Poppy Seed Pie and Diseases Not To Worry About

I’m worried about possible other diseases while he’s trying to recover from his brain hemorrhage. I feel he’s improving but I dont want to jinx anything because last week when I thought that, we were in the ER, twice! But I visited him today and he’s been complaining less about his headaches and more of body aches. And of course, I think up of twenty conditions he could have.

But my dad has told me many times that he’s not afraid. I believe him, its me that needs calming down.

So in an effort to make myself smile and not stew in my anxiety, I came up with a list of unusual disease I don’t think my dad has. Maybe you’ll have a laugh too (it is the best medicine, seriously.)

Nintendonitis: Muscle pain arund the hands and arms from playing Wii too much. This usually means you’re addicted.

Priapism:An actual disease. As mentioned in a Cialis commercial, an erection that last more than four hours. Tee hee hee.

Smartassitis. When you just can’t control smartass answers from coming out of your mouth. Not to be confused with dumbassitis which is pretty self explanatory.

Foreign Accent Syndrome: This syndrome causes people to speak their native language as if they had a foreign accent. Wacky, no?

Hysterical Pregnancy: Not technically a disease, but no other category seemed closer.

Seasonal Affective Disorder: Aww boo…it’s winter.

Rotillexomanihina:Habitual or obsessive nose-picking (I’m assuming children under ten are at high risk)

Children: Because some will eventually kill you

Restless Body Syndrome: Pretty much another name for exercise bulimia, I think I can brag “I’m a survior” of it.

Twitter-rexic: you get it….

Ass-Burgers Syndrome:A terrible affliction affecting people with unusually wide posteriors (somehow, I have confidence I’m not at risk)


What about you? Got any made up disease you dont have? Maybe you have possible cures.


So when I made my poppy-seed roll cake, I had some extra filling left over so I created a “poppy-seed pie” that ended up being a bigger hit than the roll! Anyhow, I used the poppy-seed filling recipe but add two whole eggs. Then, I filled a frozen pie shell with the filling and using the extra defrosted frozen pie crust dough. And then I created a little patter on the top of the pie. I baked it at 350 degrees for about 30 minuets. I hate to be cliche and use a pun here, but it was seriously easy as pie!

I know, a little burnt and not pretty, I blame my bad lighting


22 thoughts on “Poppy Seed Pie and Diseases Not To Worry About

  1. Your poppy seed pie is so cute!
    I love “ass-burger” syndrome 🙂
    blogitis- when you can’t stop blogging, commenting, and talking about blogging! ( I started in the last few months and believe I am a sufferer…)

  2. Love how you decorated that pie!

    And sometimes I think I suffer from #3 on your list. Glad to know it has a “proper” name.

    I’m pretty positive your dad doesn’t have chicken pox either!

    In my thoughts girl!

  3. What a beautiful pie! I love the design… you are seriously talented in the kitchen 😉

    Do you think you need a clinical diagnosis to be suffering from “Seasonal Affective Disorder”? Haha.. I think I have it. Luckily I’m also coming down with a case of ‘Extreme Holiday Cheer-itus’ that seems to be taking over 🙂

  4. I love Foreign Accent Syndrome. Reminds me of that Friends episode with Rachel’s friend who kept saying “flat” and “mobile” .

    I think I have a case of procrastinitis. I would much rather read blogs then do what I know I have to do.

  5. You have such a gift for turning a scary situation into something amusing for us to read. That poppy seed pie looks interesting. I have never experimented with poppy seeds. Maybe I should?

  6. Oh, I most definetely have Smartassitis. It would have been diagnosed by my mom if she knew about this terrible disease! Oh, but it is genetic. I get it from my dad, so it’s not my fault! ;0

    ❤ Tori

  7. Are you kidding? That pie is gorgeous!!! I’ve never seen a pie with a cool design on top of it. Then again I read very many food blogs so possible they are all the rage. Regardless…I think it looks fantastic.

  8. Remember me??

    I’m sorry about your dad if I readn the post correctly. I’m glad he is improving, Edan!

    Priapism is actually quite serious. It often requires serious debilitating surgery to correct the condition. We still chuckle about it, however.

  9. Children! LOLOLOL

    I’m happy I never had a black hair tongue. I read this everytime among the side effects when I have to take antibiotics, but I never got it. Whew!

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