Rain Rain Go Away!

My life is kind of not all sunshine and rainbows right now.

Actually this is me in London when it happened to be pouring....can you tell how much I love rain!

Not that I remember it ever was, but it was somewhat better. I don’t like mentioning how hard this past month has been for me with my dad’s health because I’m beginning to think I’m sounding like a complainer when I should be thankful I at least have a dad at the moment.

But regardless, what really ISN’T happening now that was say, last week, is indeed….sunshine!

I saw that CNN was begining to show coverage over the heavy rain in California. And when a national news program starts to show that, I know this is serious. I mean, lets face it, local stations pretty much cover petty theft and stupid car chases with weather girls sporting too much lipstick.

Anyhow, rain is good and all, but I’m sick of it already! I’m beginning to forget what sunshine looks like. I know, I know! I live in LA where its 72 and sunny all year round so I’m a spoiled little weather brat.

But this is my blog and I can rant about the weather if I so please! And since my day’s have been spent in doctors’ offices and pharmacies for my dad, this is the only brillant material I came up with.

Without further ado…..here are some reasons I’m totally not digging this rain:

10) No beach walks, no outdoor malls, basically, any physical activity outdoors become miserable. I know its only water and I’m not the wicked which of the west, but its still effin annoying.

9) kind of piggy-backing on #10, it messes with my hair. Not that I have a perfect coif, but it turns semi decent hair into looking like a dirty, highlighted mop.

8) People drive terribly. In LA especially, where when it rains, people have a nervous breakdown, I find there are so many accidents once rain hits. Roads are slippery, tires are wet, and like always, airheads still need to get to places.

7) It makes dogs smelly. My roommate and I often dog-sit for her bosses dog. Shes the cutest thing in the world but she gets so smelly when shes out in the rain. My childhood dog was not immune either. I don’t need or want a scientific explanation as to why this happens, but I just wish it didn’t.

Yep, even this cute puppy smells like "eww" when it pours

6) Everyone is late. I’m a little anal about being on “time”. There, I said it. I hate it when classes start late and especially, end late. I hate waking up late, even if I have no where to be. The rain seems to slow everyone down. Its like another obstacle we have to go through on top of the ones we already have. I swear, we should get like an extra hour tacked on to our days when it rains.

5) Making out in the rain might work on Dawson’s Creek or romantic comedies. But not so much in real life, and witnessing it in real life is even more nauseating.

4) Umbrella crashes. Walk in a busy area and everyone has a giant sephre around them that you arr bound to bump into. And sometimes, it gets windy and does that whole upside down thing that leaves you wet and embarrasses. Plus, I find that even under an umbrella, I end up looking like I just got out of the pool.

3) I’m short, so all my pant cuffs drag and end up drenched. I know, I should tuck them in my boots, but they even get wet IN my boots!

but cute boots....none the less

2) I think that rain is really mother nature crying over a break up or something trivial.

1) It makes emo kids happy, which I guess kind of defeats the whole purpose of being emo….

Care to share your own weather rants? Please, dont diss the sun right now though, I’m afraid its pissed alread and hence not showing his sunny face.


25 thoughts on “Rain Rain Go Away!

  1. haha “I wear black on the outside because I feel dark on the inside”
    sorry, emo kids, I shouldn’t make fun. You do a good enough job yourself…

    Maybe the sun’ll come out tomorrow?

  2. I live in Oklahoma, where the weather is bipolar, and today it was a cloudy 80 degrees. In mid December. At this time last year, we were having a snowstorm. It boggles my mind.

  3. Oh yeah, you’re popping across the pond too! How long will you be in London for?

    Heh, I got out of LA in the nick of time. It’s sunny and fairly warm in Houston. My kind of weather!

    …and I want to steal your boots. They are awesome.

  4. Eden, you have every right to express yourself. Quite frankly I’d be a little concerned if you were talking about bunnies and rainbows and bowls of pumpkin oatmeal. Life is real, and sometimes it sucks. I am so sorry that you are going through this right now, especially around the holidays. I can’t even imagine how out of sync you must feel with the world around you.

    … I kind of wish all we had is rain. Here it’s snow snow snow and I am starting to freeze my tush off.

  5. Haha! your #8 turned into a guy with sunglasses 8)

    But anyway, the rain sucks! I hate it! Atleast you can sit inside and bake up some lovely food 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. You know I love you, but yes, you California people are spoiled rotten and wouldn’t last a week in Michigan. We haven’t seen the sun for longer than an hour in weeks, and when it’s not sleeting, it’s snowing and in the teens. Two words–wind chill.

    I miss my walks and any outdoor activity other than running from my car to the house. However, I do feel your pain…I just have no sympathy 😉

    All the more reason I should move to LA, no?

  7. Oh girl I hate rain too. I do have rain boots that save me from wet hems on the pants. I have to walk 3 blocks from my car to office and I swear wind swirls more under the umbrella so I look like a mess in just 3 blocks and it totally pisses me off.

    And you have every right to be just a bit down now. Not only are you dealing with your dad’s health issues, now you have shitty weather on top of that and that’s never a good combo. Rant away sweetie!

  8. I hate rain also. I especially hate the bottom of my pants getting wet. I have this weird thing about my feet getting wet and dirt sticking to them. Total weird OCD pet peeve of mine but it makes my skin crawl. Rain only adds to that.

    Here’s to hoping that tomorrow will be sunny!

  9. I’m sort of liking the Cali rain..makes it feel more wintery I guess…BUT I also hate what rain does to my hair..it frizzes uncontrollably. It prevents me wearing a certain cache of shoes. It forces me to wipe my dogs paws before coming back in the house. It brings out all the snails and worms. Gross.

  10. you guys are getting a serious down pour out there! TX went through that last spring and it was NASTY! flooding and all. Stinky dogs for sure and wet nappy hair! Was not fun. Kinda sick of playing in the rain when there is no rainbow to follow. But at least I get a kick out of your top 10! 🙂

  11. Here is what I have to say about the weather right now: Fuck you.

    On another note, your expression in that first picture of you in London cracked me up. That’s basically my expression right now, though. boo hoo.

  12. I think I am crazy because I sort of love the rain. Especially when I don’t have to leave the house.

    My hair looks like a complete rat’s nest all of the time but now it’s even worse. I HATE IT!

    I am totally an emo kid. Well…an emo 27 year old.

  13. One day it snows so heavily that the the whole traffic breaks together. Half of the trams is delayed, the other half doesn’t go at all. Next day it gets warmer, and everything outside is one big soup of snow, rain, and mud. One day later, it gets cold again, snows like crazy, traffic breaks together. The day after it thaws again and rains all day, and everything is muddy and icky. Then it snows again … I wonder what will be tomorrow?

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