Stuff Bloggers Like Continued and my Dad’s Birthday

Hi everyone,

I’ve decided that I’ll give you guys updates on my dad at the end of each post. I realized that many of my relatives and friends that live abroad read my blog for updates on him. So if you are reading this to find out about my dad’s status, just scroll down to the bottom of the post. Plus, I don’t like beginning a post on mushy and tough subjects like that.

Ok so with that little note aside…..

As promised. I have my 5-1 list of my 10 stuff bloggers like (my satirical attempt at the “Stuff White People Like” list). I really appreciated you comments and suggestions on my previous post. I actually already wrote my 1-5, (and some of you nailed a few of them) but my list did change slightly thanks to your reminders.

Anyhow without further ado….

5) DSLR Cameras:

Fancy camera, very cool blogger (can you guess who it is? heres a hint, I love her)

This is indeed where the inner nerd of bloggers get’s unleashed. Actually, I had no idea this love was so passionate until I went to the foodbuzz festival where everyone was armed with a fancy dslr, a cute bag or strap for it, and all sorts of fancy accessories. And I admit, I’m dying for one too. But money is super tight right now with my dad and all, so that will be on the back burner (but Canon or Nikon PR reps, I’ll pimp your cameras out like crazy if you give me a free one!). However, I will say my photos are not terrible and I use a point and shoot. You just have to know how to get crafty with lighting, NEVER use flash, and be creative with textures and colors.

4) Cool but slightly unneccssary kitchen gadgets:

Ok, I love avocado, but seriously, you can use a spoon

I blame stores like Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and CSN for this. Bloggers are a little vulnerable to cool kitchen gadgets. Salad choppers, ice cream makers, yogurt makers, food processors, magic bullets, vita mixes, crock pots, the list is endless. Sure, they can make cool things. But sometime, they collect dust. Its like a new dress. You buy it probably because you have an even coming up. You LOVE it. You wear it to the event, maybe another time after it, but a year later and you find you only wore it maybe three times. There are some appliances I’ll use nearly daily, like my magic bullet or my “slap chopper”. But I also have a waffle maker I’ve used maybe four times this year. All in all, bloggers certainly have a weak spot for kitchen gadgets.

3) Marathons

Some blogs are actually about marathon preparation. While I commend them on their efforts, I personally know the closest thing to a marathon I get to is when Spike TV has an Entourage marathon friday nights. I guess some people need a different subject other than food to base their blog around. At least it gives them something to write about. I often have days where I hit a total bloggers block, so it would be nice having something instilled to write about. And although I know some wonderful and intelligent bloggers that do marathons, they sometimes make me feel lazy. I look up to them, because I know I’m in no physical condition to complete a marathon so anybody who is healthy enough to do so deserves credit. But I cant help but feel some sort of guilt as a read about their PRs while I sit on the couch and veg watching Entourage marathons.

2) Tea, Coffee, Kombucha, Green Monsters…..anything but soda (even diet)

Bloggers like to be creative with their drinks. They’ll turn it into a science project (maybe if they dont want to be all dslr camera nerdy, they can be all “chemistry nerdy”). Many bloggers like (or dream) of brewing their own beer, fermenting their own grapes for wine, or growing scoobys for homemade Kombocha. Or they will brag about fancy lattes or the newest Starbucks mocha-locha-frappe-crappe-chino-machiato creation (and they will let you know when the “red seasonal cups” have arrived!). I dont see bloggers mention soda consumption, even diet soda consumption (which isn’t better, but still). So I’ll just take the time write now and admit it: My name is Eden, I’m a recovering soda-holic.Β I dont ban them, but I’ll have some diet soda. I know, I’m awful, arent I?

And the #1 thing bloggers love………

I love bloggers like suki and susan (I love others too, but I had this picture hanging around from foodbuzz and havent shared it yet)

Other bloggers:

I think above all, bloggers thrive off each other and love each other slightly more than all their oats, kale, yogurts, cameras, and vita mixes combines. Sure, food is good, picture are nice to look at, comments are fun to read. But if it weren’t for the relationships we develop through our blogs, we wouldn’t continue posting. I know many people claim “I blog for myself!”. Well, that’s half true. I blog for myself, but I thrive off the exchange I have with other people, even if we aren’t like minded. And every once in a while, I’ll receive an email or comment with someone saying how helpful what I had said was too them. Even if what I said wasn’t sentimental or mushy or wise. Even if I just made them smile on crappy day. I love that. And I love other bloggers. Does some one want to argue with that one?

Didn’t think so πŸ˜‰

So its my dad’s birthday today (twelve twelve) and we had a little birthday party for him and his closest friends. Luckily, he has many close friends. I made his favorite, poppy seed cake (recipe tomorrow!). He is not a cake person, (like me) but he loves this cake. Β The whole night ended up being very emotional. All his friends, happy to see him out of the hospital and considering the size of his brain hemorrhage, he was in good spirits. But I never want to jinx anything even though people told me he looks great. I said that last week and we ended up in the ER twice. So one day at time. I dont see my dad cry often, and he never did since this whole thing happened. But seeing such love towards him made his heart sink and he teared up a bit (you can imagine seeing that just made my own water works act up). Yes, what happened is crappy and many of you were right, I dont deserve this. But I’m thankful I was able to give him a big hug tonight. It could have been worse, maybe the worst is not yet behind me, but at least I was able to tell him happy birthday this year. I hope for many more to come.

food at the party was a potluck of light appetizer-ish dishes

remember that challah my dad's friend made him last week, he did it again, this time it came with butter. Butter....cant go wrong there.

I little blurry, but I wanted a picture with my dad, me, and the cake I made for him


34 thoughts on “Stuff Bloggers Like Continued and my Dad’s Birthday

  1. Aw this is lovely. You look beautiful and your dad looks so blessed.
    I’m a diet soda girl, too. Especially for the caffeine. I’ve never tried kombucha, or a green monster. Diet cherry pepsi is glorious when I need a quick fix πŸ™‚

  2. Girl, I drink at least 2 cans of diet soda a day. And I have no plans to recover from my soda-aholic ways yet. So there. πŸ˜‰

    I’m not family, but I wish I could have been there. Though I would have needed a lot of tissues. I hope there’s many more birthdays to come, too. And your dad is so blessed to have so many loved ones, most of all you: his precious, loving, highly intelligent, absolutely wonderful daughter.

    Oh and I LOVED #5. I totally agree. I adore most of my fellow bloggers. Even if I may not share some of their love for healthified brownies and raw balls.

  3. This post made me smile πŸ™‚ I’m so glad that you were able to have a special birthday with your daddy despite all the crap that has been going on. You really are the sweetest daughter anyone could ask for.

    I personally liked this line in number 4: “But sometime, they collect dust.” … because that’s what happens to almost EVERY new kitchen gadget I’ve gotten. I swore I was going to make waffles every morning if only I had a waffle maker, and I’ve used it like twice πŸ˜› Whoops!

  4. loved this post, eden πŸ™‚ i’m a bit of a recovering diet soda addict myself, and i tend not to post about it on the blog just because it’s not something i want to encourage, considering how bad it (supposedly) is for health…it’s just not a “habit” i think more people need to pick up i guess.
    i’m so glad you had that bday party with your dad. it’s hard seeing fathers cry sometimes. i know that for sure. you really have been incredibly strong Eden, through all of this. just hoping for the best for you, really.

  5. I would like at least 3 slices of that challah, all slathered with butter, please. I’m so glad your dad’s doing so well. I know it’s a rough ride, but maybe this will be the tail-end of it. πŸ™‚

    I’m with you on the DSLR…I just upgraded my point & shoot not too long ago, so unless a DSLR drops into my lap, it’ll be awhile before I get a new one!

  6. Happy birthday to Eden’s dad!! So so so glad that you were able to celebrate together.
    I actually do not love DSLR cameras, I drink diet sodas sometimes, I don’t own any useless kitchen gadgets (I am cheap and I don’t “need” them), and I am allergic to long distance running. I would not be opposed to walking a marathon, though. I could walk forever, and it could be fun to start training to actually walk forever.
    The challah looks gorgeous.

  7. Happy birthday to your dad! What a special party. Can’t wait to see the recipe for the cake as I’m not a cake person either, but do appreciate 1 cake so it’ll be cool to see what cake another non-cake person enjoys πŸ˜‰

    Take care sweetie!!

  8. Love this!!
    Your Dad and my hubby have the same birthday! I’m SO glad you got to spend it with him at home. Great picture – you both look great!!! Still praying for you both!

  9. I also don’t understand the gadget fascination. I think they look fun when wandering Bed, Bath and Beyond, but I would never spend $15 for something a spoon or a janked-up spatula could do. Cameras are another story, which is why my pictures are slim to none, but to each their own. It’s a gadget πŸ˜‰

    I love No. 5 and well, you know I kind of have a soft spot for you (and other bloggers, of course.) That’s as mushy as I get. Glad you had a good party and I want that bread…more than I want a fancy gadget.

  10. Your pictures are actually really good, I need to take some pointers from you…I use a point and shoot and my pictures are awful. It used to make me very bitter and I announced on my blog that I couldn’t afford a DSLR right now so basically, I’m going to make my pictures as lame as possible (although that wasn’t even a defeatist attitude…my pics were just naturally lame). Anyway, I think maybe I just need to try harder and learn some tricks. And stop using flash.
    As for the list- very funny and true. I admit, I like some things that bloggers like. I wish I wasn’t such a cliche, but oh well…I will say that I’m also a recovering diet soda addict.
    Glad to hear about your dad’s birthday and that he was surrounded by so many people who love him- he’s very lucky to have you.

  11. SUCH A BEAUTIFUL PICTURE EDEN! I too LOVE poppy seed cake. I think it’s a cultural/European thing. I have tried to ‘whore out’ the virtues of poppy seed paste to so many bloggers, and they cannot seem to think beyond poppy seed dressing or lemon poppy seed muffins/pound cake! Your cake looks incredible, and your father and yourself look lovely. You have such a look of love and concern in your eyes! Wishing your dad a happy belated Birthday! Thank you for the update- and I especially agree with your last ‘what bloggers love’: Other Bloggers! This is the reason I make sure to read your posts about you and your dad every day. Because I care, and I know so many people do too!
    You are in my thoughts and prayers! You are a strong beautiful girl!
    ps- The girl in the picture is Sophia, and I love her too! How can you not love her??

  12. ps- That picture made me need to run and get a tissue! And I have NO shame in drinking the diet pop!
    You look gorgeous in that picture! And your dad is very DeNiro-esque!

  13. First, I’m sorry about your dad. Since, this is my first time to your blog I’m not exactly sure what has happened. I looked through the post and it appears to be some sort of brain hemorrhage?

    Secondly, Stuff White People Like may be my favorite blog ever. I found it a year or two a ago when I was looking for a “pea coat” online. It’s it SO FUNNY and SO TRUE. Seriously, Brent (my husband) and I secretly rate our friends “whiteness”. I’m fairly “white” but I come from a family with a lot of the “wrong kind” of white people so my roots poke through quite often. Ha ha!!!!

    I love my DSLR but that because one day I’m going to be a photographer in Williamsburg. πŸ˜‰ Seriously, your list is funny. I’m not of the marathoning breed of bloggers for sure. I can’t imagine running a distance that is made for cars only but I do brew my own kombucha.

    Okay this is a long azz comment. Thanks for stopping by and saying hi. (That rhymed).

  14. What a sweet night. You look beautiful but man, there are about a million emotions popping out from that photo.

    I’m with you on the gadgets. I have a waffle maker that gathers dust. But I refuse to buy more gadgets. When you’ve had to clean out your kitchen for various reasons, you realize that you don’t even need a vegetable peeler when you have a cheese slicer.

    And you mustn’t read my blog because I am not even a ‘recovering’ diet soda drinker now. I’m just a lusty diet soda drinker. Lately it’s been BADDDD.

    I love #5 and have met so many wonderful people. You will be the next for a meetup I hope, when I get back home. Hugs. Hang in there.

  15. I love my peach fresca… can’t give it up. Also, some mondays scream for a diet coke around 2 pm…

    I’m not proud, but I’m CERTAINLY not ashamed of this πŸ™‚

  16. Bloggers love other bloggers! Yes! The unforeseen experience of meeting all those great people and interacting with them has become a constant source of happiness.

    It was so lovely to read about your Dad’s birthday celebration. The part where you wrote that he actually doesn’t like cake but likes yours has really touched me.

  17. You got me teary eyed at the end here. Again, he (and us readers) are so lucky to have you. Is it wrong if I add that you’re a good looking family?

    When I first started blogging 7 years ago it was definitely for myself. Back then I wrote a lot more about depression, my issues, and personal stories. A reader once told me I should just go ahead and kill myself (those 4 years are offline as my diary now). These days I definitely blog for the positive community, and this is probably what encourages the sharing of all these foods ect. Love the connection you made here!

  18. Happy Birthday to your dad! He really is looking great and you two haven’t been far from my thoughts. ❀

    Other bloggers are definitely the main reason I blog and continue to do so. Without them.. well, I would have stopped a LONG time ago.

  19. Yup, totally love my DSLR, oatmeal, and most importantly other bloggers!! I’m incredibly lucky here in Toronto to have such a big and amazing group of other bloggers to hang out with. It was like I already had a group of friends here waiting for me when I moved to a brand new city πŸ™‚

    You won’t ever see green smoothies or fermented mushroom tea on my blog though. Diet Coke all the way πŸ˜‰

    Happy belated to your Dad!

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