A Look Back at 2010: Popular Blog Foods

With all this Christmas hoopla, I’ve totally been blind-sighted to the fact that 2010 is gonna be over in a mere week!

So I thought this is a good time to reflect upon the year. I’ll do a little “mini-series” of posts on my reflections for the past year.

So…..today I thought I’d start with something dear to everyone’s hearts, food.

Since I no longer work in the restaurant biz, I thought I’d cover what was “trendy” in the blog world. I think I’ve come to the realization that I want to be the Joan Rivers of food (kind of like “fashion police”, I’ll call it “food police”, anybody wanna sponsor me to start a broadcast????). So like Joan does on her show, I thought I’d do something similar and give my take on the trends I’ve seen in the foodie blogoshere (and I suppose of my foodbuzz experience too). Anyhow, heres what was popular and my little take on it:

Food Trucks: Ok, I get it. Tts kind of cool that trucks line up and churn out “gourmet” tacos, curry, or even cupcakes. But in all honesty, I’m tired of it and I might have to blame Food Network. Maybe where you live, its not as common, but this food truck obsession has possessed Los Angeles in 2010. I went down to an area with a lot of  food trucks in LA one night and there was this endless line of food trucks offering “gourmet” versions of street food, cheesy novelty “miniature” baked goods and really annoying LA hipsters asking for “a tiny bit of ketchup and mayo” on their burgers. Put them on TV and suddenly people are paying $10 for a mediocre hamburger. Foodbuzz gave food trucks a whole event at our first meet and greet. With all honesty, it was kind of annoying standing in line waiting for a teeny taco or whatever. Anyhow, I’m rather tired of it. 

Coconut…..Everything: I don’t know which “nut” decided to praise the gospel of all things coconut, but this trend as left a big mark in the food blog world. Me? I never loved coconut. I was kind of “meh” towards it. But apparently some scientist (probably paid by some coconut company like “Zico”) spread the word that coconuts provide invaluable health benefits and everyone started to get in line at the palm trees (or wherever coconuts are grown). I admit, I fell prey to this too. I tried some new coconut recipes and used it to make pretty fantastic ice cream. But all in all, I don’t get what all the fuss is about (and after some people noted it reminds them of suntan lotion, I also started to cringe at it). So, like I said, “meh”!

Peanut Flour: Since Trader Joe’s made peanut flour available to the average “joe” for about three bucks, bloggers have been buying and hoarding them in fear there will be a worldwide peanut flour shortage. But after a while, people started to run out of ideas on what to do with them. Well, at least this is what happened to me. I bought a bag the day I first saw it there, ran home excited about all the concoctions I could make. I only ended up making some cookies and maybe in some pancakes. But look in my pantry now (about six months later), and there is 3/4 of a bag of peanut flour just kind of sitting there. And I am semi uneasy about the fact that people replace them for peanut butter. They are good if you need a peanuty flavor or for a sauce (since it blends well with liquids), but you can’t have a “low fat” peanut butter. Its like fat free oil or vegetarian lard. Somehow, its not right.

I will say this, my peanut flour meringues were addictive

Balls: Once again, I blame foodbuzz. A little stand at their tasting pavilion had everyone making their own version of cookie dough balls. All I’m saying why balls? Maybe we need to grab life by them…..

Larabars: Disclaimer! Dont hate me, this will be harsh. When something is packed and says this on the label “”Organic – No added sugar – 90% raw – Non-GMO – Gluten free – Dairy free – Soy free – Vegan”  I cant help but be a little put off (especially with flavors like “apple pie” and “cookie dough”. Its too teeny for me and I rather dont even get me started on thier “jocolat bar”! Who is this “Lara” anyway? what makes her the “bar” authority?! Regardless, her bar need to be raised (I know, bad joke).

Yes, a lot was left out. But remember, this is stuff that became popular this year. Oatmeal and Kombucha were popular before. Stay tuned as a I give you more trend I’ve noticed this year.

Any trends in the blog world you noticed? (as far as food goes, I’m getting into other things non-food related in a future post 😉 )

27 thoughts on “A Look Back at 2010: Popular Blog Foods

  1. I’m semi embarassed to say I’ve NEVER tried a Lara Bar. I don’t know if I ever will anytime soon either. I’ve also never tried peanut flour! And I doubt I could tell the difference…even if I could, I’m probably too cheap/lazy to go buy it anyway 😛
    Happy Holidays Eden 🙂

  2. guilty, I’ve tried all of those! But whats even worse, I totally forgot about the new year coming too! What?! 2011? Crazy. Hope this last week of 2010 is great and that your dad is getting better. How did the yoga testing go? Did I miss that post? I’m sure you nailed it though. Cheers to you Eden!

  3. I don’t think there is a single food truck within a 30 mile radius of me. I live in the middle of nowhere at the moment. Haha!

    … and I really dislike coconut. I even bought into the whole coconut butter thing, and it’s just gross to me. I would have bought into the whole peanut flour deal too, but Canada doesn’t sell it anywhere. I think we just like doing this to ourselves. Hah!

    Sweet potatoes was a huge trend awhile back. I still love them, but I used to eat them every single day.

  4. Pretty funny and mostly true. I’ve tried some of these trends, but since there’s no Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods in my state, I avoid some of these trends.

  5. Food trucks are a total California thing. I’d like to see people in Canada line up in -20 weather to eat a taco outside 😛 I actually almost bought peanut flour… but I thought it was too expensive!

  6. omg the food trucks…my hair girl’s financee was a gourmet chef at a truly 5 star place (i wont name it). He quit his job there, took out loans, and bought a food truck. He lives in LA, she in San Diego b/c of her hair clients. Anyway he works 80 hr weeks on this food truck of his selling gourmet mini food. And it’s “comfort food”, i.e. gourmet mini sliders. Every time she tells me about it…I am bafffled. He is doing “good” at it but honestly SO MUCH WORK to turn a profit. And this craze will wear off.

    In San Diego there are hardly any food trucks, it’s a total LA thing.

    Peanut flour and coconut, i used to hate the later and jumped on board with both…but in moderation.
    Lara’s..NEVER UNDERSTOOD the appeal. You can make your own for pennies on the dollar and homemade taste better and take 3 secs!

  7. The only one I love is food trucks. There is one in our town now and it is so fun to get food there. Granted I have only been there twice. But I have loved both meals. Other trends are nutritional yeast, chia seeds, and other things to add into your foods that just end up sitting in your pantry forever. I have never tried peanut flour, and haven’t invested in any coconut products. But I did buy a Vita-Mix this year and adore it.
    As far as non food topics, and one you will probably be talking about…operation beautiful!

  8. I think anything that “tastes just like” should be banned, a la peanut flour in place of peanut butter, “nooch” in place of cheese, butter spray in place of butter, etc. We also don’t have food trucks here, so hearing about them all the time is weird. Right now it’s freezing outside, so the thought of standing in line for a half hour for an overpriced taco is not appealing.

    Anyway, I would never use Larabars as an actual snack or replacement for anything. However, they are a nice “dessert” addition for those of us trying to gain weight. They’re dense and caloric without filling you up (mostly because it only takes two bites to eat the damn thing.) But most certainly overpriced…I only buy on sale 😉

  9. i’ve only ever stopped at one food truck (and none of them in NY really have lines as long as that one!) and it wasn’t very good/it was so over-priced. but i still think there’s something kind of adorable about them.
    yesterday i saw a clip from family guy (after i got temporarily addicted to hulu via your post with fam guy videos 😉 ) and in it peter has a list of things to say to random girls at bars and the first one is “i love buying expensive designer cupcakes in the middle of the day for no reason” hehe.
    i think you totally are like the blogger police (in a good way) and i love theses mini series!

  10. Just came by your blog from a link at One Fit Foodie and I have to say I love your style. You’re cynical, witty and cutting. You do indeed remind me very much of Joan Rivers, and I mean that as a compliment.

    It’s great to have an alternative perspective on blogs and blogging, someone who’s willing to say what some of us who don’t fit the ‘perfect’ blogger mould are thinking but are too scared, small or unpopular to articulate. I’ve been reading back through previous posts and found myself nodding in agreement so much I think I may turn into one of those bobble-headed car-dashboard dogs.

    Blogger trends…hmm, well sweet potatoes and baked beans were all over the place, which I have eaten for years before they popped up. I do like peanut flour very much because I suffer from binge eating disorder, and as such it’s pretty lethal for me to have peanut butter in the house. Obviously protein ‘everything’ is and has been ubiquitous for a while now, and I still cringe whenever I see shirataki noodles and egg whites being used. I didn’t ‘get’ the coconut trend either.

    Larabars…I have real issues with those. Not so much before they sold out to General Mills, but now the new flavours aren’t even remotely healthy and they’re just glorified candy bars that a big name corporation has slapped an appropriated ‘all-natural’ tag on, hijacking what was once a name that had some degree of integrity and sullying it with massive amounts of chocolate-chip flavours.

    Anyway, can’t wait to hear your take on more blogger trends. Your writing really is a breath of fresh air (excuse the cliché. As an English student I really should be able to do better).

  11. I WISH there were good food trucks near me. There’s a woman that sells kettle korn on light up night but that’s IT. Wah.

    I like your summary of the trends this year. I think I’ve tried most of them, and some I love (coconut) while others I don’t really care either way (peanut flour). It’ll be interesting to see what 2011 holds I guess. I’m so surprised when new food trends emerge because let’s face it, food has been on Earth like, forever.

  12. I won’t go near coconut anything…The taste is nasty, and since I have issues with food textures, I gag if I come across it in anything. I also missed the boat on peanut flour, as it only showed up in my tiny prairie town about 2 or 3 weeks ago! I’ve been tempted to buy it, but I really have no idea what I’d do with it. The only other food/blog trend I’ve noticed has been cake pops–Those seem to be a popular holiday thing. I do kind of like Larabars (the glorified candy bar flavors), and while I bought a couple of those Jocalat bars, I wasn’t overly impressed by them.

    • Pumpkin has been popular ever since people realized its “low calorie” but I last year, there was actually a shortage so maybe this is why it might seem that people went apeshit for it.

  13. Gotta love blogger trends 😉 Haha, I actually love coconut, and larabars. But, a lot of those “blogger foods” are EXPENSIVE! As a teenager, I don’t have 20 dolla’s to spend on coconut butter. So I’ll stick to my all natural skippy 😉

  14. I’ve never tried a Lara bar…because I sized it up before buying and it was small. For the amount and calories it has, I passed it right up!
    I have noticed the ball theme on blogs. And I’ve tried a recipe and they were delicious! Thanks to Annie the Baker for making those up!

    Happy Holidays ~!~!

  15. Hahaha, this is why I love your blog. You call it!

    I like peanut flour in sauces or in smoothies…but my baking adventures were not peanutty enough. Though I’ve never tried TJ’s peanut flour, only Byrd Mill’s and PB2. PB2 is superior to Byrd’s, so there’s definitely variation in quality.

    Lara is actually a USC grad…but I don’t like her bars, besides one or two of the flavors. Too small!

    That Annie the Baker chick better have reaped some good holiday sales…though it’ll be sad if she didn’t because bloggers were all off making their own.

    Honestly, I don’t like food trucks. Greasy, lukewarm, tiny food for the most part. I’ve had a couple of good ones (like CoolHaus) but not too many.

    Other blogger trends…nooch has gotten increasingly popular. Oh, and peanut butter seems to have had a resurgence in popularity, after a lot of peeps abandoned it for almond butter.

  16. ohh yes the larabars…I did jump on that bandwagon till I realized they never satisfied me and left me wanting ANYTHING else…they just never did the trick for me so I stopped wasting my money!

    I also never jumped on the ‘oats in a jar’ thing. I mean I like oats and I like peanut butter but I dont like to eat my oats out of a peanut butter jar…wierds me out and I will stick to the bowl!

    I havent tried the peanut flour either! i stick to the real stuff 🙂

    • I didn’t forget! And believe me, you cant find a big enough jar for MY appetite! I just think this was really big last year as well. I’m waiting for “oats in a can” to get popular!

      • OMG I have had the same thought! Who eats just one tiny jar of oatmeal? And what about all the toppings, where would they go? Eden, I love you for always calling bloggers out on these silly trends that they make everyone feel they should follow. I know I will probably be thrown out of the blogging world for saying this, but honestly (and not to criticize because fall for it too) but for so many previously disordered eaters who now blog, I feel like it’s a way to cling on to the last strings of the eating disorder or still feel some control if follow what other “recovered” bloggers say is ok.
        We don’t really have many food trucks in Houston, but I admit that I’ve heard about several in Austin that I’d love to try next time I’m there. But like you said, I’d probably end up kind of disappointed in the glorified junk food. I’m way more into cold cereals and granolas than oatmeal, I need to chew my food. Same with smoothies. I try the green smoothie thing off and on because it makes me feel healthy, but really only if I need a snack on the go, otherwise I’d much prefer something real. I love larabars and the chocolate ones are actually really good, but they’re too expensive to buy frequently. I’d buy peanut flour if I had TJ’s nearby but only for baking, plus I prefer real almond or cashew butter. I did try better than PB once because it was randomly really on sale at a walgreens and it was disgusting. Another dumb thing, zucchini noodles, no way that tastes like pasta!

  17. Hmmm, there seems to be a lot of love for chia seeds, which I have never tried but always make me think of a chia pet, so I’ve been unwilling to spring for them. I’m also unwilling to try out any nut butters that are more than a few dollars. I can make my own, and there’s no way any combination of nuts is worth 20 dollars to me…

    But that’s just, like, my opinion man… 🙂

  18. i love peanut flour and i don’t care who knows it!

    Here are a few things to add to the list
    Earth balance spread (even for non vegans)
    Fries made out of anything that is not a potato
    Pancakes made out of anything other then pancake mix

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