Flashback Sunday: Slumber Party

Like I mentioned yesterday, I have my yoga teacher training final and hence I’m cramming like mad.

So nothing too thoughtful today, just a quick flashback I dug up while being with my dad.

I was seven and I wanted a slumber party birthday.

To this day, I think slumber parties are the best. No one does it as an adult. I really wish we would. Its amazing that simply getting some dinner, a movie, and sleeping blankets can be the best party ever. Think about it:

fancy dinner: 100$ (per person),

Bottle service at a night club: can start at around $200 (but usually more like $1000)

Going to see a concert: at least $60

Gossiping, “Truth or Dare”. sleepless night, camp out in the living room: priceless

Anyhow, it was simple. We ordered pizza, got a movie (I chose “Annie”), slept in the living room, and got to eat sugary cereals my parents usually never let me get. But I feel like this died out after middle school.

Boo! Lets bring the slumber party back

Were you into slumber parties? Guys out there, did you do them too? Did you gossip like girls did? Am I the only person that feels that when the host sleeps in his own bed, hes a bit of a party pooper?

I know, the invitation is a little pathetic, but I thought it was cool


i never liked cheese, so my mom ordered me a cheeseless pizza. But believe me, this was very much pre ED when my metabolism was like a jackrabbit

Oddly enough, we were really into "Annie".


The morning after....

And like any good slumber party....we didnt sleep much, hence we look like zombies


20 thoughts on “Flashback Sunday: Slumber Party

  1. Oh dear. I haven’t had a good slumber party in ages. I used to have midnight feasts with my best friend. I’ve never had much of a BIG party, but it’s usually just one or two of my best friends and we would just spend $25 each on junk food and pig out. I got a really bad tummyache that lasted for a whole week because of overeating.

  2. You look like an adorable princess!
    And totally digging the fluffy white cats on your invitation.
    I definitely miss sleepovers with my girlfriends when I was younger. It was one of my favorite things too do. Now my girlfriends are all grown up living with their boyfriends…haha…oh, boy.

  3. I have actually gotten invited to a few slumber parties this year and I am almost 30! It consisted of wine, pizza, and pedicures. My kind of party!
    And I am still into Annie because you know…..’The sun will come out….TOMORROW..” hehe. I had to!
    good luck today!

  4. I had a slumber party for every single one of my birthdays until I was like fifteen 😛 And yes, retreating to your own bed as the host is a HUGE cop out. Slumber parties are definitely amazing. I wonder if kids still do that these days?

  5. I kind of feel like living with roommates is a bit like a slumber party minus the sleeping bags.

    I never slept when I was little! The next day I would walk around in a daze until noon and then I ‘d usually crash.

  6. I never was into slumber parties so much, and I never had one myself. I took part in some as a child, but I never felt overly comfortable among the other children.

  7. Some weekends at my parents’ cabin in the summer are kind of like slumber parties- especially when people are on futons or mattresses. My favorite part of slumber parties was always the bonding part- you see your 13 year old friends’ true colors at 4 in the morning when all filters are off 🙂
    College was sort of like one big slumber party too I guess- I lived with my best friend and others in different combinations of dorms and apartments for 4 years, and it’s one thing I miss about “growing up.”
    This post made me quite nostalgic!

  8. I LOVED slumber parties but always got frustrated that I woke up way before anyone else the next morning. I have a super-early biological clock; it seems physically impossible for me to sleep past 7:30 in the morning.

    Sorry for late comment, was majorly backlogged on blog-reading after trip plus holidays!

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