or until the tops turn a little brown. Top with a little parmesan cheese. I like that this is “individual”. I have a problem sharing food…Have any number ones you want to share????


24 thoughts on “Shepherds Pie and the Number Ones

  1. I really love shepherd’s pie, it’s the Irish in me. (Ok, I’m full-blooded irish…potatoes and beer are sort of my thing!)

    #1 movie- Anything Harry Potter
    #1 reason not to party on NYE: To watch Harry Potter.

    I’m a nerd, obviously.

  2. Yes you are cool and I did gain an appreciation for ramen when I first moved to Texas for grad school and had absolutely no money. It can be great stuff, and so so cheap! Stephen says that beer makes him burp more than Dr. Pepper. He is a huge fan of dr. pepper tho and has at least one a day. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  3. Haha these are great- I love the one about Facebook.

    And good call on the mashed sweet potatoes. Regular potatoes are more classic British food, but the sweetness of a mashed sweet potato with the ground beef is clutch! Happy new year!

  4. my number ones (okay, my top two I guess) for burping are cucumbers and milk (like in a latte). Total uncontrollable burping when I try to drink milk, especially with coffee. My parents are so proud…
    Happy New Year Dear!

  5. “#1 reason I love Canadians:” <– Aww.. we love you too! Except I don't have a British accent 😮 Haha!

    I also dispose shepherd's pie. I'm actually not a very picky eater at all, but that dish is one that I just can't stand. They do look cute in the little ramekins though 😛

  6. #1 reason for going back to school……avoiding taxes and jury duty! I’d do it just for that!
    Love the shepherds pie. My hubs love mince meat pies from New Zealand. The ones with curry are awesome!

    • I’ll explain this in a later post, but I believe I was hungry for something on my worst days. Maybe hungry for my mom, or something that I thought denying my real hunger would help.
      And I might not be smarter than that. I’m sure people have other reason for their problems, but this was my no 1.

      • I agree that this is not an ignorant statement at all. It is hunger for something…not necessarliy food…just something bigger and deeper than that, that drives all ed’s. Not literal hunger, but the use of real hunger or fullness to mask voids and excessive emotions that we experience. I agree that this is a huge element of my own strugles, too.

      • Agreed. The term “hungry” could mean many different things. For myself, I was hungry for perfection and control…and actually, a whole slew of other things. For others, it could be hunger for love, attention, beauty, etc.

        And in my opinion, a lot of people suffering from anorexia ARE hungry literally, too. Which fuels their desire to control their appetite more, etc….and then we have that evil cycle.

        I’d be interested to see you elaborate on this, Eden. 🙂

  7. i make a cottage pie with ground bison or lamb, use corn starch (i’m gluten intolerant) to thicken, peas/carrots and cauliflower puree on top instead of the mashed potato. i’ve fooled friends into thinking it was traditional! #1 reason i love the new year: another attempt to make a difference in my own life and the life of others.

  8. #1 reason to read Eden’s Eats…to induce hunger. That shepherd’s pie sounds awesome.

    And your post once again totally cracked me up. The chocolate thing is definitely vagina-related. I’ve never met a girl who didn’t crave chocolate. At least once a month. Every month.

    • yep, I know some women that say, “I dont care for chocolate” but they are BSing themselves! There is some form of chocolate that everywoman craves. Good to know I induce hunger! I guess its better than pot!

  9. My vagina must be a chocoholic.

    Just catching up on your blogs now! This recipe is perfect- just the other day I talked about wanting to make exactly this! Done and done. I might try it with buffalo meat!

    And I’m glad you love Canadians. I have the biggest crush on John Stewart.

  10. I’m looking forward to an elaboration on the anorexia comment too.. I still don’t know what caused it for me… I’m interested to hear more on the subject. I am so not the typical anorexia girl. I mean it started when I was 27, how weird is that? It took me a good year to realize that people were actually right in the beginning… me anorexic, very funny but the more I think back on it and my behaviors, I wonder how and why it started.

    • There is no “typical” to this whole disorder. Why it started sometimes may or may not be relevant to ones personal recovery. Some people need to stop focusing so much on the “why” and start focusing on the “how” to get better now. I will for sure write more about this, thank you for your comment!

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