Lessons Learned from 2010

As 2011 is inching, I decided to reflect upon what I learned this year.

Now that I ponder upon this, I’m realizing that I actaully learned a lot (good, bad, funny, and maybe even slightly humiliating).

1) Not everyone is going to like you: This was probably the most important and the hardest lesson I learned. There are plenty of people I don’t care for, some for very good reasons, others just rub me the wrong way. I try to be professional and courteous to everyone but I’m sure at some point these people have felt slighted by me. Of course, I certainly don’t like everyone, and hence I  can’t expect everyone to like me (or my blog for that matter). And you know what? I don’t want them to. I’ve always believe that if I’m not rocking at least a few boats I’m doing something wrong. Boat rocking is my thing, no?

2) If in doubt, freaking ask! When I first started blogging this year, I was VERY unfamiliar with how to publish on wordpress. I had no idea how to link site, put up my foodbuzz badge, have a recipe tab, etc. This speaks for itself. Talk less, listen more, and NEVER be afraid to ask questions. It’s not a sign of weakness. I repeat, it is NOT a sign of weakness. It’s time to throw your pride out the window and admit you’re not a know it all. Ask questions until the cows come home, then ask some more. It’s the only way to LEARN.

3) silent company is often more healing than words of advice:Ironically, I’m miss chit chat, but sometimes, I just need someone to listen.

4) I have some body image bruises, but I know how to heal them: too much to write, just read this

5) Friendships formed online aren’t creepy: That old idea of meeting people on the Internet being “creepy” is long gone (in most cases – there are still the “To Catch a Predator” people out there). The Internet is a GREAT way to meet people. Full disclosure, I wouldn’t know 60 % of my friends if it weren’t for my blog. I would have NEVER found my job if I wasn’t networking like a maniac before I moved here. Use the Internet to your advantage.

Sophia is silly, but in NO way creepy. Unless you find radishes as eyes creppy...I personally dont

6) “Stuff” happens, so be prepared for anything: My dad is a firm believer in being prepared.  With what happened to him, I realized how wise he really is.  Always try to learn to think ahead and anticipate–what might happen in the future and what you might need to have when it happens, whether it’s tangible stuff like a house or money, or intangible stuff like knowledge or experience.

7) “Safe” foods (and “safe” anything) won’t get you far: Routines feel secure and comforting, but they don’t allow much room for growth. Playing it safe, be it food or simply by doing things the conventional way, might feel secure on the surface. But I’ve learned you feel so much more confident when you live a little on the edge (and by edge I mean letting your self rest and eating plenty of fried carbs).

8. Yes, I’m a semi-good looking (even after drastic hair cuts):

9. However, we cannot be defined by the way we look but rather by the depth of the collective wisdom we gain through life experiences: need I say more?

10) I still have many lessons to learn

What have you learned this year??? It doesn’t have to be deep. I forgot to mention I also learned that even though I’ve gotten out of tickets from cops, parking enforcement officers have no mercy on me

19 thoughts on “Lessons Learned from 2010

  1. I can relate to all these. This year I have learned that you don’t have to be miss sunshine. You are who you are for a reason.
    and damn…..You look good eden! hehe!

  2. First of all, love this list! Ten things…you have done a lot of learning! Which is a good thing.

    If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that I can’t define myself by the things I do. For so long, I was a “runner”. That’s what I did. I got up on Saturday morning and ran 12 miles. That was me. And then I got injured. And haven’t really been able to run successfully since. And I felt like my entire identity was torn away from me, I spiraled into a depression, not good. And I’ve since come to realize that running is not who I am, it’s what I do. And I can’t let it control my life.

  3. The “stuff happens” one is really on the forefront for me lately… house stuff just seems to keep falling apart one thing after another. I’t has definitely been a “growing” if not a “learning” experience.

    I’m hoping 2011 will bring a little more clarity to me as to what is next for me. I’ve been sort of sitting contentedly in my career since college and not really moving forward….
    ack now I put it in writing!

    Great list- looks like you’re feeling good about starting off the new year!

  4. I have learned that if you keep hoarding money, it won’t do you any good. If I didn’t let go of some money this year, I wouldn’t have gone to San Francisco or Vegas, I wouldn’t be going to culinary school, and I would just be playing it super safe. Which is something I want to stop doing.

  5. In keeping with #1 (“not everyone is going to like you”), I’ve learned that I’d rather have someone tell me that, even if it isn’t fun to hear it, than be expected to figure it out on my own when they are being cagey.

    ❤ ❤

  6. Wow, that’s a lot of learning! I have accepted the fact that not everybody likes you years ago. Now I am coming to terms with the fact that liking someone does not necessarily means that they will like you back…

  7. Umm hell yes to #s 8 and 9.

    You learned some amazing stuff this year Eden! It was a big learning year for me as well, and I think I’ll post a bit about it tomorrow. I’m not as eloquent or brave as you beautiful girl, but I’m going to try to put things into words.

  8. mmm i REALLY liked this! i’ve totally learned that this year i can’t do EVERYTHING i want all at once and some things will have to take a back burner from time to time. i’ve realized i’m okay with that because trying to do everything is realllllly friggn exhausting!

  9. I love your #10.

    I think I have learned to trust more – in life, and in that things will turn out well even if I don’t control them. Letting go. This is good.

  10. I love the one about “not everyone will like you.” It’s taken me SOOOO long to learn it, and I’m not sure I’ve really grasped it. No matter what you do, sometimes people will just be annoying and not like you. As long as I’ve done all I can do, it doesn’t matter 🙂

  11. Oh god. Yeah. Definitely true about #1….I try, but it’s impossible. For example, some people like me for my strong opinions and faith, others dislike me for it and mock my faith. So, you can never win all. and that’s totally okay.

    I’m glad you got hold of #7…it’s something that takes some time, and I hope you’re over it forever!

    Also, #10. Yes, yes, yes. I’m always, always learning. That’s one of the reasons why I can’t ever just settle down and pat myself on the back for being awesome. Because there’s still so much to learn.

  12. Of course I agree with all of these. I guess this year I learned that I’m really not that messed up, and even if I was, that would be OK. I’m much more comfortable with myself and because of this, I think I was able to let a few people (ahem) bust through my little forcefield of protection. By making myself a little vulnerable at times, I was able to make myself more available for really cool things.

    There’s a bunch of other crap I should have learned along the way, but we can address that next year. I don’t want to overdo it or anything.

  13. Smokin hot girl! This year I’ve learned that I don’t have to settle and putting in the grunt work to be able to move on to bigger and better things is 100% worth it.

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